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  1. Leaving on Horizon this weekend and have some friends that booked same cruise. When we booked we reserved the late dinner seating but our friends have anytime seating. Can we occasionally join them at anytime seating dining room? They can’t get late seating with us, it’s sold out.
  2. It's been a while since I have reserved a table at the specialty dining. Can someone tell me how long it should take to receive confirmation? I received confirmation from one restaurant right away but haven't heard from the other, and am worried my request may not have gone through. Is the FTTF option worth the money? This is new one to me, it wasn't an option on my last cruise.
  3. We are trying a Carnival cruise because of an amazing itinerary but I am not familiar with their ships at all. I wanted to know how the Loft 19 works and if anyone knows the current prices? Can you book ahead of time or only once on board? Also, does anyone know if Cove Balconies can have the divider opened? Any other Horizon tips would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone! First time poster here, and second time cruiser. I stumbled upon this site while trying to find things to do for my family and I during our cruise on the Horizon. Let me just say I have loved all of the info and tips you all have so diligently laid out. My parents were definitely impressed when I started listing off things for us to do and sending them lists of things that need to be arranged before we cruise. We will be cruising out of the Miami port on Sunday Sept 1 - Sept 7. Our ports are Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Just wanted to say, if anyone else is on the same cruise feel free to connect!! Or if you have any tips feel free to share as well. Thanks again and Happy Cruising!
  5. Hey all! We’re booking our next cruise and need some wisdom from the experienced cruisers. We’re doing the 8 night on the horizon and have decided to do spa level. Right now, we’re booked into 14222, and I want to make sure that’s a good one. When I look at the deck plans, it looks like there’s not much action above or below it, which is what we are after- the quieter the better. Is this a winner, or is there a better one to try for?
  6. We just booked a cruise on Horizon and decided to do a Spa Balcony. We have done numerous balconies in the past, but 1st time on Spa balcony. However, I thought I read somewhere that it is not a covered balcony. Does anyone know if this is true and if not, how does it affect the balcony etc? Please help, looking to switching rooms.
  7. Hi all, I have been trying to find some sort of price list for beverages on the ship and am not having much luck or maybe I'm just not asking the right question? I was looking for a current price list for wine, beer and fancy drinks. Is there anyone out there who could maybe post menus? Thanks in advance!!
  8. As previously posted, our flight out of Worcester did not go as planned and we ended up flying out of Boston the next day. Jet Blue will reimburse us half of what they initially had lead us to believe, but we'll take it (we didn't have insurance) and are just glad to have finally made it to the ship on time. Others didn't- we later found out that some were boarding in Grand Turk! I don't know if it was from the same snafu, but obviously it happens- and I do know that Jet Blue didn't extend the same courtesy to others (like complementary Lyft rides to Boston) as they did our family) because I met up with them in Boston. And the airline representatives wanted to know what happened- "did you all miss your flight?". On our way back home, Jet Blue was once again twice delayed- but less of an urgency there (and at least not cancelled). I booked our cruise on the Horizon in February 2018- prior to sailing, and was excited to sail the mega ship. But then started to worry after reading reviews of there simply being too few amenities (pools) or space (liquid lounge) to accommodate the sheer number of passengers, and was second guessing our commitment. I actually started to feel this doom right up until a few weeks before sailing when I just started to focus more on the ports and less on the ship itself. So much fuss about nothing!!!! The Horizon is a beautiful ship. I had no issues at full capacity during a holiday week. I thought I would have to get up at 5:00 every morning to get a deck chair. And the first day out, I did! After that, I way did not and I never had a problem finding a chair. Also, I never had an issue getting into a pool- in fact, I spent quite a bit of time in the pools (which is SOOOOO unlike me), but it was really nice! I have actually never done that on a cruise and now I am sold on wading in the shallow sections on those pool sides. I really like the Tides area- maybe there were more chairs there than over in the crazy Lido section. I also accessed the Havana section one night and that was very relaxing (there really truly is, nobody there- I highly recommend it). Entertainment: We saw the Love & Marriage show in the Liquid Lounge and yes- those pillars are a real problem. I had done some homework