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  1. Here is a link to the story. First it was the Vista and now the Horizon has the same issues. https://www.cruisehive.com/second-vista-class-carnival-cruise-ship-closes-skyride-feature/33490
  2. Hey everybody! We are sailing in 2 weeks on the Horizon on the 8 day southern Caribbean cruise! We were wondering if anybody knew if they were doing the white party or the 80s party! Would love to actually be prepared with outfits this cruise! Thanks in advance!
  3. Well hello everyone! I'm back! I know a lot of people have been probably wondering where I have been...it's been a hectic and complicated year for me. So many things have happened this year and I just needed a break. I deactivated all my social media, removed myself from the internet and computer (other than turning in homework assignments and tests) and completely changed life up as it was known around August. Everyone knows I've been in school for a while to get my bachelors, but I have been slacking on my classes over the year(s). Well, I put my mind to it that I was going to get my butt in gear and finish. Last year I only took 1 class in the spring and decided to take the summer off (because it's the only semester they will allow you to take off and not be penalized). Well, I enjoyed it so much that I also took the winter off...which meant come this year, I had to reapply to my school and that meant lots of paperwork. I took my spring classes, summer classes and just finished up my winter classes. I have 1 more class to go and I'M DONE! Finito, adios school, completed. This last class I just finished lasted from August until the week of my cruise...nutrition! Uh! I have been avoiding it like the plague. I'm the most un-nutritionalist (is that a word?) you will meet. LOL It consisted of anywhere from 5-12 quizzes weekly and 1 test weekly. Then there was 2 "mid-term" tests and a horrible 2-hour final. Whew! I'm proud to say I passed with a 96% and it's all behind me. My youngest son just bought a house (I'm such a proud momma but I'm missing him terribly since he's been gone), my oldest son just had another baby (that makes 7 for me now-I'm getting old), we sold one of our businesses (the skate/bike shop) and have been doing a complete remodel on our kitchen. It has been hectic! I'm sure there's a lot more but I'm jet-lagged and can't think at the moment. Anyhow, we normally take a November cruise (which actually used to be a December family cruise but we stopped doing that a few years back because it was one of the busiest times of the year for our store and the hubby complained about missing out on all the sales during the Christmas season that we pushed it back to November) but with my hectic class schedule, we decided not to go this time. Then, of course, out of the blue, Kendra starts talking about a Christmas cruise instead. We started scouring the internet and booked last minute (less than 30 days before the cruise) on the Carnival Horizon. I liked the ports we would be going to (all repeats for me but 3 new for Kendra) and a new ship! I didn't have much time to get myself too excited or research ports but we managed to pull it all together quickly. Since Kenny had just had a baby Dec 10 (was due Thanksgiving, but she decided to cook a little longer), he wasn't able to go. Since Kolin had just put a large down payment on a house, he wasn't able to go. That meant it was just us and Kendra and family. The day we were leaving on the plane, Kendra's fiance backed out. His dad has been in bad shape the last 2 years, but has progressively become worse. They put him on hospice the week before and didn't expect him to make it to Christmas. I'm glad to report he's still with us at this time. However, Billy didn't want to be away on a cruise if something was to happen. This meant that Kendra was now cruising with TWO kids...on her OWN! If any of you are thinking this scenario through...you know this can't be a good thing. LOL I'll jump ahead and report that when Kendra's plane landed last night, she didn't even make it home before dropping both kids off with their Aunt Chrissy (who was the one who cruised with us one year to Bermuda). Kendra said she's now on vacation! So, this is the beginning of our cruise. This was an 8-day cruise sailing out of Miami to Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba!
  4. Hello all, I need some help. We are going on Carnival Horizon in a month. This is our 6th Carnival cruise and it's really important for us to have our 6 p.m. dinner time, same table, same wait staff. We booked our cruise 9 months ahead, couldn't confirm early dining and no option for a wait list. We've always gotten our dining arrangements done before we get on the ship so this one is a bit different. Does Horizon's dining work differently than the other ships? I know we can go to the dining area to make arrangements when we board but is there anything else I can do in advance? Thank you!
