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  1. I know there are a number of fantastic reviews coming from this voyage, so I will highlight some of the things not covered elsewhere. This was our first time on a Carnival ship and our only other cruise was a 4-day with Disney. Like many newbies, I anxiously researched as much as I could, but still felt like I did not have all of the info. This review will focus most on those things that caused me the most stress before the trip and how they turned out for us. "Us" is me (43 yo teacher mom), DH (45), DS (16), DD (14) and DD (11). COMPARISON TO DISNEY Another poster wrote that "it's not Disney but it was fun." That was a helpful line to me and I will add a few more details on the differences I noticed. We chose carnival based on the price (approx $6000 for a Christmas cruise on CCL vs. $14,000 for a similar schedule/space on Disney...) and-spoiler alert- I would make the same choice next time.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to book two rooms on deck 2 that are part of the Family Harbor series. I've talked so a few people and they said there was so much noise from above. One had a room below the club/bar and one below the Galley. The Galley takes up a huge part of deck 3. I really don't want to pay a premium for these rooms to then not be able to sleep. Anyone have any other experience and can tell me which rooms you booked. We currently have 2409 and 2423. Thanks
  3. bre12bre

    Halloween on horizon

    Will be sailing the horizon on oct 20. What halloween activities were scheduled in oct. Is there a halloween contest every week and if so did many people dress up in costume
  4. I just got off Carnival Horizon, (full review will come later). While on the ship we came across the acoustic musician Owen Stephen. It was his first week on the ship. Owen plays different types of music from country to classic rock, besides his own music. Very talented and willing to sing almost every song that was requested. He plays in the pig and anchor, the atrium and a couple of times in the ocean plaza. Try and see at least one of his shows during the cruise.
  5. We are traveling on the Carnival Horizon on January 20th. Was wondering if anyone had the Fun Times for a similar sailing? Thank you!
  6. How does the bar atmosphere in Guy's Pig & Anchor Brewhouse on Horizon compare to the RedFrog Pub on Vista/Magic/Breeze/Etc?? In the past, we spent a lot of time in RedFrog hanging out/drinking beer/playing games/listening to music/etc - I'm curious if Guy's Brewhouse has a similar bar-type atmosphere, outside of the times they're serving food. Thanks!
  7. So I am booked on a havana cabana on the Horizon for the week of 03/17. Payment is due Jan 1st and now I am worried spring break may not be the best time to go. Any advice?
  8. I'm baaaaaaaaack 🙂 ((Not from my cruise. I got back from my cruise months ago. But I'm back on CC! Hi friends!!!!!)) If we haven't crossed paths on this board or...onboard...HI! I'm Nicole. I live in Chicago. And I love cruises. They're my absolute favorite way to travel and see the world. I don't even know if I could put into words why. But every year since my freshman year of college, my family and I have taken at least one cruise (sometimes two...or three!). And even though my sister (Stephanie) and I are all grown up, we still try to cruise with our Mom every year. It's kind of our family tradition. And I've been posting reviews on here for nearly that entire time (holy cow -- I've been posting reviews here for, like, fourteen years ). See, I went to college to be a writer. And then I got a fancy journalism degree...and promptly went in to a career in digital marketing and merchandising and did nothing with it. So writing these reviews fills that piece of me that needs some creative outlet. And they serve as a pay-it-forward for all of the reviews I read before we visit new places or cruise on new ships. Obligatory family photo of us on the Vista a couple of years ago: So if you haven't read one of my reviews before, let me lay it out for you: these are long. Really long. And they have a ton of pictures. I've been writing this particular review and posting it on my blog for the past six months or so. I wasn't sure if I was going to cross-post it over here because the Horizon isn't in Europe anymore, but then Carnival announced new Europe and Mediterranean itineraries for its new ship and I figured some of you might it useful. Or, at least, I hope some of you find it entertaining! I write these in journal form because that's mostly what they are: my cruise journal (which also lets me re-live my trips when I share them with all of you!). And if you're not into long reviews but you're seeking Horizon and/or Mediterranean cruising info, I have the Carnival Horizon menus posted here, the 13-day Fun Times posted here and a ship walk through here. But I do hope some of you will follow along because talking about cruising is so much of the fun in writing these, and if you are following along, drop me a note below and let me know! And with that...let's go back onto the Horizon!
