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  1. I know Carnival Horizon is a large ship, and we plan to take it in March. Since it is a large ship, is there any deck outside that will go through from one end to the other? If there is no deck outside, how about deck inside the ship going from one end to the other? As you can guess, I like to walk! We will be on deck 6, room 6205 at the end of the ship, which is an obstructed window. If you have been in that room (there is a video out on it, and I liked what I saw), I believe it has the deck right next to it. My question, if we open the curtain to look out, I know we can see out, but can people see us in our room as well? I believe someone mentioned about a secret deck on the Horizon. Which deck is it? Yes, I know once you let me know, it won't be a secret anymore. 🙂
  2. I know there are several Pay restaurants on the Horizon ship. Did I read that there are only "two", one for MDR, and one for My Time Dining restaurants on this ship? The reason I ask, I have been on several ships where they had pay restaurants, as well as the My Time Dining, but always had two MDR's too.
  3. I know Carnival Horizon is a large ship, and we plan to take it in March. Since it is a large ship, is there any deck outside that will go through from one end to the other? If there is no deck outside, how about deck inside the ship going from one end to the other? As you can guess, I like to walk! We will be on deck 6, room 6205 at the end of the ship, which is an obstructed window. If you have been in that room (there is a video out on it, and I liked what I saw), I believe it has the deck right next to it. My question, if we open the curtain to look out, I know we can see out, but can people see us in our room as well? I believe someone mentioned about a secret deck on the Horizon. Which deck is it? Yes, I know once you let me know, it won't be a secret anymore. 🙂
  4. Here is a link to the story. First it was the Vista and now the Horizon has the same issues. https://www.cruisehive.com/second-vista-class-carnival-cruise-ship-closes-skyride-feature/33490
  5. What dining room on the horizon is your time dining? also, I’ve read that you can now check in via the app. If you check in for 2 on the app, does that mean a table for two or do you need to go to hostess table to request table for two? thanks
  6. We have been on the Golden 3X, the Crown once, the Coral once and the Regal once. Our favorite is the Regal because it is an updated classy version of the Golden minus Skywalker's. However, we love Skywalker's on the Golden and the Crown because of the fabulous private time and views. The Regal offers a fabulous Horizon Court. We did not care for the Coral, actually because of its size and no aft balconies. The Horizon Court was at the front of the ship and because it was a Panama Canal cruise, the windows were usually fogged over offering no views. And the windows were slanted; not a great design in our opinion. The Golden Crown, and Regal were much more open; never seemed crowded when the Coral actually did. Note: Many people love the Coral- not us.
  7. Sunday, August 18, 2019 in Juneau Good evening fellow Cruise Critic’ers! This is the wife, Melissa, taking over the blog post this evening to talk about our action-packed day in Juneau. Scott is currently laying in the bed moaning about how he is stuffed from eating too many King Crab legs at dinner (is there such thing) so I decided to take over the pen and share my thoughts about today. Currently, the Grand Princess is still docked in Juneau at 8:30 pm and I am writing this post while watching the remaining sunlight dissipate into the night. Our view from our balcony is spectacular. We have a gorgeous view of downtown Juneau and the wharf area. A National Geographic cruise ship is parked directly across the dock from us. As I am typing, the last trams are coming down Mt. Roberts and Bald Eagles are flying overhead scouring the waters for some easy-to-grab fish. Simply put, Juneau is truly spectacular. Our departure from Juneau will be in an hour and frankly not sure we will be up then as we both need our rest before we hike the Chilkoot Trail tomorrow in Skagway. Today was one of those very special days you get only on a cruise. Both of us woke up this morning naturally about 5 am and after some half-hearted attempts to go back to bed, we rose out of bed about 530 am, pulled back the curtains, and truly were blinded by the sheer gorgeousness of Alaska as we sailed by islands, forests, glacial streams, as we transited into Juneau. Winds were quite heavy initially but as we made our way inland, they started to die down. Both of us bundled up and spent most of the early morning on our balcony scenery gazing. It helped that we brought along some binoculars as we saw some wildlife. In a