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  1. Just off 8 day Horizon cruise. Have read and then also heard a lot of complaining about the new elevator system on board the Vista and Horizon. My take is that If used correctly it works Fine. The very best example was when we did self disembarking at the end of the cruise. In the past when we have tried to get off the ship with our luggage it had been a nightmare to get elevator to fit ourselves and our luggage. With this system we waited a bit but when elevator arrived it had room for all of us and our luggage instead of being full of people already and took us right to the floor we needed. How to Use: When you walk up to the elevator choose the floor you are wanting to go to. Tap the button once for each person in the group that needs to get on elevator. In other words if there are 4 of you on Deck 3 and you want to go to deck 9, tap the screen toactivate it, then tap floor 9 option 4 times. A letter will appear each time to tell you Which elevator to board. *be patient. Since you are not able to see where the elevators are you have no sense of how long until your designated elevator arrives. This adds to sense of longer waiting time but when it arrives it will take you to where you want to go. If it is a really busy time your wait will be longer. Just like any other ship. *do not get impatient and just hop on the next elevator to arrive if it’s not the letter you were directed to. This is one reason why the elevators are full sometimes when they stop to pick people up, and the system then doesn’t work correctly. *again push the button for each person in the group. That is the only way the elevator knows there could be 7 people all waiting for same floor. If you punch it just once an elevator may stop that doesnt have room for all. It’s not perfect but it does work.
  2. Hi all. Typically I would search the forum but not sure if anyone has posted this info now that the Horizon is in Miami and with the CC update, not sure how that will go. So I thought I'd throw this up there and see if anyone can share. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Can you pour beer into your own mug or must you use a Carnival glass? Is there a minimum or maximum amount? (Love the full gratuities on self serve!)
  4. Hi all, I have been watching You Tube videos and do not see any pools that are walkin. It appears that all entrances/exits are ladders. Does anyone know if any pools that have stairs to get in and out of?
  5. Will be sailing the horizon on oct 20. What halloween activities were scheduled in oct. Is there a halloween contest every week and if so did many people dress up in costume
  6. I got a new job a couple months ago and am now an early riser, even on my days off. I expect this isn't going to change, so I'm thinking ahead to our cruise next year. Where, if anywhere, will I be able to get a hot breakfast on the Horizon at 5 or 6 in the morning?
  7. I have read about the unorthodox layout of the Liquid Lounge on the Horizon and that some of the shows become interactive with the performers doing their thing among the moveable chairs in front of the stage. The 2 shows I am interested in are Soulbound and Vintage Pop. I am wondering if these shows are done entirely on stage or partly on the floor. We prefer to remain seated as spectators only, not dancers or whatever! So we would adapt when picking our seats based on the nature of the shows. Yes, I know one must go early no matter what! Thank you in advance.
  8. Hey everyone, so I just got off an amazing 8-day cruise onCarnival Horizon with a group of 18 people. I booked 3 rooms – 8339 2215 &2219. I will try to do a review of our ports and some of my favorite highlightsaltogether and please feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I’ll bedoing the review in segments as I type them out Flights – We flewin from MDW to FLL on the 6:55am flight (Southwest) on 9/22 which was the morningof the cruise. I typically prefer to fly in the day before the cruise but sincewe were such a large group we just couldn’t do to accommodate due to workschedules etc. Let me pause and say I HIGHLYrecommend flying in the day before as it was so hectic, I was drained by the timeI actually got on the ship. I prearranged a shuttle from FLL to the POM and theywere on time and waiting for us by the time we got all our luggage together. Weloaded up both sprinters and we were on our way! Embarkation –This was the first cruise that we didn’t have FTTF (at the time I inquiredabout passes I was told since the ship was new they wouldn’t be available untilDec), but I had heard that the new embarkation process was really smooth and wouldn’tbe a long wait since they had the new check in process, but boy was that wrong.We had a 2 hour wait. I honestly don’t think it would have mattered even if Idid have the FTTF pass because it was a 2 hour wait for the Platinum etc. as well,so I guess it worked out. I will say that once the line started moving it mighthave been a 30 min wait. After we checked in there was a line to add cash to the account.I normally do credit cards and keep it moving but we had over 1k in OBC as wellas some Cruise Cash so I felt confident in not adding a credit card but Iwanted to check that we didn’t need to add anything additional so I spoke withan agent who told me that while my husband was checked in…I wasn’t. I had topull out off of my docs just to be checked in again and after I did that shechecked our credits and only saw $300. I showed her the print out which had thecorrect amount of my OBC and she told me to handle that with Guest Servicesonce onboard. As soon as I get on the ship I head straight for guest servicesand that line was long already. After another 45 - 60 min wait in line I wasnext in line only to be told that my credits were there all along and they wereclosing the line for the muster drill. I ran to my room and dropped off thepaperwork and headed straight for the drill.
