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  1. Currently on the Carnival Horizon. Have been on 9 Carnival cruises but first on the Vista class. Let me know any questions anyone has and I will try to answer as best as possible!
  2. I've read lots of reports of people having to queue for the Horizon Court on this ship and lots complaining it's to small. What's your experiences ? And has it changed since the dry dock , I believe its now called something else but I'm not sure of the name. Does anyone have pics since the revamp or have a link to pictures ?
  3. So our evening in Corfu took a slight turn for the worse after my last update. Sadly as we sat down to dinner I started to feel quite unwell. I had to excuse myself and make for the cabin. All turned out well I hasten to add but I did have some nasty stomach cramps, which made for an uncomfortable nights sleep. So nothing to report on from Blu that night. I slept through the show and didn't see any of the ship that night. Yesterday in Kotor, Montenegro was happily a different story. We got off the ship after a leisurely start to the day. I didn't fancy rushing about after the previous nights escapades. The tender into Kotor was the most beautiful I've ever been on. It was around 20 mins surrounded by high, lush green and grey hills. We had a good walk around the old town but didn't fancy the 1hr 30 min hike up the hill, which I hear was fantastic. Kotor is like no place I've ever been to before. Well worth a visit. Back on the ship, I thought I would chance a beer, since my stomach had robbed me of the opportunity the previous day. Washed down with some food from the pool grill, it was a sure sign I was feeling better. We were treated to some traditional Montenegran dancing and singing just before sail away. Just as the dancers had finished, the heavens opened and most people rushed inside, although some who had helipad invites braved the weather. We watched the most scenic sailaway we have had in 4 cruises from the comfort of the Reflections Lounge. It was truly beautiful, even in the rain. If you enjoy a dramatic sailaway, I can highly recommend Kotor. We got ready for evening chic and decided to swing past the Future Cruise team. Within 20 mins we had put a hold on a 2020 September sailing of the new ship Apex! We booked one of the much talked about Infinity Verandas. I have to say that I don't really get the negativity around them but time will tell in 458 days time. Not that I am counting. Off to dinner we went with our exciting news. Dinner was brilliant. We got a lovely window table in Blu and could watch the remainder of Montenegro pass by with totally flat sea conditions. We both had the Lobster for main and shared crab cakes and goats cheese in breadcrumbs to start. The Lobster was great, as was the crab but the cheese was lacking. Two out of three ain't bad! We spoke to a lovely Norwegian couple over dinner and reminded ourselves how great some of the people you meet at sea are. We did the late show - The Fly Boys from the UK. They essentially take modern songs and make them swing. If anyone has heard Paul Anka 'Rock Swings' album, it is this personified. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and the singers were very comedic and had excellent voices. Before retiring we took in some karaoke. It was a hoot. Some on key, some not so much! With the knowledge that we now have 3 cruises on the horizon (2 Celebrity, 1 Norwegian), our end of cruise blues were well and truly banished. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  4. Time for a new review: Spring Break 2019!!! We cruise the Freedom of the Seas out of Old San Juan this time (I just love cruising from here). Our ports would be: Leaving San Juan: April 21 8:30pm Basseterre, St Kitts: April 22 9-6pm St Johns, Antigua: April 23 8-5pm Castries, St Lucia: April 24 9-6pm Bridgetown, Barbados: April 25 8-7pm Sea Day: April 26 All fricken day long Philipsburg, St Maarten: April 27 8-6pm San Juan Arrival: April 28 6am This time around it would be myself, hubby and Sakari the Mermaid and Kendra's family (Billy, Brayden, Kambriah) and Billy's niece Shawna. My last cruise in December is when I decided to "resurface" on the web with a new review of our cruise on Carnival's Horizon. So many things had happened in my family since that summer and things were very hectic in life. Well....I have managed to FINALLY complete my bachelors degree (after dragging it out for years...we all know I plan school and "life" around my cruising lol) and I would consider this my "Graduation cruise". (Hey, any excuse used for a cruise is a good excuse right?). I was going out with a bang! Since all of the "changes in life" before my last cruise (new grandbabies, youngest son buying a new house and moving out, schooling, selling one of our businesses, and some home remodeling) there have been a few more changes thrown our way. Our Christmas cruise...we (meaning my family and Kendra's) were set to cruise and Kendra's fiance got word that they didn't