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  1. Regal Princess - Horizon Terrace
  2. Regal Princess - Horizon Court
  3. Regal Princess - Horizon Bistro
  4. Horizon Court -- Ruby Princess
  5. Horizon Court -- Ruby Princess
  6. This may be an odd question. My wife and I are currently on the Horizon. Our son stayed home this cruise but plans on travelling with us at Christmas. He lives for chicken strips in the buffet. We have not seen one all week. Is this new????? Are all ships now chicken strip free????? Thanks a a lot in advance Heimey
  7. We will cruising on the Star Princess in September 2019. I was curious as to what is the current condition of the Star Princess which was built in 2002. The last dry dock for the Star was in December 2017 (13 days in Victoria, BC). Normal dry docks average 10 days. Here is a breakdown of upgrades/changes that were performed on the Star Princess. Reupholster lounge chairs in Explorer's, Crooner's, Wheelhouse, Crown Grill, Library Vista Lounge received new upholstery on chairs New sofas for Explorer's and Crooner's New carpets in dining room and Crooner’s Sabatini’s was updated with updated décor and menu Replace Mini-suite sleeper sofas New lamps with UBS charging ports in staterooms New knobs and drawer pulls in staterooms New carpeting, beds, & mattresses in staterooms New LED TV’s in all staterooms plus wall TV’s on deck 7 On-demand TV’s most likely to be activated when OM is operational Replace astro turf deck covering on upper decks Complete renovation of the swimming pool and hot tub areas New washing stations at the entrance to Horizon Court Replace Horizon Court carpeting, floor tiles, tables and chairs New cutlery holders and furniture in the Horizon Court Replace Wheelhouse Dance floor Repair/Refinish beverage station cabinets in Horizon Court Promenade deck new carpeting throughout Salty Dog has not replaced the Trident Grille Coffee and Cones has not replaced Scoops Updated exercise equipment New carpeting in Princess Theater New sound system in the Princess Theater New LCD displays screens with information in elevator lobbies and public areas Upgrades in the Casino which includes many gaming tables, slots and carpeting Ocean Medallion wiring installed (not active until subsequent dry-dock in 2021/2022) The ship operating systems inspected and repaired as required Power clean 1/3 of the air ducks in staterooms and public areas Balance to be completed on future dry docks Sand blasted and painted the lower section of the haul Haul art (sea witch) added Bathrooms not refurbished Source of information: Cruisemapper, Fleet dry dock schedule, blogs, Cruiser Critic, Google
  8. Does anyone have any recent fun times for the 6 day itinerary? Also, what are the must do's? Deck parties, shows, games, food and liquor tastings ect? Leaving on Sunday and don't want to miss anything good!
  9. Their inability to get the A/C working reliably is really bothering me. We were on last summer and it was warm, finally removing the diffuser helped some, and we are booked again the week of July 4th. I'm going to be really unhappy. Thanks for your report though. We found the world market buffet to be a worse setup than the horizon court from previous years, but I know that is subjective for everyone.
  10. I am looking to book a cruise for summer of 2020. I've narrowed it down to either Magic or Horizon. Both are 8 day southern Caribbean. the ports are Aruba, curacao, la Romana and Amber Cove. The Horizon is $44 more. I've only been on carnival glory and carnival liberty. I can't decide which to choose.
  11. Not sure when I'll get a full report so here's some answers to some questions and more: * The medallions are cool. They do open your door for you, and sometimes from way up the hall. We played with that a good bit. Yes, names appear on the doorway "screen" as you go down the hall. We never did get the apps to work and the tech guy couldn't make them work either. And when I was trying to get the apps to work last night I somehow knocked my phone out of airplane mode and ran up a huge cell phone bill unintentionally. Ugh. * The Ultimate Ship's Tour cost $150 and is worth every penny of it. We got chef's jackets, two photo albums, a notepad and assorted other minor items, and a bunch of pics the ship's photographer took on the tour. You get to go to the bridge, the print shop, the front moor station, the engine room, the infirmary and more. It's amazing. * The High Seas Heist is a very well done game kind of like Clue where you get another piece of the mystery every day in exchange for doing a task (like a crossword puzzle or watching the wake show). Bonus: my wife and I won it, along with one other lady. We were the only ones to solve it. Yay! * The food was marvelous. The Horizon Court swap to World Market works and was needed. * There is now a coffee bar on Deck 15 which is great. The quality of the coffee made there by "baristas" is ... well ... marginal. Sometimes it was good. Sometimes ... not. * The second formal night wasn't quite as dressy as the first, which is the usual. * There was a a violin duet on board that was a delight. * The magician was great. Really great. * Heard good things about the production number "Fantastic Journey" but didn't see it. * They are playing the marriage game. * St Maarten and St Thomas are not my favorite ports by any means. Pretty much not great. * A balcony on the back of the boat is a win!