  5. So, I'll be on the Horizon on Sept 7. I'm going solo. I was looking at pics of the Steakhouse and noticed they have a bar with stools. May I eat at the bar in the steakhouse?
  6. My family and I just returned from an amazing trip on the August 10th sailing of the Horizon. We sailed to La Romana, Grand Turk, Curacao and Aruba. This was our 3rd time doing this itinerary but we still found something new to enjoy. The reviews for the Horizon in the months leading up to this trip were not very positive with many complaints about overcrowding and poor food quality. We did not experience any of this. Our only small issue was temperature. Our cabin (Spa cabin 12218) was very warm but I was prepared with 2 small fans which helped circulate the air in our cabin. We had faster to the fun and arrived at the port around noon. Check in was fast and we were in our room within 15 minutes. The longest part was walking up the gangway, it felt like it went on forever. This was our first spa cabin and while we didn’t really use the spa facilities we though the cabin seemed bigger than the regular balcony cabins. We also loved the location. We had the 1st cabin nearest the door to deck 12 waterworks. Our hallway was empty except for people staying in one of the cabins near us. During the day you could hear banging from kids running around outside but with the exception of 1 night it was quiet. We did not eat any of our meals at the Lido buffet, so I can’t comment on that. We had reservations for the steakhouse 2 nights and we were never disappointed. I had risotto and lobster both nights while my son and husband got the filet mignion. For appetizer my husband had the lobster bisque which he said was good and the bone marrow which he thought was outstanding. We also had JiJi’s 2 nights and as always the food was good and way more than we could eat. The other nights we ate in the main dining room. We had YTD and used the Hub app to make our reservations. No matter what time we ate a table was ready before we could even walk there from our cabin. No complaints on the food or service. For our first stop La Romona in the Dominican Republic we did a Carnival excursion Catalina Island Beach Break. With all of the trouble in the DR lately we thought it best to stick with a Carnival excursion and we brought a cooler with us filled with water. I filled 2 zip lock bags with ice and that kept our drinks cold during the day. We had use of free chairs and an umbrella and the beach was very clean with crystal clear water. There were the usually vendors selling shirts and other souvenirs but they weren’t pushy. In Grand Turk we did the Carnival excursion Underwater Power Scooter, Beach Break and Lunch. We did this last year and had so much fun we decided to do it again this year. While it was still fun we just didn’t enjoy it as much, maybe the novelty of the power scooter wore off. Next year we will try something new but if you haven’t done the power scooters I highly recommend you give them a try. Up next was Curacao. This is our favorite stop and the 3rd time we are visiting here. Since we knew what we wanted to do here we rented a car from Advance Carrental for $75 which included all insurance, unlimited mileage, GPS and a phone if we got lost or wanted to return the car early. We picked up our car right outside the port gate and set off for our favorite beach Playa Jeremi. This is small local beach with no amenities but some of the clearest water with great snorkeling and no crowds. We spent a few hours in the water before deciding to head back to the ship. On our way back we decided to stop and check out another beach Playa Porto Mari. This beach had chairs, umbrellas and a restaurant with food and drinks but the best part was the wild pigs that wandered the beach. Since I can’t resist the change to pet some pigs we stopped here for another hour before finally getting back on board the ship at 7:30. After such an active day we decided to spend a relaxing day at the beach in Aruba. We took a taxi to Palm Beach this year after visiting Eagle Beach the last 2 times. It was nice but I think we will stick with Eagle beach just because it is closer to the ship. We rented 3 chairs and a small umbrella for $55 dollars and set up to relax. Unfortunately it rained most of the time we were there and since we were still tired from the last 3 days of activity we decided to just head back to the ship and relax there. We spent our last 2 days relaxing on deck 11 overlooking the main pool. Overall, the Horizon was our favorite ship.
  7. A user in another thread got the email and it said it'd be down while their team "completes an enhancement plan for the ride." They didn't say if they were going to be on Horizon or Vista. That's a new excuse. All the other emails that people have reported said something about maintenance. Now I'm curious as to what their "enhancement plan" is.
  8. I know there are several Pay restaurants on the Horizon ship. Did I read that there are only "two", one for MDR, and one for My Time Dining restaurants on this ship? The reason I ask, I have been on several ships where they had pay restaurants, as well as the My Time Dining, but always had two MDR's too.
