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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed them. Yes, he’ll be on the Horizon from the end of February until August next year. Hopefully another trip for us to look forward to 😎
  2. My experience with Brunch, on several different ships, is that it is very irregular. I've had really good service and food; I've had really poor service and food; I've had a combination (either good service but poor food or poor service but good food). And there doesn't seem to be any consistency even on the same sailing. Our last sea day on the Horizon TA, our group of about 11 went to brunch. The assistant waiter was so awful it was entertaining. He was so happy and having such a great time but it was a total mess! One thing, though, is that it always seems like service is excrutiatingly slow, even when they don't seem to be that busy. But I found that back when it was "regular" breakfast and lunch in the MDR. I just am not inclined to spend so much time on my sea days sitting around waiting for food when there are so many instant options available. But I'll give it a try next week, at least once, just to get my drink and see if I find anything on the new menu I like. I was a big fan of the huevos rancheros at brunch (and the cheese grits) so we'll see. Sorry you had such an awful experience. And don't feel bad about leaving. Nothing ever improves if no one complains when it's warranted!
  3. Waking up in the middle of the night and listening to the ocean as we sail to our new destination - then going out on the balcony for awhile and seeing other ships on the horizon, the stars at night and the clouds as they try to obscure the moon. The warm breeze and the hiss of the ocean below us is sometimes better than sleep itself.
  4. Except after we got off Mariner in Barcelona we spent two days there before getting on Carnaval Horizon for a 14 day TA, nice new ship. When we got home we had all kinds of mail, income taxes etc to get caught up on since we had not been home since the previous October. Advancing from one basically useless status to another on C&A (Wahoo, platinum!) could wait, was way down the list. Took 10 minutes on board.
  5. I'm just curious about something, and thought I would ask those of you who have been on the Horizon since it has come out. I thought someone said there were not very many windows to look or view out at the ocean, etc. while cruising, where you could sit and relax. Is this true on the Horizon? I have done many ships, and probably for the last 10 years Carnival ships. I know on at least a couple decks "inside" where you could relax or read, they always had plenty of windows where you could look out as well.
  6. Thanks. I'll try to remember to pack one just in case (but will probably forget it in the hotel room; I seem to have left a dozen around the world by now!). I'm not a buffet person. Even for breakfast, it's either an omelette or a breakfast burrito or huevos rancheros. Lunch is deli, burger, burrito, or, for this cruise, I'll probably have the pasta bar. I also enjoyed sitting back in the Havana bar area. I don't think I had breakfast at Ocean Plaza on Sunshine but did several mornings on the Horizon TA. Did you do brunch? I'm looking forward to trying the new brunch menu. That's about the only time I eat in the MDR outside of dinner.
  7. We've done Behind the Fun twice, on Conquest in 2010 and Horizon in 2018. Both times the cost was $95 (I'm still amazed that it didn't increase in that time). The tour takes up the morning - both times we finished about 11:45. It's also pretty intensive, with a lot of walking. You will see backstage in the main theater, a fairly extensive galley tour, food storage areas, the laundry, waste treatment area, and the crew mess. The highlights are the engine control room (not the engine room) and the bridge, where you can meet the chief engineer and the captain respectively. It's really educational. You can't take your own pictures, but the ship's photographer will take several for you. At the end they give you a backpack with a cap and lanyard. They sent chocolate-covered strawberries to our cabin. It's not something we'd do on every sailing, but we thought Conquest and Horizon were different enough that it would be worth doing again - and it was. As for signing up, we're Platinum so we board early. On Conquest, the excursion desk wasn't open yet so we signed up at Guest Services. On Horizon, the excursion desk was open and we signed up there.
  8. Hi there! My husband and I will be on these 2 sailings (Zenith Nov 9 and Horizon Nov 21, 2019 ) in the coming weeks and would love to get together with others. Since the ship's shore excursions will be in Spanish (unless there are enough English-speakers), we are also looking for English-speaking cruisers to perhaps share shore excursions with. We are open to either doing the ship's excursions (if in English), or private shore excursions. Please do reach out if you happen to be on these sailings!!
