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  1. Hello, I was wondering how the Interior Havana rooms on deck 5 access the Havana pool? Is there a hallway that has a door to the pool area, or do you have to walk through the Havana Bar? Never stayed in an interior room and we are hoping the exclusive Havana Pool area will serve as our balcony but wondering how far we will be from getting there? Looking at booking room 5222. Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find the information and can't quite tell by looking at deck plans. Thanks in advance.
  2. We've done margarita, beer, martini etc. tastings before on other cruises. Does the Horizon offer these types of events and, if so, how much are they? Thanks!
  3. I received notice yesterday that I should arrive an hour later for checkin as the Horizon will be late into Miami tomorrow. (12:30 arrival appt instead of 1130). Anyone been through this before who can share their experience? Is this orderly or does chaos and long queues become the order of the day?
  4. Hi. Just curious what the earliest check-in time normally is for the Horizon out of Miami? I know we definitely didn’t get the earliest check-in time, but we got 12:30 which I am hoping is fairly good. I can’t seem to snag FTTF. Thanks!
  5. Off the wall question ... but for those of you who are far sighted ... lol Do they have the magnified mirror on the wall in the bathroom? I don't want to unnecessarily bring mine.. Thanks !
  6. What, if any, differences are there between the Vista and the Horizon. I thought they were both the same but was looking and it looks like only the Vista has the Kaleidoscope slide? Does anyone know if there are any differences? I'm not really meaning things like the color themes, just things that are distinctly different. We are trying to choose between the two and am wondering which would be better.
  7. Well hello everyone! I'm back! I know a lot of people have been probably wondering where I have been...it's been a hectic and complicated year for me. So many things have happened this year and I just needed a break. I deactivated all my social media, removed myself from the internet and computer (other than turning in homework assignments and tests) and completely changed life up as it was known around August. Everyone knows I've been in school for a while to get my bachelors, but I have been slacking on my classes over the year(s). Well, I put my mind to it that I was going to get my butt in gear and finish. Last year I only took 1 class in the spring and decided to take the summer off (because it's the only semester they will allow you to take off and not be penalized). Well, I enjoyed it so much that I also took the winter off...which meant come this year, I had to reapply to my school and that meant lots of paperwork. I took my spring classes, summer classes and just finished up my winter classes. I have 1 more class to go and I'M DONE! Finito, adios school, completed. This last class I just finished lasted from August until the week of my cruise...nutrition! Uh! I have been avoiding it like the plague. I'm the most un-nutritionalist (is that a word?) you will meet. LOL It consisted of anywhere from 5-12 quizzes weekly and 1 test weekly. Then there was 2 "mid-term" tests and a horrible 2-hour final. Whew! I'm proud to say I passed with a 96% and it's all behind me. My youngest son just bought a house (I'm such a proud momma but I'm missing him terribly since he's been gone), my oldest son just had another baby (that makes 7 for me now-I'm getting old), we sold one of our businesses (the skate/bike shop) and have been doing a complete remodel on our kitchen. It has been hectic! I'm sure there's a lot more but I'm jet-lagged and can't think at the moment. Anyhow, we normally take a November cruise (which actually used to be a December family cruise but we stopped doing that a few years back because it was one of the busiest times of the year for our store and the hubby complained about missing out on all the sales during the Christmas season that we pushed it back to November) but with my hectic class schedule, we decided not to go this time. Then, of course, out of the blue, Kendra starts talking about a Christmas cruise instead. We started scouring the internet and booked last minute (less than 30 days before the cruise) on the Carnival Horizon. I liked the ports we would be going to (all repeats for me but 3 new for Kendra) and a new ship! I didn't have much time to get myself too excited or research ports but we managed to pull it all together quickly. Since Kenny had just had a baby Dec 10 (was due Thanksgiving, but she decided to cook a little longer), he wasn't able to go. Since Kolin had just put a large down payment on a house, he wasn't able to go. That meant it was just us and Kendra and family. The day we were leaving on the plane, Kendra's fiance backed out. His dad has been in bad shape the last 2 years, but has progressively become worse. They put him on hospice the week before and didn't expect him to make it to Christmas. I'm glad to report he's still with us at this time. However, Billy didn't want to be away on a cruise if something was to happen. This meant that Kendra was now cruising with TWO kids...on her OWN! If any of you are thinking this scenario through...you know this can't be a good thing. LOL I'll jump ahead and report that when Kendra's plane landed last night, she didn't even make it home before dropping both kids off with their Aunt Chrissy (who was the one who cruised with us one year to Bermuda). Kendra said she's now on vacation! So, this is the beginning of our cruise. This was an 8-day cruise sailing out of Miami to Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba!