  9. I have been searching everywhere for pictures of all 8 days of the MDR menus for the Southern Caribbean Cruise on the Horizon. Does anyone have them? And would you be willing to post them. I am wanting to make reservations for me and the hubby at the steakhouse but I am not sure which day I want to make the reservation. Knowing what is being served on which day will help me in that decision. I have seen quite a lot of people asking for them but no one seems to have them. I think they might be unicorns. :D:D
  10. Carnival Horizon 4 Day to Bermuda July 19, 2018 to July 23, 2018 Hi Everyone, this will be a review of our recent trip on the new Carnival Horizon, it was only a 4 day so we were limited in what we did, but we tried our best to explore the ship, since this was our first time on a new Carnival ship, having myself previously sailed on the Triumph, Sunshine & Victory; with also a few cruises on Princess as well. Any questions I will try my best to answer them. I wrote what current movies are playing in the threaters but I do have all 4 FunTimes if you have any specific questions regarding that. We booked this trip for my niece's 16th birthday, and with a new ship coming to our homeport we couldn't pass up trying it out. We also traveled with my mother, her sister, mom's best friend and my niece's best friend. Embarkation: We arrive a head of our scheduled time, we had between 11:00am - 12:00pm (Split between two cabins), but it was a breeze, once you check in at the desk to get your boarding pass stamped, you move through security which again very easy, and then you wait for your Zone to be called to board. I think within a hour we were called to get on board (They accidentally called too many Zones as once, lol). After boarding we made our way up to the Lido Marketplace for lunch, which all was good, I like the expanded sandwich menu (They had BLTs! but man do they but a lot of lettuce on them). Lido deck: I have to say, the layout of the Horizon's lido was different than say the Sunshine/Triumph class, for obvious reason but one of the things we noticed was the deck furniture which on the upper levels was basically Serenity-styled chairs which were so comfy and was a popular spot for the movies. Cabins: I stayed with my Aunt in 8393, while the other 4 were in 8356, both interior cabins but they had a less enjoyable experience with there cabin but more on that later on. The storage space seemed very lacking, you get 3 shelves off the corner of one counter, two little cabinets between the beds, and a closet that's split between one side being able to hang your clothes, with the other giving you shelving space and 3 draws. We made it work, as well as the rest of the family in their cabin of 4 but I feel like for a longer cruise you would be limited but that is just my opinion, since everyone packs and organizes in their own way. We missed our cabin stewarts the first day but we met them the next night and his team were great no complaints, A/C was good and the fridge was working good as well. Now for the other cabin, they did not have the same experience, they never met their cabin stewarts and when they did, they didn't do what they wanted whether it was extra towels, kinda giving a little kick back, no idea why. Another issue they had was the fridge wasn't working correctly so they never got to use theirs. Also first few nights the A/C wasn't working and my niece ended up getting very sick in the middle of the night, and they had to come clean the cabin (I won't go into detail I'm sure you can imagine but my mother called the desk and within minutes a man came up to clean up the sheets and they said he was extremely nice and very helpful so shout out to him. Elevators: Those took some getting use to since they were the new concept, a lot of people were confused at first, but I think they eventually got the hang of it, the wait times for them seemed to be a bit longer in my opinion, I'm not sure if this is better than say the traditional setup but I give Carnival props for trying something different. Guy's Burger's: Always great, no complaints, wanted to try the new BBQ place which we saw when boarding but sadly did not have enough time. Ship Time v. Actual Time?: Weirdly enough Carnival didn't mention anything about clocks going forward a hour unless we all missed it completely but this threw us off the entire cruise because we couldn't figure out what time was correct so basically we got back to the ship from Bermuda a hour early and woke up a hour earlier the following days, not a big deal but reminders would have been great. Bermuda: This was our 3rd time here and since we were short on time we just went to Horseshoe Bay Beach, which was great but since it was a Saturday very crowded. Afterward we went shopping before getting back on the ship. ** If you ever happen to go to Bermuda, if you need a van service to take you somewhere, ask for the driver named Socks, you will not regret it, she is the best driver and she remembered us from our Sunshine cruise almost two years before! MDR: We only ate here for dinner (Sorry specialty restaurant fans no comment on any of those), food was great no complaints other than I wish they had more options, but I am a picky eater so can't win them all. Lobster was on the menu, formal night which was Day 2 and Baked Alaska was on the last night. Our dinning staff were excellent as well. The FunShops / Cherry On Top: My mom ordered a cake for my niece to celebrate her birthday in the MDR for formal night, I forget what exactly she ordered but they ended up messing it up, but my mom ended up getting a refund. The Funshop is split in two on both sides with different Carnival