  9. Does any one know the smoking areas other than the Casino & balcony's Thanks
  10. So I just got off the Miracle and I've never been more satisfied with a Carnival cruise. After my cruise on the Breeze in May I was pretty sure I was done with Carnival, but as long as they keep a Spirit class ship in Tampa I'll keep sailing on those at least. Compared to the Breeze: -The ship was way, way less crowded. Never had trouble finding a lounger, never waited in long lines, and didn't even have to arrive too early for the comedy club. -The Serenity is the best in the fleet and a great use of the aft pool area -There's so much more open deck space per person than on the Breeze -The service was much friendlier and faster, with more staff per passenger -There weren't sales pitches for the fun shops, casino, spa, etc every 5 minutes like on the breeze -I think Frankie is a better CD than Schwartz -Getting on and off in the ports is a lot faster since there's less people overall on the ship I just wanted to share my experience since I've seen a lot of the same complaints that I had about the Breeze on the other newer/refurb ships like the Horizon, Sunrise, etc
  11. Friday, 23 August, at Sea The sun came up on Grand Princess sailing off the coast of Oregon under clear skies, sunshine and seas that were just rough enough to remind you that you are, in fact, on a ship at sea. We have really been blessed with great weather on this trip and yesterday in Victoria was no exception. Of course, Victoria is known for its amazing climate. Yesterday the sky was absolutely flawless with blue skies, bright sunshine and temperatures climbing to a very comfortable high in the low 60s. We woke at a fairly early hour and watched Grand Princess make its approach into Victoria with very little difficulty. Overall, it was a smooth evolution. Shortly after tying up at 0700, we headed down to the dining room for breakfast. As we have come to expect the service was absolutely flawless and the food delicious. I steeled myself for the big day ahead with the buttermilk pancakes which were plate-cleaning delicious. Also, as loyal readers may find unsurprising, Melissa chose fried eggs cooked over medium. We managed to enjoy enough coffee to get us going and ready for our day. We disembarked onto the very wide and modern Victoria pier just as the Ovation of the Seas was making her approach to the pier. We hustled to make sure we were well ahead of the 5,000 guests she was about to disgorge, but did stop for a picture with McKinley the Moose, including one with his good friend and our new roommate Stanley the Stowaway Teddy Bear. Stanley joined us mid-trip and so far we are struggling with some boundary issues. His first day in the room, he ate all the pillow chocolates and drank both bottles of Club Class wine, which given his diminutive size caused us some concerns about the nature of his relationship with alcohol. He is also prone to napping at odd hours, hogging the bed and takes very long showers. However, he does seem to enjoy adventures ashore. We didn’t exactly have a plan for the day, but given the very short time the ship was in port, really just about six hours, the options are pretty well limited to a tour or a quick visit to the city. We opted for the quick visit to the city as we have been here on cruises before and I was up here for work last fall. Given the lovely weather, we chose to walk into the city. From the cruise ship terminal, there is a well-marked pathway that leads through a quiet (boring) residential neighborhood and then down along the inner harbor straight to the Empress Hotel. Unfortunately, there was some construction on the trail, so we had to divert into the neighborhood a little more than would otherwise be required. Still, it is easy to navigate, level and from ship to the Empress of the British Columbia Provincial Capital building is 20-25 minutes of easy walking for us. Along the way, there are a few hotels, a wild salmon café that was doing a booming business and the seafood restaurants of the fisherman’s landing. Arriving at the Empress, we stopped for shoot a little video take a few pictures and then seek out a hot cup of Canadian coffee from our good friend Tim Horton. I first learned of Tim Horton’s when we were living in New England and there was a donut shop on literally every other corner. Since then, I have enjoyed their donuts and coffee as far away as Abu Dhabi. Fortified with hot joe, but choosing to pass on their free NHL coffee cup promotion (too much risk of getting a Habs cup, GO BRUINS), we headed to the Royal British Columbia Museum while walking through much of downtown Victoria. The museum is centrally located near the inner harbor and admission was about $20US per person. The exhibits are divided into three primary areas, one for special traveling exhibits (in this case on the history of the Maya), then an area on the natural history of British Columbia, and one on the human history of the area. I would say that we made a reasonably quick pace and spent about 2 ½ hours inside. One