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  1. We are looking at these three cruises. I’m looking for feedback as to which sounds the best and why. Price not a consideration, as they are all within $100 of each other. (Even the 8 day). Harmony of the Seas, 7 days sailing from: Orlando Ports: St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Coco Cay Symphony of the Seas, 7 days Saling from: Miami Ports: St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Coco Cay Explorer of the Seas, 8 days Sailing from: Miami Labadee, La Romana, Curacao, Aruba We are looking for a ship with bells & whistles (we have teenagers who love the water slides, etc). And ports with awesome beaches. We haven’t been to any of these ports, so they would all be new to us. Which would you recommend and why? Thank you!
  2. I may be a little early in asking this question because of the Pandemic and Covid, but I'm going to ask anyway. We are to do the "7 day" Explorer of the Seas the first part of January. I understand there are 2 formal nights. If our cruise is from Sunday to Sunday (no sea days), if you know, which two days would be formal nights?
  3. That was my first thought too but if her teenagers want water slides onboard the ship then explorer won't work for them.
  4. I would choose Symphony from Miami, easier to fly into. Orlando does not have a port, you would need to get to Port Canaveral to cruise. Labadee is not open at this time. Symphony and Harmony have more bells and whistles than Explorer. However, no cruise is a bad cruise! Enjoy! 🚢
  5. hi everyone! My son is going on explorer in November for his honeymoon. I had heard at one point that you may only be allowed to leave ship on shore excursions? Can you still take taxi to a beach… on your own? For instance in st. Thomas, we used to take a taxi to coki beach. Thanks for any info!
  6. Count Explorer out.. No slides ..I wouks do whichever ship (Sym or Har) is less expensive...
  7. I'm so excited! Finally got checked in for my Linda and myself for our retirement celebration cruise on November 7th on Explorer of the Seas. The first Royal ship to leave from San Juan in over a year and half. LETS DO THIS !!!!!
  8. Not seen any information as to when ExOS will start the required test cruises. Someone did mention seeing her in San Juan last week so that sounds promising. At 33 days now and no check in available as yet. If all the planets fall into line we should be on the Nov 7th for a B2B2B. Just need a date from Joe regarding US entry for us Brits prior to the 7th of November.
  9. My travel partner wants to sail an Oasis Class ship. I want to see some of the Lesser Antilles. For example, some of the island’s on the Explorer’s itinerary of San Juan, St Thomas, St Kitts, Antigua, Barbados, St Martin. As far as I can tell, no Oasis class ships sail to those islands. Is this a size of the dock issue? Or just that RCI chooses to sail it’s biggest ships to the most popular ports. In other words, do I hold out hope that someday there will be such a cruise?
  10. Hi everyone. My wife and I and our 2 kids (18 and 14) just booked the explorer of the seas out of san juan for Jan 16. We have been on 6 Princess cruises but know nothing about Royal Caribbean. I havent started my research yet but I figured I could get some tips, tricks, or anything you can tell me about Royal Caribbean or specifically the Explorer of the Seas. I have read some reviews saying how old and tired she is and she was supposed to go in for a dry dock but i guess it got cancelled. We are very easy to please and are just excited to cruise again. Anything you can tell me would be great. Great menu items, must do's on the ship, do they play movies every night? We have never been to San Juan either so any must see's there? Thanks for your comments.
  11. Explorer of the Seas is now one month out to start sailings on November 7. Still no check-in, not supported in the app, and an agent told me just now that the situation is still “fluid.” It also, as far as I can see, hasn’t done test cruises yet. How close to sailing date have they been cancelling sailings/itineraries? I’m referring to the period since the restart during Covid times. Is it reasonable to expect they’ll contact us a week prior and say sorry, you’re sol? it seems to me that 30 days away, things should not be fluid and they’re either going or not. Passengers invested a lot of effort securing test kits, airfare, hotels, vaccinations….is it too much to expect at least one email or notification on their website confirming it’s a go?
  12. My family is on the Explorer 2/20/2021. We are also anxiously waiting to see how all the November cruises go and excited to read the trip reviews!