  8. What live bands are on the Carnival Horizon right now?
  9. Thought this might be helpful....
  10. We’ll be dining in the steakhouse on a cruise casual night. Can kids wear dress shorts? My little one just outgrew his dress slacks and we’re flying out soon!
  11. ...Anyone have them and can post them...Thanks in advance.
  12. What nights are White Night and 80's night on the Horizon 6 day Western?
  13. Recently off the Magic and the Sports Square(Basketball) court was locked up from 5:30 to 10:00PM. Kind of a bummer as previous cruises that was a prime spot for my son and his friends to hangout and play ball. Has anyone been on the Conquest or Horizon recently and know for sure if the courts on these ships are shut down or not. Thanks.
  14. This is part 1 of a review of a 6-night Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Horizon (January 20 – 26, 2019, Miami – Ocho Rios Jamaica – Grand Cayman – Cozumel Mexico – Miami with 2 days at sea). We were a group of four, DW and myself, and another couple traveling together with us for the first time although they have done two other cruises before. The Horizon was built in 2018 and was the newest Carnival ship at the time of our sailing. Embarkation: Carnival asks us to do an online check-in, but I was not aware that the embarkation procedure depends on how soon you complete this check-in process. Our flight was arriving at Miami Airport at 9 am the same day and I thought we would be able to board the ship early, as we have done with many of our other cruises. However, I procrastinated with the online check-in, and when I finally completed the process, I was given a choice of two embarkation times: 1-1:30 PM and 1:30-2 PM. I chose the first one and we then ended up having to kill time at the airport, as I had also read somewhere that Carnival will not let you board before your embarkation time. That proved to be not correct. When we arrived at the port, there were two lines, one for those with a current embarkation time and the other for those who were either early or late. We were 15 minutes early, so joined the second line. But the process was quite fast and we did not have to wait long at all. I was surprised that we did not have to go to a registration desk to get a picture ID card, as we have done with our earlier cruises. Instead, the card is sent directly to your stateroom, which makes the embarkation process faster. Cabins: We were in cabins 8307 and 8295, both interior cabins. The newness of the ship shows in the cabins and we were happy with our experience. While not spacious, the cabins were comfortable and the furniture arrangement was good. There was adequate drawer, shelf, and closet space. The bathroom was also adequate. We are not fans of shower curtains, but this one was not as bad as some others we have experienced. The shower had dispensers for bath soap and shampoo, but not for conditioner. I personally prefer these dispensers over having to use small soaps and shampoo bottles. The shower floor and bathroom floor were an attractive blue faux-tile with no grout to collect dirt over the years. There were adequate mirrors and lighting in both the bathroom and the main cabin. Also, the showers had a pull-out clothes-line that you could use to hang a few clothes to dry. This is particularly useful for swimsuits if you are going to need them the next day. But we found that the humidity in the bathroom caused the clothes to stay moist even after hanging overnight. Luckily, I had taken with me a pair of magnetic hooks and a piece of rope, and I soon had a make-shift clothes-line in our cabin. We just turned up the heat a little bit and the clothes dried like magic. Of course, the Carnival also has laundromats on each deck, but we didn’t see anybody use them. You can use your ship card to use the washers and dryers, so there is no need to carry a bunch of quarters. Elevators: Much has been written about the smart elevators on the Horizon and we just loved them. Whoever came up with the idea must be brilliant. This smart system prevents a crowd of people from rushing to whichever elevator happens to arrive next. While we occasionally had to wait a bit, overall the system worked really well. However, Carnival should post instructions on how to use these elevators on every floor, as most people appeared to press the button only once and not for each person in their group. The Carnival Hub App: We also loved the Carnival Hub App which we installed on our iPhones before arriving at the ship. The app is incredibly useful and convenient. It has information on the weather, the day’s onboard activities, dining menus, ship maps, your onboard account, and more. However, the app refused to function initially when we first boarded the ship. After boarding, I thought I would use the app to find out what we could eat and where, and also use its maps to find our way around the ship. But the app did not have any of this until a few hours later when it was almost time for the ship to sail. Perhaps I did something wrong, so I would love to hear if other people had a different experience. Public Restrooms: One big negative, in my opinion, about the Horizon, is the lack of adequate public restrooms. These are few and far between and difficult to find. There are simply not enough of them given the large number of passengers on the ship. They are also small compared to my experience with other cruise lines. As a result, the restrooms were always crowded and dirty. Part 2 of this review will deal with food and dining, shows, and excursions. Hope you found this useful!