Merch and smaller, Cigarettes/Alcohol have their own spot. I believe as read before, they don't have any toiletries in the shops, not sure why they did this but I would hope they would change that. Entertainment/Ship Activities: Second Sea Day was when me, my niece and her friend were able to try out the ship activities that are limited to the Vista Class. Sky Ride: Do not get leave the ship without trying this, the three of us all love it, you get some great views of not only the ship but seeing the water from high up was really nice. Do plan accordingly because we were going to do it the first sea day but once the line builds it can take up to 1 hour before you get the front of the line, I believe its open 9am-5pm on Sea Days so shoot for 8:15-8:30. Waterslides: We did the bigger red/white one which we loved. IMAX/Thrill Threater: While we did not do the IMAX part ($12.95 per person incase your wondering) we did the Thrill Threater part which is broken down into three different levels, the first being for kids, second PG13 and the last 17+, it's basically 3 short clips from different movies lumped together and while you watch in 3D you also feel simulation like water, touch all that. The duration was 15 minutes but it give you a good thrill so do try that out ($5.50 per person). Carnival Seaside Threater: Few different movies, Day 1 had Daddy's Home 2 and Pitch Perfect 3. Day 2 had Star Wars, The Last Jedi, Black Panther & 12 Strong. Day 3 had Peter Rabbit & Coco. Day 4 had Jumanji playing. IMAX: Incredibles 2, Momma Mia: Here We Go Again and a few nature movies. Cloud 9 Spa: I treated myself to a Elemis Deep Tissue message, totally worth the money, she gave me a lot of helpful advice for managing stress, which was a plus. One thing to note, if you prebook online, you still get charged for the service but then you get credited back to your account whatever amount you prebooked, little bizarre if you ask me. Locker-room was a lot smaller than say on the Victory, 1 small sauna instead of a full steam room and sauna. Luggage Tags & Disembarkation: Another new? concept found on the Horizon was how they do disembarkation. Luggage tags aren't delivered to your stateroom rather in one of the areas just before the lido in a long hallway from the elevators, the tags are tucked in a corner on a stand and you select what you want, I think they were put there around 12:00-12:15 on the last sea day. The actual process itself took a lot longer than any other cruise we have been on, but we got an announcement at 7am that overnight we had to divert off course, so that someone could be airlifted off the ship, which delayed everything by 1 hour. We got the impression people were going down before their zone which is why it probably took a lot longer as well. We got off around 10-10:30, Customs is a breeze as well. Tip: If you grab one of the porters to take your luggage, they will bring you to the front of the line and once they check your idea your good to go, unless you have to declare a large amount of something or items worth more than $400 in total? Cruise Director: Chris Williams, otherwise known as The Flying Scotsman, we didn't really notice him at first but as the cruise went on we saw him more and more and he did a good job of entertaining knew how to keep the party going. (Emma is still our favorite). Another new to Carnival?: The White Night Party, or as they call it Electric White Night, we did not know this was a thing until we were on board, we did go to it but not dressed in white, I do wish we got a memo about this a head of time but no a big deal. Final Thoughts: A side from the little things as mention above, nothing stopped us from enjoying this cruise, she was a wonderful ship that I would recommend at least trying once. I myself would probably try out the other classes before returning to the Vista-Class. I hope this review was helpful for you when deciding on book a cruise on her and like I said I will answer anything to the best of my ability, hope I covered what I wanted to say. Now I look forward to our next cruise which will be back to Princess on the Royal Princess, and then next year we will be cruising on the Triumph when she returns to NYC with her rumored Sunshine upgrades, cannot wait to sail on my first ship again!
  11. Would love to see the Fun Times from Horizon's 6 day sailings if anyone's has them and is willing to post them here. Thank you!
  12. I found/took these photos of... Collision as it happened Closeup of Damage to Pier Closeup of Damage to Horizon Closeup of Repair work being done to Horizon, morning of 8/28 as we were boarding the ship
  13. I believe that this is Carnival's newest and largest ship and is one of the reasons I would like to try it out. It also has loads of eating places on board and that will please both my wife and myself. Two questions: How is the entertainment such as shows, etc.? I would think that a brand new ship would have excellent entertainment, at least for the first year or so. I see that there are Interior Cabins with Picture Windows. Some of the other Carnival ships also have these cabins. Can someone explain how they are set up? On the ship's schematic they seem located at the bow. Are they the same price as other Interior Cabins or more expensive? Thanks.............................:confused:
  14. Hi all! I have a chance to move from deck 6 to deck 7 on our upcoming Horizon cruise. Problem is, it is only about 4-5 rooms down from the thrill theatre...is this a noisy area? Can you hear sounds from the theatre in those cabins? I like the balcony better in the higher decks as it is further from the wraparound promenade, but am concerned about the noise.