  9. It was the best of times... It was the worst of times... Shortly after my return from the Norwegian Breakaway in February, I found out that I would have to find a new place to live in the next couple of months. I had just started a new job, that wasn't quite going so well, and now this... I had no future cruises booked, which further compounded my bleak outlook on life. I needed to get a countdown going to ease my frustration. I began poking around online, and was close to pulling the trigger on a 7 day Vista sailing out of Galveston... I looked around some more, and came across an 8 day sailing on Carnival's newest ship, the Horizon. It ended up being only a few hundred dollars more, and it was a Southern Caribbean itinerary, to all new ports to me, and I just held my breath and clicked the "book now" button... My countdown was 196 days, and my 50th birthday would fall smack dab in the middle of the cruise. Now, at least I had something to look forward to in my life... It did take the sting out of the depression I was feeling, not knowing where I would even be living in the near future. I had already started packing my stuff, as the move was inevitable. ***Disclaimer: If you're not really interested in the whole "pre-cruise" hoopla and rigmarole, please feel free to wait until Friday for the "real time" travel day and cruise edition... My reviews tend to be verbose, bordering on boring, so you've been warned. If backstories, planning, side stories, and digressions interest you, then pour yourself a drink, and continue reading... One of the goals with my "Reviews" is to inform, but for the most part they're meant to entertain... Please don't take anything I say or do too seriously. If you're easily offended, or lack a good sense of humor, you may want to employ the use of your comfort animal, or locate the shortest route to your "safe space"... I encourage you to chime in along the way with your comments. I'm going to be traveling by myself, so I could use some "virtual company" along the way. If you're still with me, prepare yourself for a journey of dinosauric proportions... I want to make it seem like you're right there with me, whether it be on the ship, in the back of a cab, or walking around in strange and far away places... I'll attempt to convey the sights, sounds, and yes, even the scents and tastes of my adventure. Oftentimes, I may go off on a tangent that strays far from the main story. That'll be half the fun of it. Even I have no idea where this is going... Whatever happens, that'll be the story. Nothing more... Nothing less... ***Photo below stolen from the internet...
  10. FTTF wasn't available on the Horizon for the first few months that she was in service. Maybe the Panorama will be the same way.
  11. We're veterans of 20 something Princess cruises including 15 on Grand class ships (Grand, Golden, Star, CB & Ruby) 3x on Coral and a few on other vessels. We booked back to back Mexico itineraries on the Royal departing September 29th. We were in L107 with a forward Club Class mini with the giant balcony - I'll post separately regarding the cabin. We had read a lot about the Royal prior to booking and had some concerns, we like the prom deck and worried that we'd miss it. We were concerned about the size and passenger load. The negative comments go on and on, but loved the itinerary and especially the ability to reach the ship from our central valley home without air travel. Having completed 15 days we came off with very few nits and a very high level of satisfaction overall. Highs: + We loved this crazy cabin (again, more on a separate thread), we tend to like "strange" cabins - we love the Window Suites on Grand/Golden/Caribbean and will be very sad to see them go. It's possible we found our Royal class oddball cabin to replace them. + Medallion. Our first Medallion experience, and it was good overall. + The ship just sparkles, yes it's newer than anything else we've sailed by many years, but it's also a big step up in decor and 'glitz'. We enjoyed it. + The Horizon Court / Horizon Bistro were fantastic. My wife HATES buffets but you're forced on port days if staying on board, even she agreed this is the best buffet in memory. Crowds - few. Variety - immense. Seemingly something for everyone. We've never seen anything on Princess that compares. + Staff, with the exception of Crooners (below), were uniformly terrific. + As we mentioned we sailed back-to-back with our turnaround on October 4th. It was our first B2B and it couldn't have been easier, the B2B group was about 75 escorted off at 10:10AM and back on by 10:45AM. The only glitch came when they asked us to come forward for re-boarding, an elite with 4 pieces of luggage sprinted ahead of the group, was taken aside by the should waving his Elite B boarding card all the while - there's always one right? + Club Class dining was very good though the space is divided into two sections one of which is shared one table to the next with ATD which seemed a bit odd. + Coffee (regular old coffee, not latte's cappuccino's