from reading reviews here and we went in and went straight to the left and sat in the back, but still had to maneuver a little. My husband is 6' 6", so we don't want to block anyone's view, or be blocked- and, the show before us hardly emptied which created a bit of a problem for guest coming in. That said, Love & Marriage is hysterical!!! And NAUGHTY! HAHAHA! There was a couple whom I believe was married for like 56 years and THEY WERE THE BEST!!! CD Mike, was and is ridiculously funny (and so energetic). Adult Comedy in the Punchliner was so funny, we went back. My daughter and her partner went for a 3rd show and they said he was even funnier than the first guy (which is hard to believe because I was about to pee myself). The white party and 90's party were great fun! We did a lot of other things... trivia (just a relaxing family activity), danced my face off in the night clubs, and listened to some live music (great duo in Pig & Anchor). Dining: We ate in the MDR 3 times, and I was VERY pleased with our service every night. We never shared a table, and never sat in the same place (we ate on both floors) and once by the windows at sunset which felt like a privilege. Our orders were taken very quickly, came quickly, and met expectations! We ordered more than one of lots of things every night and they were very happy to give us everything we wanted. My son is very picky, and one night he asked for only 2 sides of the baked mac and cheese. Our server thought that was very funny and brought him FIVE! And my son was very grateful! We had YTD, and were always seated within 10-15 minutes- I don't think we ever ate before 7:30 and one night at 8:45. We ate at Cucina Del Capitano on our last night, and it stole my heart. I loved the atmosphere as much as the food. And the servers. I would have eaten there at least 3 or 4 times had I known it was so sweet! Pizzeria Del Capitano is still just as good as ever! I never had to wait long and it was always hot out of the oven. I ate at the Blue Iguana 3 times, 2 x's for breakfast burritos and 1x for a taco salad. The burritos were good. The taco shell was stale- I think the air got to it 😥. My family was disappointed with Guys- said they were "okay", but not worth waiting in the long lines for. We loved the Seafood Shack. Wished they had tartar sauce, but like that buffalo sauce! We also enjoyed lunch at Mongolian Wok and it was good. We waited an hour and a half for a lunch "reservation". They closed at 2:30, but honored everyone who was waiting. The poor hostess was so taxed, she was probably the most overwhelmed I'd seen of all the Carnival Horizon staff. Not rude, but clearly ready to cry and lose it. It was so obvious to everyone there. I hope they get that worked out. Service and food was quick once we were seated. Beverages: We did not purchase Cheers or Bubbles. We did not bring anything on board except for wine and I only drank one bottle (my husband doesn't drink wine). Our bar tab totaled around $400. I went back and forth about Cheers and obviously am glad we didn't do that. That said, I brought plenty enough money- I didn't plan to restrict our beverage budget in any way. But in the end we didn't come close to spending what I thought we might. The heat just is not conducive to heavy drinking every single day (I did indulge one night, then sipped, and went a couple days without any). The kids drank water, lemonade, and ordered a few soda/milkshakes with their own spending money that we gave them ($100 each). Excursions/Ports: In Curacao, we paid for the Willemstad walking day tour. We liked it very much and I really love Curacao- a lot of beautiful local art. In Grand Turk, we walked to Jacks Shack and rented chairs/umbrellas (maybe $10 each) and enjoyed the beach and water. It was a peaceful day and a favorite (my kids loved all the dogs- so many of them). In Aruba, we took a taxi to and from Eagle Beach and rented two beach chairs and an umbrella ($40). I wanted to rent three chairs, but they would not allow me to do that- seems they only rent them in pairs of two. My two kids and I also ended up separated from my older daughter and her partner who they set up further down the beach. The bartender was very nice- the people setting up the chairs, not so much. But none of that mattered. I could have sat in the sand- that's what I was there for anyway- sun, sand and sea. Aruba was my favorite beach. Taxi's were $15/party each way. Other things: This has been mentioned a lot I know. I grew up in a household of smokers (and they all still smoke). I do not dislike smokers. But walking through that casino takes me right back to my childhood when I riding in a car with the windows up. My daughter who turned 14 two days ago figured the elevators out in about 5 minutes. Took me a day (or two). They were NOT bad at all. I think people have them figured out (probably in thanks to these boards!). The only time I saw a problem was when they were closed down, or a lot of people moving at once- forcing people to take the stairs. And that's really only a problem for people with bad knees or disabilities. There was some significant motion on this cruise- to the point