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  1. Hello, Sorry if this has been asked and answered. How is T-Mobile on the Horizon and the islands we will be going to? We will be going to Aruba, Grand Turk, Curacao and La Romana. I will probably be getting the social media package. I know I need to put the phone on airplane mode once on the ship. Thanks!
  2. Last week we received a notification in our cabin that a TV update would be done in the next couple of days. Good news? Not necessarily. It looks like HGTV, Nickelodeon, Food Network and a couple of other minor channels were added along with CBS News channel but all 3 CNN channles were taken off.
  3. My husband and I want to plan our next cruise for spring 2019-April or May departure. We prefer to leave out of Florida. As you can see from our cruise history we have been on several Carnival ships, we have been on Harmony (similar to Symphony). Things important to us are shows, food, entertainment, and ports. If we did Horizon we would do the Havana rooms. Symphony would be a basic balcony. Edge would be the balcony as well. On the Edge I am not sure its traditional enough for us? Also open to other suggestions. I would prefer a newer ship.
  4. So we booked a spa room... This will be my wife’s first cruise. I talked her into it, but she is worried that we are going to be too busy to relax. I am looking for some of my experienced cruisers to put her mind at ease. Also if any of you are going can you tell me when the faster to the fun is available on this ship? I can’t seem to find it. Last few I got a year in advance. I love the forum thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have been a blessing!
  5. Would someone tell me what dinning room Carnival uses for ATD on the Horizon?
  6. I just got an email for upgrade our cove balcony to deck 11 for 70 total. I took it. I priced out the difference if I booked it and it is a 300 difference. I am excited to be right close to the pools and food now :):) We have stayed in many cove balconies and do love them....but also stayed on the LIDO one time and loved being close to everything. I will miss the shade of the cove, but I will adjust :):) We go march 23 for an 8 day on the Carnival horizon.
  7. Does anybody know how long the sky ride on Horizon will be down? I will be getting on Horizon in two weeks. I am really looking forward to the sky ride.
  8. Hello~ We will be on the 8 day Horizon out of Miami. Is Quest going to be on our sailing? Does anyone happen to have the Funtimes? We were unable to get Havana cabins. Will we still be able to have a good time, suffering on the Serenity deck?! 😉 (Kidding, well kind of! ) Also, if one of the people in our cabins has Platinum, do we still need to have FTTF for the person that is not Platinum? Would the person that is not Platinum still be able to board and debark early? Thanks!
  9. We are traveling on the Carnival Horizon on January 20th. Was wondering if anyone had the Fun Times for a similar sailing? Thank you!
  10. So there's the free Dive in series, right? What's the deal with the Imax and isn't there one other type of movie on board? What's the cost?
  11. First and foremost, I posted a few weeks ago if I should pay $800 to upgrade to the Havana area. I think most people thought I was nuts, but wow. The Havana area was our entire vacation. Best $800 I've ever spent! I truly don't know if we'll be able to cruise in the future on a ship that doesn't have this area. It was that good. I attached a picture I took of the sunset from the Havana area. The good: Havana! The bartenders and bar staff made the cruise. Best bar staff I've ever encountered. They were amazing and just made our vacation so much better. The Havana pool is a bit small, but was never full. The hot tubs were huge! Almost as big as the pool! They could have been hotter, but the staff did increase the temperature every time it was asked. Everyone in this area was just SO NICE! Best passengers we've ever cruised with. Pig and Anchor was great. It was the best pay restaurant IMO. And half the price of the Steakhouse or Teppanyaki. We ended up eating at Pig and Anchor for 3 out of the 6 nights. I really liked the decor and didn't miss the glass elevators at all. I'm a little bit confused now by everyone saying how much they didn't care for it. Carnival has finally entered the modern times and doesn't look like a floating Atlantic City casino. The elevators also were great. They were a bit slow at times, but so much more efficient. I'd love it if every hotel or big venue goes to this type of elevator. We didn't spend too much time up there, but we liked the Dr. Seuss splash pad and water slides. The water was warm and they were fun. Also embarkation! We just walked right on. We didn't have anything special and I would have been pissed if I paid for FTTF. I didn't hear one person who said they waited in line to board at all. Still happily shocked at how quickly the process went. Debarkation also was easy peasy. The average: The food. We only went to the dining room the first night. It just wasn't that good. Carnival's schtick of making you pay for better food definitely worked on us. The breakfast was the