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  1. The last I seen, Carnival was to notify us by/on March 11th, if the Horizon itinerary changed. You may not know until tomorrow/Wednesday/march 11th, just wondered if you have heard anything as yet?
  2. I was told that elegant night on the 6 day Horizon cruise would be Monday night, and Friday night for elegant nights. My question, if the 2nd elegant night is Friday night and we take pictures, how can we see the pictures, and they have them ready by the time we get off the ship on Saturday???
  3. Hi all! I’m reluctantly beginning to accept the fact that we will be canceling our Spring Break cruise plans (Breeze Eastern March 21). While the virus itself doesn’t scare me (two healthy adults in early 40s and two young kids ages 4 and 6), the risk of a quarantine with 2 kids in a 185-square foot room or some other unforeseeable situation does concern me. In looking at alternative options to use the FCC this summer, I see 2 cruises that interest me: the exact Breeze Eastern itinerary we are already booked on (Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk) or the Horizon 8 night Southern itinerary (Aruba, Curaçao, La Romana, Amber Cove). All ports but St. Thomas would be new to us. We haven’t previously sailed Carnival (prior family cruises have been on Oasis class ships). Given our kids’ ages, and taking into account the bells and whistles and general condition of each ship, as well as the different ports, which itinerary would you recommend? Any advice from the expert Carnival cruisers would be appreciated!
  4. Just got back ... Embarkation – don't be bugged if you didn't get the early boarding time you wanted during online checkin. When you get to the terminal you fill out a China form on the sidewalk, then going into the terminal there are 2 lines, one if you arrived at your assigned time, and the other if you are early or late. We had to do the early/late line, arriving at 11:30 instead of 1:00, but our line was as short as the on-time line, no waiting, and we were on board in 30 minutes. There was one issue, photo police ... photographers always have a spot to take your picture, which could be by-passed by stepping around it. This time they created a narrow walkway leading to the photo setup, and the newbies in front thought they had to have their picture taken, or wanted it taken, and there wasn't room to get past them, so everyone had to wait until they were first in line before they could walk past the setup. 5 whole fun minutes we'll never get back. We booked the upgraded Havana Cabana (Cat HE) cabin. Nice big back yard, 9x12, One lounger, one slouchy chair with pad and footstool, and one padded hanging chair. No pad on the wicker lounger, and no pads on the wicker loungers in the restricted Havana pool area, strange. All other wicker seating on the ship has pads. Also strange that almost no one used their nice big balconies, they went to the Havana area instead, maybe for the pool and bar. Open loungers usually even on nice sea days. Also padded lay-flat cabanas and padded club chairs. Having these cabin back yards you lose privacy, people walk past you on the walkway, most say hi, and the side wall only goes halfway from the balcony door to the back gate, so from the back half of the back yard you can look down the row into all the other yards, like being on any open deck. The roof covers the first half of the yard for shade. We would rather have had 2 loungers instead of the slouchy chair, maybe that's why so few of the yards were in use. Our cat HE cabin on deck 5: been awhile since we had a shower curtain, thought the newer ships all had glass doors. 72” bed, halfway between queen and king. Lots of storage and lots of hangers. If you are a big person you probably won't want to sleep on the window side of the bed, it is 6 inches from the drapes. There is no night light in the bathroom, and no outlet to plug one in, has to be a glow light. As others have reported, the cabin stewards offer you morning or evening cabin service, no more auto service at both times, but apparently you can ask for and get both. We only wanted evening service with ice at lunch and evening and got that. Robes were nice. One sort of cabin problem, if you go from your back yard down the walkway to the Havana area you have to leave your cabin unlocked b/c you can't lock your balcony door from the outside. Small Lido buffet: we were surprised how small the buffet selections seemed, and then we saw why: there is no Asian station, it's moved to the Mongolian restaurant for lunch, but it's closed for dinner, no free Asian food for dinner, only pay places. And no pasta station in the buffet, it's moved to the Cucina for lunch, and becomes a pay restaurant for dinner, but there might be a pasta dish in the dinner buffet, just no station for creating your own. And there is no pizza station in the buffet, it's moved to a spot