where one night, I had to hold the walls walking back to the cabin because I thought I was going to fall down. And I was sober! My daughters partner thought he too was going to fall down, but he was not sober LOL! I had felt the motion for several days- it was only really bad for 1-2 days. What made it worse was that our inside cabin was CREAKING! And it was loud and hard to sleep through. I thought it might have something to do with the motion of the ship and asked about it when our steward came to clean our room. He reported to it guest services who responded very quickly. We weren't complaining- just asking about it! They too, observed the noise and sent maintenance who informed us that this had happened on a prior cruise in the same stateroom and that the motion in the ship causes it to creak. He reported that they tried to fix it once, but obviously it didn't work and they can't do it when the room is being occupied because the ceiling, etc. needs to be dismantled. We completely understood. Guest services credited us back for an excursion and paid for our Cucina Del Capitano meal for six. We were very appreciative. Ear plugs and Benadryl helped to get us through (thank God I brought the Benadryl). I was also taking, and continued to take at home some Ginger, and some Nux Vomica stuff. I felt that ships movement 3 days after vacation ended! My husband and son "like" Lido Marketplace. I do not. I am often seeking fresh ingredients to make a salad and am disappointed. I get that it may meet the expectations of others, but I do not eat a lot of meat and I just find it lacking. I heard the sandwiches were really good, but the lines were always REALLY long- especially at night. And that floor. I was so fearful for myself and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who ever walked on it. I see them mopping it, but is there not a better flooring material? It's like an ice skating rink. It's incredibly dangerous- regardless of your chosen shoe wear. A couple side notes about Lido: they will make you put something over your bathing suit when getting food- I saw them ask a lady in a bathing suit to put something on and she was not happy. And they were not allowing those who were getting soft serve to access toppings from gelato- per my daughter. I tried the iced tea and it was THE WORST iced tea I have ever had in my life 😂! And I like unsweetened tea (or sweetened). I'm a tea drinker! I just couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe it was the day, but after that- it was all water for me. Though I tried the lemonade and it was good. We last cruised in November 2015. The swimsuits have changed significantly since then! There is almost no backside 😂. I didn't bring a bottle opener and both onboard and in port, when we purchased buckets of beer we were stuck. On Eagle Beach in Aruba I noticed that the family sitting next to us had some Reef sandals and I asked the grandfather if I could borrow his shoes to open my beer. That might be a first (and a last for me). We all laughed about it! The grandfather said I could borrow his shoes anytime 😂!!! The night before we went to bed we went down to pick up our purchased pictures. I had ordered them that morning and was told to come back after 8pm. The lines were HORRENDOUS. I waited in the horrendous line only to be told that the canvas' we ordered needed another 10-20 minutes. So we went and had a drink, listened to a band and came back an hour later- waiting in the line again. They were ready. The next day, I accidentally threw the pictures away (I think I did, but it's possible that they also fell out of my file folder in the airport). Either way, I lost 6 of the physical 8x10 images. I do have the canvas' AND the USB so I can reprint the ones I lost. Thankfully. If you don't have photos taken near the end of the cruise (like we did), don't wait until the last day to order and pick up. The HUB app is amazing! We loved it for communicating with each other, seeing what was going on, where we could eat, checking in for dinner, etc. WIFI- worked perfectly, but my two teens fought over the one package I purchased. And God forbid I want to use it. Something to think about... We did a load of laundry. We were just a few doors down from it so it seemed easy enough and we wanted to re-wear a few of our favorite things. That said, we did not NEED to. We WAY over packed. I mean, probably 75 pounds of clothing too much over packed. Gah. I'll know better next time. I was in my swimsuit a lot, and was able to re-wear some clothes simply because I didn't have them on that long. Anyway- one of the dryers didn't work well and the wet stuff got backed up. People got really annoyed with this because some with little children really DID need the clothing washed ("no clothes"). So it started to get a little grumpy in there. We paid for everything in cash- zero issues. Guest services was easily accessible- though lines were long the last night (understandably). We used the ATM in casino twice. I feel like I was able to navigate our vacation so much easier having accessed the posts here! Thank you! Look forward to more sunrises, sunsets, and cruising!