  13. Adventure OTS - Clo O'Connor July 6 for 2 months. Then who? Allure OTS - Jimmy Rhodes March 11 for 4 months, then Mitch Merucciis scheduled to return August 12 for 2 months. Anthem OTS - Dennis Charles May 12 until September 6, then Chris Brown starts September 6 for 4 months. Brilliance OTS - Mike Szwajkowski July 3 (for 2 or 4 months?) Empress OTS - WHO is the current CD? Enchantment OTS - Bobby Broughton April 6 until early-September. Then who? Explorer OTS - Topi Ylönen returns June 8 until July 27. Then who? (Graham Seymour may return as regular CD again for the rest of 2018, or Dennis Charles is also rumored to be joining Explorer). Freedom OTS - Drew Devine March 17 until July 28, then Topi Ylönen returns July 28 until September 29, followed by Drew September 29 for 4 months. Grandeur OTS - Bob Leininger June 2 until October 6. Bobreturns December 1 for another 4 month contract. (Mitch Merucci is unsure if he is joining GR in October as planned. It may be Mike Szwajkowski instead.) Harmony OTS - Dru Pavlov April 21 until early-September (need handover date) then Abe Hughes returns early-September for 4 months. Independence OTS - Joff EatonMay 28 until September 22, then Tim Connor returns September 22. Jewel OTS - Simona Ferraiuolo June 16 until August 19, then Andrea Olivieri returns (for 4 months?) Liberty OTS - Jeff Arpin May 27 until July 22, then Marc Walker starts July 22 for 4 months. Majesty OTS - Patricio Honores late-June (for 2 months). Mariner OTS - Ricky Matthewsuntil July 9, then Carlos Torres joins July 9 for 2 months, then Ricky returns in September for 4 months. Navigator OTS - Rob McNally May 6 until late-August, then Cuddy Cudworth returns in late-August. (need handover date) Oasis OTS - Dan Whitney early May for 4 months. Then who? Ovation OTS - Mike Hunnerup March 23 (until late-July? then who?) Joff Eaton returns November 28 for the Australian season. Quantum OTS - Is Fang Lixin is the current CD? Paul Rutter returns in the Fall (Sept/Oct) for a few months. Radiance OTS - Cuddy CudworthJune 15 for 2 months followed by John Blairin August until January. (need handover date) Rhapsody OTS - Tim Connor June 23 for 2 months, then Elvis Pinto returns mid-August for 4 months. (need handover date) Serenade OTS - Jamie Fentiman May 13 for 4 months. Then Who? Symphony OTS - Michele Scarpato March 11 until late-July (need handover date) then Bobby Brown returns through the TA November 9 Vision OTS - Steve Davis April 6 until August 6, followed by Ken Jones for 2 months. Voyager OTS - Michelle Oliveira began late-May (for 4 months?). Jerome Sueur is reportedly joining Carnival and getting married soon. Keith Williams has been cleared to return from medical leave, but does not currently have a ship assignment. Casey Pelterworks shoreside for Celebrity as Manager of Entertainment. Graham Seymour is semi-retired but fills-in from time to time as needed Rich Edwards sadly passed away in June 2017. RIP Rich. John Perry is Operations Manager at Hyatt Hotels (per LinkedIn) Ken Rush works at corporate in Miami as RCI's Director of Entertainment, and occasionally fills-in as CD Amy Fickert-Southgate works shoreside Luke Aerowsmith is working at the corporate office in London Gordon Whatman is retired, but fills-in from time-to-time if needed. Allan Brooks works for Celebrity in their corporate office. Richard Spacey is a CD with Celebrity Becky Thompson works for Celebrity Cruises in their corporate offices in Miami. Dave Chapman is a CD with HAL James Andrews is a real estate agent in Sydney Leo Papa is a Product Manager at Tauck Corp in Connecticut Anna Bass is a make-up artist João Pereira is the Cruise Sales Manager on the Liberty of the Seas. Kirk Detweiler is now CD with Silversea cruises. Simeon Baker- is a sales exec at a Porsche dealer in Saskatchewan Matt Baker - Sim's brother - is a radio presenter. Kieron Buffrey - CD with Viking River Cruises Tom Canosa - teaching 6th grade science in North Carolina Peter Benfield and Johnny Osborne have emigrated to Thailand Anthony Richards is working for Royal Media Partners as Manager Port Revenue Operations Rico du Breil is a CD with SilverSeas out of Italy Paul Lancaster is no longer with RCI, and resides in England Abel Jeney is with The World - Luxury Residence at Sea Parker Cristan is living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - staging/choreographing for local theater Ashley Kerr - married and living in Vancouver BC, working as a marketing rep for a PR firm Karen Maybury - has a consultant/pr/entertainment agency Jannie Cloete - leading expeditions on small ships Warren Allen (aka Warren Melhuish) lives in Ontario, Canada. He has retired from ship-life but still works on the stage Thomas DeCell is no longer with RCI Leigh Xuereb and his AM Frankie Portera are CD's for Carnival
  14. We have MTD reservations for 6:00 PM (always our preference) each night of our March 2022 B2B Caribbean cruise on the Explorer.
