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Found 113 results

  1. Does GOS have a fridge in their inside cabins. If not what do people use for getting insulin cold?
  2. Hi all...just returned from my 2nd cruise on Grandeur out of Baltimore. This was my 12th RC cruise. Both Grandeur sailings were to Bermuda. I travelled with some family members and we stayed in an Oceanview cabin on the 4th deck. Observations: 1. Getting on board was a breeze. We arrived around 10:45. We needed wheelchair assistance for my 89 year old dad (informed them ahead of time) and we were able to board right away. They wheeled him to Guest Services and then to the windjammer where they said their goodbyes. 2, I was a bit concerned about being 5 cabins away from the Centrum (cabin 4066). I can confirm they close the doors to the centrum when they play really loud music. I remember for the 50s/60s event, it was closed, however, for the 70s event, it was not. When it was closed, we could not hear anything. I do remember hearing music, but it must have been when people opened and closed the doors. I really wonder if the first and second cabins hear even through the door being closed because I could hear it from the hall way. 3. The food...I have to comment on the food, right?! I loved all their soups (hot). Appetizers in MD were always good, but I felt some main courses fell a little short. I tried to tell my family to steer clear of the steak, but they didn't listen. My wife asked for medium (some pink) on two different nights and it was served well done. I told her to inform the dining staff, but she chose not to. Chops...Again, LOVED the small plates and appetizers! The waiter told us medium would be a little pink. All our steaks came out medium rare (some pink, a lot of red). I ate it because I can do medium rare. My brothers medium well was still medium rare and he ended up not eating all of it. I told him to say something, but he chose not to. Desserts were good! Windjammer was, well, the windjammer. I already had my expectations and am used to eating there. I couldn't be disappointed, because I knew what I was getting LOL. I loved my morning made-to-order omelets and finally on the last day, got some really crispy bacon LOL Late night food...yuck...I was prepared for this though. You got a choice of hot dogs, nachos, or cardboard pizza. Oh I did realize they had some sandwiches so I had a couple of those. They may have been left from the park café? 4. Entertainment...there always seemed to be something to do. I loved the evening entertainment. The comedians were good, the Motown show, the production shows were definitely enjoyable too. I missed the Quest for the first time in a long time! I was just too tired to make it past 11:15. 5. The cabin...I haven't had an ocean view in quite some time. It didn't disappoint. The only negative thing I can say is, I hate the shower curtains, if I had to say one negative thing about Grandeur, that would be it. A petty thing, I know, but it also means that I love the rest LOL! NOTE: if anyone has a tip on how to avoid the shower curtain sticking to you, please share! .6 Disembarkation. I was a bit nervous about this. We needed wheelchair assistance again and this meant we had to go to deck 6. When we walked out of our cabin, we were met with a HUGE line (I think self disembark???). I had to guide my 89 year old father, deaf and blind, down the hall, through the centrum to the elevator. I have to say this...when we came out of the cabin, I sort of hollered, I needed to get to the centrum, deck 6, my dad is 89, deaf and blind. Folks were soooo kind! Moving to the side, passing the word up that were on the way LOL. We got to the centrum and I got the attention of a crew member and explained my concern with guiding my father through the packed crowd. She helped us to the elevators, got the elevator for us, and up to the 6th deck we went. So many things could have gone wrong with that! We were in group 2 so our wait was very short. As we were lead down to deck 1 and past the long line of people waiting for customs, I was suddenly grateful my dad was being assisted off the ship. I wonder how long it would have been otherwise. My wife and friend had to get in the customs line once we entered the building, and I stayed with my dad. It took less than 2 minutes. From the time, we left deck 6 to the outside terminal, was maybe 5-7 minutes. 7. The crew! I have to say out of all my 12 cruises with Royal Caribbean, this was absolutely my favorite crew! Our stateroom attendant, Allan, was awesome! He took such good care of us. We would leave the cabin for 45 minutes or an hour, and the cabin was already taken care of. Our dining room team, Michael and Ronald were really great too! They were always there to greet us and help my dad with the wheelchair. Ronald even serenaded us and a couple of other tables on two different nights LOL. We went to captains corner and I shared with the hotel director, how wonderful the crew was! 8. The ONLY hiccup of the whole cruise is my dad fell in the bathroom. We took him to the infirmary and found out he fractured a rib :-( Poor guy. You ask him, "does it hurt"? and his only answer, always, is "a little". We took this trip for our dad. I do want to say that any fall on the ship is covered and we didn't have to pay for any of the xrays or exam. Honestly except maybe for the food being just okay, I was reminded of why there are still smaller, intimate ships. I wouldn't hesitate to sail on Grandeur again. It was almost perfect! Just please do something with the shower curtains! The next drydock is next year, I believe? LOL!