move of brilliance, I did order coffee from Room Service and am not lying, when I say that within 2 minutes of hanging up the phone, we had a knock on our door delivering it! Coffee and Scenery – the early bird really does get the worm!! After a couple of hours, we hit the Club Class Dining Room at 7:30 read for breakfast. Both of us ordered the tasty Muesli Special (comprised of rolled oats, apples, honey, hazelnuts, shredded coconut and milk) followed by eggs, hash browns and toast! As usual, out Club Class Dining team went out of their way to ensure we had a wonderful meal! After breakfast, we walked back to our room, grabbed our backpacks, and then headed out into town for an unknown adventure as we had a few hours to burn before our Salmon Bake tour started at 11:15 am. However, what we failed to remember before we set out, was that today was Sunday, so after traversing through all of downtown Juneau in about 15 minutes only to find closed store after closed store (and some belligerent homeless people), we decided to change tactics and get tickets for the Mt. Roberts tram up the mountain versus walk up and down the street staring in the windows of closed jewelry shops (side note, the amount of jewelry stores is truly staggering. Do that many people buy diamonds to keep all of those places in business; the accountant in me does wonder?) We arrived at the Mt. Roberts tram ticket station about 9:15 am. Although there were a few people in line, the line moved relatively quickly… and by 9:45 am, we were on top of the mountain! The ride up the mountain was simply gorgeous. Juneau this morning was blessed with crystal blue skies and sun, which made everything (the water, the ships, the mountains, the trees) sparkle on our way up!! In the past, we have done the Tram only to find we can’t see anything on top of the mountain due to the fog or heavy rain clouds. Today, we had unparalleled views!! We could see miles away! We hit the top of the mountain and after taking a ton of photos, we decided to do some hiking around the top as we still had time to burn. As such, for over an hour, we hiked the Alpine Loop Hike (0.5 mile roundtrip) coupled with a hike to Father Browns Cross (0.5 miles roundtrip) that were spectacular!! We even were able to spot some mountain goats grazing on Mt. Juneau across the way with our binoculars! This leads me to my first recommendation… if you are ever cruising Juneau and need an idea of something to do, I definitely would advise you to do some hiking on top of Mt. Roberts. It did help that we came prepared. We had on long pants, hiking boots, and jackets. In our backpacks, we had water, extra layers, knit hats, gloves and of course my husband had a first aid kit! We never planned to go hiking, but honestly getting some fresh air and activity felt amazing!! After hitting our 10,000 step goal, we decided that it was time to take the tram down the mountain at 11 am as it was time for us to meet at the pier for our Salmon Bake tour. There was absolutely no line on the top for the return tram, so by 11:05 am we were on the pier waiting to depart for the Gold Creek Salmon Bake. The Gold Creek Salmon Bake is located about 15-20 minutes away from the pier out of Juneau proper closer to Mendenhall. We have done it before and always enjoy attending when we are in Juneau. The meal and experience isn’t fancy - A re-furbished school bus picks you up on the pier and takes you 15 minutes toward Mendenhall for an outdoor Salmon Bake. The Salmon Bake is located next to a stream that has a beautiful waterfall about 125 steps down the path from the food. The meal is simple but tasty. At the “buffet stand” they serve you Caesar salad, coleslaw, baked beans with reindeer meat, cornbread, real au gratin potatoes (yes, real potatoes and real cheese), clam chowder, followed by coho (silver) salmon that is smoked over an Alderwood fire. The Salmon Bake also offers a delicious brown sugar glaze for the salmon, but I personally just like mine plain! For an extra fee, you can also buy yourself an Alaskan Amber, which we did and didn’t regret it as the beer helps balance the sweetness of the meal! You can eat as much or as little as you want at the Salmon Bakes. There is also no time limit. Buses depart every 10-15 minutes. After enjoying a leisurely meal, we headed back on the bus into Juneau about 1:30 pm arriving back to the ship about 2 pm!! When we arrived back to the pier at 2 pm, we arrived to great swarms of people everywhere! While we were gone, the Ovation of the Seas (a 4,900 passenger monstrosity) had docked alongside the Grand Princess, overwhelming much of the pier area. The line for the Mt. Roberts Tram now snaked out for 100-150 yards out the door and all the stores and restaurants were overflowing! Thankful that we had started our day early, we decided to