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  1. Can some one who has been on Epic recently tell me what kind of bands they have playing in The Cavern Club. I saw Siglo on there a few years ago and loved it, but I know they have moved onto Bliss. Looking to see if they have been replaced with something similar Thanks
  2. Are there any kind of LGBTQIA/queer-friendly meetups on the Epic? This will be my first cruise (Western Mediterranean leaving Civitavecchia on 10/30) and I haven’t seen anything about this specifically, although I read that these might be called Friends of Dorothy on cruises. I’d love to meet other cruisers from the LGBTQIA community on the ship 😊
  3. We will be on the Epic TA this November. What is the best location to play LCR on the Epic and who would I need to speak with to get permission to play there. Obviously it would be on sea days and preferably early afternoon. First time on Epic and would appreciate suggestions. Thanks
  4. A couple of months ago my wife and I booked a cruise on the Epic for June 2020. We booked a mini suite (MC grade). We booked this with a UK travel agent from whom we get regular emails. The price had gone up a bit from our last cruise on the Epic (2017) but we figured that's the way prices go. Last Friday I received an email from the same TA with offers for the cruise we had booked, so out of curiosity I did a mock booking to see how the prices now compared to the ones we were quoted. I was very surprised to discover that the price now was 600 pounds in total less than the one we had originall
  5. I booked a GTY Balcony on the Epic, and was assigned a B2 category, which is a Family balcony that can accommodate 4, the cabin is 14047. Is this room going to look / feel more crowded with unused beds hanging from the walls? I searched for reviews of this cabin but noting specific - wonder if the balcony is obstructed, or what size, also guessing the bed is closer to the bathroom than the balcony? Anything you share as to what this cabin might look & layout is appreciated.
  6. Hey Everyone, just getting ready to book on the Epic for January and I'm torn. I was about to book a BX balcony but after looking at a few reviews I am feeling like they stick you with the balcony with an enclosed area with only a small hole to see through. I don't mind at all a lifeboat below. So, I looked at the mni suite, which doesn't seem to be any larger, other than the shower. I'm finding mixed reviews about them. My question is: what are the chances of getting a good balcony with the sail away or do I have a better chance at a good balcony with a sail away mini suite? Any
  7. Considering a cruise on the Epic for Spring Break 2020. Have been on both the Escape and Bliss. The smoke from the casino on the Escape really bothered DW as it really permeated the entire atrium area. Does the Epic have the same issue with poor ventilation?
  8. Looking at possibly moving to a Penthouse suite on the Epic for a Transatlantic. My husband says he’s fine with a forward suite. I’m concerned about the balcony being unusable as we move forward. I’d lean to the aft PH, he’s concerned about vibration at the aft. Please help if you have any experience!
  9. Quick questions...does Epic have a comedy club and can you make reservations prior to boarding....thanks😎😎
  10. Is there a past guest party on the Epic for the European cruises out of Barcelona? If so, what day and time is the party?
  11. A bit late writing this but we have just been back in the states a few days. My thanks to all the reporters before me for their invaluable insights. My apologies for not having the discipline to take notes and do a daily play by play. This will be more summary style and I will be glad to answer questions. We are 3 couples, 5 of the 6 recently retired. We did 3 days pre-stay in Barcelona. Post cruise we did 3 days each in Paris and London, traveling by high speed train. Since this a cruise report I won't cover the land stays other than to say we had a fantastic time everywher
  12. The description of these cabins includes “premium amenities”. Can someone give me a better idea of what that means? Also, what kind of shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc. is provided. Thank you!