near the pool. And there was never an Indian station with korma, curry, etc, but one lunch there were some of these dishes. We wished all of these choices were still together in the buffet. But it seemed to cut down on the number of people using the buffet, and it was always easy to find a table at lunch or dinner when we checked it out. It had 2 rotating flavors of Gilatto ice cream for lunch, closed for dinner, but Swirls at the back had pull-handle soft ice cream and Fro Yo 24/7, no toppings. There are bacon police: the buffet has bacon police at each bacon spot. He's not too tough a cop, you get 2 slices, and if you want more you just keep holding your plate out and stare him down. Since there didn't seem to be a limit we wondered why he was there. Maybe bacon-shaming to reduce waste. Maybe just providing an extra service. No bacon cops at the Ocean Plaza breakfast. A different theatre: it has loose chairs on the main level so they can move them around and create different effects like a club effect for different shows where the performers come onto the floor and use this space. This cuts down on seating, and even when they put the chairs in the regular rows there are only 8 rows. The balcony only has 4 rows, It filled up very quickly for popular shows. Old school design, 10 large pillars obstructing views. Stage seemed small. No drink holders on the main floor chairs. Seats with the best view are row 1 in the balcony, those go fast. Event timing tip: main events like comedy and stage shows conflict, and the only way to see both in the evening is to eat around 5:30. For the comedy shows in the Limelight Lounge you have to line up a half hour early to get in. And after the first show people leaving just turn around and line up for the next comedian. MDR time-saving (for the staff) changes: no more white table clothes to change except on elegant nights, standard wooden tables, not very classy. Ice water carafs at each table, waiters don't need to run around filling water glasses. And you order your dessert when you order your mains, they don't have to come back to take dessert orders. Private MDR dining tip: if you have anytime dining and like private dining for 2 w/o another table right beside you listening to your conversation, there are a few. The nicest 4 are on deck 4 along the balcony with a nice view of the lower level dining on deck 3. We always asked for these by number, 642, 644, 645, 647, and were ok waiting for a bit if the hostess said one or two should be almost done. If they weren't gong to open for a while we asked for 751, 753, or 749 at the back by the window, no one on your elbow. You check in for dinner on deck 5 and get sent down to the hostess on deck 4 to be seated. MDR “dress code”: the last time we looked, shorts were on the no-no list for dinner in the MDR for any cruise line, but here they were ok if not gym or basketball shorts. On the no-no list were cut-off jeans, muscle (sleeveless) shirts, baseball caps, and flip flops, and bathing suits. We saw all of those except bathing suits anytime we were there. On elegant nights they add to the above no-no list jeans, any shorts, T's, and sportswear. We saw all of those on elegant nights, half and half men and women. But also lots dressed up for photos. Secret MDR menu: well sort of, if you like to go by the MDR before dinner and check the menu on the wall it won't be there. To see it you have to open the closed doors and it's on the wall inside where the hostess sets up. It's also on the ship app which they go nuts trying to get you to download so they can target you with ads. Best private 2 person steakhouse 555 seating: there are 2 cute private tables along the window so you can ppl watching during dinner. We asked the host to save one for us and he said no prob, hardly anyone sits there b/c they are bistro (high) chairs with a high table, and no one can or wants to climb up on them. No prob. Secret sun deck and secret hot tub tip: if you walk forward all the way to the bow on deck 5 and look over the edge there is a lovely big hot tub and a few loungers. It was always empty, just bubbling water, but no way for passengers to get to it that we could see, must have been for the crew (sign me up). For the secret sun deck, go up the 15 or so stairs behind you here, to deck 6, a strip of decking around the bow, maybe a dozen loungers, only saw 1 or 2 couples there. Then go up another 15 or so stairs to deck 7, a narrow strip of decking maybe 10 feet wide around the bow, and a small stack of loungers. Never saw anyone there, should be totally private. Sea-sick pills: have always been free at reception, but now CCL wants $2 for a sleeve of two. I'll bet half would say they don't owe ppl free pills, and the other half wold say it's tacky to profit off ppl's discomfort. No button elevators: most ppl were ok with them, some grumbled. If you miss the quick display showing your car letter the machine also