  15. Wondering if there are showers and/or sauna-steam room in the fitness center for use by all passengers without spa pass.
  16. Any recent cruisers can tell me what movies they were showing at the Dive in Movies or at the IMAX?
  17. Mikew0805

    Horizon Sky Ride

    Is open!!!! 😁
  18. So we booked a spa room... This will be my wife’s first cruise. I talked her into it, but she is worried that we are going to be too busy to relax. I am looking for some of my experienced cruisers to put her mind at ease. Also if any of you are going can you tell me when the faster to the fun is available on this ship? I can’t seem to find it. Last few I got a year in advance. I love the forum thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have been a blessing!
  19. Going to be staying in a grand suite on the Horizon in a few weeks. Understand that a perk is to have access to the Havana Pool. Where will we be able to get the wristbands to show in order to get access?
  20. Who’s going? First time sailing with Carnival. FTTF Is sold out. What are the chances of getting a cancellation for my two cabins?
  21. I am booked on the Horizon 6 day cruise sailing on 03/17/19. I have been keeping an eye on FTTF to purchase and it is always sold out. Anyone on this cruise that has already purchased FTTF? Any advice on how to get it? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, Question one: Do guest of a GS get access to the Havana pool area during the day the SAME as those guest in a Havana suite? I have a Havana suite booked but I actually like the GS better due to balcony privacy, more in cabin storage, and more central location. It's less expensive too. When I booked ONLY the Havana cabins had Havana access. Question two: I've actually done this itinerary before aboard the Breeze but I swear I can't remember if port or starboard was the better side. What do you think? THANKS!
  23. fitcruisecouple

    Horizon December 15 Questions

    Hello everyone! Couple questions - we will be on the 12/15 cruise and we have a family harbor suite. Does the harbor lounge have hot water for making hot chocolate/tea? We will be boarding at 11:30. We plan on changing into our swimsuits and heading to Lido to grab a bite and lounge. Is that the best plan while the ship is loading? Does the "secret deck" up front get crowded for the sail away? Trying to decide how early we need to "sneak" up there lol.