board the Grand Princess and catch a snooze before dinner! After a few hours of shut-eye, we snuck up to the Horizon Court about 4:30 pm for a delicious scone (or two), some clotted cream and a cuppa tea! (One of my favorite things about Princess, definitely are their scones). We did try to get a peanut butter cookie (which are my mother-in-laws favorite) but despite there being a sign that said, Peanut Butter Cookies available upon request, there was no one working behind the counter to serve them to us, which honestly was a good thing, as we were still stuffed full of salmon! After our tea break, we mozied back to our room, and read on our balcony for a few hours while watching the people on the dock! Honestly, made for some great entertainment. Around 6:30 pm, we headed downstairs to the Wheelhouse Bar to sip a cocktail before dinner. We decided to skip the Libby Riddles lecture tonight at 7 pm, as we had heard her previously, and the theater was quite packed by 630 (and rightfully so). After a leisurely cocktail, we then headed into the Club Class Dining Room for a wonderful dinner. Seriously, the issue tonight with the dinner menu, was there was way too many fantastic options… On offer were king crab legs, cioppino, surf and turf, crab and artichoke dip, lobster bisque, and many others. For Club Class, Giovanni was serving up homemade Caesar Salad, including with anchovies if requested! Unfortunately, after gorging ourselves with Salmon earlier in the day, dinner tonight was a light-fare for us. We decided for an appetizer, to split one order of the Caesar Salad and Crab and Artichoke Dip. Not sure when Scott ordered the salad that he intended to share it, but a sign of a good husband is they know when to keep their hands out of the way of my fork!! So share we did… Our waiter also remembered that we love the bread sticks, so they brought us an entire basket of the bread sticks just for our enjoyment. For dinner, both of us got the King Crab legs, which were superb! Most of the hardwork had already been done on cracking them, so all we had to do was delicately pick out the delicious crab meat and dip it into butter! The crab was cooked to perfection and fresh, so it made for some tasty eating. For dessert, we both got coffee. Scott got the burned rhubarb napoleon with nectarine ice cream while I had the apple and walnut spring roles. Both were delicious, but I definitely noticed Scott stopped short of licking the plate when there was no more napoleon left for him to devour! Pleasantly stuffed, we headed out of the dining room… briefly listened to the musicians play in the piazza midship before heading upstairs to type this post! Tomorrow we arrive in Skagway for another fun day of hiking!! Can’t wait! Finally, a few of you have asked us what we recommend to pack for an Alaskan Cruise, so thought I would share a few things I find essential: 1) Pump Hand Soap for your stateroom bathroom. Using the provided bar soap to wash your paws becomes tedious after awhile. Pack a $2 bottle of pump handsoap… it’s worth it! 2) Pack light-weight travel blankets that you can use to snuggle up in as you sit on the balcony or read on your bed. The duvet Princess gives you is nice, but it is very warm. We purchased two 50 inch x 60 inch polyester blankets from Amazon Basics before we departed. They pack down to nothing if you use the packable Ziploc bags… but having a blanket to snuggle in, is so very nice! 3) Metal magnet clips. You can put the clips on the walls (as the walls are magnetic) to hold up your daily Patters and any paperwork you may want to access. Also, great for holding up notes and reminders. 4) Small portable hair-dryer. I have the worlds thickest hair and the wall hairdryers the cruise lines offer just don’t cut it for me. I believe most cruise lines now have eliminated their restrictions on home hair-dryers, but I still bring my travel one with me. It is a 1,200 Watt Conair Mini-Pro hair dryer that is a champ and has my hair dried in a few short minutes. 5) Sturdy walking shoes / pants especially if you plan to do any hiking while in Alaska. Tennis shoes are great, but as it can rain a lot when you’re in Ketchican or get fairly cold in Skagway, my LL Bean leather hiking style tennis shoes are a tried and true friend!! Not only do they keep your feet warm and dry, but they also keep me upright so I don’t slip! 6) Binoculars!! 7) A small fan (about the size of your hand) for your room. Not only does it keep the air circulating in the room but it does provide some nice background noise! 😎 A non-surge protected power strip. Princess now gives you plenty of usb outlets and regular power outlets; however, being able to charge all of your equipment in one place, helps ensure it doesn’t get left behind! That is it for tonight folks!! Can’t wait to tell you all about Skagway.