think his dad would make it to Christmas. The day we were to fly out, Billy pulled out of going on the cruise. His father did make it, but unfortunately, he passed away February 15th this year. Billy has not taken it well (his dad raised him and all of his siblings so they were very close). To make matters worse, Billy's best friend (along with another good friend and an acquaintance) were also killed in a vehicle accident the SAME DAY! It was a crazy day and he has been dealing with a lot. With all that behind him, he really needed this cruise. But wait...there's MORE! Like how can there possibly be more that can be put on this mans shoulders? Two weeks before the cruise, his Uncle passed away. Then his baby sister passed away the Friday before the cruise. 😞 Less than 2 months from his fathers and best friends death he was once again burying another family member. He was not only dealing with all the loss in his family, but also trying to arrange a funeral prior to leaving. I just feel so bad for him and we were also VERY close to his dad and best friend. It's been a living nightmare for all of us. We really needed this cruise and a break away from life in general. I decided to pick a cruise that would have at least one new port we had never been to before. We absolutely loved cruising with Royal Caribbean last time and figured it was time to come back again for this cruise. Antigua is one port that I had never been to...so we booked. Now originally we were going to go with an interior, especially since this is another port intensive cruise and we aren't the type to spend much time in our rooms anyhow. But we found the ocean views to be a great deal...then for some reason I took a look at an ULTRA SPACIOUS OCEAN VIEW, which happened to be located at the very front of the ship with 2 windows. Hmmm, it's my graduation celebration cruise right? Heck, why not? I was super excited and knew that any room bigger than any previous interior or balcony had to be awesome right? I booked and was super excited!!! Kendra played it cheap and booked an interior for their group. Spring Break cruises are always a lot more expensive than other times and she didn't want the added expense...or at least that's what she thought at the time. lol But before the review begins...just a few non-legal formalities heh heh heh.....
  5. Is the Horizon Court Buffet open at Dinner Time. Princess web site says it ,is closed for Dinner.
  6. Report #121 Cartagena, Colombia May 19, 2019 Sunday Cloudy & 87 degrees Part #1 of 3 80 Pictures The first port of call for this Panama Canal cruise was Cartagena, Colombia. The city was founded in 1533 by Spanish conquistadors, who soon realized the country was rich with emeralds and gold. However, smart pirates, like Sir Francis Drake, attacked, causing the King to build a 50 foot thick wall around the Old City. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. These days the city of over 616,000 people offers towering skyscrapers, vacation resorts and hotels, and high end shopping. Emeralds and fine jewelry fill the boutique shops, as well as their famous Juan Valdez Colombian coffee. And the Bocagrande district, where you can find all of this, is a mere 15 minute taxi ride from the pier. Shore excursions had 13 tours, starting from 2½ to 4 hours for the price of $40 to $100. Most were sightseeing either by bus or boat, and only one left the city to see birds in an aviary on the island of Baru. Most all of the tours made a stop at Las Bovedas, “The Dungeons”, a former prison turned into row after row of handicraft stalls. If you cannot find souvenirs here, you will find them nowhere. Anyway, that is really an incredible amount of tours, since we will only be here from 7am to 1pm. Arriving to the harbor on time at 7am, it was cloudy, for sure. But so heavily overcast that it made breakfast more like going to dinner. It got darker every minute we sat there. Slam warned us that he had a scratchy throat and felt a cold coming on. Too late, because we already have it. It has spread like wildfire the last few weeks, and finally caught up with us. It does not matter how many times you wash your hands, we believe the virus is in the air and circulating through the forced air on the ship. Hopefully it will be short-lived. Shortly after getting our breakfast, the rain began to come down in torrents. So loud that we could hear it pounding the dining room windows. Thunder and lightning followed. At least the ship was getting a good bath. Speaking of ships, we are the only cruise ship in port today, but there was an American naval vessel docked across from us. From the promenade deck, we watched as there was a lot of activity happening with their crew. Good thing we took a few photos, because they pulled out after 10am. The many buses were being loaded, as well as the local hop-on hop-off double decker covered bus. The bad news was that an ambulance was waiting for someone to transport to the hospital. Eventually a man was wheeled down on a stretcher along with