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  1. We're looking at Feb 2023. Our last cruise was on the Horizon and I can't cruise without the Havana anymore :) Thanks!
  2. I have seen conversations comparing cove to regular balconies, and have been interested. We just rebooked (4th try) for our first carnival cruise in 24 years (our honeymoon). We have our 18 and 20 yo sons that will be in the room with us, and have a couple of questions. The cove balcony are quite a but cheaper (240 for the 4 of us), so at this point that is what I picked, but I want to make sure it makes since. 1. Are cove balcony rooms the same size as a regular balcony rooms? From deck plans, it seems to be smaller, but was not sure. 2. We are currently in 2278 on horizon. From the maps, it looks to be under shore excursions, which seems like it should be quiet at night, but I also see there is a dance floor near. Is that going to be an issue? 3. Since this is fairly far forward, are we likely to get a ton of spray? Thanks in advance for your replies, just trying to get the best experience for my family after all the headaches of this trip that we originally booked in 2018 with other family.
  3. Yes received $500 casino offer and free drinks when playing. I had the free drinks on the Horizon, was on the fence about booking this cruise but with all the other cancellations i said why not now i will be looking for a TA leaving from the states to London or Barcelona.
  4. Not on our Horizon cruise, or I was oblivious to it. And not on Panorama.
  5. For the first time ever, on my last Carnival cruise, which was August of 2019 on the Horizon, after the final swipe disembarking the ship, all of the sail and sign cards were tossed into a box, obviously to be recycled. So, no souvenir for us.😡
  6. It’s called a thalassotherapy pool, and per Carnival’s website, the Horizon does not have one. https://www.carnival.com/domain/explore/onboard/spa-fitness/cloud-9-spa-thalassotherapy-pool.aspx
  7. Hope springs eternal as they say. I’m very disappointed to see this but at least it validates my decision to cancel my November Horizon cruise last week. I rebooked for September 2021. But I also have a Holland cruise scheduled for April 2021. I was really hoping with Europe opening up that we would follow suit. Heckuva way to start a Monday I feel everyone’s pain today.
  8. The "pool" is an oversized hot tub that holds maybe 6 people. DW loves Spa cabins but the spa on the Vista and Horizon are NOT the same as on the Breeze, Dream or Magic. And absolutely not even close to the spas on Royal's Odyssey or Symphony. We loved the Havana cabin lanais. More room than a regular balcony. Your "privacy" is interrupted only by neighbors. Good way to meet the neighbors as well. And the Havana deck , even with it's smaller pool and hot tub, has a lot of seating without the yammering hoi polloi and screaming urchins.😀😉
  9. Horizon has a spa pool just not the fancy Thalassotherapy one
  10. Hi Mary! It has been a long time since the Horizon TA! Yes, I booked it. I was so disappointed when the Mardis Gras cancelled the original inaugural and TA. That was like 3 cancellations ago now! I have wanted to see these new Carnival ships that have a new design and powered by natural gas. But the cruises in the states are so short & blah! So, I booked this long TA even though the ports aren't that great. We will see..still a long way off! Do you have anything booked for 2021? I have a few, but again, we will see what happens! Miss you!
  11. Have you booked Anne?. Too expensive for me! Seems such a long time since our Horizon TA.
  12. Our kids (with their kids) stayed in them on the Horizon and felt the same way.
  13. Fun, near irrelevant facts: I've sailed on the Conquest (twice), Horizon, Breeze, and Liberty - though not all of them out of PC or POM I've sailed from PC (once) and Miami (several times) I sailed on the Sunrise when it was the Triumph. It seems so long ago. My next Carnival cruise was scheduled to be on the Horizon on October 31. It was canceled in, what, July? I feel especially sorry for those of you who are on the sailings immediately after mine who are still uncertain about what the future holds.
  14. Actually the pools in Havana on both Horizon and Panorama were very under utilized, and the spa pool only holds a gallon of water compared to the T. pool on Splendor. The thermal suites were lacking much theming on Panorama. I enjoyed the Havana section for calmness and the hammock. The wristband did chafe and give me a rash.
  15. Dream class has t pool. Idk if the new horizon will have it. Most love Havana area, private pool, private bartender. Open to guests after 5 pm. I'd only want spa balcony if dream class.