  15. I read that Grand Suites are now able to access the Havana Pool during the day.
  16. Looking to go to Aruba. I have never been on Royal, and I have only cruised on Carnival. Here is what I have Carnival Magic $709 inside Half Moon, Grand Turk, Curoco, and Aruba Carnival Horizon: $749 inside Grand Turk, La Romania, Curroco, and Aruba Adventure of the Sea: $649 inside Aruba, Boniare, Curoco, Aruba, Boniare, Curoco, and La Romania are all new ports Thanks for your imputs
  17. Horizon: which cabin is best HE Havana Aft extended or HI Havana Cabana?
  18. Hi all-I’m wondering your thoughts about taking a RCCL cruise on the oasis vs carnival’s panorama (or horizon). Completely different ports of call, however, this time, I’d be cruising for the ship. The most important aspect for me is that we’d be taking our (right now) 13 yr old daughter. She’d more than likely be 14 when we’d take the cruise. I’d want her to enjoy being on the ship. Prices are similar for a 7 day cruise in a balcony. I’ve cruised carnival 5x, rccl 1x, and celebrity 2x, while hubby’s first cruise will be this August on carnival to Alaska with me. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  19. Booking 2 balcony cabins on the Horizon and for the cabin of 2 only deck 6 and 9 are available. I am trying to get side by side cabins but the only ones available would be below the sitting area of the buffet. Do you hear anything? Chairs moving or stuff being dropped? We always book cabins with rooms above and below us. I don't like deck 6 because the balcony will be right above bbq or steakhouse.
  20. All, Is the Social Wifi plan on Horizon good enough? Or Should I spring for the not as restrictive Value WiFi plan? Please share your suggestions or experiences? Thx
  21. Someone said in a thread here from several months ago that the smaller Reflections dining room was for assigned dining while they were in Europe earlier in the year. Is this true, or did they reverse it after coming stateside from Europe?
  22. Just got an email that the skyride on our sailing will be closed for the duration of our cruise (september 30th - October 6th) kinda disappointing as I was looking forward to it! Does the skyride go down alot? Horizon is still a pretty new ship!
  23. Like so many others here, I obsessively read Cruise Critic before trying a new line or ship. It’s my turn to give back with a semi-live update of our trip on the Carnival Horizon! We are Ashley and Matt, currently living in central Missouri. I say “currently” because Matt is active duty USAF and who knows where we will be in the future. I moved to Missouri from NYC when we got married, so excited to go “home” for a couple of days before the cruise. Yes, it was an adjustment. Yes, I miss the city. Once a NYer, always a NYer. Sidebar: After I take advantage of the Cheers package, ask me about changing my address from Manhattan to Knob Noster, MO and what the post office clerk said to me. I work in travel, I’m fairly certain I can’t say what I do, lest the gods of CC strike me dead :). I’m excited to have a REAL vacation and have been working 18 hour days to get caught up and hopefully not open my laptop on my own vacation. I haven’t taken a trip without working since 2014! As far as cruising goes, this is our 7th cruise together in four years. I was admittedly a cruise snob before Matt. Once he showed me the error of my ways, I was hooked. We are not loyal to any particular line but have cruised NCL the most. I’m excited about Horizon and picked this itinerary specifically because it was a new ship and left from Pier 88. Our last sailing from Manhattan was the Breakaway to Bermuda last year. Here we are under the bridge, just before the police stopped a jumper from splatting on our ship: Matt enjoying the premium beverage package on Reflection this February: Me exploring the travel pillow aisle at Target This cruise is coming after an extremely long and difficult year for us. We have clocked a lot of hours in various hospitals this year, dealing with some surgeries and medical issues for me, my stepmom having stage three breast cancer and my dad having a very unexpected triple bypass and subsequent staph infection just four weeks ago. We are VERY EXCITED to give up some responsibility for 8 days and enjoy a mindless, decision-free, fun vacation. Fair warning: we have a pretty twisted sense of humor so this review will not always be for everyone. I am honest to a fault. Now that you know what you’re getting into, away we go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  24. Does anyone know where I could find the menu for the horizon sailing leaving Sept 30? I thought I read somewhere that they release them a week in advance?
  25. I'm due to set sale on my first cruise on Sept 30, and the Horizon reviews are starting to worry me. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect? Also is it really that bad? It's a brand new ship so I am shocked to see so many things this early on.
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