says it. The main prob was ppl didn't push their destination button the number of times for how many were in their party, or if they had a scooter they didn't push it extra times, or they didn't push it quick enough. We liked them, it seemed we waiting about the same time for the elevator to come, but got to our destination quicker than the old way. Dedicated jogging track, not running through loungers. Good gym. Lovely Serenity adult-only sunning area, padded loungers, club chairs, cabanas, open to all, seats all gone by 8am on sea days. Least classy atrium, great big circular bar with services around the edges. Cute digital display in the middle. Mike, hardest working cruise director ever ... always cruising the theatre talking to people, and out at the terminal entrances to the ports welcoming ppl to the port, and again at the terminal welcoming people back at the end of the day. Disembarkation was a surprise, they asked for bags to be set outside cabins before 11pm. We put ours out at 11:30 and they were still there in the morning. We've put them out a bit late before with no prob, we heard the ships do a final luggage sweep in the wee hours, but not Horizon. Anyway we were able to muscle them through Express. Best pros: Havana area bar and pool, Guy's burgers (best on the sea), clear jogging track, nice seating around each side of deck 5, uncrowded b'fast in Ocean Plaza, lots of seating 2 decks above and around the pool, and no charge for SkyRide and SkyCourse. Cons: tight theatre seating, bare Havana loungers, small Lido buffet, event timing conflicts, short time in Grand Turk and Caracao, and we were disappointed that there was no bar or lounge at the top of the ship for a nice view, like the Observation Lounges on NCL. If you want port info ask away.
  5. We just did a back to back on these 2 ships (Magic out of Fort Lauderdale/Horizon out of Miami). This was our 7th and 8th Carnival cruise, but we have also sailed NCL and Royal. I would be happy to answer any questions, but here are some notes I took... Carnival Horizon is beautiful ship with a modern decor but has some significant design flaws. The elevators are pathetic (and all you Carnival lovers better not blame "user error" because having just got off the Magic we consistently had MUCH longer wait times on the Horizon and every elevator stopped on 4 or 5 floors). By the end of the cruise, guests were getting on the first elevator to open and hoping it would stop somewhere near where they were headed but were content to walk up or down a couple floors so they didn't have to wait on an elevator. Horizon's show theater is poorly designed with the balcony offering poor visibility from most seats. Even when we got a front row seat in the balcony we still had a prop to contend with (see the large rose in the attached picture). The shows are visually beautiful but very artsy and lack a broad appeal. We walked out most nights asking each other "Did you get the storyline?" Even though there are more guests on board there seemed to be less (unique) comedy shows. Maybe that's because the Punchliner is smaller than most ships forcing the comedians to repeat shows so that they don't run out of room in the club. I'm puzzled by how Carnival, after all these years, can't design better soundproofing for cabins. We were in 2212 for Horizon and while I know that forward lower cabins have more noise, I was disappointed when it sounded like the thrusters were immediately below us and when we hit a wave (a mere 6 ft wave) it sounded like we hit another ship! My wife was awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night in spite of the fact that we had asked for a fan to drown out the noise. Someone in the neighboring cabin stopped me in the hallway and said "WHAT IS THAT BANGING NOISE?" I told him that I believed it was waves hitting the side of the ship and he said "How could that be, the seas are like 6ft? What happens when there is a real storm?" The Magic is a more traditional Carnival experience. The shows are comparable to the other ships, as is the food. I will say that the food was generally better on the Horizon. Same food, better flavor, cooked better. Both ships offer good value, but both ships had a ton of drunks! I suspect folks figured "we saved money on the cruise, so we can afford the all you can drink plan!" And then they attempted to get their money's worth. I saw a guy nearly throw up on the comedian. His buddy stood up in the middle of the comedy show for no apparent reason. We also had a group of young girls talking loudly the entire comedy show, a really loud group at dinner, another really loud drunk in the Serenity hot tub, and a fight on shore where the girlfriend punched her boyfriend in the jaw after he called her a terrible name. My suggestion is that Carnival offer a 1/2 plan at a reduced cost. Maybe some folks will recognize they don't need 15 drinks and we will all be better off.