  24. 228THSTREET

    Horizon Prioty

    If you book a Havana Cabana due you get a early on board
  25. My husband and I and our family spent a great week on the Horizon, marred only by less than stellar weather and several of us catching a cruddy upper respiratory virus. Cruising with us were our two adult daughters, their husbands, and our three grandchildren, ages 5, 7, and 9. The ship did seem crowded at times, partly due to the weather that kept everyone inside. We stayed on deck 2 in the Family Harbor in three of the aft cabins, 2488, 2501, and 2503. The Family Harbor Lounge was very convenient for snacks and breakfast. We all enjoyed the ice cream and I enjoyed the coffee/latte/cappuccino machine. There was a wide variety of breakfast items in the morning, and in the afternoon there were snacks such as chips and salsa, sandwiches, cheesecake, cookies, etc. We thought the food on board was overall, very good. One of our daughters and family ate in the Pig and Anchor restaurant twice at night and they thought it was really good. Other than that, we did not utilize the specialty restaurants. There was enough good food available otherwise that we didn’t feel the need to do so. We all liked the Guy’s burgers and the breakfast burritos from the Blue Iguana. The main dining room food was mostly very tasty and at times, downright delicious. As a comparison, my last two cruises were on Princess, and I felt the food was as good, if not better, than what we had on Princess. Even the selections from the buffet (mostly) were pretty darn good. Most of the desserts were very good. We enjoyed the entertainment as well, especially the New Age String trio, James Munks in the piano bar, and the two comedians, Diane Ford and Chas Elstner. For some reason the Celestial Strings production show was not performed and I was very disappointed about that. Is it only done on the 8-night cruise? Cruise director was Mike Pack. I missed the Soulbound and Amor Cubano production shows; we were doing activities with the kids those evenings. I saw a little bit of The Vintage POP show and it was good. Our grandchildren only got to use the Dr. Seuss waterpark the first day at sea due to the weather. The last day of the cruise (second sea day) it rained the entire day. In Ocho Rios, we all stayed on the ship except for our oldest daughter and her husband; they did the bobsled tour and enjoyed that. The children did mini golf, played pool, ping pong, etc. and then got in the pool around lunch time, but after some sunshine earlier in the day, it turned cloudy and the pool water was chilly. We booked an independent tour in Grand Cayman through Captain Marvin: Stingray City, snorkeling, and lunch at the Yacht Club. When we got to the Captain Marvin check in place they told us that even though it was a warm, sunny day, the water was very choppy and rough and they gave us the option to cancel. We did. Instead we found a driver to take us to Hell, the Dolphin Discovery Center, and then the beach. We spent several very enjoyable hours at the beach. The kids loved it. Later, we talked to some folks who had gone to Stingray City on a Carnival tour; they said it WAS very choppy and rough, not enjoyable at all. They wished that Carnival had given them the option to cancel. In Cozumel we booked the Private Oasis at Passion Island through Carnival. The tour included a 45- minute ferry ride over to Passion Island, during which it poured rain. My oldest daughter was seasick. The rest of the tour was great though, even though it sprinkled off and on and was cloudy. Our group of nine had the use of a beach house with our own chef, waitress, and bartender. The staff prepared a nice lunch of steak tacos, fresh guacamole, salsa, etc. with an open bar. We had our own private beach area, too. There was quite a lot of seaweed on the beach, which the staff was working diligently to clean up. I believe this tour was for up to 12 people, and it was a good value. The ride back to the ship was much smoother. Our 5-year-old grandson picked up an upper respiratory infection on the first day of the cruise. It didn’t slow him down too much, but his mother and my husband also caught it. My husband didn’t get it until the last day of the cruise and is still sick. It hit him hard. The crew was very friendly and hard-working. Our steward, James, always greeted us by name. My 7-year old granddaughter was really pleased by that. I’m not sure how many cabins he had to take care of, but it was a lot. We only opted for cabin service in the evening, and James did a fine job. The crew did a lot of special things for the kids, such as bringing them cookies to decorate at the sea day brunch. One thing we weren’t very happy about was the flights Carnival booked for us. It’s always a long day getting from Des Moines to Florida, but this day was awful. Originally, we booked the airfare through Carnival because the price was right. Our flight left Des Moines at 2:30 p.m. and was supposed to get into Miami around 10:30 p.m. (bad enough) but at some point Carnival notified us that the schedule had been changed so that we weren’t getting into Miami until 12:30 a.m. We could have changed that (for about $1800) but we ultimately decided not to. We should have. In the end, we didn’t get into Miami until 1:45 a.m. due to weather problems causing late-arriving plane for our connection in Atlanta. Ugh. It was 3 a.m. before we got to bed. Surprisingly, the kids did well on this very long day with only minimal whining. Overall, it was a good family vacation and we made a lot of memories. I would recommend the Horizon. If anyone has questions I will try to answer them.