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  1. I'm just curious about something, and thought I would ask those of you who have been on the Horizon since it has come out. I thought someone said there were not very many windows to look or view out at the ocean, etc. while cruising, where you could sit and relax. Is this true on the Horizon? I have done many ships, and probably for the last 10 years Carnival ships. I know on at least a couple decks "inside" where you could relax or read, they always had plenty of windows where you could look out as well.
  2. There was a time when Princess was considered a premium line. Alas, those days are now written in the annals of history. As long as one is primarily aware of this reality, then one sailing with limited expectations ought to be aptly prepared for the quality of fare. The Star was the first Princess ship that left us feeling "meh" about the offerings in the Horizon Court. That sailing was almost 10 years ago. Methinks it hard to believe that there has been any improvement, considering all of the ever continuing cutbacks that have adversely affected the quality of the included-in-the-fare offerings aboard. Breakfast(on port days) is where it really hits home. Being destination/port-active cruisers, we are usually wanting an expedient hot breakfast(w/ proteins) to charge us up for a long day touring in port. The buffet is the primary option on the days that we're looking to get off of the ship immediately after clearance. After returning to the ship on port-intensive days, sometimes we may be too tired to endure a 2hr MDR affair, and are often looking for a more casual dinner option....Perhaps, we may be wanting to choose to dine a little later, but still have the time to catch an evening performance. The option of dining at the buffet tends to be the choice here. The quality in the buffet(and MDR) on Princess has noticeably declined in both quality and variety over the years. It's to the point that we've looked to move on from Princess. We're content to pay more for more, rather than pay more for the same(or less -- as has been the case with Princess recently). They've missed the boat when it comes to securing our loyalty -- A misstep due to us likely among the younger demographic that they've been trying to woo to continue to fortify their regularly recurring passenger base going into the future. Perhaps they ought to spend a little more on their food budget, and less on skywalks to nowhere, fountains that take up valuable deck space, and Medallion systems that will be outdated technology by the time that they've finally ironed out all of the bugs. We'll look to sail Princess when fares are discounted and more in-line with what perceived value we believe that they provide.
  3. We are trying to decide between an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Horizon or 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before and enjoyed all of them. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
  4. Is “The Lucky Bowl” available on Horizon?
  5. We are trying to decide between a 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten or an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Carnival Horizon. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
  6. It was the best of times... It was the worst of times... Shortly after my return from the Norwegian Breakaway in February, I found out that I would have to find a new place to live in the next couple of months. I had just started a new job, that wasn't quite going so well, and now this... I had no future cruises booked, which further compounded my bleak outlook on life. I needed to get a countdown going to ease my frustration. I began poking around online, and was close to pulling the trigger on a 7 day Vista sailing out of Galveston... I looked around some more, and came across an 8 day sailing on Carnival's newest ship, the Horizon. It ended up being only a few hundred dollars more, and it was a Southern Caribbean itinerary, to all new ports to me, and I just held my breath and clicked the "book now" button... My countdown was 196 days, and my 50th birthday would fall smack dab in the middle of the cruise. Now, at least I had something to look forward to in my life... It did take the sting out of the depression I was feeling, not knowing where I would even be living in the near future. I had already started packing my stuff, as the move was inevitable. ***Disclaimer: If you're not really interested in the whole "pre-cruise" hoopla and rigmarole, please feel free to wait until Friday for the "real time" travel day and cruise edition... My reviews tend to be verbose, bordering on boring, so you've been warned. If backstories, planning, side stories, and digressions interest you, then pour yourself a drink, and continue reading... One of the goals with my "Reviews" is to inform, but for the most part they're meant to entertain... Please don't take anything I say or do too seriously. If you're easily offended, or lack a good sense of humor, you may want to employ the use of your comfort animal, or locate the shortest route to your "safe space"... I encourage you to chime in along the way with your comments. I'm going to be traveling by myself, so I could use some "virtual company" along the way. If you're still with me, prepare yourself for a journey of dinosauric proportions... I want to make it seem like you're right there with me, whether it be on the ship, in the back of a cab, or walking around in strange and far away places... I'll attempt to convey the sights, sounds, and yes, even the scents and tastes of my adventure. Oftentimes, I may go off on a tangent that strays far from the main story. That'll be half the fun of it. Even I have no idea where this is going... Whatever happens, that'll be the story. Nothing more... Nothing less... ***Photo below stolen from the internet...
  7. I read that Horizon bar aft of ship turns into a nightclub ? We always have late dinner so usually evening goes quickly.
  8. It worked on the Horizon. My friend would get her and her husband's coffee at the same time when she had his key card. It also worked that way for cocktails. He would take our key cards and bring us back drinks. Also! Plan ahead for port waters. I forgot that they charge for water you pick up on the gangway. So I just ordered bottles to store in the room fridge and take off the boat with me.
  9. Unless you are on the pool deck, I always had stellar star gazing on every ship I have been on. I am sure the lights from the ship impact some of it but I live in a very populated area so we don't really see too many stars. Always love cruising for that reason. Some of the best planetary can be seen on the horizon. Once on the Sky we had an aft suite with glass sliding doors towards the back. I was not even purposely star gazing but was laying on the bed very early right before daybreak. The stuff I saw at the horizon was incredible and this was me just laying on the bed looking out through the doors towards the horizon.