  9. Sailing on the Horizon in Feb. Was looking at the Specialty Dining Restaurants. Those that have been on the Horizon, which ones did you do? Thoughts? Cucina del Capitano (Italian) Steakhouse JiJi Asian Kitchen The Chef's Table (did this on the Conquest) Bonsai Teppanyaki
  10. Will be on Horizon on 21st of September with a group of 8, and already booked for Steakhouse on 2nd night. Just wondering, with all the other choices of restaurants, just how popular are these restaurants and should we make reservations now? Most of the group is really undecided which day to eat in which restaurant!
  11. First, we we’re grateful to have finally boarded after the issues with airline. Second, after reading too many negative reviews about the Horizon, I began to worry that we booked the wrong cruise. We booked before the Horizon ever sailed and were excited to sail on the new ship (we did the same with the Sunshine). That said, we are having a BLAST! I’ve had zero problem finding chairs, or a spot in the pool. Mostly hanging out at the Tides. I got up at 5:30 am the first morning so I could catch the sunrise and it was worth EVERY SECOND OF LOST SLEEP! The ship is so beautiful and peaceful early in the morning, and obviously- you get your pick of chairs. MDR has been prompt and yummy. I am less of a fan of the Lido Marketplace- that said, I am not a fan of buffets, and even less of a fan of that killer floor. Holy hell. It’s like a venus fly trap. My husband and kids like the buffet, so we are constantly pulling each other in different directions or divide and conquer. They report to be disappointed in both the long lines and quality of Guys burgers. I love the pizza (yesterday I waited 3 minutes for fresh out of oven- day before was much longer). Blue Iguana breakfast burritos also a fast favorite! The salad bowl was disappointing- the shell had become stale from the heat. Filling fresh! We did not buy Cheers, and I do not regret that! Mind you- while we do not drink during the week due to demands of kids and work responsibilities, we do enjoy drinks on the weekends. But the heat just slams us New Englanders lol! A day in the hot sun and we are not eager to “turn up” as they say 😂. We instead added several hundred in cash for credit- and have barely made a dent. We’ve watched two different comedy shows- same guy, different shows- and pee your pants funny! We also went to the Love and Marriage show. OMG! So funny!!! Jacks Shack in Grand Turk was perfect. My family got off in LaRomana for about 1.5 hours and got back on- I did not. We do not have an excursion planned today in Curacao. Any ideas of what we can do?
  12. Just returned from an awesome 8 day cruise on the Horizon. Ports were Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao, and Aruba. Mike Pack was a great cruise director with lots of energy and was at almost every function on the ship. Does this guy ever sleep? The new smart elevator system worked great for us and we never had to wait long to go anywhere. The Hub app was really helpful! You could see all your pics and keep in touch with others on the ship with the chat feature. Also we had anytime dining and could reserve our table on the app instead of going to the dining room and waiting. The ship was near capacity but never felt too crowded to us. The casino is just as smokey as every other ship so we didn't stay in there too long. The white night party in the atrium was fun and the 80's Rock n Glow deck party was a blast! Any questions, just ask?
