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  1. We haven't sailed Carnival in awhile and noticed that there is now an arrival time to choose. We are platinum, sailing in a spa suite on Carnival Horizon out of Miami. According to our travel agent, we can show up at the port anytime we want to. Does anyone have any recent experience with this? Thanks for any information!
  2. I have read about the unorthodox layout of the Liquid Lounge on the Horizon and that some of the shows become interactive with the performers doing their thing among the moveable chairs in front of the stage. The 2 shows I am interested in are Soulbound and Vintage Pop. I am wondering if these shows are done entirely on stage or partly on the floor. We prefer to remain seated as spectators only, not dancers or whatever! So we would adapt when picking our seats based on the nature of the shows. Yes, I know one must go early no matter what! Thank you in advance.
  3. I saw that there is no Park West Gallery on the Carnival Horizon and Panorama. I was wondering if Carnival was doing away with these art auctions. Not that this would break my heart as I find the art people annoying and have gone twice (I forgot how annoying it was the first time) and will not buy art or go again. I just thought it was odd that it was on all the ships except for the new ones. Perhaps Carnival has contracts on the older ships and is phasing them out?
  4. crazycatlady82

    Oasis vs panorama/horizon

    Hi all-I’m wondering your thoughts about taking a RCCL cruise on the oasis vs carnival’s panorama (or horizon). Completely different ports of call, however, this time, I’d be cruising for the ship. The most important aspect for me is that we’d be taking our (right now) 13 yr old daughter. She’d more than likely be 14 when we’d take the cruise. I’d want her to enjoy being on the ship. Prices are similar for a 7 day cruise in a balcony. I’ve cruised carnival 5x, rccl 1x, and celebrity 2x, while hubby’s first cruise will be this August on carnival to Alaska with me. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  5. We will be on the horizon over Christmas for a 6 day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We have dinner reservations on the Jamaica and Cozumel evenings. We picked those nights because we were told elegant nights would probably be on two sea days and we want to eat in the MDR on those nights. Now that that itinerary has started sailing out of Miami, can someone confirm the schedule for the elegant nights? Thanks!
  6. Just off 8 day Horizon cruise. Have read and then also heard a lot of complaining about the new elevator system on board the Vista and Horizon. My take is that If used correctly it works Fine. The very best example was when we did self disembarking at the end of the cruise. In the past when we have tried to get off the ship with our luggage it had been a nightmare to get elevator to fit ourselves and our luggage. With this system we waited a bit but when elevator arrived it had room for all of us and our luggage instead of being full of people already and took us right to the floor we needed. How to Use: When you walk up to the elevator choose the floor you are wanting to go to. Tap the button once for each person in the group that needs to get on elevator. In other words if there are 4 of you on Deck 3 and you want to go to deck 9, tap the screen toactivate it, then tap floor 9 option 4 times. A letter will appear each time to tell you Which elevator to board. *be patient. Since you are not able to see where the elevators are you have no sense of how long until your designated elevator arrives. This adds to sense of longer waiting time but when it arrives it will take you to where you want to go. If it is a really busy time your wait will be longer. Just like any other ship. *do not get impatient and just hop on the next elevator to arrive if it’s not the letter you were directed to. This is one reason why the elevators are full sometimes when they stop to pick people up, and the system then doesn’t work correctly. *again push the button for each person in the group. That is the only way the elevator knows there could be 7 people all waiting for same floor. If you punch it just once an elevator may stop that doesnt have room for all. It’s not perfect but it does work.
  7. Hi all. Typically I would search the forum but not sure if anyone has posted this info now that the Horizon is in Miami and with the CC update, not sure how that will go. So I thought I'd throw this up there and see if anyone can share. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. I got a new job a couple months ago and am now an early riser, even on my days off. I expect this isn't going to change, so I'm thinking ahead to our cruise next year. Where, if anywhere, will I be able to get a hot breakfast on the Horizon at 5 or 6 in the morning?
  9. I have seen references to the menus being on the Hub app. My question is "are the menus for the whole cruise there or is it just the present day's menu?"
  10. Someone said in a thread here from several months ago that the smaller Reflections dining room was for assigned dining while they were in Europe earlier in the year. Is this true, or did they reverse it after coming stateside from Europe?