or anything special) was really quite acceptable. Not sure what I'll do with my minibar in the future - don't need a coffee card on this ship! Lows: - Our embarkation on September 29th was the worst we've ever experienced. The ship had left Vancouver late on the prior coastal and this was widely cited onboard as the excuse for late boarding BUT the ship arrived at the pier in San Pedro on time so I'm not buying that. I think the problem may have been the fact that Coral was doing a turnaround that same day and perhaps the two good sized ships attempting to get turnover overwhelmed Princess personnel. No matter the cause boarding didn't start for Elites until 12:20 the terminal was shoulder to shoulder by then. Princess had made not one single announcement since we arrived about 10:50 and folks were, let's say grumpy. - The primary entertainment group was a very good troupe of Mariachi's. For the record I LIKE mariachi music and I do recognize these were cruises to Mexico. However, the group played in the Piazza 13 of our 15 evenings on board at the cocktail hour (7:00PM) and they were amplified to maximum volume everywhere in the Piazza. Want a glass of champagne at Bellini's - better find a menu and point - they can't hear you. Want a glass of wine in Vines - point and use hand signals for how many. A martini in Crooners - scream at the top of your lungs into the servers ear. Like to chat with your friends - impossible wait for dinner or head back to Wheelhouse which was always standing room only. Really this is my only substantial disappointment. - We're huge fans of the Sanctuary and the space is beautiful on Royal. The ship was obviously built with this in mind (it's an afterthought on all other classes) it's a lovely space but it was very hot for these Mexico sailings. The gaps around the glass that exist on Grand class ships are replaced by fixed glass on Royal - probably great in Alaska but the absence of even a hint of breeze made most of the space unusable for much of the day. Most folks who paid for Sanctuary ended up huddled in the large gazebo most of the day, not unpleasant, but not what you paid for either. A bit of shade, some fans for air movement or some ventilation would make the space more pleasant. - As I wrote, service was uniformly good with the exception of Crooners. In this lounge the 3 staff assigned were clearly miserable with their assignment. Their attitudes were, to put it very generously, very poor. Service was slow, no matter the day or time, the fact that all 3 behaved the same made me think something awful had happened - they were like whipped puppies. More positively the drinks were well made and always well chilled. Very refreshing. - Access to Club Class dining. As I wrote above CC is in one of the main dining rooms - as always. In this case though the entrance was also shared with the MDR which created huge lines the first several nights. Eventually we were recognized on sight deep in the line and pulled aside. The CC host said "just pass them by" but doing so wasn't easy and felt rude. The solution could have been very simple - Club Class to one size, ATD to the other, but this wasn't the way it was done. Ultimately we just pushed our dinner time back closer to 8:00 by which time the crowd had usually died down. - Medallion. Worked reliably for access and egress. Absolutely didn't work for the wait staff. Every cocktail person asked for "cabin number please". Some bartenders had tablets which showed them who was at the bar - they'd just verify your name. Shops sometimes had you scan your medallion, sometimes just looked at the tablet to confirm who you were. There's so much potential here - but it just isn't being used. On the whole we LOVED the Royal and would book her again anytime. Is she our new favorite - probably not - the Sanctuary issues are a biggie for us and would hold us back except for the coldest itineraries. But would I book her and look forward to her again - absolutely.
  12. Is there a specialty dining pkg and if so, how much is it? I have only read of a test package for $60 for 3 meals, is this still available? If so, what else is for fee in the specialty locations, grats/drinks? Asking specifically about the Horizon. Thanks
  13. We have done 3 VO cruises with a 4th one on the horizon in December. Surprised to read that you found the lectures boring. For the most part our experience has been just the opposite although I will comment that some lecturers were better than others. Be sure to provide your feedback to Viking because they do take it seriously and the good lecturers are invited back.
  14. From our August sailing: Participating Airlines: American Horizon Delta (domestic only) JetBlue Southwest ( flights between 11:30 & 6pm only) United Alaska Flights must depart on Sunday between 11:30am and 11:59pm, for SWA see above $25 per guest + any airline baggage fees. mac_tlc
  15. We did the Teppanyaki on the Horizon earlier this year and even though it wasn't listed as a combination you could do filet and chicken also.