  9. I’ve cruised a fair amount. Don’t get me wrong I still have to work full time and typically only get 3 weeks vacation a year and not even each of those is spent at sea, but I’ve done enough so that I know the drill. But I never was drawn to the appeal of the Fun ships. Mainly a grew up on Royal, and then found the freestyle vibe of Norwegian to be relaxing and easy. I started looking to branch out when after several cruises and shopping around I was finding all of the same itineraries. If you’re going to the Caribbean on NCL you get Nassau, St Thomas and Tortola, or Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel and maybe a private island. If you’ve done it a couple times you start looking for more. So here I am, my first fun ship on the 8-day sailing to Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao and Aruba. It was the itinerary that drew me to this ship. That, and when I booked I found the exclusive Havana area and felt like if I was unsure about all the things I read about the carnival party crowd, this would at least give me some reprieve if needed. I had 18 months to prepare for this sailing, and while surfing the CC carnival boards I found a lot of vets, either complaining about changes or championing for carnival overall. I found very few new to carnival cruisers who had experience on other lines. What a long winded into to why I’m here... let’s get down to who I am: 36, turning 37 on this trip. I cruise every year for my birthday. I travel solo 90% of the time and I prefer to make my vacation time all about me right now. Staying in Havana interior cabin 5211. For those of you new to carnival if you have questions you want me to find, I would be more than happy to go hunting for info. More to come.... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. We were staying in Paris To get away from your parents You look so proud standing there with a frown and a cigarette, posting pictures of yourself on the internet **Paris-The Chainsmokers** (This song has absolutely nothing to do with anything, it was just stuck in my head the whole time we were in Paris!) Welcome to Willdra’s Hyperactive Carnival Horizon April 15-22 Cruise Review! TLDR Version (Too Long Didn’t Read): We had a great time, loved the Horizon, and we would do it all over again, twice if we could! P.S. Horizon pictures will follow the Paris portion. Still here? Sweet!!! My husband W and I took this journey as a part of a group cruise that our daughter (A) and her fiancé (Z) take every year. We've sailed with their group before, and we were thrilled that it worked out for us to join them again, especially on the brand new Horizon. It all started out as just the cruise with maybe a couple of days at the end in Barcelona. Somewhere along the way, it morphed into a pre-cruise stay in Paris, then the Horizon Cruise, followed by a post-cruise piece of Barcelona, and a short after party in Paris. Too much? Yep, that's why it's Hyperactive! So A and Z play a super nerdy card game, that you've prolly never heard of, called Magic the Gathering. They also belong to a "Magic Cruise Group" on FB, which is a group of peeps who sail together annually, to play….Magic the Gathering. Woooohooooo!!! This is actually the group's 10th cruise together, so it's become a tradition for them. I’ve never played MTG before, since you have to be smart, and you know, remember things. #toohard W has played tho and he seems to enjoy it. When he wins. Which isn't that often. After over a year of agonizing, waiting, and planning (I did all of the planning, everyone else just waited), travel day finally arrived! I had an all-day meeting on travel day, so I technically “worked” until 4 (worked=sat in my seat daydreaming and faking attentiveness, which I’m great at). My friend AC, and her friend V, were joining us this time too. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:15 pm. We drove over to AC’s, which is closer to the airport, at around 6:15, to leave our car. Then my brother picked us all up and took us to Hartsfield-Jackson International. It would prolly cost an arm, leg, and 3 baby teeth to park our car somewhere for the 15 days that we would be gone, so we were blessed to have other options. When we got to the airport, the first thing we noticed was how many bags AC had. Not only did she have one over sized, overweight check in, but she had the audacity to have 2 AND 2 carry-ons. She was basically carrying around the weight of a medium sized human in luggage. Oh and I forgot to mention that when we got there, she handed me a gift bag containing a big heavy loaf of banana bread that she’d baked that morning, accompanied by a chunk of cheese! Banana Bread. And. Cheese. Now don't get me wrong. Normally, I would've done the Electric Slide at the sight of the cheese, but we were going to France, where we would have access to some of the most exquisite bread and cheese known to man, so she packs her own to carry??? In this bag???? Nice. Well, the way my luggage is setup, I have zero room for this! So I carry it in my hand. I look like I don’t have the good sense that God gave a groundhog, but ok it made her happy. This trip is already starting out weird, or normal for us, depending on how you look at it. We were flying on British Airways to Heathrow, then from Heathrow to Paris. We'd purchased round trip tickets from ATL to CDG for around $500 total per person. Then we chose another round trip from CDG to BCN. For this we paid $150 per person. Kayak.com and skyscanner.com were my BFF’s for reals. I high key stalked them for months to get good deals, and it really paid off! After AC forked over her extra baggage fare (which was almost as much as her airfare), we went to security. There was no line in security, but I still managed to impede progress by pushing all of the