  12. There's no Ji Ji's on the Breeze. If you're looking for Asian, it's called Bonsai Sushi. Ji Ji's is on the Horizon, Sunshine and Vista: https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/ji-ji-asian-kitchen-dinner
  13. I did once see a male passenger viciously bullying a cruise worker cleaning in the Horizon buffet. The poor worker was scared to death. I quietly got up and went to speak to the manager, out of sight. The whole thing made me sick. I dont think the passenger was drunk, just ugly of manner, and really nasty. Also was harrassed in the theater as my party of three sat down at the end of an almost empty row by two people at the other end saying they were saving the entire row. We just ignored them, and the show started without their party ever showing up. Funnily enough, at the very same time they were yelling at us for sitting down, the staff was on the mike saying no saving of seats. The entitlement is amazing.
  14. I thought the cakes were tasteless on the Horizon and Breeze.
  15. I have been retired since 2014 and haven't look back my retirement cruise was Alaska 15 days then Hawaii 17 days then we did our first Mediterranean cruise Horizon BTB-T/A. 27 days now we are booked on the Mardi Gras European cruise 23+days BTB-T/A no more 7 day cruises love retirement.
  16. Organizedhome, I am the "other half" of travel well. I've kept quiet until I look at some technical specs. We are on the 2021 Regent Word Cruise as a post retirement present. I am a EE. Travel Well's dad was EE professor. I work in the communication industry (Until Jan 2021) I have several web sites and I intend to post photos and my trip diary on these web sites. (A link on Cruise Critic will be provided) I am a photographer and book author. I have very little personal experience with the things I discuss but tons of industry experience. Apple iCloud.... : Is constantly syncing things. Travel Well and I have 2 apple computers, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones and some other random devices. We had a vacation cabin with 3 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. We could not watch a movie and we called our local technician at the cable company and he looked at our traffic profile. The question he asked was "Do you have Apple?" With all the iCloud syncing going on, we were tapping out the 1 Mbps return. (Most video is delivered via HTTP which is based on TCP/IP which requires acknowledging the forward data packets. Typical ratio is 12:1.) So if the reverse pipe is filled then no joy. You get terrible service down stream. (to your computer) Most Internet traffic is TCP/IP. Ask your partner. They will know this. At home, We have 1 Gbps bi-directional. Which is fine as long as we don't go off the AT&T network. BUT, the Internet has what is called a head wind. Today this is generally acknowledged as 70 Mbps. So you may connect at a higher rate but if you go off your providers part of the Internet.... you slow down. When you are on the "ship", your connection to the rest of the world (ROW) is limited to Satellite. There are basically 3 Satellite providers today, Inmarsat, GlobalStar and Irridum. To be honest I don't know much about GlobalStar. Immarsat uses geosynchronous Satellites (They orbit the earth every 24 hours so they remain in place above a single spot on the earth) Irridium uses lower earth satellites and wiz around faster than the earth turns. So there are more (66) and you switch off like using a cell phone on the move. Irridium works every where including the poles. Immarsat works most of the places we will be. You might have a problem south of New Zealand or in a fiord. (I had problems with Internet connection on a Crystal Cruise in Norway when in a Fiord.) Satellites are line of site. If you can not "see" the satellite as it sites above the Equator, you have no data. I don't know who Regent uses. I was unable to find the answer with a quick Google search. My guess, is that they have a higher bandwidth connection than your average individual. Part of this is reserved for them to run the ship, get news, updates. The rest is shared between all the people on board. And the good news is that this segment is 2x faster than before. (OK, Not enough but better.) In port, you can connect to land based providers like a cellphone company. Prices vary. And there are land based Internet cafes. Your milage may vary. We did a project in Japan and needed to ship hours of video back to Atlanta. We found it faster to record the data on a disk and ship it via FedEx back. The problem with Apple iCloud is that it really eats up the reverse path which is typically smaller to begin with. Therefore it earned a spot on the infamous Black list. (I was unable to find a list of these IP addresses during a quick Google search) Video conferencing is a data hog. So it is on the blacklist. Everyone the company is aware of. I won't mention the more obscure apps.. In case I need one. Ha!. When you pay the extra $10, you get an exemption from what appears to be part of the blacklist. But you don't get faster data or more data. You get a license to fish. You are not guaranteed to catch anything. 