  6. After spending 38 days at sea in 2018 I decided that I may need to have just a little more self control in 2019. I love my cruises, but every dollar I saved went into the cruise fund instead of more important things like you know, savings. Fast forward another year and after spending 41 days at sea in 2019 I decided not to kid myself into saying I would do better in 2020. Now that I have forewarned you that I am not a responsible individual I will go ahead of tell you I currently have 6 cruises booked from January-May of 2020 totaling 35 days at sea. My bank account weeps for me. These will not be as through as the reviews I used to write but I do want to chronicle them for my own selfish reasons. My 2019 cruises are a bit of a blur as I only wrote a review to one of them and I love going back and rereading them and going "oh yea I remember that". If at least one person still finds these reviews useful, then it was worthwhile for me to share instead of just writing a journal or something for myself. This is part 1 of 6 of my 2020 cruise marathon which will include the following cruises: January 11- 8 Day Southern Caribbean on Carnival Horizon January 31- 3 Day Bahamas on Carnival Liberty February 21- 10 Day New Orleans & Mexico on Celebrity Reflection March 27: 3 Day Perfect Day at Coco Cay Mariner of the Seas April 23: 4 Day Mexico Independence of the Seas May 16: 7 Day Eastern Caribbean Carnival Breeze I have a very diversified schedule as I have started branching out from Carnival a bit. Three cruise lines, and only three repeat ports. Grand Turk, Nassau, and Cozumel will all appear twice. I don't really care too much about the ports though but am excited to mix it up a bit from just Carnival, although they do remain my favorite cruise line.
  7. Does anyone know if Carnival ships (particularly the Horizon) have water bottle filling stations? I walk around with one in my hand all the time, and am thinking about the possibility of filling and taking to excursions. Thanks for your input!
  8. Carnival Horizon Waterworks 2018 September 2018 while in Bermuda
  9. October 2021 8 nights this is the biggest ship we’ve been on. Im so excited and full of questions i have OCPD(obsessive compulsive planning disorder) so here’s the first of many On an 8 night cruise, how many formal nights will there be? What are the upcharges for the IMAX and Thrill theaters? Thanks
  10. I know they are sister ships and probably mostly the same. I have only ever cruised on the Breeze and we really enjoyed it. It was out of Port Canaveral and a very easy process. The Vista is out of Galveston and goes to Cozumel, Montego Bay and Grand Cayman. I have not been to any of these. I have been to Jamaica only in an all inclusive. Horizon is out of Miami and goes to Aruba, Curaçao, La Romana and Amber Cove. Been to Amber Cove. Im traveling with my daughter (22), her bf(24), my other daughter(18) and son (15). My husband is going too Lolol. I have read a lot of hate about the Vista class ships. Although a lot don’t review when it’s a positive experience. We are able to have connecting balcony cabins in both ships(not Havana). The horizon cabin is on Deck 11 and Vista in 10. Looking at the a decks it seems these are ok areas for cabin? Meaning not so much noise? Thank you for Any insight.
  11. I know things can change because of the Coronaviris for the ports, but if you have been on the 6 day Western Horizon cruise, can you tell me what days the 2 elegant nights will be? I am STILL trying to look forward to something "positive" in this cruise that is coming up in two weeks!
  12. There was no dinner upcharges at the Pig and Anchor last week on the Horizon. They said they are testing this for a few weeks. The place was packed
  13. Does anyone have an email address for the Bonsai Teppenyaki on the Horizon? We have a group booked, but need to see if they can add 1 more and i cannot find the email.
  14. We have only sailed Princess. On the Regal they would sometimes use the basketball court to play pickleball or they set up batting cages a couple times. Does the Horizon do anything like that?