trays containing my crap on the floor. Everything went flying because the tables were uneven, I wasn’t really looking, and I was just trying to get through. Passports, shoes, Chapstick, dental floss, and some embarrassing personal items, all spilled on the floor. Aye Dios Mio! AC and I scrambled to pick everything up quickly to stave off any further shame. W was long gone. He wanted no parts of my foolishness. Can’t blame him. I would've left me too. When we got past the security incident we ate some overpriced mediocre food, and started the slow wait to board. W went to check the rate to purchase Euros from Travelex while we were waiting, and he liked what he saw, so he got our Euros there. We had the option of getting them from our bank at a better rate beforehand, but we didn't cuz that was too much like right, so we started looking when we got to the airport. Eventually people started lining up because that’s what people do, but we sat and waited for the official boarding call. Welp the announcement was soon made that we would NOT be boarding yet due to a malfunctioning door. I guess you kinda need the door to close securely on the plane in order to have a safe flight. Who would've thought? We were told that the next announcement would be in 20 minutes. No problem. After about 18 minutes people started lining up again but we were told that the technician needed another 15 minutes to fix the door. Groans ensued from the line as it dispersed. Again. We got the real boarding announcement promptly 15 minutes after that. We all got up, but I guess people were skeptical now because the line didn't really form again, and we ended up first in our Zone. The plane was a large 777 and W and I had a middle row of 4 seats to ourselves. Score! W and I all ready to go!! He's so happy he's not driving! Since we were behind schedule leaving we were concerned about making our connection at Heathrow. Turns out the Captain had a nice tailwind that got us back on track. We didn't have a ton of time to spare, but we would be ok. After a long uneventful flight, where the door closed, and didn't blow off, our plane basically landed in an airplane parking lot at Heathrow. In order to get to the terminal, we had to debark down some stairs then hop on a bus. The bus was packed full, and it was a long way to the terminal. A.Long.Way! I was glad that my bladder wasn’t tripping, cuz we would've had a “situation” if it was. While we were in the air, I received a text from British Airways saying that they would check our carry-ons for free, but we had to go to a specific location to drop them off. Once we got to the airport, nothing made sense. Nothing. We had to ask to find out where we needed to go. I must say tho, everyone that we spoke with was very nice. I was sorta disappointed that I didn't see Harry Potter in the few minutes that I spent in London. I was really looking for him too. Bummer. Maybe next time. We waited 15-20 minutes in the waiting area, and it was time to board again. I had plans to eat some of AC’s banana bread since I brought it all this way, but I fell asleep as soon as I fastened my seatbelt. I woke up when we started to land in Paris, and W nudged me saying he could see the Eiffel Tower. The flight was so quick that the flight attendants didn't even finish food service. We got there in about an hour and a half. Deplaning was quicker this time and soon we were claiming our baggage. We were also supposed to meet AC’s friend V at CDG since she got there before us. She was in another terminal tho, so AC went to hook up with her, and we told her we would see them at the hotel. Paris was calling me, and I had to answer ASAP! When we were ready to leave, I ordered the Uber to the hotel. It was so easy! Almost as soon as I hit confirm, he appeared. Our driver was very nice too. He brought our bags all the way into the hotel, and made sure we got checked in ok. We were staying at Hotel Scarlett which is a fairly new, but small boutique hotel located in the Belleville area. Here are some pictures of Hotel Scarlett. The rooms are smaller than American Hotel rooms. I guess the French are so tiny, that they don’t need much space. Must be nice!
  11. Please join us for my dysfunctional LIVE review of our cruise on Carnival Horizon leaving December 23, 2018. I will not be responsible for the content of this review, grammar, spelling, opinion and or anything else construed from this review by you the reader. This will be my first attempt at a LIVE review, so buyer beware. Background Info and I'm not talking the criminal variety: We are gang of 5 seasoned cruises with experience on multiple lines, but primarily on Carnival. We consist of a 54 year old male (me), my beautiful bride (29😉), 2 wonderful daughters (25 and 21) and our oldest daughter's boyfriend (25). We are located in the center of Bourbon country in a county with a greater population of cows than people. Per Witness Protection rules I am unable to disclose our exact location. My first cruise was on RCCL Song of America in 1987 which I am sure has been sold for scrap metal somewhere in India by now. We have also had the pleasure of cruising on Celebrity, NCL and Princess. We are fortunate enough that on this sailing our oldest daughter will turn PLATINUM and we will ride her coattails for the additional perks. "Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting my cruising habit." We will be leaving tomorrow after work and driving down to the Nashville airport for a direct flight to MIAMI. We normally fly out of the Louisville airport but a comparison on Google Flights showed that we could save 250.- a man which equates to one person cruising for free for an extra 1/2 hour of driving. Easy decision. I will check in with updates tomorrow as we prep to hit the road. Buenas noches mis amigos..