😉 If you use a VPN, you hide your data and the IP address you are connecting too. So you avoid the blacklist. Shhhh. Regent has no counter measures to this. China is trying to track VPNs and regularly shuts them down. So you may have to dodge over the 4.5 months on the cruise. This is what Chinese users do every day. We call the game "Whack a mole". Regent has no real defense against VPNs but your devices will clog up the Internet for everyone so please be kind. I'd take an external disk and back up locally. The extra work a VPN does to encrypt your data will slow down the throughput and add latency. Let's talk Satellites and the infamous lately issues. My Crystal Cruise experience tells me that they are using GeoSynchronous Satellites. (There are 3 in high earth orbit) the cruise ship will switch as it travels around the globe. There are (working from memory here...) 22k miles from earth. for the signal to travel to the satellite and back to an earth station takes at least 250 mSec. (Limitation of the speed of light) add some time for the equipment to process and ... You have high latency. Remember most traffic is TCP/IP and it needs the "ack" (Acknowledgement) So stock traders don't use satellites today. They use fiber optics but these are not available on a cruise line. There are also Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit(LEO). I suspect that Irridium is MEO. The closer you are to the earth, the lower the latency. Physics. If you get your own Satellite phone, you have free incoming calls and pretty reasonable text costs. However data is limited to 2400 baud. (Remember phone modems?) This is true for both Irridium and ImmarSat. The web is telling me ImmarSat is cheaper but... your milage may vary. Check it out. And yes there is a charge for data. But, there is no Blacklist. What am I going to do? Well, this is the first I've heard of an Apple iCloud blacklist. This is understandable but it ... ahh, unfortunate. I was bringing my hard drive back up.. now I will depend on it. I knew about Video conferencing blacklist. and was not tempted to pay the $10 / day. My kids (and grandkids will just need to remember what I look like.) I will buy a Sat phone. both for the cruise and for later. (Just this morning we were hiking in the N. Georgia Mountains and had no cell coverage. ) (5G will not help. to get more speeds they need more transceivers which will be found mainly in cities.) There are new Internet options on the horizon. Will they be there for 2021? I have no clue. SpaceX just launched 60 LEO satellites this week. We don't know yet if they work They will need a thousand or more to make LEO work. There are 3 other companies racing to do similar things. The LEO satellites may need a few MEO satellites to provide connectivity and coordination. But with LEO your latency will be very low. Maybe better than TransOceanic Fiber. So, I'm waiting until next year to make hard decisions. Maybe they need a tester? For now. VPN gets you around the blacklist but sucks bandwidth from your fellow passengers. So please limit it. Your Web authoring and updating should be fairly low bandwidth as long as you don't upload big photos. I'm planning to shrink the photo files I upload. It makes it faster for my readers anyway. And take along extra hard drives and back up locally for now. The issue of bandwidth may be solved (for a price) in 20210 but for now, Plan to work in a low bandwidth mode. Would love to meet and exchange more information in the fullness of time. Regards, Travel Along Well.
  17. Currently on the Carnival Horizon. Have been on 9 Carnival cruises but first on the Vista class. Let me know any questions anyone has and I will try to answer as best as possible!
  18. Dislike: No proper prom wraparound deck for walking. The "walking/jog" track at top of ship. Too exposed to elements and too many laps to the mile. Also closed frequently due to weather. Tendering is a nightmare with 3600 passengers. Ships this large should go only to ports with docks. Library is a joke. Without all the books donated by pax it would be even worse. Not enough beverage stations in the horizon court buffet area. Not enough seats in Princess show room to accommodate the number of passengers. Never could figure out how to hear captains announcements in cabin without opening the door. Didn't particularly like the various musical groups in the bars. Like: Overall good service in dining/bar venues as well as cabin stewards Huge selection of different foods in Horizon Court. Great cabin TV's. Still have self serve laundromats. Cabins well designed and comfortable.
  19. Probably a dumb question, but if I purchase the Premium Wifi on the Horizon, can I connect through my laptop? or does it have to be hand held device? Also how is the speed from your cabin, we are in a spa cabin deck 12. Thanks
  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Royal Princess. Horizon Court/Buffet is the best of any ship. Layout is wonderful. Yes, the balconies are small but we don't spend enough time there to be a problem. My husband and friends dislike there is no free use of sauna and steam rooms. That really bothers them. Think that the I believe it is called Princess Live area is a waste.