two other guests traveling with him, we assume. Always sad to see. By the time the rain let up, we left the ship by 9:30am for a stroll to the terminal shop and garden. We were most surprised to find that there were no umbrellas for the guests to borrow. That is something to remember if anyone does a shorter cruise, as we assumed these plastic umbrellas were available all of the time. There were two shuttle buses taking folks to the terminal as well. It is always fun to see the collection of birds at this terminal. It is like a small jungle in a forest. Before we saw them, we could hear the familiar call of the resident peacocks, who seem to have multiplied quite a bit since our last visit. They were perched in the tall trees and climbing across the roof of the shops and restaurant. The first enclosure we saw was the pond and fountain where beautiful flamingos live. For friends, they have some black swans, native geese, and some ducks. Passing through the store, we went out back to find we were being greeted with “hola” from all different sides. Guess what? It was coming from many colorful macaws, showing off their speaking skills. Walking through the different enclosures, we were able to walk in an aviary with toucans, pheasants, geese, and indigenous birds that were most tame. We searched for the one toucan who used to like to untie shoelaces, but he must have been relocated. There was only one anteater left, and he had an agouti, or a large guinea pig, as a buddy. Both of them were most unusual-looking animals. We searched for the monkeys we know are always here, but they must have been hiding from the rain, which began to fall again. So we went inside the store to buy the hard coffee candies we love…even better than See’s. And of course, one of us happened to see a unique necklace and earring set made from gourds to add to the collection. And much more affordable than buying emeralds. The dining room was opened for lunch, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup sure sounded perfect. Adding an appetizer, salad, and one meatball and spaghetti entrée was good. Captain Eversen came on the PA with his PM talk, but it was difficult to hear him due to people talking loudly around us. Most of his info was for tomorrow’s transit of the Panama Canal, which will be in the When & Where paper, also tomorrow. Wonder what the weather will be like? Anything is possible. Actually, the rain had cleared, and we saw some sun coming out. The sail out of the harbor was warm and humid, but with a nice breeze. Finally, this sailing was again held at the Seaview Pool, where many guests were indulging with the drink of the day – a pina colada in a tall glass for $6.95. As the Amsterdam left the harbor, some pelicans, gulls, terns, and frigates flew past us. Glad the rain had stopped, or else we would not have seen them. Staying outside until we were clear of the harbor and the outlying islands, we left when the ship entered the open ocean. It was smooth sailing for the remainder of the day. Perfect time to work on photos and cool down in or room, the afternoon sped on by. Around 7pm, we went to the Ocean Bar to listen to the new band, but they were playing a different type of cabaret music with songs we did not know at all. And to top it off, the curtain had been hung for photo-taking, even though tonight was really a casual evening. We have never been bothered with the pictures, but the cute photographer we used to call Pretty in Pink, has gone home. She was replaced with an aggressive fellow who happens to be loud, you know, like trying to recruit people to take photos whether they want to or not. This never happened with the original group. There is still one nice fellow still here, but when he left for dinner, and was replaced by the other guy, we left too. Time to get ready for dinner anyway. Back in the dining room, we had a nice quiet meal with soup and salads with a shared appetizer of lasagna. A little dessert, and we called it a day. The entertainer this evening was a repeat performance of Shirley Dominguez, a harpist that we enjoyed in the beginning of the grand voyage. Better for us to get some much needed sleep to wipe out the colds. We did take the time to get some fresh air outside, like we usually do. On the horizon, we could see numerous lightning strikes behind the clouds. But also, there was the treat of seeing the almost full moon shining on the water. Bill & Mary Ann