best breakfast at sea I've ever had. Lunch was pretty good too. I"m not a buffet person, and typically dislike all cruise food. However, between the Great Wok, Pig and Anchor, and Cucina for lunch, we did well. The sea day brunch is also still amazing. We did the Sky Ride. It was fun, but not worth waiting in a long line for. We went in port and didn't wait. I would have been disappointed if we waited more than 10 min for it. I did enjoy Guys and was surprised I did, I was not expecting to like it. Blue Iguana was fine too. The bad: The Steakhouse. I am honestly really disappointed. Before this cruise, I was team 'the steakhouse is the best meal ever and well worth the money!". Now I'm like 'ehhhh.....' Every course we had from appetizer to dessert was just...fine? Nowhere near worth the money we spent on it. My free filet at the sea day brunch well surpassed my filet mignon from the steakhouse. We also didn't love Teppanyaki. It was also just okay. Not worth the money at all. Pig and Anchor is literally half the price on average of these other two restaurants and so much better. Our Havana interior room was also just too small. There wasn't the standard interior couch or dresser. We had to basically live out of our suitcases under the bed for the week. Please note that although I greatly disliked this, my husband thinks I'm overreacting and he had no issue with it at all 🙂 Last note that has left such a sour taste in my mouth is how many people we saw removing tips. I knew from here that it was thing, but not to the extent it was. The moved the line to the Havana bar because the grand atrium couldn't handle all of the people. People were waiting 2 hours in line to remove them. It was insane and ridiculous to me. I thought it was like 20 people per cruise, not 1/4 of the ship! I wish Carnival would just remove them all together and just increase the cruise fare the $150 it cost. Any questions? Just ask!
  12. Wondering if anyone has sailed the Horizon and NCL Escape/Getaway? Was the motion was similar? Some of my party sailed the Carnival Breeze a few years ago and had motion sickness here and there, but never felt a thing on the other two ships. Of course weather and currents make a difference, but we're just wondering. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know if the interior cabins on Carnival Horizon have a clothesline in the bathroom?
  14. Just got an email from Carnival saying the embarkation time has been delayed by one hour for the Horizon. We had the first slot at 11:30. Anyone else have this happen to them and is this just a ploy to get people to come a little later so it's not a madhouse???
  15. We are currently on the Horizon and at the beginning of the cruise there was a letter in our cabin stating that the Sky Ride would be closed for the duration of our cruise. To our pleasant surprise it opened yesterday and was open again today. Seems they got whatever needed to be fixed done. Hopefully this is a sign that is back into normal operation. Have ridden it three times and find it enjoyable. We did go up to it when there was a minimal line (while the ship was in port). Don’t think I would wait for it if there was a substantial line.
  16. So I am booked on a havana cabana on the Horizon for the week of 03/17. Payment is due Jan 1st and now I am worried spring break may not be the best time to go. Any advice?
  17. I know there are a number of fantastic reviews coming from this voyage, so I will highlight some of the things not covered elsewhere. This was our first time on a Carnival ship and our only other cruise was a 4-day with Disney. Like many newbies, I anxiously researched as much as I could, but still felt like I did not have all of the info. This review will focus most on those things that caused me the most stress before the trip and how they turned out for us. "Us" is me (43 yo teacher mom), DH (45), DS (16), DD (14) and DD (11). COMPARISON TO DISNEY Another poster wrote that "it's not Disney but it was fun." That was a helpful line to me and I will add a few more details on the differences I noticed. We chose carnival based on the price (approx $6000 for a Christmas cruise on CCL vs. $14,000 for a similar schedule/space on Disney...) and-spoiler alert- I would make the same choice next time.
  18. Does any one know if there is a differnce between a family harbor ocean view cabin to a "regular" ocean view cabin - only in terms of the decoration, general looks of the room and toilet, size of thr room? Thanks
  19. Off the Horizon a week ago. Overall a GREAT ship - some subtle design changes from the Vista make the ship look less BLAND. Overall the ship looks beautiful! Anyway something that is new to ME at least - did you know you can make YourTime Dining reservations using the Carnival App? It works without paying for WiFi - just make sure you're on Airplane mode and you're signed onto the Ship's Wifi. You can do EVERYTHING from your state room or anywhere else on the ship. When you table is ready you will get a notification and it even tells and shows you what table! You just show the greeter at the Dining Room your texted confirmation and they walk you to your table! LOVED this new feature!