  13. Carnival introduced a new sea day brunch menu, titled American Brunch, on the Carnival Horizon today. The new menu features a few old favorites, as well as many new ones. The menu also features a new cold pressed juice menu for a $5 upcharge, as well as Lobster Benedict, Peel & Eat Shrimp, or Garlic Crab as upcharge entree options. The new menu is attached.
  14. Does anyone know what dining room is used for Anytime dining?
  15. Does the hallway for the staterooms on deck 11 open up to the deck or must you go down to Deck 10 to access the outdoor area?
  16. Anyone else feeling uneasy about the Dominican Republic port of La Romana? We have a cruise scheduled on the Horizon coming up and we were excited about the excursion we had planned thru Carnival (beach including drinks/food). John Heald posted today on facebook reassuring passengers that DR Amber Cove is totally safe, but he refuses to mention his passengers on La Romana. I think Carnival should re-route La Romana cruise ships to Amber Cove for the safety of their guests. We have never been to DR before. How does everyone feel about the current situation and would you get off the ship?
  17. The Horizon sounds like a large ship. If you have been on it within the past year, I have a couple questions. There will be 8 of us on this trip, but NO children. I see they have a Family Harbor. What is this all about, and is it worth being in this area? I also see they have a ride call Skyride? Is there a cost to ride it, and is it worth it?
  18. Was supposed to be in Fort Lauderdale last night, but our Jet Blue flights out of Worcester- ORH were significantly delayed. At check in, it was reported to us that there was no guarantee the flight would not be canceled with zero other flights to grab out of that airport. So Jet Blue paid for all six of us to get to Boston via Lyft where we paid for two rooms at the Hilton. They said they will reimburse us for all expenses incurred from last night- which will be good because the Hampton North in Fort Lauderdale would not waive the room fees due to lack of 24 hours notice. I won’t even begin to list the number of things that have gone wrong in the final days and weeks of this trip (not necessarily related to the trip itself). We so need a physical and emotional reprieve. And will not ever book a family vacation again without insurance. Ever! Our flight out of Boston at 6:45 is on time (knock on wood). We were planning on buying wine and soda last night at the plaza near the Hampton. Now it looks like we’ll be building a stop into an UBER for wine. I’ve read that we should plan to tip our driver WELL for this. I do tip generously as it is, but what would be considered a good tip for a quick stop for wine? And any recommendations on where to stop? Also, I prefer a red- is it too hot to drink a red on deck at night? Wide awake in Boston 🥴
  19. Our family of 42 just got off the Carnival Horizon yesterday 6/23/19. It was a beautiful ship. The children loved it! We had an OS suite which was WONDERFUL! Philip was our room steward and honestly I,cannot say I ever had a better one. The MD room food was awesome (better then Disney’s) our last cruise. Our main waiter in the Meridian dining room (Aft) Oka was his name was exceptional. We had family in Reflections which was midship and I must say, the Meridian was a lot nicer. I personally was not crazy about the buffet at all but I do not eat meat and very little seafood. Also, one day walking through I slipped and fell. There definitely needs to be something done to the floors since people walk through constantly wet. The Dr. Suess Character breakfast is a must and no worries, the $5 p.p. Was well worth it. My husband had filet mignon and eggs. If you have any questions about your upcoming cruise please feel free to ask and will try and get back to you. YaYa
  20. Thank you! Boarding flight now to Florida ☺️
  21. Cruising on the Horizon September 15. I booked Jewel Paradise Cove with Resort for a Day, but now I am rethinking that decision. Cruise Planner says the ship docks in Ocho Rios at 8:00am, then excursions are listed as 9:00am. Our transportation for the resort is supposed to leave 45 minutes after docking and get us back to the ship 2 hours prior to leaving. How much time will we actually get at the resort? If we cannot get off the ship until 9am, then we may not get to the resort until 10. Not sure I want to pay for all-inclusive if we won't get much out of it.