  16. We are trying to decide between an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Horizon or 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before and enjoyed all of them. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
  17. Is “The Lucky Bowl” available on Horizon?
  18. We are trying to decide between a 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten or an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Carnival Horizon. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
  19. We’ll be visiting the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios in January through Carnival horizon. I messaged a couple tour companies but wasn’t aware you also have to pay an entrance fee on top of the tour price. Now I’m wondering if it would make more sense to skip the company and just take a taxi to blue hole + entrance fee? Has anyone does this? Any insight is helpful thanks!
  20. This is not a new topic. I just want to write about what I was feeling. I just came off the Carnival Horizon Oct 5-13. There were many things that took place during this time. First I miss my flight with Southwest and had to find another flight. AA wanted to charge us 1300 for 2 people one way that is not including baggage. WE found a nonstop flight with Delta that would get us there in time to get on the boat. Thanks Delta. We finally get to the boat at 1:55 to find out that the people that normally take our luggage doesn't take luggage after 2.. So my husband and I had to carry our own luggage through security. I put my back pack on the conveyor belt and left it when I walked off. As I was going to get on the escalator my luggage was too heavy for me and my luggage tumble to the ground, my shoe went the other way. Security came to help. When I reach the top of the escalator I realize my back pack was left and my hubby realize that he had lost the slip that security gave him. I went back to get my back pack to find that the security officer had my back pack in the lost and found but then he tried to come on to me. I retrieve my back pack from him. I left to join the Mr then he had to go back to get the slip that he lost so we could continue through security. Once we get to the next security he lost the slip again after searching he found the slip stuck to the back of his cell phone. After this I told my husband lets go back in prayer again so we prayed. After all this we were glad to be on the Carnival Horizon. While on the ship for the week a lot of unfortunately things took place. MY husband met a couple on the 11 deck and later we found out that her husband was taken off the ship because he had died. Also a fight broke out that included about 25 people and they were put off the ship in Curaco. I didn't see the fight. But I did see a little boy got burn with hot chocolate and on the first floor I witness two young boys in handcuff laying face down on the floor screaming "I am going to sue yall." I met a mother that daughter left her medication and she share with me that her daughter had to pay the doctor 100 to see him and pay 100 for the shot that she needed every day. I shared all of this to say After all I been through I still have my joy!!! And after all the mistake mishap having COOKIE as our cruise director made it all right. COOKIE you were AMAZING. MY cruise would not have been a success if it weren't for you, not only are you amazing you are AWESOME. Carnival should allow you to TRAIN ALL the cruise director on all the Carnival fleet except for MATT. YOU & MATT is a force to be reckon with. Canival please pay attention to your Customer. WE Need people like Cookie & Matt that are gifted for this job as a CD. . Who wants a boring CD. NOT me. I will go on a cruise just because MAtt & Cookie is there please take heave. Someone please show this to Cookie & Matt. I want them to know how VAUABLE they are. From Lady Garrett, North Carolina.
  21. Just curious what the best suite on Horizon is. When I do a pretend booking for our dates all I see is the Ocean Suite in the family harbor. Do they have captains suites or the like ? I’m guessing for our dates everything is just sold out. My husband thinks they may holding inventory back because it seems like so much is sold out.
  22. On our August Harmony cruise it was offered . Participating Airlines: American Horizon Delta (domestic only) JetBlue Southwest ( flights between 11:30 & 6pm only) United Alaska Flights must depart on Sunday between 11:30am and 11:59pm, for SWA see above $25 per guest + any airline baggage fees. mac_tlc
  23. 1 every few years. This is a lucky year we are going twice with Carnival. Did the Miracle in June and doing Horizon in December.
  24. Hi, I need to book a hotel for 2 nights from 28th February 2020 preferably in south beach. Can you let me know when it is best to book and also hotel recommendation. Thanks
  25. Hello, I’ve just checked the Horizon from my recent cruise on Azura & it states the following:- Oasis Spa Gym Open 24 hours Resistance Machines, Weights & Treadmills 8am - 8pm They do advertise a free fab abs class at 7 am every morning. Hope this helps.
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