could certainly invest twice that if unconstrained by time and fear of missing the ship’s departure. Overall, I found both the human and natural history sections to be very interesting. As many of the native cultures and flora and fauna of BC and southeast Alaska are held in common, it was a great academic exploration of much of what we had just seen. Melissa and I agree that the dioramas of the plants and animals of various natural regions within the province. I would say that the museum is well worth a visit especially the totem exhibits, but did feel that it lacked some modern context and I thought the story of exploration and development through the 1930s was well done, but then kind of just petered out. After the museum, we walked over to the provincial capital for some great photo opportunities on the expansive lawn. With the flower baskets around town in full bloom and the sun shining I think that there were quite a few locals sprinkled in among the tourists enjoying the gorgeous day. Unfortunately, our time was short and I am a touch panicky about missing the ship, so we started our walk back along with a lot of other intrepid cruisers. Truthfully, it looked like a stampede heading back to the ship at 12:30! Once again, the navigation was simple and it was no time before we were back onboard. Having burned at least ¼ of the calories we had taken in at breakfast, we headed back to the Da Vinci Dining Room to find it packed and jumping. People were back from their day ashore, everyone was arriving right at lunch time and so the room had an excited feel to it. We found ourselves once again under the careful service of Alberto and Hari. Melissa and I both started with the seafood quesadilla, followed by the chicken liver mousse for me. I don’t have a Jewish grandmother who made me homemade chopped liver when I was young, but if I had she would have been proud of this dish. Sure, it was given a gourmet twist, but the flavors and texture were so rich, but still humble, it was delicious! For her main, Melissa chose Giovanni’s freshly prepared spinach and ricotta ravioli and I had the Monte Cristo sandwich. Both were good choices and we rounded out the meal with mocha fudge ice cream and the apple-walnut cobbler. Melissa got the better of the two with the ice cream as the “cobbler” was really more of a mug cake and I am still looking for the apples. Due to the sheer number of people returning to the ship at 1 pm, the Da Vinci dining room stayed open welcoming in passengers for lunch until 1:30 pm. We thought that was a really classy touch, even if it is a touch unfair to the crew, who work really hard with little downtime. But all of them did it with a smile asking us about our adventures (and enjoying our photos of Stan). Full from our lunch and tired from our adventures, we retired to the room for some napping, but not before enjoying our departure from Victoria on the balcony under the gorgeous sunshine. When I am able to post videos at home, it really was picturesque. Upon waking from my nap, Melissa had returned from the Horizon Court with some delicious scones which we proceeded to accompany with some fresh coffee from the International Café. It appears that we will run out of punches on our legacy coffee cards on the final day of the cruise and just in time before the sundown at the end of August. Our standard pre-dinner ritual found us in the Wheelhouse Bar enjoying the tunes being played by Holiday Dreams and the cocktails mixed by Bond. It has become a real favorite of ours to get a drink before dinner, enjoy some music and conversation. The most cruised passengers on the ship were also in attendance dancing the night away (they are at 2,306 nights aboard Princess, and it is a delight to watch the sheer delight they have in dancing each evening). By the way, 2,306 nights, #SquadGoals! At the Wheelhouse Bar, we have taken to bringing a notebook with us and jotting down ideas for future travel adventures, items to bring for our next cruise and some notes on what we have especially enjoyed or disliked about this particular cruise. It was helpful when we were packing for this trip to look back on our notes from our sail with Cunard on QM2 in December. Dinner was once again a smash it. We have sailed quite bit, but I can’t remember a cruise where I looked forward to the dining room dinners quite as much as on this trip. Alfred and I Wayan had us under the care and we started by finishing our fantastic bottle of Sancerre. For starters, I had the smoked salmon and crawfish tails, while Melissa began with the panko crusted crab cake. The crab cake was much better than the offering on the first night of the cruise. This version had a nice hint of spice with a lot more crab and a lot less cake. For pasta course, I had Giovanni’s special with olive oil, garlic, chili flake and broccoli and Melissa had the wagon wheel pasta with braised oxtail. For mains, Melissa chose the Tandoori grilled prawns and I had the New York Strip steak. The steak was very good and cooked exactly as ordered, medium rare, but the