  13. We’re looking at booking a 2 bed family villa with balcony on a Western Med cruise in 2021. Does anyone have any experience of Deck 17 and what the good/bad rooms might be? Just wondering do we need to avoid certain rooms that might be close to lifts or crew doors etc... I see there’s also a fitness area on deck, does this add much noise to the area or is it well protected? Any info is really appreciated, the room we’re currently looking at is 17024. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello - I am new to cruising and I recently booked a last minute NYE cruise to the Southern Caribbean with my husband and two sons, ages 12 and 14. We have side by side Penthouse rooms in the Haven section. I am a little worried though after reading about the amenities that my children won't be able to be in the Haven pool and hot tub area. Did I read that right or is there another section of the Haven that is for adults only but another one that allows kids? I specifically thought this would be a good area for us to get chairs at a pool since I've been reading how crowded these holiday cr
  15. We will be on the Epic in February 2020, it will arrive in San Juan at 5:30am. Does anyone have recent experience on flying out of SJU and can you share what time your flight left SJU? Did you experience any challenges disembarking? Did you use NCL transfer or arrange your own? Did you carry off your luggage or pick it up when you disembarked? We would like to do a non-stop if possible but it leaves at 9am, and I am worried that might be cutting it a bit close.
  16. Has anyone had solo cabin 12514 or 12515. They appear to be the only 2 cabins between the stairways and the lounge. Seems very convenient to the lounge but wondering if it’s very hectic with people coming in and out of the solo lounge
  17. looking for pictures or video NCL Epic 8052 Thanks
  18. Hi All! Through my own mistake, I scheduled our flight out for the same day we disembark, instead of the day after as I'd intended. I contacted NCL and the lady seemed to think we could make our 10am flight to ZRH, but I am nervous. Does anyone have insight as to the earliest time they could get off the ship in BCN? Tips for getting to the airport super fast? TIA!
  19. I've seen threads before from folks asking for help choosing a cruise and never really understood the purpose... seems like only the individual can really know what they are looking for on a cruise. But now I understand as my wife and I have been thinking about this for a couple weeks and cannot make up our minds! Hoping that someone out there as that one item that will sway us one direction. Here is our dilemma: Quite a while ago we booked a14 night April 2020 crossing from New York to Barcelona on the NCL Dawn. We were(are) happy with the ports of call and especially visiting
  20. Looking at deck plans this midship balcony ( and the few around it ) sets back. Will this be obstructed view? Covered or uncovered ?
  21. I just called ncl to upgrade my 250 free promo perk to the unlimited package for our epic cruise. Online, the 250 minutes is $105..unlimited $206.50. I purchased the social media package for $87.50 but doing the math the unlimited is definitely worth it. According to the agent i just spoke to , this is not possible...and yet I read on these boards it is. Should I just wait until onboard to switch and get the prorated price. And then cancel my social media package? To add more confusion two of us are platinum and with that we get another 60 minutes free . Is this still an option or di
  22. We're in Portugal now. Will do a review next week some time when i get home. But in short, it was fantastic!!! 4 adults (60 -70 yrs old) in 2 inside cabins. We enjoyed everything about the ship....the cabin (even the bathroom), food, entertainment, service. The only hiccup was the tender in Cannes. We wanted an 8am tender and the rep assigned us to #6. She was way off about the schedule. #6 didnt leave until 9am. We had planned to do monaco and nice, but due to our late arrival, only went to Nice. The other hiccup wasnt an NCL issue..... there werent enough taxis in
  23. I would like to book a bus tour at port of Bonaire. The tour ends at 12:00 pm, while the ship schedules to depart at 1pm. Is there any risk I might miss the ship? Usually, how long prior to the departure time should I be on board for Epic at dock of Bonaire?
  24. Hello, I'm late in prepping for my cruise, so I thought I'd put together a simple survey to get feedback from past cruisers to help me get started on an itinerary. Jumping on to the Epic soon and doing the Western Mediterranean for the first time. Thanks! Landing in Barcelona the morning of departure, will I be able to drop off my bags at the ship and tour Barcelona (eyeing the Market and the Unfinished Cathedral)? Can I use my Uber app in the following locations? If not, recommended mode of transportation? Barcelona, Spain - Naples, Italy -
  25. Hello all, We reserved a guarantee balcony at a great price on the NCL Epic. We were assigned cabin 14002. It is a Family Balcony, B4. At first glance of the deck plan, I was quite concerned. The deck below has the Bridge Viewing Room. The deck above has the Garden Cafe. I shook my head. Seems like it will be really noisy. Yes, I totally understand that booking a guarantee is a risk. No problem. I am not complaining. I just want info from anyone who has experience staying in that area. Does anyone have any past experience staying in cabins in this area? I
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