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  1. We have a 12/4/20, 9 day sailing booked on the Explorer. We originally had a 2D balcony cabin booked and nearly paid for... except for about the final $600. Final payment was due next Wednesday 8/26. What my TA did was rebook to an interior 6A cabin, which was $437.00 less than I've already paid. So the 6A cabin is now paid in full, so no final payment is due next week. The $437.00 overage is getting refunded to my credit card right away, and now I can wait to see what Royal does with the sailing before I decide to cancel & get a refund (likely) or take a 125% FCC. The cost of the in
  2. You are correct, but we still would have rolled the dice that next December would have been ok...... but then they cancelled the 9 day Explorer out of Miami to boot. We may look at the new ship, but will likely just move on with life and find something elsewhere. We're Ruby on Princess & may go back there.
  3. We’re booked on Explorer April 4 out of Miami. ABCs. Bonaire still listed. I’m beginning to have my doubts this will sail, so we’ll just wait and see.
  4. I agree...you have every right to be completely unhappy with this change. Going from Explorer to Radiance and a definite change in itineraries should absolutely be a price reduction !!
  5. https://www.gibraltarport.com/schedules Gibraltar shows Jewel 5/21/21, Explorer 5/13/21 (and several more times), Indy 6/8/21, Anthem 6/30/21 (and a few others), Jewel 8/30/21 and 4/13/22 along with Indy and Anthem in '22.
  6. My itinerary RCI Explorer (was Freedom) for March 20, 2022 includes Bonaire still.
  7. we got our new room assignment on the radiance and at the same price, but we still have a bad taste over what rccl called a similiar cruise in moving from the explorer to the radiance and what they called a similar itinerary that no longer includes anything close to the abc's.....we had to put put up with it or loose quite a bit of $ but it still does not make this diamond couple happy campers and we will probably stop cruising with rccl....clearwater florida by way of kentucky.....
  8. I originally had a B2B scheduled on Freedom for April 2021. I did a L/S to March 2022 instead. No way was I going to take the chance. Best of luck to what works for you. BTW my March 2022 Freedom was just changed to Explorer...I'm OK with that change.
  9. Well this hasn't worked for me. We did an original L/S months ago from Freedom April 2021 to March 2022 (B2B)...nothing sent but cruise planner showed correct dates....I called many times and was always told "their working on it". Now we've had a ship change from Freedom to Explorer...I have no idea how long it will now take to get these invoices...however I have all the originals with reprices done...so we'll see.
  10. Our change from Freedom to Explorer has no sea days either...I actually like at least one.
  11. I checked in for my January Explorer Cruise a few weeks ago. Just logged in now and clicked on view boarding pass and it does not let me view it any longer. I fully expect it to be canceled. Trying to figure out a backup vacation now.
  12. We recently got an email from RCI saying that they were cancelling our cruise on Explorer for 2/22, but they were going to put us on Radiance on a 'similar' itinerary unless we told them we wanted a refund. I called our big box travel agent and they filled out the paperwork, sent us a new invoice showing the cancelation, and called RCI to double check that they knew what we wanted to do. Checked my RCI account today and what did I find but that RCI put us on the new ship instead of cancelling the cruise and issuing a refund. Had to call our travel agent again and get them to call RCI again and
  13. Same for us, except it was October. We got our deposit refund and are disappointed in the cancellation. But who knows if a 12 night cruise would have been feasible by fall of next year anyway. Our next reservations are January 2022 and those have been changed from Freedom to Explorer and we lost a good cabin for the B2B2B. Glad we had a lot of great cruises and reached D+, but I don't really know when we'll cruise again. If maskes and numerous restrictions are still in place January 2022 we won't be cruising. We've made other plans for this winter and are putting cruising out of our mind
  14. During the last 'shift' where they moved people from Brilliance to Indy, from Freedom to Explorer, etc, at the end of September, we had our Brilliance 8 night moved to an Indy 8 night for our Southern itinerary out of Miami in July '21. Those sailings alternate with 6 night Western itineraries. In a case like that, I wonder if they'll shorten the Southern, lengthen the Western to have them both be 7 nights to stay within the rules. Of course that means that Southern is out and new ports would need to happen. Looking for opinions. I swear I'm never going to get on a Southern cruise, lol.
  15. We also are supposed to be hitting same ports, in different order, but now we are also going to St. Kitts, so no sea days on Explorer for us.
  16. On the the open decks, which side of the Explorer of the Seas can you smoke?
  17. We're booked on Explorer of the Seas December 4th. Looks like she is currently in Poole Bay in the UK. Come on down Explorer!!
  18. I'm booked on a 2022 sailing out of San Juan, the original ship was the Freedom. As of this week, Freedom has been redeployed to Miami and replaced by Explorer. My cabin location is almost the same (just one deck difference, from deck 8 to 7), but I never received an email regarding the change. Anyone else had that occur?
  19. So I just spoke with Costco and my rooms had finally switched over. We were able to keep our inside promenade connecting on the Explorer, but the people we are traveling with haven't moved over yet so whether we go will depend on if they can keep their connecting rooms. One question though- we are near a huge blank area on Deck 7. Anyone know what this is? Hopefully not a loud mechanical area.
  20. I was booked for Freedom Nov 7 2021 and it changed to explorer. Also itinerary changed by removing Antigua and replacing it with St Croix . I was not happy especially since Freedom had so much more going for it and I love Antigua. I was able to change to Odyssey of the seas for Nov 11th I got and upgraded cabin and 9 days for the same price per day (extra 2 days). Also a stop at Co Co Cay and I will save some on airfare as its much cheaper to get to Ft Lauderdale instead of Puerto Rico Thanks Royal Caribbean 🙂
  21. Hi - we have a group of 3 couples booked on a Feb 2021 cruise on Explorer. We have been told that the balconies can be opened to become one "long' balcony. Looking for confirmation that they can, indeed, be opened - OR if you know they cannot. Cabins are on deck 10 aft, but not the very back of the ship.
  22. The first announcement WAS “take it or leave it,” but a few days later other options were offered. Fortunately, I found out about them on FB because our TA never notified us. When I called her and sent proof (emails friends had received), she “put in the request” to change to move our Inaugural Galveston Allure sailings (4 night with the following 7 night B2B) to B2B 7 night Symphony. After 2 weeks with no response, I called Resolutions who found no record of that request. They contacted the TA and the day before the deadline to move, we were successfully shifted to Symphony as r
  23. Hello! Does anyone know if the EOS has had an upgrade?
  24. We had a center hump OS on Freedom...now our cabin is forward of the hump on Explorer. Looking at the deck plans I'm OK with the change, at least it's the same for our B2B. Best of luck to you....I would also be upset to have to change cabins !
  25. My parents haven't yet rec'd notification of our Explorer to Radiance shift. They proactively called in and the agent told them there was "probably" a second wave of bookings that hadn't even been looked at yet. My suspicion is they're hoping they have enough cancellations with the first set of movements to transition everyone left over........ or they'll start bumping reservations. What a gong show.
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