  15. Happy Hump Day, So what would you pick I would love some input, raves and rants on these ships please! Summer Cruise for a family of 5 (2 adults, 13yr, 10yr and 6yr old) We don’t have to pay for flights because we live in central Florida. We don’t mind visiting the same port again. We are pretty laid back and just enjoy the cruise and we usually explore on our own. Carnival Horizon: 8 day cruise Miami, 2 sea days, Aruba, Bonaire, La Romana, Amber Cove, sea day $400 more One room: Family Harbor Suite Mid ship deck 1 We have been to Amber Cove. Carnival Magic: 8 day cruise (we have been on the breeze) Miami, 2 sea days, St Marteen, St Kitt, San Juan, Grand Turk, sea day $400 cheaper 2 rooms: One porthole and one door down a ocean view. Front of the ship.. like first rooms on the 1st deck. We have been to Grand Turk and PR Thank you!
  16. Traveling with my elderly mother, no kids or men this time! ; ) On previous cruises to other destinations there was usually a low impact excursion that included some kind of shopping.. like street market, not brand stores. For Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman I haven't found anything suitable in the Carnival excursions. We've never ever gotten off the ship "alone" .. without it being an official Carnival Excursion. I floated the idea to mom, that we might just be able to get off the ship and find our own way to some kind of street market. _sigh_ I thought she was going to faint at the idea.... How dangerous is that really? Is it worth it? I've promised I wouldn't let her get kidnapped and ransomed (eyeroll) and I'm sure I could keep us close enough to get back to the ship in time.. Are there any street Market type shopping at these ports?
  17. Does anyone know if the skyride is open on day one of the cruise? Or is it operational at all I guess should ask first. We are on the ship at the end of this week. Wondering if it will be open before we leave port or on the way out. Thx.
  18. I have Cabins 11268 and 11264 on hold right now. I have been looking at the Deck plans to make sure I didn't pick a noisy cabin. I am struggling with the map lol. It's hard to tell but is Waterworks right over my cabins? Or is it a little bit ahead? Has anyone had these cabins and can tell me if they are super noisy due to waterworks?
  19. Does Carnival Horizon off the Whiskey Master Course as offered on Vista and Panorama? Thanks
  20. Hey everybody! So we're leaving in a few days to go on the 8 night Horizon trip. We've not planned much because we weren't sure until the last minute we'd actually be able to go, so now I'm trying to figure out what we can do in the different ports. In Grand Turk, we don't seem to be there that long (7-2), but I would like to try to visit the Bohio resort for some beach time based on reviews that I read. My fear is that with the time frame, its pretty much pointless and not relaxing. We'd prefer to get away from the crowds and just have some quiet, which doesn't sound like the usual Jack's Shack/Margaritaville route. The place I wanted to go in Aruba is sold out, the DH isn't excited about Curcao, and we don't know if we'll get off the boat in La Romana...so I'm just striking out all around. Opinions are welcome and requested. Thank you Ps: I scoured the Grand Turk board but its very quiet and time is flying by on me.
  21. Where on the ship can we get Omelettes? On the Sunrise there were at least 5 locations I think.
  22. Tell me about your shopping experience on the horizon. What did you get? What do you wish you would’ve gotten? What was the coolest thing that you saw in the shops or even at a port?
  23. Anyone have any idea what will be showing Feb 8-16 on Carnival Horizon at Dive In and IMAX?
  24. Hello all, Anyone who is booked on a 6 day Carnival Horizon cruise that stops in Cozumel from 10:30 am- 6:30 pm this July-- Can you please log into the excursions section and let me know if you see the Chichen Itza by airplane excursion ($400 pp) available to book? Thanks in advance!
  25. We were on the Feb 8 sailing. I developed a cough 4 days in as did my husband. I’m just now getting over it. It was violent coughing fits. Since returning home and chatting with our Facebook group of over 600 members from that cruise, I’m finding that most of us got sick that week. Now I’m thinking we should have notified Carnival. Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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