  11. We haven't cruised in a couple of years. We were booked on the Vista this past June, but had to cancel because we were moving to another state. So needless to say I am a little rusty here on CC! The site is new and improved since I've been on it. So forgive me if this question has already been asked. We want to do a Southern Caribbean, which includes Grand Turk, Curacao and Aruba in March or April of 2020. There isn't much info on the Horizon yet, and I really didn't get much of a chance to do some research for Vista, when we were booked on her, which was also going to these islands. I don't have as much time on my hands like I used to, with my new job...so I'm hoping for a little help, to get me started. So if you had to pick, which would you pick? Horizon or Magic? or if you have been on the Vista, which I assume is a lot like the Horizon....which would you pick? (Horizon is obviously more expensive, but is it worth it??) Thanks in advance!
  12. I've seen a few people ask where the Muster stations are on the Horizon so they can plan. Also for any new cruisers your Muster station is printed on your boarding pass. C5- Ocean Plaza B5- Area around steakhouse / alchemy bar A5- Liquid lounge 5th floor C4- Limelite lounge 4th floor B4- Casino A4-Liquid Lounge 4th floor D4-Meridian Restaurant 4th floor D3- Meridian Resturant 3rd floor B3: Reflections restaurant. (5 , 4 & 3 designate which floor) --Sorry can not figure out how to post a photo with this. Photo can be found on the below facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10106093479729778&set=gm.2160447504237196&type=3&ifg=1
  13. Does the Buffett at dinner or lunch serve cold fruit soups. I have seen them on MDR menus but wondering if I could grab a bowl in the Buffett. I know they are not good for you basically eating a fruity milkshake with a spoon but they are a cruise a treat to me and better than most deserts.
  14. Just got an email that the skyride on our sailing will be closed for the duration of our cruise (september 30th - October 6th) kinda disappointing as I was looking forward to it! Does the skyride go down alot? Horizon is still a pretty new ship!
  15. Hello all! I just got off a wonderful 8 day cruise aboard the Horizon 10/6/18 thru 10/14/18, and now that life is slowly returning to normal I am ready to begin my review. I will forewarn you, this cruise was not as adventurous as my previous ones. Life for my mother and I has been rough the past 6 months or so, and we went in with the mindset to RELAX on this cruise. We planned no excursions for any of our port stops (that’s a first for me, I ALWAYS know what I am doing in the ports before we set sail!), we ended up only eating in the MDR twice (again a first, I usually despise the Lido buffet at dinnertime!) and it was overall just a really low-key, non-adventurous week for us. We drove down from Hendersonville, NC to Miami on Friday, October 5. I despise flying, and mom and I didn’t mind doing the drive as we are horsey people and we mapped out a few tack shops to stop at on the way down. We left Mom’s house at 5 am, stopped at Fishlips in Port Canaveral for a late lunch at 3, and ended up finally arriving at our hotel in Miami at 8 that night. We WERE making decent time considering our tack shop stops and lunch stop, but traffic from Palm Beach to Miami was AWFUL. It literally took us an hour and a half to drive the last 15 miles to our hotel. On the upside, we got a really great laugh as we were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on 95. Mom was on her phone and goes “Oh look, this truck next to us has wifi!” I tell her “Don’t connect! You have no idea who that is, what is on that network, he may hack your phone!” She’s peering into the vehicle to “see if he is an OK looking person” and all of a sudden her head whips so hard my way I’m afraid she may have whiplash. I ask her what’s wrong and she says, “Don’t look at his phone, don’t look!” Of course that just gets my curiosity going so I HAVE to look….and I wish I hadn’t. All I will say is….only on 95 in Miami will you see someone sitting in a traffic jam watching adult movies. Once we arrived at our hotel, the Hampton Inn Midtown, we were more than ready to just get some dinner and crash. I will say that this hotel has a GREAT location, very easy to get to and it is in a safe area to walk around, which we needed to do to stretch our legs! We checked in, and Kimberly and Terry the front desk clerks were amazing. We had a bit of a mix up when checking in…Terry gave us a room on the 8th floor, and we headed up with our luggage. I opened the door and walked in and was like “Whoa, whoever stayed in here had some strong cologne!” Then I saw a suitcase, men’s pants, and a bottle of wine in the room. Holy cow, someone is already staying in here! We hightailed it back down to the front desk and they looked into it and Kimberly called Terry back over. After apologizing profusely he told her, “We have to make this right. Give them a suite.” I told them no no, we are only staying one night, we don’t need a suite! He looked at me and goes, “No, we are giving you a suite, and Kimberly, also give them 2 bottles of wine.” I was like “No need, it’s ok, Mom doesn’t drink wine. Can you just give us 2 bottles of water?” Well….we ended up with the suite, 2 bottles of wine, AND 2 bottles of water. Needless to say…we had a good night. Ok fine, I had a good night as like I said, Mom doesn’t drink wine, and I already had my 2 bottles packed in my carryon for the ship. I couldn’t let the 2 bottles they gave us go to waste! Pics of our suite we stayed in pre-cruise. We ended up walking to Pollo Tropicale for dinner, which was right near the hotel. They had a good menu with salads, wraps, grilled chicken, fried chicken...something for everyone. They were quick too, which was nice since it was so late. After eating our dinner we walked back to the hotel, showered, and I drank my wine and crashed for the night. The beds were super comfy, and I slept like a baby knowing tomorrow was CRUISE DAY!