prawns were a bit of a sleeper hit, they were really flavorful and juicy. Dessert was a split decision as I think we were both super happy with our choice, I had souffle and Melissa had the Frozen Chocolate Praline Torte, which based on the moans and groans of pleasure and the way Melissa guarded the dessert with her fork and elbow, I think it was a hit!. I don’t think there could have been a better way to wrap up the meal. We did pause after dinner for a quick spin through the shops to pick up a couple of souvenirs to ensure that the right folks back home have something to remind them of our adventures. That just about wraps up this installment and before long we will have unfortunately sad notes about disembarkation and the ride home. However, not before we once again visit passengers behaving badly and once again the issue is bare feet where they don’t belong. In just a few hours I saw yet another person, with bare feet on the furniture. In this case, lounging on a sofa and rubbing their dogs all over the armrest. So, fellow travelers, you might want to make sure you wash you hands before heading to the dining room after your pre-dinner drink in Explorers because not all of your accompanying passengers have what we call common courtesy. Of course, there is always someone looking to up the ante so this afternoon I saw a passenger walking barefoot down Deck 7, through the photo gallery and into the Vista Lounge for trivia. Seriously, who does that? I will reiterate that most of you are lovely people and justifiably horrified at what others will do onboard.
  12. Ahoy Everybody! My son Ryan and I have just returned from our yearly father and son cruise. This year we sailed on a five day cruise aboard the Carnival Ecstasy from Jacksonville to Princess Cays and Nassau, with sea days on both ends. I will not be doing a full blown out picture review of this cruise. Frankly, I just don’t have enough time. In three weeks Patti and I will be doing a B2B on the Carnival Sunrise from New York to Bermuda and New England / Canada, so our focus now is to prepare for those cruises. I did however, take plenty of pictures. I also have the Fun Times and other stuff to scan and share with you. Once I get that done, I will upload them to my photo hosting site, then come back and provide you with a link if you want to see them. The Carnival Ecstasy. We love cruising on the Fantasy Class ships from time to time, as they give you a more intimate cruise experience. Yes, they don’t have all the bells and whistles of the newer ships, but they never feel crowded, and it’s great to get to know most of your fellow passengers and crew members. More than one crew member told me that after working on the Vista and Horizon, they couldn’t wait to come back to a Fantasy Class ship. These ships are great for the shorter Bahamas, Western Caribbean, and Baja California runs, especially when a tender port is involved. Would you rather tender ashore with two thousand of your fellow passengers, or with the four thousand plus passengers that the bigger ships carry? Yes, I know that the tenders are now called water shuttles, but screw that, I’ve been cruising since 1985 so they will always be tenders to me! The Carnival Ecstasy. I have only cruised on her one time before, and that was twenty eight years ago in 1991 when she was brand new. She is exactly as I remembered her, a Joe Farcus acid induced design with enough glitz and nonsense to cause a sensory overload. I love it! Many people today will say she is outdated, garish, and just plain ugly and outlandish. I say it’s nostalgic and it brings me back to my cruising roots, however the ships that I first sailed on with Carnival are long gone. She will going in for a short dry dock in October which will only involve some cosmetic stuff, sprucing up, and the usual hull work. To tell you the truth, I didn’t see anything major that needed attention, nor did I smell any funky smells. To me, she seems to be in pretty good shape. We booked this cruise with a Hot Streak casino promotion. This gave us a great casino rate for an inside cabin, DOU for both of us, and $500 OBC (not free play!). We also purchased the Cheers program for those out of the casino moments, and besides, we had to spend that OBC somewhere! We knocked it out of the park with Cheers. We maxed out every day, plus had plenty of coffees and sodas. Looking back, it turns out that only 30% of our drinks came from the DOU cards, and the rest were covered by Cheers. We drove down from New Jersey the day before the cruise, and as is our custom, we stayed at the Country Inn & Suites in Kingsland Georgia, which is off of Exit 3 on I-95. From here it is about a thirty minute drive to Jaxport. The next morning, after enjoying the hotel’s free breakfast, we arrived at Jaxport at 10 am. I immediately noticed two major changes from when we were here last year. First, the parking lot is now to the right on the opposite side of the terminal from where it used to be. This now puts the parking even closer to the terminal itself, which is a good