  7. We are a family of four (myself, DW, DD, DD) and we were on the Magic from Apr 28 to May 5. The ship stopped in Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. This was my 3rd cruise and the 2nd cruise for the rest of the family. We sailed to Bermuda on the Horizon last August. We are also from Canada and drove to Miami. (NOTE: The Magic has moved to Ft. Lauderdale.) Travel Days - We have driven from our home in Hamilton to Orlando a few times so we have a routine. We deviated this time though as we usually leave at 5AM, but we decided to take 2 nights to get there and so we left after work at 5PM. - We took the I79 route and made it past Pittsburgh on Day 1. We stayed at a very nice Cambria Hotel in Washington, PA off the interstate on Night 1. - On Day 2 we drove to St. Augustine and stayed Night 2 just off the interstate at a Comfort Inn. This gave us a very manageable drive into Miami. The hotel is decent. The entrance is hidden; you have to drive between the Chevron and Shell gas stations and the hotel in behind the Shell. - We arrived in Miami around lunch time and as our hotel had a 4PM check-in we went straight to South Beach and walked around. We stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn by the airport for Night 3. On the flight path but still quiet, except for the pool area. Embarkation - We had a 12:30 checkin time and we arrived at the Port at 11:30. I always assume that it takes an hour to park, remove baggage, etc... Carnival in Miami has 2 terminals and we were directed by overhead signs to Terminal E. We were parking at the Terminal as it seemed that the hotel packages were for 7nights and 2 people and so I figured our 8 nights and 4 people no longer made them worth the hassle of transferring. The signs will direct you to the right - DO NOT STAY RIGHT. These point to the Terminal and the parking is across the road on the LEFT. Traffic will be very heavy and you will have difficulty moving to the correct lane. - We dropped our bags curbside and got in line. The line looked long but we were through security in less than 20 minutes. Our boarding zone was already called when we got to the lounge and we walked right on. Cruising - The Magic has a very nice Atrium extending from deck 3 to deck 11. Despite this we noticed that the area was not very popular during the cruise. So if you want to chill and listen to some live music this is the place to go first. - We went up to deck 10 and found a table in the shade by the Blue Iguana. The Magic has a very similar layout to the Horizon and so we felt like experts. We ate a leisurely lunch had the first of 5000 ice cream cones and then it was after 1:30 and our room was ready. - Everything was going great up to this point - here we encountered our first (of 2) hiccup. We had been assigned late dining. I had chosen Anytime Dining as we had last year. We found this worked well for us. After waiting in line at Guest Services for a short while (they had a team member walking the line) I was informed that what I chosen was a 'preference' and that only the Matre D could adjust. This took some effort as the Maitre D is not easy to reach. They tried to move us to earlier seating but with a group of other people. In the end we decided we preferred our own table over early seating. Note to self: Book a little earlier next time. - The Dining room food was very good, I would say and our servers were very pleasant and remembered what we liked so we had extra servings the next time they appeared on the menu. "Showtime" was very fun - the nightly singing and dancing routine the servers do. TIP: Bring an envelope or a card/envelope to tip the waiters - a lot more classy than handing them cash. - The buffet was also good with a good variety. Lines are common but with close to 5000 people on board waiting 20 minutes for Mongolian Wok is expected. We are bothered by how much food is wasted in the buffet area though. - Pizza, Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana were all great as usual. I tried Pig An Anchor - really tasty, but ask for several items as the portions are small. - The 4 Promenade hot tubs (not that hot) were better than the Havana tubs (which we only had access to at night) on the Horizon. We hung out at the Tides pool most of the time as we like watching the wake. - Water slides are fun. We somehow missed the ropes course - again. Mini-put is fun but the ship movement makes it interesting at times. - Entertainment was fun and worth the 30 minutes or so that each show lasts. We never had to worry about a seat. That could because we went early as we had late dining? Ports - Cayman was great. We rented a car as my wife lived here for a few years. We toured around and went to the Turtle Farm. The Turtle Farm is a unique place as you can pick up the turtles. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there and the park I can be walked around in 45 minutes. My wife showed us her apartment which was a 5 minute walk from Smith's Cove. (tough childhood. lol). Tendering was quick. There were 3 ships in port but we arrived first and 6 tenders were queued up. Note: you can pick up your tender pass anytime and you can specify your time - you don't need to be ready to leave. There was a bit of a line in the hot sun to get back to the ship. Shopping is right outside the area where the tenders dock. - We went to beach near the pier in Roatan for the morning. The Breeze was also in port and they arrived first. We didn't get a lounge or chair even though there are hundreds as the beach was crowded. We brought a beach blanket with us and we just found a spot in front of the chairs. The beach is so so and the water is relatively clear. There are areas with heavy seaweed. We stayed a few hours and then went back for lunch. Port side docked so we watched the 'runners'. 