  8. I can't remember if you've said you've sailed Carnival before, or if it was always other lines. Carnival doesn't have a separate MDR for Your Time Dining. You'll be in one of the two on Horizon. The MDR you're assigned to will be printed on your S&S card. And one of them will be used for sea day brunches as well. I'm not sure which one because we haven't been on Horizon yet, but your Fun Times will tell you which one sea day brunch is in.
  9. Sunday August 18th, In Port Juneau Good morning loyal Cruise Critics. We awoke this morning to howling winds and a very frothy sea as we made our way toward Juneau. However, as we made the turn up the arm toward Juneau at about 5:45, the winds began to be blocked by the mountains and now, just about two miles from the city, the breezes are slight, the skies are very sunny, with a few widely scattered clouds and temperatures comfortable in the mid to high 50s. It looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day. Yesterday in Ketchikan, we also enjoyed a spectacular weather day. While skies were cloudy and threatening throughout the day, we managed to have an entire day ashore in Ketchikan without a drop of rain. For the uninitiated, that is quite unusual. This is Melissa and my 5th cruise to Alaska and the first time that part of, or every single minute of, the visit to Ketchikan didn’t have rain. There were a few unfortunate souls that were a little behind us in their return who did get rained on while waiting to get back on the ship, but overall it was a great weather day. We had an early start to our morning because we had booked an excursion that departed at 7:15AM. The early hour meant that the Horizon Court was our only viable option for breakfast. I have a love-hate relationship with buffets in general. I love the bounty of options and choices, but that often means I end up with a giant plate of mis-matched food in a very strangely composed meal. I also find that I tend to dramatically overeat at buffets. Yesterday, the Horizon court just after 6AM was busy, but not crowded and both lines were open. They were offering the standard breakfast fair with some decidedly Asian options available as well. Once again, the biggest downside to the buffet was revealed, which is passengers behaving badly. Two incidents that bore this out, one, it is not okay to eat with your fingers from your plate while in the buffet and then continue to use the utensils to serve yourself other items. Does this actually need to be said? Second, Melissa was getting fried eggs and took the last one on the tray, a replacement tray was ready, in the window, just waiting on someone to bring it and since Melissa wanted two eggs, she was waiting patiently for it to arrive. In the meantime, the lady next to her proceeded to close inside of the acceptable personal bubble, actually begin making contact with Melissa and was about to start boxing her out like Dennis Rodman fighting for a rebound, all while loudly complaining about the delay. Are you curious how long this entire episode took? Less than 60 seconds. I mean come on people, Princess is going to keep the food coming, there is no need to be rude or start hip checking people to get to the food. Having safely secured our food, we found a table and enjoyed our breakfast. I thought the food was good, with my mini onion and mushroom quiche being the standout dish. We also ran into The Mikado and his lovely wife enjoying their morning before heading ashore. After breakfast, we gathered our things from the room and headed out to meet our tour of the Rainforest, Totems and Crab Feed. Disembarkation was smooth. The newest cruise card scanning device is extremely fast and efficient. I still remember the machine that you had to insert your card and how that process slowed things down. In the latest version, the machine is not any limiting factor, rather the passengers and their readiness to show their card. Stepping out on Deck 5, we had to negotiate about 20 aluminum steps down to a floating pontoon and then up a ramp to the quay. At 7AM, the tide was coming to the morning low and it bottomed about around 8:30. By the time we returned after noon, the high tide was well on its way and it had moderated the slope of the ramp as the pontoon had risen with the tide. However, since the ship and the pontoon came up together, the stairs remained the same slope. For those in wheelchairs, there was an additional entrance/exit with a ramp being run on Deck 4. Once ashore, the scene was pretty typical of a large ship arrival in any port with tour guides looking to assemble their groups, local tour operators offering last-minute options and taxis queueing for waiting passengers. I will say that at around 7AM, the pier area was certainly busy and there were people about, but compared to similar arrivals around the world, the scene was fairly subdued and orderly. We found our group easily