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  1. Please help me make sure I am not missing something... Dad wants to go on the Horizon with my wife and I and Dad will be a single. I do not want him to have to book a terrible cabin for a bad price due to single supplement so we are looking at a Family Harbor Suite. Only because of that curtain that will pull in this cabin type, this seems like the only way we will remotely have any privacy, even if this is still minimal privacy. Am I right? Looks like all other cabin options regardless of how nice they are do not even provide a curtain. Anyone have any other options or suggestions?
  2. Both our cruises this year, Horizon and Sensation were pre-punched.
  3. Do the evening shows on Horizon have the same show with an early and late dining show time OR do show times change daily, reservations required/preferred like the mega ships RCL Harmony, etc? Hoping it’s NOT like the mega ships we’ve sailed before. Required too much pre planning/scheduling. Also, if a show cancelled thru your week long plans in to a tail spin including dinner reservations.....
  4. This is not a new topic. I just want to write about what I was feeling. I just came off the Carnival Horizon Oct 5-13. There were many things that took place during this time. First I miss my flight with Southwest and had to find another flight. AA wanted to charge us 1300 for 2 people one way that is not including baggage. WE found a nonstop flight with Delta that would get us there in time to get on the boat. Thanks Delta. We finally get to the boat at 1:55 to find out that the people that normally take our luggage doesn't take luggage after 2.. So my husband and I had to carry our own luggage through security. I put my back pack on the conveyor belt and left it when I walked off. As I was going to get on the escalator my luggage was too heavy for me and my luggage tumble to the ground, my shoe went the other way. Security came to help. When I reach the top of the escalator I realize my back pack was left and my hubby realize that he had lost the slip that security gave him. I went back to get my back pack to find that the security officer had my back pack in the lost and found but then he tried to come on to me. I retrieve my back pack from him. I left to join the Mr then he had to go back to get the slip that he lost so we could continue through security. Once we get to the next security he lost the slip again after searching he found the slip stuck to the back of his cell phone. After this I told my husband lets go back in prayer again so we prayed. After all this we were glad to be on the Carnival Horizon. While on the ship for the week a lot of unfortunately things took place. MY husband met a couple on the 11 deck and later we found out that her husband was taken off the ship because he had died. Also a fight broke out that included about 25 people and they were put off the ship in Curaco. I didn't see the fight. But I did see a little boy got burn with hot chocolate and on the first floor I witness two young boys in handcuff laying face down on the floor screaming "I am going to sue yall." I met a mother that daughter left her medication and she share with me that her daughter had to pay the doctor 100 to see him and pay 100 for the shot that she needed every day. I shared all of this to say After all I been through I still have my joy!!! And after all the mistake mishap having COOKIE as our cruise director made it all right. COOKIE you were AMAZING. MY cruise would not have been a success if it weren't for you, not only are you amazing you are AWESOME. Carnival should allow you to TRAIN ALL the cruise director on all the Carnival fleet except for MATT. YOU & MATT is a force to be reckon with. Canival please pay attention to your Customer. WE Need people like Cookie & Matt that are gifted for this job as a CD. . Who wants a boring CD. NOT me. I will go on a cruise just because MAtt & Cookie is there please take heave. Someone please show this to Cookie & Matt. I want them to know how VAUABLE they are. From Lady Garrett, North Carolina.
  5. There is the Horizon Grill on Oceana which offers poolside dining. They offer burgers, chips and pizzas. The Horizon Grill becomes the Beach House at night.
  6. Not all of us with smartphones have data packages, mine is PAYG and I never turn the data on. I know I don't need it while on board, assuming of course that P&O offer their App with free wi fi access, but once ashore my app would be blank whereas the horizon in my pocket is always switched on.
  7. It was the best of times... It was the worst of times... Shortly after my return from the Norwegian Breakaway in February, I found out that I would have to find a new place to live in the next couple of months. I had just started a new job, that wasn't quite going so well, and now this... I had no future cruises booked, which further compounded my bleak outlook on life. I needed to get a countdown going to ease my frustration. I began poking around online, and was close to pulling the trigger on a 7 day Vista sailing out of Galveston... I looked around some more, and came across an 8 day sailing on Carnival's newest ship, the Horizon. It ended up being only a few hundred dollars more, and it was a Southern Caribbean itinerary, to all new ports to me, and I just held my breath and clicked the "book now" button... My countdown was 196 days, and my 50th birthday would fall smack dab in the middle of the cruise. Now, at least I had something to look forward to in my life... It did take the sting out of the depression I was feeling, not knowing where I would even be living in the near future. I had already started packing my stuff, as the move was inevitable. ***Disclaimer: If you're not really interested in the whole "pre-cruise" hoopla and rigmarole, please feel free to wait until Friday for the "real time" travel day and cruise edition... My reviews tend to be verbose, bordering on boring, so you've been warned. If backstories, planning, side stories, and digressions interest you, then pour yourself a drink, and continue reading... One of the goals with my "Reviews" is to inform, but for the most part they're meant to entertain... Please don't take anything I say or do too seriously. If you're easily offended, or lack a good sense of humor, you may want to employ the use of your comfort animal, or locate the shortest route to your "safe space"... I encourage you to chime in along the way with your comments. I'm going to be traveling by myself, so I could use some "virtual company" along the way. If you're still with me, prepare yourself for a journey of dinosauric proportions... I want to make it seem like you're right there with me, whether it be on the ship, in the back of a cab, or walking around in strange and far away places... I'll attempt to convey the sights, sounds, and yes, even the scents and tastes of my adventure. Oftentimes, I may go off on a tangent that strays far from the main story. That'll be half the fun of it. Even I have no idea where this is going... Whatever happens, that'll be the story. Nothing more... Nothing less... ***Photo below stolen from the internet...