thing. Parking is still $17/day or $85 for the five day cruise. The second thing is that they have built a ramp so that you now embark into the Atrium Lobby on Empress Deck 7, instead of boarding on Deck 3 forward. Great job Jaxport! Check in was a breeze, and after a short wait in the Captain’s Lounge we were the first to board the ship after a pretty large wedding party. I know that we were on before 11 am. We were in cabin E85 which was just a short trip down the hall from the Lobby. Our Sail & Sign cards were waiting for us, wedged behind the cabin number plate. There aren’t any mailboxes on Fantasy Class ships. The cabins are outdated, but they are clean, the beds are comfortable, and everything worked. There are no mini fridges, and the cabin safe was the keypad type. One other thing to note. If you are an early or light sleeper, this location would not be good for you. Even though they close the heavy doors at 9 pm to cut down the sound of the music and buzz from the Atrium, it can still be heard pretty far down the hall. Here are some notes about our cruise, as much as my alcohol infused brain will allow me to remember. Ryan and I never saw the dining room. We ate all of our meals on the Lido, even though we had been comped steakhouse selections from the casino one night. Other than to take pictures, I never went to the Blue Sapphire Lounge, which is the main show lounge on the ship. For those that want to know, the Playlist Production Shows are Motor City and America Rocks. Ryan and I did go to some of the comedy shows which are held in the Starlight Lounge, which is the aft lounge on Promenade Deck 9. The two comedians on this cruise were Derrick Eason and Steve Burr and they were very good. They performed the first night and on the two sea days. On port days, in the evening, they showed movies, since there are no Dive In Movie screens on the Fantasy Class ships. The night we left Nassau, Carnival Quest was held back there at 10:30 pm. What happens at the Quest stays at the Quest, but it was great as usual. The Diamond Event (12 Diamonds), and the VIFP Party (around 60 D/P) were also held in the Starlight Lounge. Both were a lot of fun! I won the blackjack tournament and frankly, it was like taking candy from a baby. As is usual for these types of cruises, there were a lot of newbies on board. For our final table it was me and six newbies that had never played in this type of tournament before, including this gentleman who had never played “jack black” in his life. After two hands I knew what these players were trying to do, so I just bet the minimum, sat back, and watched the carnage. After five hands, four of them had busted out and the other two had $500 or less remaining. I was sitting with the $2000 I started with. Game over. BTW, Mr. “jackblack” came in second! They all were a great bunch of guys, and I think most of them learned something tonight. Both sea days were sunny and hot. There were plenty of adults in the pool, and kids in the hot tubs. Walking by, If I had wanted to find a lounger it wouldn’t have been a problem. When we arrived at Princess Cays, they were experiencing severe thunderstorms. I thought at first that the Captain would be skipping this stop, but he simply waited for the storm to pass. Tendering started about an hour late. It rained until mid-morning, but even after it stopped, it remained cloudy all day. Ryan and I had never been here before, so around noon we took the tender over to check it out. We walked around taking pictures, had the BBQ lunch, had some beers at the different bars, and then went back to the ship. It looks like a nice fun place, but I still like HMC better. In Nassau we had no plans to leave the ship, which was a good thing since it rained all day until just before sail away. I felt bad for those who booked this cruise for the ports, and hope the rain didn’t “dampen” their spirits! The people that cruise from Jacksonville are some of the nicest people you want to meet. What a diverse group. Everyone was polite, friendly, respectful, and just plain fun. All I saw were smiling faces! As I said there were a lot of blue and red cards on board, I think Carnival has won them over! I can’t say enough about the crew on board the Ecstasy. All were friendly, smiling, energetic, and true assets for Carnival. I wish I could name them all, but my two standouts were Catherine (Cat) from the Atrium Bar, who would serve my 15th every evening, and William at the Red Frog Rum Bar who started my every day by pouring me a Red Frog Wheat to go with my breakfast burrito. Kudos to all the casino staff, and the bar waiters there, who would never keep us waiting for a drink. Thank you all so much. Debarkation was also a breeze. We were in our car and on our way back to New Jersey at 7:55 am. I think that’s it for now. If I think of anything else I’ll add on. I guess the million dollar question is would you sail on the Ecstasy again? The answer is a resounding “YES”. If you have any questions I’ll be sure to answer them. For now, may you all have calm seas and clear skies!