  21. Our first Celebrity cruise (and first cruise ever) was in 1994 on the ancient 1950's Amerikanis, which had originally been used to ferry folks between the UK and South Africa. We were part of a group put together by our state bar assn. Boarded in San Juan PR, having flown down there same day. Two years later we cruised on the Horizon and have now done 11 cruises on X for 96 days, the latest being a Can/NE cruise on the Summit in 2015. Along the way we tried Princess and that then became our go-to line. One reason I was attracted to the line was its Greek roots and hence it serving roast lamb, something I grew up on even with no Greek blood in our family <g>.
  22. Yes cabins till 12 midday the crew have been excellent. Breakfast as usual for a sea day 9.30AM in main restaurants. We even have a Horizon planner for the morning/afternoon. Now just off Bembridge...Isle of Wight coming into the Solent.
  23. We are considering booking a Horizon View Suite on the Mariner. They are aft on decks 7,8,9,and 10. We are wondering what advantages/disadvantages there might be to the various decks. We had a bad experience years ago on Princess; we had a balcony on a certain level (e.g., deck 7), and because of the staggered design of the ship, the people on levels above us could look right down onto our deck. So... are decks 7,8,9,and 10 on Mariner situated so that one has privacy on the aft balconies? Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
  24. Yes cabins till 12 midday the crew have been excellent. Breakfast as usual for a sea day 9.30AM in main restaurants. We even have a Horizon planner for the morning/afternoon. Now just off Bembridge...Isle of Wight coming into the Solent.
  25. Likes: The decor is beautiful. Service in the lounges, cabin service, service at Sabtini's, Crown Grill, and Alfredo's, Front Desk,: all were very good to excellent. Other staff members encountered were friendly and helpful. Music of different types was plentiful and excellent. The Piazza: extremely well used with diverse, short entertainment programs. Royal Princess is a good sea boat; she rode well. Showroom entertainment was very good. The one-time only day time performance with the Executive Chef and the Maitre d' is not to be missed if one enjoys comedy. The Champagne Waterfall carried out in The Piazza is a carry-over from when Princess acquired Sitmar Cruises. Very well done and was guest-friendly (meaning that it went on for as long as many guests wished to participate). The comfort of my mini-suite; well designed with enough storage space for a longer cruise than 7 days. Well organized and executed embarkation and disembarkation. Dislikes: The Horizon Buffet/Bistro was a confusing, chaotic mess at prime meal times in the morning and at lunch. Too few beverage stations in the Horizon Buffet/Bistro for the number of guests. And, in the morning, for a first time guest: where the heck does one get a glass of Orange Juice? Anytime Dining was a disappointment. If one did not make a reservation by 8:30 A. M., it became impossible, usually, to get one. Advance reservations for the next day or days? No way, Jose! Arriving at a MDR and given a pager; OK, that's acceptable. But, waiting for 90 minutes for it to "go off"? Not acceptable! Upon embarking on Deck 6, Club 6 was available to store luggage until the staterooms were available. I did so. Then, went to lunch in the MDR. BUT, my lunch was not over before that storage area was going to close. I had to interrupt my lunch to retrieve my carry-on bag and then return to the MDR. A longer "staying open" time is needed for that area if Princess wants that service to be guest-friendly. Likes/Dislikes: Lotus Spa: the Thermal/Hydrotherapy Pool area Pool is great. The Thermal Beds are great. The aromatherapy showers are really enjoyable. The saunas very acceptable. The Spa personnel are pleasant and helpful. The locker rooms were very good. My dislikes are the darkness of the pool/Thermal Suite area. The pool itself is dark; the Spa is located near the bottom of the ship, so the entire Spa area is dark. (This is in contrast to the Greenhouse Spa on HAL ships.) And, there are not enough hooks on the walls for guests to hang bathrobes when they are using the Thermal Beds or are in the pool. For a very popular event, i.e. New Year's Eve's celebration in The Piazza, the number of guests attending was more numerous than I expected and prevented me from fully enjoying the festivities. If I left my seat in a lounge around The Piazza, I lost it. I should have chosen a smaller, quieter venue that evening. Knowing what I now know, would I again sail on a Royal Class vessel? Yes. I think I have learned how to "navigate" my way around on such a large ship. Royal Princess was the largest ship on which I have sailed.
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