  16. For those sailing on the Horizon on any of the 4 cruises in October, Mike Pack just announced on FB that each cruise will have Halloween parties. Bring costumes. Also Electric White Night on each of those cruises. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  17. We were notified last night that embarkation appointments for this Sunday’s sailing will be delayed by an hour. Boarding at 1130 is now set for 1230 for us. Is this due to mechanical issues ( I heard the ship has already had propulsion problems) or a possible hold by CBP, CDC? It would be nice if the Carnival e-mail indicated a reason for this. :confused:
  18. Can someone tell me where they are located? Also, has anyone ever taken their own steamer (not iron) on board? Trying to figure out what I do. Thanks!
  19. Horizon: which cabin is best HE Havana Aft extended or HI Havana Cabana?
  20. Hey everyone, so I just got off an amazing 8-day cruise onCarnival Horizon with a group of 18 people. I booked 3 rooms – 8339 2215 &2219. I will try to do a review of our ports and some of my favorite highlightsaltogether and please feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I’ll bedoing the review in segments as I type them out Flights – We flewin from MDW to FLL on the 6:55am flight (Southwest) on 9/22 which was the morningof the cruise. I typically prefer to fly in the day before the cruise but sincewe were such a large group we just couldn’t do to accommodate due to workschedules etc. Let me pause and say I HIGHLYrecommend flying in the day before as it was so hectic, I was drained by the timeI actually got on the ship. I prearranged a shuttle from FLL to the POM and theywere on time and waiting for us by the time we got all our luggage together. Weloaded up both sprinters and we were on our way! Embarkation –This was the first cruise that we didn’t have FTTF (at the time I inquiredabout passes I was told since the ship was new they wouldn’t be available untilDec), but I had heard that the new embarkation process was really smooth and wouldn’tbe a long wait since they had the new check in process, but boy was that wrong.We had a 2 hour wait. I honestly don’t think it would have mattered even if Idid have the FTTF pass because it was a 2 hour wait for the Platinum etc. as well,so I guess it worked out. I will say that once the line started moving it mighthave been a 30 min wait. After we checked in there was a line to add cash to the account.I normally do credit cards and keep it moving but we had over 1k in OBC as wellas some Cruise Cash so I felt confident in not adding a credit card but Iwanted to check that we didn’t need to add anything additional so I spoke withan agent who told me that while my husband was checked in…I wasn’t. I had topull out off of my docs just to be checked in again and after I did that shechecked our credits and only saw $300. I showed her the print out which had thecorrect amount of my OBC and she told me to handle that with Guest Servicesonce onboard. As soon as I get on the ship I head straight for guest servicesand that line was long already. After another 45 - 60 min wait in line I wasnext in line only to be told that my credits were there all along and they wereclosing the line for the muster drill. I ran to my room and dropped off thepaperwork and headed straight for the drill.
  21. are they all obstructed??
  22. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Just wondering if you hear music from the disco above??
  23. About how deep are the pools on Horizon? Can you touch in them all or is one or more deep
  24. Looking to go to Aruba. I have never been on Royal, and I have only cruised on Carnival. Here is what I have Carnival Magic $709 inside Half Moon, Grand Turk, Curoco, and Aruba Carnival Horizon: $749 inside Grand Turk, La Romania, Curroco, and Aruba Adventure of the Sea: $649 inside Aruba, Boniare, Curoco, Aruba, Boniare, Curoco, and La Romania are all new ports Thanks for your imputs
  25. Was access allowed in the front of deck 7 at the front of the boat? I know on the Breeze & other older boats, but you can go out front on the new Horizon??This will help me decide what cabin I will book! Thank you