  8. We are trying to book a 8 day cruise on the Horizon and our choices are a balcony "guarantee" or a Havana balcony. The difference is a little over a grand between the two. We are concerned about getting a guaranteed balcony with an obstructed view. Also, can someone tell me what they mean by "obstructed". Thanks.
  9. So I got really excited seeing photos of Havana pools online and finally talked my friends into spluring on the Mardi Gras but as I went to book I noticed the pool area seems a lot smaller on the Mardi Gras than Horizon/Vista. And they have more rooms to accommodate in that area too. Unfortunately there's no photos of the outside area on their website. Are the deck plans maybe deceiving and the area may be a bit larger than I'm thinking based on the how ship is designed or would I expect to be fighting for chairs like I would in the normal areas? Top photo is Mardi Gras, bottom is Horizon
  10. Island Princess does not have a Vines and past experience with the wine packages has been you can only get the bottles at a dining venue - that can be the Horizon Court buffet, Sabatini's, main dining rooms, or the Bayou Café. Keep in mind that the wines available in the different dining venues are not always the same as each other or the main dining rooms and the list may not be as extensive as the main dining room list.
  11. What is a concierge lounge? Is that something new? And great pics. Glad to see the WMP on this ship resembles the Horizon Court on the Royal class ship, and not what they did to the Caribbean Princess.
  12. You’ve really upset me now Andy. You’re trying to tell me I could’ve had hot chocolate? What time does the late night buffet start? I won’t be missing that one again. Note to self - read the Horizon newsletter from cover to cover every day! 😂
  13. You are not alone Les, lots of passengers miss out on so much. It took plenty of cruises before we found out hot chocolate is served in the late night buffet and we often miss the chocolate thingy they do. Oh and we always want to do the galley tour but find out too late. And I thought I read Horizon religiously.. Andy
  14. Les it is in the Horizon evrry day of your cruise. How much more do you want? 🙂
  15. This will be my second flight on Norwegian first was last year for the Horizon and I booked my flight the first day they open and got the seat for a basinet a lot of leg room, and for the Mardi Gras I booked premium seating on day of opening no charge now those seats are $50 so it pays to book early.
  16. I do agree with you on both points. A lot of new cruisers unfortunately do not understand their dining options. P&O should do much more to provide this and other basic information. I am sure it would improve the passenger experience and satisfaction at very little cost. Plus as you mentioned a little publicity about MDR lunch placed in the Horizon could really help. After all P&O provide few income generating lunch options which this would impede and overcrowding in the buffet is a perennial complaint. Juliax
  17. I'm just curious about something, and thought I would ask those of you who have been on the Horizon since it has come out. I thought someone said there were not very many windows to look or view out at the ocean, etc. while cruising, where you could sit and relax. Is this true on the Horizon? I have done many ships, and probably for the last 10 years Carnival ships. I know on at least a couple decks "inside" where you could relax or read, they always had plenty of windows where you could look out as well.
  18. Something like 20 years ago, I joined my family relatively last-minute on my first Celebrity cruise from NY to Bermuda (Zenith or Horizon IIRC). For some reason, the cabin was MORE expensive booking for one than for 2 (how's THAT for a single supplement?!). So I made up a name for a bogus 2nd passenger. Upon checkin, I just nonchalantly said that "Jack" wasn't coming. They were a little caught off guard, but there was no issue. I don't recall if I had any taxes or port charges refunded, but probably not.
  19. Yes, they perform the same show that night, an early and a late. That's the general format of Carnival's Playlist Production shows. It's also worth saying that the design of the main theater was changed on Carnival's Vista class ships (Vista & Horizon). They were made smaller than older ships and many have reported that there are a lot of seats on the bottom level that don't have the best view, so it helps to arrive early.
  20. Hi there! My husband and I will be on these 2 sailings (Zenith Nov 9 and Horizon Nov 21, 2019 ) in the coming weeks and would love to get together with others. Since the ship's shore excursions will be in Spanish (unless there are enough English-speakers), we are also looking for English-speaking cruisers to perhaps share shore excursions with. We are open to either doing the ship's excursions (if in English), or private shore excursions. Please do reach out if you happen to be on these sailings!!
  21. We were on the Horizon in September and I thoroughly enjoyed Cookie! He's so funny and makes the mundane messages, not mundane. Gerry was also a lot of fun. I did feel for Cookie during the Newlywed Game. The young couple kind of gave us a jaw dropping moment: "If you had a parrot in the bedroom, what would he say the most?" Choke me...... There was this moment of complete silence. Like we were ALL sitting there going: "Did they just say what I think they said?" However Cookie recovered. Got it back on track. And I'm pretty sure he was giving them covert side eye for the rest of the game...
  22. We’ll be visiting the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios in January through Carnival horizon. I messaged a couple tour companies but wasn’t aware you also have to pay an entrance fee on top of the tour price. Now I’m wondering if it would make more sense to skip the company and just take a taxi to blue hole + entrance fee? Has anyone does this? Any insight is helpful thanks!
  23. I've had mixed experiences. On the Horizon in April we had no problems with made to order. They were happily doing it for everyone. Just got off the Victory a couple weeks ago & while in line to get my son a hotdog I heard them turning down several people asking for no cheese, no mayo, etc. I didn't even bother trying to order. Disappointing because I really like the deli just minus one ingredient.
  24. People have noted while Vista and Horizon have some nice features you feel the crowds much more over Dream class. The two new ships are built on the frame of Dream class with just a small bump in size. Slightly bigger frame, several hundred more guests. It seems Carnival is all about cramming the guests on. Mardi Gras takes it a step further.
  25. We are trying to decide between an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Horizon or 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before and enjoyed all of them. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
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