  3. I have some questions: 1. Hair dryer in Suite? 2. Refrigerator in Suite? 3. How many formal nights? Which nights?
  4. Hello, Have any of you ever stayed on Deck 2 of the Grandeur? Super good deal on it now but I'm worried about engine noise. Thanks in Advance!
  5. Has anyone ever stayed in the Royal Suite 8500 on the Grandeur of the Seas and use a handicapped scooter? If so does the double doors open to allow easy in and out of the scooter? Thanks for any advise.
  6. Does the coffee card on Grandeur include "Iced Carmel Frappuccino's"?
  7. Hello Everyone, Family and Friends will be on the Grandeur for a 9 night to the Bahamas. We are all Diamond Plus...except 1 person who will be a newbie to the whole cruising experience. We thought for fun we would quiz him on the 1st night (during dinner) and around Day 7. Looking for any fun questions to ask for the quiz. For Ex: 1. What is the name of the drill that all passengers must attend before sailing? 2. What is the name of the location for Buffet? 3. Name 2 Specialty Restaurants? Any more you all can help with?
  8. Is Royal Caribbean going to retire grandeur and what ship would they replace her with in baltimore?
  9. Booked my first Junior Suite. On Grandeur, do the JS get to go to Chops for breakfast like the other suites? Thanks for any info.
  10. No, it isn’t an official name, but I’m calling the cruise I join tomorrow the Voyage of the Saints. It’s officially a 12-day Southern Caribbean cruise with 3 straight sea days down and another 3 straight sea days back. In between we have 5 ports: Frederiksted, St. Croix St. Johns, Antigua Castries, St. Lucia Basseterre, St. Kitts and Phillipsburg, St. Maarten I’m very much an out of control cruiser. My usual cruise lines are Crystal, HAL, and Cunard but Royal is quite a strong 4th, especially for their service out of Baltimore. This will be my 3rd or 4th cruise on Lady G (depending on how my B2B is counted, 6th or 7th Royal Cruise from Baltimore (with 3 on Enchantment) and my 12th or 13th overall. In part I selected the 12-day itinerary because it will JUST move me up to D+ (love the double points for solos). I’m more of a narrative than a visual person but there will be some photos. I will normally post once a day the following morning unless something urgent comes up. I will link to a few photos, The posts will be pretty much a repeat of my blog which will likely have some more photos and also tabs with the daily Compasses and Menus. The blog is at: http://getawaysfrom21044.wordpress.com One more sleep until I’m on board. Roy
  11. We were booked on a cruise on the Grandeur of the Seas for March 16, 2019. Cruise has now disappeared from the website. I called Royal Caribbean and they asked if I (or my TA) had received the email for it. Nope. So they transferred me to Crown and Anchor for further details. C and A informed me that the Grandeur has been scheduled for dry dock for those dates (3/16). They had no other information yet and to wait for further updates for booked passengers. I hope they move the drydock to other dates. Wishful thinking! ;) ;)
  12. We live in the Philly burbs so we’re a couple of hours from either Baltimore or Port Liberty. We are considering taking a cruise from one of these ports this January instead of flying south to board a ship to the Caribbean. On our January 2018 cruise we witnessed first hand how devastated the islands were by the hurricanes of 2017, it was depressing. So this year we will attempt to warm up in the Bahamas. The 8 day Anthem stops in Orlando with two stops in the Bahamas including Coco Cay. The 9 day Grandeur adds Charleston SC and Miami to Orlando and the Bahamas but not Coco Cay. Charleston and Miami are two places I have never been but have wanted to see, a plus for Grandeur. Coco Cay, I guess, is a plus for Anthem. Our last couple of Caribbean cruises were on Oasis out of Orlando whereas the previous few were on Jewel and Summit out of San Juan. So we have been on both large and medium ships. In spite of our initial doubts we have really enjoyed the features of Oasis, especially the Solarium and its café where we always ate breakfast, usually lunch, and often dinner. We essentially lived in the Solarium. Our concerns regarding Grandeur: 1) Dining – During our 14 days on Oasis we ate 2 times in the buffet, 4 times in the MDR and 3 times at discounted specialty restaurants. It appears that those are our only dining options on Grandeur. 