  20. Looking to book flights what time has the Horizon been typically getting back to Miami?
  21. I got an Ultra cruise offer and, surprisingly, one of the dates worked! I’ll be sailing on the Horizon on October 6 from Miami. I’ve never we been on an Ultra cruise. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. Hello all! I just got off a wonderful 8 day cruise aboard the Horizon 10/6/18 thru 10/14/18, and now that life is slowly returning to normal I am ready to begin my review. I will forewarn you, this cruise was not as adventurous as my previous ones. Life for my mother and I has been rough the past 6 months or so, and we went in with the mindset to RELAX on this cruise. We planned no excursions for any of our port stops (that’s a first for me, I ALWAYS know what I am doing in the ports before we set sail!), we ended up only eating in the MDR twice (again a first, I usually despise the Lido buffet at dinnertime!) and it was overall just a really low-key, non-adventurous week for us. We drove down from Hendersonville, NC to Miami on Friday, October 5. I despise flying, and mom and I didn’t mind doing the drive as we are horsey people and we mapped out a few tack shops to stop at on the way down. We left Mom’s house at 5 am, stopped at Fishlips in Port Canaveral for a late lunch at 3, and ended up finally arriving at our hotel in Miami at 8 that night. We WERE making decent time considering our tack shop stops and lunch stop, but traffic from Palm Beach to Miami was AWFUL. It literally took us an hour and a half to drive the last 15 miles to our hotel. On the upside, we got a really great laugh as we were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on 95. Mom was on her phone and goes “Oh look, this truck next to us has wifi!” I tell her “Don’t connect! You have no idea who that is, what is on that network, he may hack your phone!” She’s peering into the vehicle to “see if he is an OK looking person” and all of a sudden her head whips so hard my way I’m afraid she may have whiplash. I ask her what’s wrong and she says, “Don’t look at his phone, don’t look!” Of course that just gets my curiosity going so I HAVE to look….and I wish I hadn’t. All I will say is….only on 95 in Miami will you see someone sitting in a traffic jam watching adult movies. Once we arrived at our hotel, the Hampton Inn Midtown, we were more than ready to just get some dinner and crash. I will say that this hotel has a GREAT location, very easy to get to and it is in a safe area to walk around, which we needed to do to stretch our legs! We checked in, and Kimberly and Terry the front desk clerks were amazing. We had a bit of a mix up when checking in…Terry gave us a room on the 8th floor, and we headed up with our luggage. I opened the door and walked in and was like “Whoa, whoever stayed in here had some strong cologne!” Then I saw a suitcase, men’s pants, and a bottle of wine in the room. Holy cow, someone is already staying in here! We hightailed it back down to the front desk and they looked into it and Kimberly called Terry back over. After apologizing profusely he told her, “We have to make this right. Give them a suite.” I told them no no, we are only staying one night, we don’t need a suite! He looked at me and goes, “No, we are giving you a suite, and Kimberly, also give them 2 bottles of wine.” I was like “No need, it’s ok, Mom doesn’t drink wine. Can you just give us 2 bottles of water?” Well….we ended up with the suite, 2 bottles of wine, AND 2 bottles of water. Needless to say…we had a good night. Ok fine, I had a good night as like I said, Mom doesn’t drink wine, and I already had my 2 bottles packed in my carryon for the ship. I couldn’t let the 2 bottles they gave us go to waste! Pics of our suite we stayed in pre-cruise. We ended up walking to Pollo Tropicale for dinner, which was right near the hotel. They had a good menu with salads, wraps, grilled chicken, fried chicken...something for everyone. They were quick too, which was nice since it was so late. After eating our dinner we walked back to the hotel, showered, and I drank my wine and crashed for the night. The beds were super comfy, and I slept like a baby knowing tomorrow was CRUISE DAY!
  23. Can't seem to confirm that there are self serve launderettes on board the Horizon. Can anyone confirm. Thank You
  24. Off the wall question ... but for those of you who are far sighted ... lol Do they have the magnified mirror on the wall in the bathroom? I don't want to unnecessarily bring mine.. Thanks !
  25. I am just wondering which games on the Horizon sports desk require a fee of some sort. For instance, I am sure that mini golf would be free as it is on most, if not all ships, but what about pool etc.
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