  16. Hi friends. Booking my sailing for after COVID with Fam and Friends. Will be Oct 2021 on the Carnival Horizon. I myself have been on the Horizon before and loved it, so I'm ok going on the boat again with this group trip but I'm wondering if anyone has preferences between the Havana and the Cloud 9 spa rooms. On my last sailing on the Horizon I had the Cloud 9 Spa Balcony room, which was my absolute favorite room on any cruise I've been on. I loved having access to the spas. That being said, the group I am going to be sailing with is booking the Havana Balcony rooms... I'm wondering if I should forgo the Spa room and pick a Havana room instead to be with them. I know it might just be a personal preference for everyone, but I'm wondering if anyone had any input on which rooms are better between the Havana Rooms are better than the Spa rooms. I've never stayed in a Havana room so I'm wondering if there are any perks there that would make it worth the risk of the luxury of a Spa room on this trip. Anyone have an pros/cons or thoughts? Would love to hear from someone who's done both so they could compare the two. Thanks! <3
  17. Well, the deed is done. I changed my January 9, 2021 Horizon cruise to May 1, 2021. First of all, I doubt there will be a January 9 cruise and if there is, I did not want to be on one of the first ships to return to cruising. That gives about 7 months for the virus situation to be resolved. I took the chance of losing the $600 future cruise credit and got an increase of about $150 in pricing but I did get to pick my cabin. It was not easy because both my TA and Carnival have reduced their responses so it takes days to get through. Now the question remains "Did I push it back far enough". I would have gone into the summer but being a Floridian, I know what hurricanes are all about. I also have a cruise already booked for January of 2022. Oh well, can always change cruise timing again if necessary. Then again, you begin to wonder if there will be a cruise company to deal with a year from now.
  18. Horizon Nov. 8. Keeping fingers crossed although at least one port, Grand Cayman, is off limits to cruise ships. An extra sea day would be fine with us!
  19. I am still booked on November 14, Carnival Horizon out of Miami. I did receive The cancel if you would like letter. And I am still on the fence. No there has been no further communication from Carnival regarding the new protocols that will be put into place. I’m really waiting for those to come out to make my decision but with three weeks left I’m waffling. Also somebody pointed out yesterday if they actually do cruise in November this will almost be like having a ship come out to dry dock or a brand new ship. The first few sailings will be working out the kinks of the new protocols. do I really want to be the guinea pig? I still haven’t made airfare because I keep thinking it’s not gonna happen and I’m tired of giving my money to big corporations to keep. Plus one of the rumors is shorten the number of cruise days. Currently the cruise is set for 8 days. if they change it to five days then I have to change air and I’m overwhelmed with this decision. I figure I’m gonna have to make a decision soon if Carnival doesn’t make it foe me.
  20. We used the smart elevators on Horizon - once we got how they worked, it was great. Definately shorter waits most of the time, just once in a while when meals begin, shows begin/end, when there is congestion anyway, the smart part did not make a difference. Looking forward to seeing how they work on MArdiGras! Well...just to be on MArdi Gras!! June can't come soon enough!
  21. Carnival cruises start in 3 weeks with 6 ships sailing in November. Breeze , Conquest, Elation, Horizon, Liberty and the Sunrise. Who is booked for one of those November cruise? Are you ready to go or a bit uncertain about going? Have you received any notification from Carnival about boarding or testing before boarding, wearing of masks etc.?
  22. Ours isn't until the first week of Jan. We've been overly optimistic most of this time, but with each extension of the shutdown, our optimism wanes. If it does get cancelled, we'll take the FCC/OBC and re-book a different one. We usually have most of the logistics lined up by now, but have been putting them off. We always rent a car and drive to our cruises, but that's refundable. We'll be sure to book a refundable hotel room. One thing that gives us pause is the mask policy. Wondering if it'll still be in place by then and, if so, how strict. They don't give too many details about it, but we don't think we'll have much fun cruising with masks, so that's the one thing that could make us rethink going. Other than that, we're not worried. I'm confident they'll do everything in their power to keep things safe and we're willing to take the risk. We refuse to live in fear of it. We were on the Horizon's last cruise in March before the shutdown. I'm guessing the safety measures they had in place at that time will still exist when they start up again. Plus others, obviously. We're scheduled for Grand Turk and Amber Cove as well. Amber Cove is, in my opinion, a very nice port complex. I"m not really the type of guy who enjoys sitting around a pool, but that pool area is very nice and if that's all we get to do just to get off the ship for a while, so be it. GT is a pretty small island. A lot of people just do the beach, the shops, and Margaritaville, which are all right by the pier. Jack's Shack not too far down the beach from there.
  23. Being the optimist I am, and pretty sure that excursions will be restricted to ship sponsored/controlled, booked and paid for 2 connected with our 11/8 Horizon sailing. I have no information concerning cancellation or sailing, just that CCL “allowed” me to deposit more funds yesterday and the excursions are confirmed in my cruise manager. Of course no interest loans to CCL have proven to be common!
  24. I beg to differ with you. We had booked the Mardi Gras which was cancelled. Rebooked the Horizon which was cancelled. Rebooked the Breeze, then decided to switch back to booking the Horizon. All our payments and credits were switched to each date without penalty. Call whom ever you booked with and discuss your situation.
  25. And remember, the video and deck plans are approximate artist renditions of layout. So actual layout could be slightly different, But agree with others that balcony cabins on Carnival never have sofa near balcony doors. This includes the Horizon and Vista. Don't see any reason for a change as balcony cabin sizes aren't different on the Mardi Gras.
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