  13. My wife and I are going on the Carnival Horizon in Sept. Both her and I have Galaxy phones that are synced to our Galaxy watches. We get texts, notifications, and general alerts through our phones onto our watches. I know when we get on the ship all that will stop being as our phones will be in airplane mode, but when we hook up to the Carnival app thru the ships wifi and schedule things to do such as shows, contests and the like, will we get those notifications thru our phones and onto our watches? Seems to me like we would. Has anyone done this? Thanks
  14. Just got one, and it was about the skyride being closed for the duration of the trip on the horizon.
  15. Does anyone know what nexts weeks I max movies are on the Horizon? or any way to find out
  16. Hi myself and my husband have done 10 cruises a mixture of both Mediterranean and Caribbean and on Royal but primarily Carnival. This July we took Carnival Horizon from Miami. We enjoyed the cruise but think we have out grown Carnival I just found the crowd a bit too boisterous this year and wanted something a bit more low key. We are from Ireland so we are a bit more reserved than our American Cousins 😁 so I have been looking at Caribbean Princess for next July. It is our 50th birthdays so we want something nice. We enjoy live music good food trivia and the piano bar and of course the casino. How different is Princess to Carnival? I want a bit more low key but enough to keep up entertained.
  17. I appreciate your comment. Thank you. As a former Royal Princess guest who has criticized Princess' decision to deploy Royal in Alaska, I defer to your experience. I believe that the key phrase that you wrote in your comment was "there were ample viewing areas on the Royal last week in Alaska for as many passengers that wanted to use them". There may be on these Alaska cruises more guests than I thought who chose not to go outside to view the scenery. On both my July cruises on the Westerdam and the Coral Princess when we were in Glacier Bay, the NPS Rangers urged, really urged guests to "GET OUTSIDE". On Coral Princess, there were people "planted" in the forward facing Horizon Court for hours when we were sailing in scenic areas. Yet, that's a benefit of a cruise vacation. Do what you want to do when you want to do it. Go outside to maybe see some wildlife? No, I'd rather be in my stateroom and view a movie that I have wanted to see for sometime. To each his own and there are no right or wrong opinions about the suitability of these large ships to scenic areas such as Alaska. At this time.
  18. When you check in for Your Time Dining, you tell them how many people then you wait. They'll sit you together. We had 6:00 early seating on the Horizon in May. Those fixed times go fast.
  19. We are booked on Carnival Horizon November 10th - after reading this posting I tried to change our dining to early (we have 3 cabins - 6 people). They said both early and late dining were booked and couldn't even get on waiting - how do I try and get a table for us so we can eat all together every night?