  22. I'm looking to book the 4/18/20 Horizon 8 day South Caribbean and most of the stateroom categories say sold out. I have never experienced this on booking a cruise this far out. Any idea why? Thanks.
  23. Hey all. Sailing Carnival Horizon in September 2019. I've been on 5 Carnival Ships (Conquest class mostly), so this will be my first "new" ship. Excited. A few questions: On the Conquests class ships, there was a "seafood" place for fish & chips and ceviche (and bouillabaisse) upstairs from the lido buffet. I know there's an a la carte "seafood shack" on the Horizon, but is there any place that serves ceviche? Is the "make your own bloody mary" bar still a thing? What times does Blue Iguana open for breakfast? Thanks in advance! George
  24. I will start this off with...yes this is my first post but I have been watching these boards for years for recommendations and ideas for our cruises. I have 14 Royal Caribbean cruises sailed this is our first Carnival so my review will be based on my experience and opinion 🤷‍♀️. We drove to Miami from Charlotte, NC and parked in the deck. Easy in and fairly easy out 176$ for the 8 day cruise. Our cruise was the 8 day grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao and Aruba route. Check in was very easy. We have no priority or past sailings so.....it was less than 30 minutes. Our first impress was very clean, nice but small entryway. That theme was one of the things we missed in comparison...the royal promenade is a huge open space. We felt like everything was down windy hallways. We had deluxe ocean view rooms on floor 1 with the tub which was an amazingly sized room. Great storage! Loved the deep window where I kept all my towel animals for the week. Our room steward was great he kept us in ice and got me a robe...we are pretty low maintenance. We preordered excursions and cases of water/soda packages. Did not like the soda coming from cans, at times it was flat and always warm. We prefer Royals freestyle coke machines and the reusable cups. That being said the bartenders were attentive and we didn’t wait long for the drinks. Main dining room food was just Ok not great not bad just ok. Buffet was bad very repetitive and very few options...this from a nurse who eats in a hospital cafeteria.... Now where carnival is Amazing is the Guys burgers, Mexican, pizza and the sandwich shop. Loved them all! Grand Turk we did the beach walked past the free chairs and paid 5$ per chair including the umbrella and it was perfect. La Romana we did the Dune buggies had a blast...got into the mud puddles!! Felt safe. Curacao we swam with the turtles it was nice but too much time on the death bus(yes thought we were gonna die). Aruba we went to palm beach and rented jet skis and tube rides. Did we have a good time...Yes of course it was vacation but...the pools on carnival are ridiculously too small, casino was horribly Smokey (we still spent a lot of time there). Didn’t get to get on the slides waited till the last day and someone’s small child pooped in the water🤷‍♀️. At the end of the day we had a great family vacation. We chose this ship for the itinerary and will prob return to Royal as the ship is just as important as the itinerary. Oh almost forget the Fun staff was amazing...they get the nod over Royal hands down!