enough and were directed to a waiting bus with our driver Lee. We were booked on the Rainforest Hike, Totems and Crab Feed tour and it materialized that only 20 of us were on the tour. This made for a very nice experience as the bus wasn’t crowded, it was easy to reassemble for bus departures and maneuvering the group in and out of locations was quick. Lee, out driver, looked like he was about 12 and there were some questions as to his legal status for operating a large bus, but he assured us that he was 21 and had received all the appropriate training and certification to operate a commercial vehicle in Alaska. In the end, he was an excellent driver and a great guide. I tend to be pretty tough on tour guides in reviews, but Lee was top notch. He was knowledgeable across a wide variety of questions that were posed and his driving was cautious, but efficient. Our first stop was the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary which is a preserve located on the site of an old lumber mill. The area was used for selective lumber cutting of cedar which was milled on site and a large portion of Ketchikan was built with the resulting wood. Our group of 20 was divided into two groups of 10, each with a guide a commenced a walk through the property. The trail was wide and in very good condition and the pace was leisurely, but this is not a good tour for people with mobility issues. We had a chance to see lots of evidence of bears, including scat, scratches on trees and footprints in the mud that were fresh since the tide had gone out, but alas, no actual bears. We also saw an immature Bald Eagle and plenty of salmon running in the creek. The property also included visits to the previous saw mill, which still contains the original equipment and is now used for carving of traditional totem poles and a satellite location of the Alaska Raptor Center. They had two birds on location, Kylie who is a 24 year old red-tailed hawk and Lucy a 5 year old Bald Eagle. It was pretty amazing to see them as we were just a few feet away. The last stop on the tour was of course the obligatory gift shop, but outside was a really nice totem garden with about a dozen poles. From there, it was back on the bus and off to the George Inlet Lodge for a crab lunch! The historic building is just about 15 minutes from Ketchikan and right on the water. From the parking area, there were 79 steps down to the lodge, but they had a Polaris ATV to take folks who couldn’t make the walk down to the lodge. We sat next to Jeff and his lovely wife from California and had a really nice conversation. Lunch included a beverage (water, tea, lemonade, Pepsi products, Alaskan Amber or red or white wine) a small salad, all the Dungeness Crab you could eat in the allotted timeframe and cheesecake with Alaska blueberry topping. Our hostess Jessica walked us through the finer points of breaking down and eating the Dungeness Crab and then were we off and flinging bits of shell, crab meat and some muttered profanity as we battled our way into the tasty little critters. The crab was unbelievably fresh, sweet and moist. So good in fact, that the drawn butter was nice, but kind of gilding on the lily. Time ran out before I had made a complete glutton of myself, but I managed to pack away two full crabs worth of meat and left entirely satisfied. Lee made short work of the drive back to town and we were soon at the very busy piers in Ketchikan. Melissa and I opted for a stroll around town, including a chance to see the salmon swimming their way up the creek beneath the infamous Creek Street. We also purchased a couple bottles of water and debated at a taxidermy shop downtown the merits of obtaining a bear and/or wolf skin rug for the home. I believe that I am safe in saying that neither is likely to grace our home in the near future as the CEO of our house made her feelings quite clear on the topic. Our last stop in Ketchikan was at Parnassus Books. If you are looking for a book or just want to browse a great bookstore, you should stop in. It is across the street from the Federal building, right near the top end of Creek Street, with a sign that says “Catch a Good Read Here”. They have a really nice selection of books written by Alaskan authors, with an obvious strong focus on Alaska in both the fiction and non-fiction realms. Reboarding the ship we settled in for our customary afternoon nap, but not before heading topside for a snack. We were both a bit peckish, which is just plain wrong, but nonetheless we obtained some loaded fries with cheese and chili and some Stromboli and meatball focaccia from the Salty Dog and Slice. The fries were made to order and amazing, the Stromboli was very good, but could have been hotter and the meatball focaccia had been good some time previous to our arrival, but had been under a heat lamp a little too long. Of course, no such visit is complete without a swing by the