  12. Looking to book flights what time has the Horizon been typically getting back to Miami?
  13. After reading so many negative reviews, I feel the obligation to post this review here. I'm happy to answer any questions, and I'd love to hear from those who had a negative experience to see where things went wrong. My review follows: After reading countless negative reviews of the Carnival Horizon, I feel the need to clear the air. This was my 29th cruise, and one of my top few. I traveled with my octogenarian, but very active father. He's a lifelong Bostonian, and I live in Albuquerque. We sailed an 8 day cruise to Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten on 10/6/18. My Dad stayed for a few nights before the cruise at the Fountainbleu Hotel on Miami Beach. I can't speak to it personally, but he really enjoyed it, and has stayed there multiple times. The ship was one of the major draws for us, as we like all the cool things you can do on the Horizon. We were quite disappointed when we got an email a few days prior to sailing stating that the Sky Ride would be down for the duration of our cruise. We were lucky that they got it up and running on the fourth day, but more on that later. The bottom line is that the ship did not disappoint. She is a beautiful ship that was very well maintained. The activities on the ship were many. If you happened to read my Splendor review from June, you'd know that besides one ping pong tournament, there were no organized sports activities. I wasn't sure if this was a trend for Carnival, but I'm happy to report that there were several different sports tournaments: ping pong once, dodgeball scheduled three times but played twice due to rain one day, volleyball twice, soccer once I believe, and basketball knockout twice. I think there were also pool games one day. Besides the staff run tournaments, there were plenty of other activities. The aforementioned Sky Ride was a thrill. The lines could get long, so I'd suggest either going early or on a port day. The Sky Course was also a lot of fun. My Dad and I did each several times. The wait for the Sky Course ranged from 0-5 minutes. I'd recommend doing the course without grabbing your harness for support. Most people did the course while holding their own harness, and it defeats the purpose of the obstacles. The mini golf course was one of the best at sea. They also had cornhole, foosball, ping pong, billiards, and soccer billiards (that will be a new one to most, as it was to us). I also played several rounds of trivia of various subjects. The staff did an excellent job hosting these events. Service onboard was excellent. Our room steward was very capable. We had My Time Dining, and ate at around 6:45 most nights (which I'd consider around the peak time). We only waited on one night for about 15 minutes (the first formal night). All other nights we were assigned a table right away. All of our waiters (and we had different ones each night) were exceptional. Food was delivered quickly and our orders were always correct. Food was not always piping hot, but that is to be expected given the circumstances of serving several thousand guests. Speaking of dining, the food was really great. Horizon shines at lunch time. One negative thing that I read about before sailing was that the wait times at lunch venues was intolerable. I can tell you that for my sailing, we hardly waited at all, and we tried all of the lunch options. Our faves were probably Guy's BBQ and Guy's Burgers, but there isn't a bad choice in the bunch. I love the menu options in the main dining room - there are so many good choices that I ate way too much! I'm a lover of Royal Caribbean as well, and I have to say that Carnival far exceeds Royal in the MDR. Royal only has a few selections of each category, while Carnival has double the options. They even have special menu items based on the port you were in each day. Oh - check out the buffet at lunch, even if you eat elsewhere. They have 5-6 awesome cakes and a couple types of gelato, all of which are different each day. We stayed in an interior cabin on the 8th deck in the center of the ship. This was a very quiet area and we were easily able to get to the Lido deck only two floors up and the entertainment decks just a few decks down. The cabin was simple but very functional with two desktops and two 110v plugs, two USB plugs, and a European outlet. The fridge in the room was empty (as it was on Splendor), so you don't have to mess with freeing space for your own stuff. The beds were very comfortable. The entertainment on this ship is arguably the best in the Carnival fleet. I'd still say that Royal holds an edge here on Oasis Class ships, but Carnival's singer/dancer shows were extraordinary. I read reviews that said the show venue is too small and has poor sightlines. This is true, but if you arrive 20-30 minutes before the show starts, you will get great seats. The performers frequently come into the audience to perform, and it results in a really great show - as long as you get there early. The same goes for the comedy shows. For the late night performances, you definitely need to get there at least 15 minutes early to get a seat. The earlier shows do not fill up, so you can arrive just before showtime. I do love how Carnival offers so many comedy shows on their ships. We had late flights heading out of town, so we booked the Carnival Everglades trip with airport drop off. This was a great trip at a very fair price. The only negative is that you have to meet to get off the ship at 7:45am. I wish they offered a later option for people with really late flights like us. We were at the airport around 12:30pm, about five hours prior to our flights. All in all, we had an excellent trip at a great value. I look forward to cruising the Horizon or a sister ship in the future.