  25. Finally getting a chance to do a review of Carnival Horizon from Spring Break 2019. We did the 6 day to Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios and Cozumel. We went March 31- April 6. We have cruised Carnival several times and chose this cruise because it was daughter's Senior spring break, she's 18 and as parents we were able to be off work at this time as well. We flew into West Palm Beach. It was MUCH cheaper. Spent the night at the Embassy Suites near airport. Nice room; reasonably priced. Rented a car to drive to Miami. That part was easy. Went to Walmart and picked up soda and snacks for ship. Easy drive down to Miami- a little over an hour south. Our mistake: returning car to Car Rental Center in downtown Miami - Budget. It was a madhouse. Seriously. Should have paid attention to others who said to not do it. Lesson learned. It took us over an hour to return car. Having Fastbreak meant nothing. We didn't take the shuttle back - got an Uber. But that even took forever. It was so busy . We got to the terminal and we had FTTF. That helped - but it was quite busy. We skipped the photos. We were able to drop our bags - we didn't check any - we carried on everything. We have learned to pack efficiently and do a bit of laundry. We had a balcony on Deck 8. Nice room. Love the muted decorating. Muster was a bit long - because folks do not know how to be on time. Sigh. Oh - before that we had lunch at Guy's BBQ. You can eat there without charge on sea days for lunch (and on embarkation day). Anyway - next up was dinner in the Steakhouse. Very nice. It had been a few years since we had eaten in one of the steakhouses. The only disappointment was the dessert. We ordered the Art... and while the presentation was amazing...the actual dessert was ...blah. Sea day was pretty chill. We had the Sea Day Brunch. For dinner we went to the Italian Restaurant. It was good. Jamaica: Not our favorite port. We did not plan an excursion. We went to Margaritaville. Since our daughter was 18 - she could legally have adult beverages in all the ports. We allowed her partake with our supervision. Margaritaville had a package for chairs and a couple of beverages that was reasonable. We also ate lunch there. It was fairly relaxing... but be forewarned that there are aggressive vendors of all types around. The smell of pot was all around and easily accessible, if that is your thing. It was not ours. That night we had reservations at the Bonsai Grill. It did not disappoint. I did make those reservations a couple of months before we boarded... as there are only two grills in the restaurant. It is worth it. We had a lot of fun and the food was quite good. Grand Cayman was the next day. We went to the Royal Palms Beach club. It was $2 per person for entry... then we rented chairs for an additional fee. Drinks are not cheap there (everything is in Cayman dollars - but they do take American Dollars). It is 18 and over to get in the pool. Beach is family friendly. It had a very nice vibe and we enjoyed our time there. You can also order food there, but we did not. We went back to the ship to eat a late lunch. That night we did eat in the dining room. We had anytime dinining - and we had downloaded the app to request our time to eat. That was very helpful. Food was okay and service was fine. Cozumel: we did book a Carnival excursion to Passion Island. Normally we would go to Mr. Sanchos. But there were 5 ships in Cozumel the day we were docked; we felt it would be too crowded there. And, I waited too long to book Nachi Cocum - so it was booked. Passion Island was a nice compromise - food was good and it was pretty. It was all inclusive - drinks and food. However - what we didn't like were all the "rules" talk... of course we understand the rules - but the guides talked forever... really about nothing which likely took up about 45 minutes of our time there. I'm serious. Once we were back - we chilled that night. Had pizza and cold beer in the room, on the balcony. At least the hubby and I. Our dd crashed from a full day at the beach. Our last sea day was relaxing. We enjoyed Serenity Deck, trivia games and just enjoying being together as family. I honestly cannot remember what we did for dinner that night. Throughout the week we enjoyed the comedy shows - the adult versions. Our dd thought it was fun getting "carded" to get into those (it's 18 and older). Comedians were quite good. We also enjoyed the music/dance parties in the atrium. Since we had FTTF - we got off the ship early ( we were off by 7:30/8AM) and took an Uber to the Car Rental Center at MIA (yep... switched our car rental after our fiasco in downtown MIA)... and that was SO much easier. We were staying another night in West Palm Beach at a Marriott resort. So...we made the quick hour trip up north to Marriott Ocean Pointe. Our room wasn't ready yet...so we went to a cafe nearby to have breakfast. Then we returned to resort and enjoyed pools. Our day was very relaxing. We took naps in the room. Had dinner... and got up very early for our flights home. I would totally use West Palm Beach as an airport option... it was a very easy drive. We loved our Spring Break Cruise on the Horizon. I think this was our 9th or 10th cruise on Carnival. We have done two on Celebrity. We may explore other options... as our child is now grown... and do not need all the family things, kids clubs, etc. But we will still keep Carnival as an option.
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