🙂 - We took an excursion to Altun-ha which was discovered by a Canadian. Belize is a Commonwealth country and the people there are familiar with Canada. Our tour guide 's son is in school in Canada. The drive was rustic but similar to other rural impoverished countries such as Mexico. The ruins are interesting but other than photos and climbing you will not experience much else. - Cozumel was the highlight of the trip. We arranged a snorkelling trip here. We started with El Cielo which is the starfish sanctuary. Then we went to Columbia reef. This reef is not to be missed as you drift along it with the current. Schools of fish will swim around you. We saw Barracuda, 2 Turtles, sting rays, Conch shells and much more. We also went to Palancar which deeper and has more coral, but less fish. Disembarkation - We chose to carry all of our luggage and we went up to the Lido buffet to eat breakfast until our deck was called. Just before that we decided to move to deck 5 around the Atrium with the theory that we could just take stairs or take advantage of the additional elevators in tat area. This didn't work very well as even after our floor was called we discovered that the stairs were blocked and he elevators went by full. So we went UP in order to go down to deck 3. - After we left the ship was when we hit our 2nd hiccup. This was not a good way to end a near perfect experience. We docked at Terminal D. Perhaps because the ship was moving to Ft. Lauderdale? We had parked at Terminal E, remember. We had to traverse open road to get to a sidewalk and the walk was quite tiring given we had all of luggage. - We also took some time to realize that the parking kiosk at Terminal E does not work. Luckily there was an attendant at the exit. And we were on our way home. Travel - We took I75 home. I'll keep this short. Do NOT take this route this summer (or maybe not ever). Construction all throughout. Crossing in Windsor drops you on a Boulevard instead of a highway. A 3 lane Boulevard down to 1 lane. Stretches of the 401 between Chatham and London are down to 1 lane as well.
  8. We did a live review on the Horizon in April! Best cruise out of the 10 we have been on!
  9. We are considering a cruise on the Horizon because of the itinerary. We are well seasoned cruisers ( over 30 cruises) having cruised on a variety of cruise lines including Carnival. After checking reviews I am wondering...... from service to food....is it really that terrible? We have enjoyed our previous Carnival cruises but this is giving us second thoughts about booking the Horizon. We would appreciate hearing from Horizon cruisers..... should we stay away from this ship? TIA!
  10. Probably a dumb question, but if I purchase the Premium Wifi on the Horizon, can I connect through my laptop? or does it have to be hand held device? Also how is the speed from your cabin, we are in a spa cabin deck 12. Thanks
  11. Harkens back to the old Horizon and Zenith days when Celebrity was Chandris
  12. Anyone one stay in cabin 10298? Booking it and was try to see a review or some info on that cabin. Like privacy, noise level, etc. Thanks
  13. I read a lot about how scarce the lounge chairs are on Horizon but what about near Waterworks? Our son spends all of his time on the slides so I am wondering on sea days how early do we need to get on deck to get two loungers close to waterworks? Please don't let it turn into a discussion about reserving chairs and leaving for hours. I know that's a problem and I'm not the type to do that. If I want a chair I plan to be sitting in it.
  14. The "Inside Passage" essentially runs from Olympia, WA to Skagway, AK, but the cruise lines don't necessarily cruise the entire passage. If your ship leaves from Seattle you will probably sail out west out of Puget Sound to the west (outside) of Vancouver Island, then cut back in at Triple Island (US/Canadian border) and sail up one of the channels to Ketchikan or Juneau. If your ship leaves Vancouver, you will probably sail to the north via the Johnstone Strait to Triple Island and then continue north. Johnstone Strait is more scenic and more protected, but there are is an area that the ships have to time because of currents. Since the ship is in Canadian waters the entire time, a Canadian Pilot is required, which is extra expense to the cruise line (passed on to passengers). At Triple Island the Canadian pilot is dropped of and a US pilot is boarded. Sailing outside of Vancouver Island tends to be faster and because it is in international waters, no pilot is required until Triple Island, when a US pilot is boarded. Depending upon the weather it can either be very smooth or a little choppy. You can see Vancouver Island on the horizon. One advantage of cruising "outside" is that you will quite often see dolphins swimming alongside the ship.