soft-serve stand for a quick cone. We continued our new evening tradition of visiting the Wheelhouse Bar for a drink before dinner and were not disappointed. Holiday Dreams was playing, the usual suspects were dancing, and the cocktails were superb. Melissa opted for a Cable Car while I had the Speyside Cider. Dinner in the dining room was once again fantastic. Our enjoyment aided by a delicious bottle of The Prisoner red blend from Napa Valley (the wine brand choice may be a reflection of my lost argument at the taxidermy shop). For dinner, I started with the air dried beef and Melissa went with the grilled calamari. Next, Melissa had the baked potato soup and I opted for Giovanni’s pasta of the day which was penne Puttanesca. I think it is fair to say that Melissa enjoyed her soup, but had a little pasta envy….it was SOOOOOO good. For our mains, Melissa had the clam linguini and I had the ribeye. I have read a lot of Cruise Critic lately about the beef on Princess and have to say last night seemed to bely everything that has been said. My steak was cooked a perfect medium rare, it as a very nice ribeye, marbled and with decent fat on the cap, but no gristle or tough bits. I am a bit of a purist and probably would have preferred it didn’t come already sauced, but honestly it was just plain delicious. For dessert, Melissa ordered the Rocky Road ice cream, which should surprise no one and I went with the chocolate journey, which featured coconut flavors and a really nice creamy texture. Once again, dinner was a smashing success. Overall, we are enjoying our cruise immensely! We have found the crew extremely friendly and anxious to please. Similar to past cruises, we often find the best part about the cruise is meeting other fellow cruisers… That just about wraps up this installment. Up next, adventures in Alaska’s capital city.
  10. I have blown the budget! I had promised my son-in-law an Alaskan cruise. Since Mark and I were on Mariner's first ever cruise to Alaska, I decided we would participate in her last season there. He has problems getting time off, I have grandchildren in various colleges and grad schools, and I refuse to fly home from Anchorage (been there, done that, don't want another t-shirt). So, June 24, 2020 it is. Daughter and son-in-law in Seven Seas Suite Aft (I refuse to pay the single supplement on that), and that can be our hangout. Granddaughters in one Horizon View, and grandson in another Horizon View. The third one on that deck is already booked, so I will be in a Penthouse mid-ship. That could come in handy if SIL gets motion sick; we aren't sure about that because he did get seasick on a snorkel boat once. If he does, we can do a switcharoo, I hope. Now I have to get flights and research hotels in Vancouver; we disembark on July 1st and with the July 4th holiday, he got an extra couple of days off so we can fly home on July 4th. The youngest of us will be 18 by then, so no need for kids' activities. Everybody is so excited (except maybe my daughter, she doesn't have much interest in Alaska because she is a history buff and loves Europe). Some of us can't wait to eat crab legs and salmon!
  11. Thank you PotatoBug for an interesting and good report. You disembarked on the day I embarked for my first cruise on Coral Princess. I was very pleased with most of the aspects of my cruise and have posted on CC that I think Coral Princess is the perfect ship for Alaska cruise as compared to Royal Princess and Island Princess. I enjoy the late sitting dining time frame. Service and cuisine were excellent. My Head Waiter was active and attentive; Michael was the best that I have had on any cruise line in recent years. Unfortunately, you experienced more rain than we did. Each day our weather was better than one would expect with the Gulf of Alaska being a mirror for much of the day. You didn't mention anything about service in the lounges. I patronized IC and Crooner's the most and the staff in each venue were very welcoming, helpful, and attentive. My Cabin Stewardess (Toffee from Thailand) did an excellent job. I ordered Room Service for breakfast 4x and a late lunch once (a delicious Club Sandwich). Breakfast usually arrived slightly earlier than I had requested and my lunch was to be delivered in 20 minutes and it was! The Horizon Court's food offerings pale in comparison to what is offered in the MDR, both in selection as well as preparation/taste. (Hard to explain, but as an example, there was a qualitative and size difference in the croissants served in the Horizon Court and in the MDR.) Like the Horizon Court/Bistro on Royal Princess during prime meal time, it is too small to accommodate the guests who want to find a table unless one wants to sit out in the cold, aft of the Restaurant. Like yours, my cruise was a very good one and I would choose to sail on Coral Princess again in the future. Thanks again for your review!