  10. Would love to see this on the Horizon when we sail at the end of the month. My husband would love that. I will need to keep an eye out and make sure I see it. Does anyone know if they just announce it the day before for signups? I know on Disney cruises we went on people were signing up for the different drink things the first day of the cruise (our first cruise and we didn't know), by the time we saw them in the daily papers they were already filled. If anyone has done the 6 day Horizon sailing and seen it please let me know what day it may have been on.
  11. 123 days until my February mini cruise on the Liberty to the Bahamas, and then I have to wait until Thanksgiving Week 2020 for my Caribbean cruise on the Horizon. Nevertheless, I'm super excited. Last cruise was on Conquest in June.
  12. Thanks! It's been an exciting adventure. I call my parents a few times a week but they call me every day lol. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't find something that worked for you just yet like my medicine helped me but who knows. New advances are happening every day so maybe something is on the horizon for you. I know what you mean about it being so hard to do anything sometimes. Like you, I would try to do one positive thing each day when the going was hard, no matter how small it seemed. On days when I couldn't even do that, I just tried to be grateful that I didn't have any setbacks. On days with setbacks, I tried to not dwell on them but of course with depression, not ruminating can be so tough! Your fall feast sounded amazing! Yum, meatballs ❤️ Oh and I see you are in PA... I know it isn't central but more western but are you sorta near Pittsburgh at all? My entire family was born there except for me (south florida, represent!!) and I always liked when we would go up north and see exciting things like chipmunks and groundhogs. And the hills! swoon 😛
  13. I don't really care what the free gift is, it is just that a free gift. I would possibly use mine, my husband probably would not. I do like the ship pin, which I hope I still get when we do the Horizon. At least those give me a reminder of the ship I sailed on.
  14. Guess I'm confused on what the OP's issue is. Carnival's site, or at least the one I look at for the Horizon cruise we have booked clearly states the prices is SET at $32pp....with a $25 cancelation fee if a reservation is canceled with 24 hours of reservation time. Where did $38pp come from?
  15. Thanks for the info! That’s definitely a change, for the better, since we were on Horizon in March.
  16. The Medusa Lounge is the 'Butlins lounge' and IMO keeping those quizzes and those 'game shows' in one place is a good idea, the problem is there are not enough seats in the other bars and lounges. Medusa also seems to be the venue of choice for bar flies and alcoholics. I had a free afternoon and decided to have a couple of pints in there. There was space at the bar, a rare occurrence so I sat down and ordered a pint. The group on my right, 2 couples, ordered 'large' bacardi and cokes. Their second round was 'go easy on the coke' and by the time I finished my second pint they were on their 4th round and it was large bacardis and don't bother with the coke. .I checked and they seemed to spend most of their time there. Wonder if they had livers! Was the duo in waters edge called Tom and Maris? if so they used to be in the Horizon bar on Celebration, I thought they were very good indeed.
  17. I'm booked on the Emerald for this next May and noticed that there is a new restaurant, Planks BBQ. From what I understand, they set it up next to Horizon Court for dinner. Has anyone eaten there? How was it?
  18. Is that a recent change? When we were on Horizon earlier this year, the price you paid depended on what you ordered. I don’t recall exactly what we paid, but I know for us it was more expensive than the steakhouse.
  19. Just curious what the best suite on Horizon is. When I do a pretend booking for our dates all I see is the Ocean Suite in the family harbor. Do they have captains suites or the like ? I’m guessing for our dates everything is just sold out. My husband thinks they may holding inventory back because it seems like so much is sold out.
  20. Wrong. The difference I gave was double occupancy. With the Adventure at 3100 and the Horizon at 3900. But if you want to get more technical, the Horizon has a maximum guest capacity of 4,977. Adventure is 3807. The Adventure is a larger ship and carries almost 1,200 less guests...
  21. The location of the spa on the older Princess ships hardly block views IMHO; please explain. It's between the gym (all the way aft) and the rear elevators. And its relocation to Deck 5 was a major disappointment to those loyal pax who liked to book cabins in that area for the convenience to the atrium, dining rooms, Intl Cafe, theater, etc. and for the price point. Not everyone wants a balcony or an inside cabin. We used to cruise Princess 2-3 times a year, usually doing 2 TAs and one Caribbean cruise so being able to book Deck 5 cabins made it more affordable and having a window was very welcome on those long TAs! On the positive side, I will say the ship was stunning (esp. the atrium) on our first cruise on her (we've done 2 for a total of 24 days) and I loved the Horizon Terrace (covered area behind the Horizon Court) on our Carib. cruise. But there are other somewhat mysterious deficiencies: casino is tiny and very crowded with slots, gaming tables and pax, Princess Live! is an inadequate and poorly planned replacement for Explorers on the older ships, no OV non-balcony cabins as noted above.
  22. So the difference is that Horizon has a ropes course and pay extra theater... How would you rate the ice rink and accompanying ice show on Horizon?
  23. If you care about burgers, go on the Horizon. Otherwise I found the ships very similar, perhaps the Adventure had better musical entertainment but Horizon has a comedy club. I would pick the better itinerary for you.
  24. DH and I are going on a partial transit of the Panama Canal on the Island in October. In researching when and where to go to get the best view of the first lock, I see that going to the 10th or 11th deck forward about 1- 11/2 hours before is suggested. My question is whether or not there is somewhere to sit in that area while waiting. I don’t think DH or I could stand for that long. I know that some people secure seating in the Horizon, but I don’t want to take up a table where someone wants to have breakfast. Thanks
  25. Crane hitched a ride on the Horizon from Bermuda to Tortola. Passengers tossed him food as he sat near the bulkhead at the rear of the ship. He got off as we neared Tortola.
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