  15. Same for me. 66 and 4 months. I decided to go ahead and take it now for the reason that you gave. In the long run. It's not that much more and I have 3 pensions and 2 401K's that really help. AHHHH the joys of the analog days. It was much simpler back then. Actually I still have 3 weeks left that they will pay me out on. It will help pay the bar tab on my retirement party. 😂 Thank you! Actually it will be the glowing light at the end of the gangway leading into Explorer of the Seas on November 7th.😁
  16. We are on Explorer of the Seas, January for a b2b2b and received the same notice.
  17. And the answer after a 53 minute phone call is "No". The deadline for favorable cancelation offer is still October 20. Rep will write it up as he sees the problem there with a cancel date before the cabin assignment deadline and I should hear from someone in 72 hours yadayadayada...... As an aside, I noticed a new option in the phone menu when I called has been added. Said if you were calling about Allure or Explorer, press 1. I thought oh! It's going to be their best and brightest answering these tough calls about re-deployments! My rep and her supervisor were both very good at de-escalation, but, still had no REAL answers to give. Shame the company doesn't equip them with better information like an appropriate cancelation date for an extended move deadline. I hear a lot of people blame IT, but, that miss sits firmly on the shoulders of the business decision makers.
  18. Hopefully someone help me out. My family have cruised several times, but, we've only cruised with Carnival. I'm curious if the kid's programs are still active at the moment? Our 7 yr old loves to cruise and loves to have "his" time on the ship. Wasn't sure how RC was handling the kid programs since starting back up. Thanks
  19. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. My wife, myself and my 3yo daughter are booked on Liberty's Western Caribbean cruise on April 10th, 2022. Like I've read in many other posts on here, we have had a schedule change so we are now visiting Roatan and Costa Maya which has left us disappointed as we had shore excursions booked we were looking forward to. I have 2 questions: 1. What are Roatan and Cota Maya like compared to Falmouth and Grand Cayman? We had a relaxing beach break, and snorkelling on the Kittywake booked and if we can't do similar things then we are reluctant to stick with the cruise, which brings me onto my next question. 2. We looked up other cruises around that time, and it looks like for a similar price we could get on the Explorer of the Seas on May 8th (6 night Western Caribbean & Coco Cay). Is it possible to transfer? And for those who have been on both ships, is it worth switching? It looks like Explorer is pretty nice (We went on the Navigator in 2012 and loved it) but it doesn't have the splash pad for our daughter that the Liberty has, but then it DOES go to Coco Cay. I'd appreciate peoples thoughts. I haven't contacted RCCL yet so don't even know if a switch is a possibility.
  20. Oddly enough, I was concerned about my daughter-in-law as she only had a passport card and I emailed RCCL to be sure about this very same thing (I read somewhere, cannot remember where, that things had changed for some ports due to covid). RCCL got back to me and said that yes, you do need a passport for cruises out of PR at this time. She sent in for her passport and paid for expedited and received it in a few weeks. What I read somewhere said some ports were requiring passport books at this time due to possible repatriation issues with covid illnesses and that is what prompted me to ask. Just an FYI. This is the email I received back from them regarding our Explorer cruise 11/28/21 out of PR: Dear Mandy,Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you today.Regarding your inquiry, a passport book is required for your sailing. We hope this information helps.Once again, thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to welcoming you on Explorer of the Seas!Sincerely,Kelly UlloaRoyal Guest Experience Management
  21. Updated... ADVENTURE: Hugo Arenas #1932 ALLURE: Daniel Dornas as temp #2018/9 until arrival of Cory Rogers #2020 ANTHEM: Joff Eaton #1932 BRILLIANCE: ENCHANTMENT: EXPLORER: FREEDOM: Tom Hopkins #2007 GRANDEUR: HARMONY: Michele Scarpato #2009 INDEPENDENCE: Cory Rogers #1995 JEWEL: Michelle Oliveira #1940 LIBERTY: Katy McCullagh #1998 MARINER: Marcel Alvarado #1993 NAVIGATOR: OASIS: Dennis Charles #1991 ODYSSEY: Bobby Brown #1938 OVATION: Dan Whitney #2001 QUANTIM: Mitch Merucci #1932 RADIANCE: RHAPSODY: SERENADE: John Blair #1932 SPECRTUM: SYMPHONY: Brian Leavitt #1932 VISION: VOYAGER:
  22. It has been well documented here and on other forums that the “old” version of the cruise planner includes gratuities at the start. The “new” planner adds them once you put the item in your cart. For example, my Harmony cruise uses the new planner and lists the DPB for $57.99. Once I select it, gratuities are added for a final price of about $67 which is the original advertised price on my Explorer cruise which is still using the old planner. Bottom line is really exactly the same. Like anything else, you have to read carefully before purchasing.
  23. I have seen this as well. We are on Explorer OTS in July 2022 and it's pretty much "crickets". We have 2 Celebrity sailings, one next month and a TA in Oct 2022 that are "jumping" with information especially the TA. Lots of questions and answers. I think @Iamcruzinhit the nail on the head. Princess & Celebrity tend to attract a more "mature" crowd.
  24. Sea Dog, meet Royal IT. Royal IT...Sea Dog...nuff said!!🙂🤣 Not on Explorer until Dec. 2022, but happy to see it getting back into service for everyone in Nov.
  25. Explorer is now on the app - it just appeared for me!
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