  20. I know Carnival Horizon is a large ship, and we plan to take it in March. Since it is a large ship, is there any deck outside that will go through from one end to the other? If there is no deck outside, how about deck inside the ship going from one end to the other? As you can guess, I like to walk! We will be on deck 6, room 6205 at the end of the ship, which is an obstructed window. If you have been in that room (there is a video out on it, and I liked what I saw), I believe it has the deck right next to it. My question, if we open the curtain to look out, I know we can see out, but can people see us in our room as well? I believe someone mentioned about a secret deck on the Horizon. Which deck is it? Yes, I know once you let me know, it won't be a secret anymore. 🙂
  21. I know Carnival Horizon is a large ship, and we plan to take it in March. Since it is a large ship, is there any deck outside that will go through from one end to the other? If there is no deck outside, how about deck inside the ship going from one end to the other? As you can guess, I like to walk! We will be on deck 6, room 6205 at the end of the ship, which is an obstructed window. If you have been in that room (there is a video out on it, and I liked what I saw), I believe it has the deck right next to it. My question, if we open the curtain to look out, I know we can see out, but can people see us in our room as well? I believe someone mentioned about a secret deck on the Horizon. Which deck is it? Yes, I know once you let me know, it won't be a secret anymore. 🙂
  22. What dining room on the horizon is your time dining? also, I’ve read that you can now check in via the app. If you check in for 2 on the app, does that mean a table for two or do you need to go to hostess table to request table for two? thanks
  23. That does not match my experience, which was on Mariner. i wandered in and out of the observation lounge a few times during the transit, and there was always seating. I'm not saying you're wrong, but it didn't match my one experience. And the ship was full. Although the observation lounge is a nice place for the transit, lounges in the stern such as the Horizon let you see where you've been; this is a nice alternative after the first couple of locks. And looking over the side from either a deck or a balcony gives yet another great perspective on the operation, so you can watch the "mules" pulling the ship along. When you're close to the Pacific side of the canal, the South side of the ship will let you see Panama City. The transit takes a few hours, so you can wander around and watch the process from a number of different viewpoints.
  24. I'm baaaaaaaaack 🙂 ((Not from my cruise. I got back from my cruise months ago. But I'm back on CC! Hi friends!!!!!)) If we haven't crossed paths on this board or...onboard...HI! I'm Nicole. I live in Chicago. And I love cruises. They're my absolute favorite way to travel and see the world. I don't even know if I could put into words why. But every year since my freshman year of college, my family and I have taken at least one cruise (sometimes two...or three!). And even though my sister (Stephanie) and I are all grown up, we still try to cruise with our Mom every year. It's kind of our family tradition. And I've been posting reviews on here for nearly that entire time (holy cow -- I've been posting reviews here for, like, fourteen years ). See, I went to college to be a writer. And then I got a fancy journalism degree...and promptly went in to a career in digital marketing and merchandising and did nothing with it. So writing these reviews fills that piece of me that needs some creative outlet. And they serve as a pay-it-forward for all of the reviews I read before we visit new places or cruise on new ships. Obligatory family photo of us on the Vista a couple of years ago: So if you haven't read one of my reviews before, let me lay it out for you: these are long. Really long. And they have a ton of pictures. I've been writing this particular review and posting it on my blog for the past six months or so. I wasn't sure if I was going to cross-post it over here because the Horizon isn't in Europe anymore, but then Carnival announced new Europe and Mediterranean itineraries for its new ship and I figured some of you might it useful. Or, at least, I hope some of you find it entertaining! I write these in journal form because that's mostly what they are: my cruise journal (which also lets me re-live my trips when I share them with all of you!). And if you're not into long reviews but you're seeking Horizon and/or Mediterranean cruising info, I have the Carnival Horizon menus posted here, the 13-day Fun Times posted here and a ship walk through here. But I do hope some of you will follow along because talking about cruising is so much of the fun in writing these, and if you are following along, drop me a note below and let me know! And with that...let's go back onto the Horizon!
  25. Since this is the first time for 8 of us to be on this ship, I am STILL trying to get answers for everyone else with me. If you have been on the Horizon, I would appreciate an answer to some of my questions, if you have one. How do they determine which of the MDR restaurants you eat at? It looks like they are on both decks 3 & 4? My room is at the very front (6205) of the ship, and the other 6 people are in the middle of the ship on deck 6. I just wondered if where the rooms are located would have reference to which restaurant ((Forward or Aft) we would be at? We have an Ocean view room, but has a small table. "If I ask, do you think they would have a chair to replace the small table in that area, as it looks like there is plenty of room? Is deck 3 the deck we get in/off the ship? I pretty much know how to use the elevators that everyone is complaining about, but I have a question. Once we put in the number of people that are wanting to go to a certain deck, are the elevators line up in (it would help if someone had a picture of the letters over the elevators, or how we would know/see which elevator to go to, after it shows on the panel we punch the number of people in) A, B, C order or what? Just trying to find out "ahead" of time an easy way to learn. 🙂 Is there only 1 deck with the Fun Shops, or 2, and what deck/s are they on?
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