  12. So I just got off the Miracle and I've never been more satisfied with a Carnival cruise. After my cruise on the Breeze in May I was pretty sure I was done with Carnival, but as long as they keep a Spirit class ship in Tampa I'll keep sailing on those at least. Compared to the Breeze: -The ship was way, way less crowded. Never had trouble finding a lounger, never waited in long lines, and didn't even have to arrive too early for the comedy club. -The Serenity is the best in the fleet and a great use of the aft pool area -There's so much more open deck space per person than on the Breeze -The service was much friendlier and faster, with more staff per passenger -There weren't sales pitches for the fun shops, casino, spa, etc every 5 minutes like on the breeze -I think Frankie is a better CD than Schwartz -Getting on and off in the ports is a lot faster since there's less people overall on the ship I just wanted to share my experience since I've seen a lot of the same complaints that I had about the Breeze on the other newer/refurb ships like the Horizon, Sunrise, etc
  13. There are two main dining rooms on the Horizon, the Reflection (Midship) and Meridian (Aft) dining rooms. However, there are two levels in each restaurant, which depending on your sailing, will be used for Your Time Dining. On my sailing, I had late dining (8:15) and ate in the Meridian restaurant.
  14. I'm baaaaaaaaack 🙂 ((Not from my cruise. I got back from my cruise months ago. But I'm back on CC! Hi friends!!!!!)) If we haven't crossed paths on this board or...onboard...HI! I'm Nicole. I live in Chicago. And I love cruises. They're my absolute favorite way to travel and see the world. I don't even know if I could put into words why. But every year since my freshman year of college, my family and I have taken at least one cruise (sometimes two...or three!). And even though my sister (Stephanie) and I are all grown up, we still try to cruise with our Mom every year. It's kind of our family tradition. And I've been posting reviews on here for nearly that entire time (holy cow -- I've been posting reviews here for, like, fourteen years ). See, I went to college to be a writer. And then I got a fancy journalism degree...and promptly went in to a career in digital marketing and merchandising and did nothing with it. So writing these reviews fills that piece of me that needs some creative outlet. And they serve as a pay-it-forward for all of the reviews I read before we visit new places or cruise on new ships. Obligatory family photo of us on the Vista a couple of years ago: So if you haven't read one of my reviews before, let me lay it out for you: these are long. Really long. And they have a ton of pictures. I've been writing this particular review and posting it on my blog for the past six months or so. I wasn't sure if I was going to cross-post it over here because the Horizon isn't in Europe anymore, but then Carnival announced new Europe and Mediterranean itineraries for its new ship and I figured some of you might it useful. Or, at least, I hope some of you find it entertaining! I write these in journal form because that's mostly what they are: my cruise journal (which also lets me re-live my trips when I share them with all of you!). And if you're not into long reviews but you're seeking Horizon and/or Mediterranean cruising info, I have the Carnival Horizon menus posted here, the 13-day Fun Times posted here and a ship walk through here. But I do hope some of you will follow along because talking about cruising is so much of the fun in writing these, and if you are following along, drop me a note below and let me know! And with that...let's go back onto the Horizon!
  15. We were on a cruise on Horizon when it was being piloted. We were down in Havana area and ordered on......for the two attendants (for their hard work keeping us imbibing on a regular basis in the Havana pool. I assumed it was from Lido. You sound pretty sure, can you describe why you feel so?