2) Activities – Having read reviews of Grandeur it appears that dancing is a popular option. Having traveled with chronic dancers, nothing could be less enjoyable to us. Is there much else available? Our concerns regarding Anthem: 1) Dining – I really enjoy the opportunity to have bacon and eggs for breakfast when on a cruise. Are those available at the Solarium Bistro? Is there anywhere else, other than the usual two, where one can eat breakfast? Is the Solarium Bistro as roomy on Anthem as it is on Oasis? It is free for all 3 meals on Oasis, is that true on Anthem? 2) Kids – It appears that Anthem is even more kid oriented than Oasis. Been there, done that. Is there anywhere to escape other than the Solarium? Oasis had Central Park and even Boardwalk and Promenade to some extent. Those options don’t seem to exist on Anthem, are there viable alternatives? We have never cruised from a cold home port in the winter before. I would imagine that a great deal of time is spent indoors at both ends of the cruise. Does that give a significant advantage to Anthem? Thanks in advance, Bob
  13. Anyone happen to have a resent copy of the Cruise Compasses from the 9 day Grandeur of the Seas Canada/New England Cruise?
  14. Can anyone tell me the formal nights. Don't want to bring food err mal clothes so was going to make specialty dining those nights also is there anywhere to see the menu for a 9 night cruise?
  15. I know, I know, it's like comparing apples to oranges, but there is bound to be someone who has sailed on both or sister ships! Looking at Grandeur out of Baltimore or Anthem out of Jersey (both ports equal 1.5 hour drive for us) end of Jan into Feb 2019 (hopefully missing Yeshiva week as I read some horrid reviews of a "teen" cruise this past January on the Anthem). It would be my husband and me (age 32, hubby would turn 33 on ship). Looking for great food (including specialty restaurants) and nightly entertainment. Looking for clean, large balcony stateroom. Good service, obviously! We always go to the night shows. Both itineraries include several "at sea" days so looking for fun daily entertainment as well as quiet adults only places to lounge and relax. Never use the pools, at least the outdoor pool...find them too crowded no matter what size the ship. Probably wouldn't use Anthem's "activities" (except North Star, would hop on that sucker haha), so the bumper cars, sky diving, surfing stuff isn't a huge sway, thought I hear it's fun to watch others. The modern aspect of Anthem is appealing (LOVE how the room and bathroom look), but the # of guests and bad reviews is off putting...is it really that bad though if we reserve everything we want ahead of time?? Grandeur has a slightly better & longer itinerary, but Anthem is actually a good deal cheaper for the balcony room. We've sailed on a number of ships similar to Grandeur, so it might be fun to change it up with one of the mega ships, but I'm also worried about it being too mega. Anyhoo, would love to hear some opinions!
  16. We have 3 late port times on our Bahama cruise, can anyone tell me the hours of the Diamond Lounge and the MDR dinner times. Thank you
  17. After our TA notified us on 5 Oct that our Grandeur 16 March 2019 cruise had been cancelled, the three of us called RCCL on 8 Oct to get info on the only alternate cruise they offered that suited us. This alternative would have included an additional $200 OBC. After a very long hold a very business-like and unsympathetic RCCL rep said all cabins on that sailing are sold out so the only alternative is a cabin guarantee. We don't care for the possibilities of that so we cancelled. We had booked the original on board so it included several discounts and was an excellent price plus substantial OBC. The rep did promise a return of our "non-refundable" deposit but the good price and all OBC would not transfer to a new booking and would be lost. We have cruised RCCL a lot and are Diamond level but are very disappointed with RCCL's response to their own cancellation. We hope to see our deposit returned!