  15. Me, my husband and our youngest 2 kids (twins..12 yrs old) are looking to cruise over President's week. We are deciding between the Horizon and Sunrise. The itineraries are basically the same except the Horizon has an extra day with a stop in Cozumel. We have been to all the ports on this itinerary. The only amenity that Horizon has over Sunrise, that we think we might enjoy/miss is the Imax theater. My concern...the big size/crowd on Horizon. I know a bigger ship can spread people out but that won't help on the ropes course, the pool, etc. Will the 1000 extra people be a big negative impact or pest for our girls when they try to do things...or for any of us? Especially over a school break...more kids. What else might we miss on the Horizon? Thoughts? Pros/Cons? Thanks... Also, the Family Harbor room/lounge is new to us. Is it worth a couple hundred extra? What does it offer? Thank you... Jess
  16. We are first time cruisers. We are going on the Carnival Horizon in October. We are staying in cabin 11202. It is an accessible cabin. Any tips for someone with mobility issues.
  17. We are just off the Magic and sailed on the Horizon last August. Bought premium wifi on my account both times and shared it. Only one device can be connected at a time. You just enter the Folio number linked to the purchase and the month/day of birth on the S&S card that purchased it (through the Hub app). You kick whoever is connected off. You could share it amongst as many people as you want but only 1 person can use it a time. We paid $5 for the Hub app chat on the Horizon but didn't get it on the Magic. It worked fine (no need to buy any internet) but we found we were always together so no need to chat. 🙂. We thought the kids would go off on their own but they did not. You do need to leave the app open on your phone to receive the chat. I believe you will still get them if you close the app and receive a message - but not until you open it again. It was reliable on the Horizon but others have noted long lags on other ships. Download HUB before you board. It can be confusing to download after you have boarded the ship. (You need to connect to carnival wifi and go to carnival.com after you board)
  18. Did they add a dessert section outside of the old Horizon Court footprint? We were on the Star in January and it had this addition.
  19. Hi; We'll be sailing on the Horizon in Aug - Do they sell souvenir ship models in the ship stores? On our past cruise (Conquest), we're able to buy one and the lady who sold it to us was very nice - She advised us that we could get it autographed by the ship captain in the casino (apparently, the captain has a meet and greet on one of the nights?) Thanks,
  20. Just off Horizon end of April and never once went to a show or comedy club more than 15 minutes early, usually only 10. Just the two of us but only one time had a bad seat. That was still in the second row but the comedian stood in a strange place on the stage and a post blocked my view part of the time. There were usually looooonnnnng lines for the late comedy shows but we just waited until all those people went in before we arrived. Always seats left and never more than six rows back from the front. Very seldom a line for dining and moved quickly if there was. Worst line was for gelato when it wasn’t quite ready. 🙂
  21. Most of the time I buy bottled water is because of convenience. If I'm out and about, especially traveling. I regularly go into a convenience store to get cold bottled water. If I'm in a restaurant at home I drink the tap water, but my weak stomach gets a little upset with tap water when traveling, especially in Mexico. However, when on the ship, I no longer buy the bottled water for my room, because I have found the tap water to be excellent quality. I regularly stop by the horizon court and get a few glasses with ice and bring to the room when I'm heading back to the room. Half the time I have bought bottled water for the room, I end up having it leftover when the cruise is over!
  22. Do you have to pay for tea/coffee/soft drinks etc in Horizon Court Buffet? On Queen Mary 2 last year they were free in buffet area and there were tea coffee and juice stations to help yourself to dotted all around the ship. The more we read about Princess the more hidden charges there seems to be. Are there tea and coffee making in cabins ?
  23. One can spend an entire cruise on Princess without once spending a penny on "soft drinks." You learn to live on iced tea and lemonade and sometimes juice that is always free in the Horizon Court. Outside of the HC it can be hard to find these items although one can always stop at any bar and ask for a glass of ice water :). DW likes to take along a bunch of the Crystal Light drink packs which she uses to keep a drink supply in our cabin fridge. When we are relaxing on the pool deck, DW and I will often take turns going for ice water or perhaps into the HC to get some iced tea. Hank
  24. tea/coffee in horizon court, juice at breakfast time. There will be tea making facilitates in your cabin if you are cruising out of the UK. Tea is served with afternoon tea and in the dining rooms. There are drinks packages available, soda & more or an alcoholic drinks package if you wanted to keep costs fixed.
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