  16. Since this is the first time for 8 of us to be on this ship, I am STILL trying to get answers for everyone else with me. If you have been on the Horizon, I would appreciate an answer to some of my questions, if you have one. How do they determine which of the MDR restaurants you eat at? It looks like they are on both decks 3 & 4? My room is at the very front (6205) of the ship, and the other 6 people are in the middle of the ship on deck 6. I just wondered if where the rooms are located would have reference to which restaurant ((Forward or Aft) we would be at? We have an Ocean view room, but has a small table. "If I ask, do you think they would have a chair to replace the small table in that area, as it looks like there is plenty of room? Is deck 3 the deck we get in/off the ship? I pretty much know how to use the elevators that everyone is complaining about, but I have a question. Once we put in the number of people that are wanting to go to a certain deck, are the elevators line up in (it would help if someone had a picture of the letters over the elevators, or how we would know/see which elevator to go to, after it shows on the panel we punch the number of people in) A, B, C order or what? Just trying to find out "ahead" of time an easy way to learn. 🙂 Is there only 1 deck with the Fun Shops, or 2, and what deck/s are they on?
  17. I do not know who told you 15 year life and how old this data was, but I can tell you ALL the major cruise lines have ships over that old and Carnival, Royal NCL and (your own cruise line HAL) have about half of their fleet being over 15 years old. How many extra people do you think they were “stuffing” in the retrofits (which again all cruise lines are doing not just Carnival)? Carnival has come out with new ships as well as revitalize 3 of their ships with major makeovers (Sunshine, Sunrise, Radiance). Carnival has launched new builds in 2016 Vista, 2018 Horizon, and soon to come out Panorama 2019 and a totally new class of ship Mardi Gras (the first cruise ship to run on LNG) in 2020 and an unnamed sister ship in 2022. Just wanted to give you facts on your comment about just choosing relaunches....
  18. I can't tell you which dining room on the Horizon but I can tell you that when you check in for YTD on the Hub App, you have to tell it for how many (linked to their name). That will automatically define the table size you get... if you register for 2 people, you'll get a 2 top. If you want to sit with others, I'm pretty sure the only way to do that is to go to the hostess' desk at the restaurant itself. But if you're looking for a table for two, easy peasy!
  19. last week on Sapphire Princess - on embarkation day a staff member was walking around throughout the day in the bars, plaza and horizon court wearing crab/lobster headdress and a crab shack apron, she had information and was taking reservations. We saw her a number of times on the first day but as two of family members have shellfish allergy we didn't pay much attention. She was quite noticeable in her outfit.
  20. As others have stated, the only perks you get is a white card on your 25th cruise and 25% OBC based on your cruise fare. You don’t have to use the OBC on your 25th cruise. We used my wife’s OBC on her 27th cruise, which was an 8 day cruise on Horizon. We used my OBC on my 29th cruise, which was a 7 day cruise on Breeze.
  21. So I sailed on the Vista last Oct and just booked the Horizon for Feb. For those that have sailed both, what things did you find different on each one. Anything you like more on one vs the other? We enjoyed the Vista but definitely looking forward to the Horizon.
  22. Last August, the Carnival Horizon so damaged Pier 90 while docking that the ship we were on at the time still could not dock there a few weeks later, and we were bumped to Brooklyn.
  23. Hi all - hoping to get some insights from anyone who has been on Carnival Horizon and Norwegian Breakaway class ships. We are primarily NCL cruisers and have never been with Carnival, but Horizon has piqued our interest. We’re looking at this ship, RC Symphony or Harmony of the Seas, or Caribbean Princess. Would love to hear your opinions about how Horizon compares to NCL Escape or Breakaway, in terms of general vibe, activities, food, crowdedness, etc. Also, if you have any thoughts on how Horizon compares to the Symphony or Harmony, would love to know as well. This will be a family trip for us, our 1 year old, and our parents in their 60s-70s. Many thanks!
  24. For our last cruise on the Horizon (Feb 2019), we stayed at the LaQuinta Inn Miami Airport North. It was $139.50. They have a free shuttle from the airport. Just call them when you land and tell them what gate you are by after you collect your luggage. They have a free breakfast and there's a McDonald's right next door and on the other side of McDonald's is a Dennys. There is a nice pool and a small shop with snacks and travel supplies. They hire a shuttle that runs to the port and it costs $10 per person. You have to sign up for a time slot for that. We spent a lot of time by the pool just watching the planes come in and take off. They fly close enough that you can see the passengers in the windows.
  25. Sort of confused by your question. Horizon has two MDRs, which is what you stated. Every Carnival ship has two MDRs, with the exception of Spirit class ships which only have one.
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