  18. Hello all, I have traveled before on Grandeur of the Seas and loved it. We are planning to sail her again in August and I just realized that our cabin (4021) is below the theatre - will it be noisy? Should we try to change this? I'm thinking we won't even be in our cabin during the times it would be busy but maybe there are times during the day that practices are happening? Thanks! Happy Sailing! Mary
  19. Hi all, my wife and I are Elite with Celebrity. We are booking a cruise next year on Grandeur OTS and I am having trouble understanding RCCL's rules concerning their deluxe drink package. $50 per day "all inclusive" but no Evian water, and premium coffee. But where do you get the coffee? Apparently not at Starbucks, and is it limited to 15 coffees per cruise? Does the $50 include the 18% gratuities? Read on their web page that on some cruises the 18% would be added to final bill. Thanks in advance, I know I'm making it more unclear than it most likely is, but right now I'm confused....
  20. In 2005, DH & I were on a Celebrity cruise to Bermuda. my wonderful Mother in law had paid for her entire family to cruise together. Grandeur was also docked there and DH & I walked over to have a closer look at her. We were amazed at how lovely and big she was. We wondered if we would EVER ask on a ship like her! Now we are Diamond+, have been on the Lady G 3 times and have upcoming cruises booked on Oasis and Harmony. Just yesterday we were planning our reservations for Oasis & reminiscing about our first impressions of Grandeur all those years ago. Who else has fond memories of Grandeur, either from her early years or more recent?
  21. Hello, Would someone be able to explain the nightly entertainment on RC, Grandeur of the Seas? Although we are not new to cruising, we are new to RC. Our dinner is at 8:00, will that interfere with the show times? Are there comedy shows each night in addition to the cruise shows? Thanks for your help....:):):)I appreciate it!!
  22. Soooo, we recently returned from the Carnival Victory. I actually wrote a short review for the first time. We have NEVER had a bad cruise until now. Even the other four Carnival cruises we have been on were pretty good. Anyway, not much written about the Grandeur. I know it is an old, smaller ship than we are used to. (yes we love the mega ships..Oasis, Allure, Breakaway, Anthem). This will be a 12 day cruise and we are very much looking forward to it, but we are hoping it is a mostly relaxing cruise. My question is: Is the atmosphere more laid back, romantic, calm and generally friendly? Not looking for bells and whistles this time. Does this "fit the bill"? Any tips or opinions? Greatly appreciated. :cool:
  23. Anyone know the menu at the Park Café late night? Thanks:)
  24. We have booked outside/ocean view cabin 4544 on Grandeur OTS for an upcoming cruise and I am concerned about the size of this cabin. We booked this particular cabin for its proximity to the Centrum, a location that we enjoyed when we were on the Jewel. For reference: I am 6’2” 270 lb and my wife is 5’8” 130 lb. I have a couple of questions about this cabin: 1) This particular cabin is capable of sleeping 4 using some sort of beds that come out of the ceiling or walls. Do these beds when stored make the room narrower, lower the ceiling height or make what is already a smaller cabin seem more cramped? 2) The ocean view cabins on GOTS are 155 sqft which seems smallish. Our last couple of cruises where Oasis balconies at 182 sqft, the previous few where Jewel & Summit OV at 170 sqft. Do you think we will find this type of cabin to be too small even if it is capable of sleeping only 2? Thank you in advance.
  25. My brother booked us cabins on deck 4 near the centrum (Grandeur). Oceanview cabins. The cabins are cabins 4066, 64, 62. Can someone share their experience with noise being close to the centrum? Just wondering if it's an open hall way or closed off at all OR if you can hear centrum noise from your cabin there. Thanks in Advance!
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