  14. Carnival has added new balconys on deck 2 of the Horizon, in family harbour area. They are aft extended balconys ( these are not on Vista) I am lucky enough i suppose, to have them booked for a B2B in January 2019 Question, if you look at the deck plans, the balcony for rooms 2497 and 2482 are HUGE which happen to be both rooms we have 2497 first week and 2482 second week... same room not available for both ( wonder if i could find the person who has either booked and say would you like to switch up for the exact mirror room so we dont have to change? haha) anyway.. my question, on the deck plans both these balconys show something, not sure what, almost like a staircase /////// anyone know what this actually is, here is link to deck plan https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-horizon.aspx#deck-plans thanks in advance
  15. Off the Horizon a week ago. Overall a GREAT ship - some subtle design changes from the Vista make the ship look less BLAND. Overall the ship looks beautiful! Anyway something that is new to ME at least - did you know you can make YourTime Dining reservations using the Carnival App? It works without paying for WiFi - just make sure you're on Airplane mode and you're signed onto the Ship's Wifi. You can do EVERYTHING from your state room or anywhere else on the ship. When you table is ready you will get a notification and it even tells and shows you what table! You just show the greeter at the Dining Room your texted confirmation and they walk you to your table! LOVED this new feature!
  16. Carnival introduced a new sea day brunch menu, titled American Brunch, on the Carnival Horizon today. The new menu features a few old favorites, as well as many new ones. The menu also features a new cold pressed juice menu for a $5 upcharge, as well as Lobster Benedict, Peel & Eat Shrimp, or Garlic Crab as upcharge entree options. The new menu is attached.
  17. Do they offer a specialty dining package?
  18. I read that Grand Suites are now able to access the Havana Pool during the day.
  19. Hey Everyone! We just got back from the 8 day Southern Caribbean aboard the beautiful Carnival Horizon. The ship is amazing, Mike did an incredible job, and overall we had a wonderful cruise. I have copies of fun times, menus (I'm missing a few here and there), and some miscellaneous pictures of the ship, food, and ports. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them!
  20. Can you pour beer into your own mug or must you use a Carnival glass? Is there a minimum or maximum amount? (Love the full gratuities on self serve!)
  21. IntrepidFromDC

    Carnival Horizon Tips

    Noticing Horizon is different than other Carnival ships I've been on, (e.g., elevators), it would be nice to have a consolidated thread where cruisers share their best tips, or links to tips. Here's one I like a lot: https://cruiseradio.net/39-carnival-horizon-cruise-tips/
  22. cbtengwife

    Horizon 8 Day Fun TImes

    Looking for Horizon 8 Day Fun Times with ports Grand Turk, La Romania, Curacoa, and Aruba. Thanks
  23. chumley28540

    Laundry on Horizon

    Wonder if this ship has a laundry. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  24. :cool: where and when do you sign up for the Brew House tour once you get on board?
  25. First of all the trip was awesome! Great weather except for 2 half days of rain - otherwise beautiful. Great ship - loved it was new. Havana aft was perfect - room 7467. Agus was our steward and he was great. Dining room food was good - didn't particularly like the buffet at dinner but lunch was good. Guy's burger was always good. The burritos were really good too. Did Carnival transfers from LGA and back to JFK. LGA was confusion for the transfer people but the ride back was good (and on a large bus). Shows were good but the cruise director Chris was amazing!! Do not miss his atrium shows every evening. Packed! No issues getting into the regular shows as I heard in the past you needed to be there 30 minutes early. I walked in about 10/15 minutes early and always seats available. The show on night 2 was the best - it had a scary theme to it and was awesome. Carnival gift cards - added to sign and sail during trip. At end of trip if money left over they mailed you what was left over $10. Also used that money at the casino so didn't have to carry cash. If you want the cash and not have them send you a check just add left over money to your card in the casino and go to the counter and cash in your card and they will hand you the cash. Disembarkation at ports was easy and moved well. Disembarkation at end of trip was also smooth. I'm so tired today that my brain isn't working so any questions, please ask and I will try to answer. I'm sure I have alot more to say but again I'm exhausted from my vacation. :cool: