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  1. Well fingers are crossed here and my family and I are hoping to be on that August 2nd on the Horizon. Masks, social distancing, I don't really care a week on the ship is better than a week at home. I've had maybe 6 to 7 full days off since March 11, since things started to lock down in Mass. As an essential worker I'm ready for a vaca. Our Panorama cruise was canceled on June 27th so i could care less if we float around at sea for 6 days on the ship or actually dock in a port. Have plenty of sick time to burn if forced to quarantine upon our return ( it would be a bonus vacation).
  2. I canceled my 10/31/2020 cruise and rebooked on the Horizon for 5/1/2021I wasn't too concerned about cruising but I did not want to deal with all the restrictions the CDC is putting on cruise lines- social distancing. maybe wearing masks( which is BS)and all the other crap.
  3. I canceled my October 31,2020 cruise and rebooked it for 5/5/2021 on the Horizon. I did not want to deal with all that social distancing and other crap.
  4. We are booked on the Horizon out of Miami on August 8. We originally had the Radiance (I think) out of NYC on 7/20/20. That was cancelled so we tried Sunshine out of NY on 8/1. THAT was cancelled so our next one was Galveston on 7/25. Well, that one got cancelled too and I said, let's scrap it and go next summer. Hubby was insistent to try one more time so we are now booked on the Horizon from Miami on 8/8. I am not crazy about restrictions that may be put on us; he says we will all feel worse if the ship goes out without us. I'm trying to hold off on booking airfare for now, though. We also use a great PVP at Carnival (former cruise director) and he said while there will definitely be some onboard restrictions and changes, the cruise won't go out if it can't be a real cruise with entertainment, pool, etc.
  5. This happened to us. We were originally booked on the Panorama for the June 27th sailing but had not paid the trip off and got a final payment extension until 30 days before its sailing. When I had originally booked the trip I did it during one of Carnivals reduced deposit promotions so my down payment was roughly 396 for 4 people which is well under the normal deposit rate. Then the June 27th sailing was cancel and I elected to use FCC for the August 2nd Horizon sailing. When I went to book this I had to pay a downpaymemt equivalent to a booking with no promotion, roughly $1000. My PVP rolled my original DP over to the new booking and I am now responsible for the difference which is due next week and then I have to make final payment by July 1st. Its confusing but its works out.. Plus I have some good OBC.. My PVP did call me last night to remind me to make the remaining DP payment so i dont get canceled..
  6. We were scheduled to sail the Horizon May 2, then Panorama Aug 22, now back to Horizon Aug 22. Da Rona is doing Tha Cha Cha Slide with all of our bookings. It has literally been “Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Criss Cross. Criss Cross. Cha cha real smooth”. We will roll with whateva happens next tho. Hopefully it will be “Everybody clap your hands”! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  7. I guess I fell out of your “everyone” scenario. My October Horizon was booked before the pandemic is still non-refundable. No concessions, refund options, IOUs, or general acknowledgments granted. I “think” you are speaking specifically to those whose cruise was canceled & rebooked and now have remorse. I’m probably stupid & read too much into your response without reading linked upon linked messages. Hopefully that is the case since a lot of us non-comped idiots are still hoping for the best yet feel doubtful about booking airfare/hotels/vacation.
  8. Hate to burst your bubble, but here's a little dose of reality. If you have 15 straight years of doing 2 cruises per year, all on Carnival, then you'll have the pleasure of making Diamond. I've been doing this since 1986, with my first cruise on the Carnival Jubilee. 16 out of my first 20 cruises were all on Carnival, because I didn't know any better. Take off the blinders, do the research you love to do and you'll find that there is a world of fabulous cruise choices besides just Carnival. But I would highly recommend the Havana area on the Horizon, Vista or Panorama, best thing carnival has come up with in years. Happy sailing.
  9. When our August 22nd Panorama cruise was canceled we re-booked for August 22nd on the Horizon. I am comfortable taking our chances and working with whatever changes are implemented. Someone has to go on the first few cruises and be the risk takers. No matter what I believe my family will have a great time.
  10. Is it the same as it is on the Horizon & Vista, or did they change it again? On the Horizon, even on port day mornings when everyone was getting breakfast at the same time in a hurry to get off the ship, lines were minimal compared to the traditional buffet lines on others ships. A majority of the cruise, I walked right up and got what I wanted for breakfast without waiting. So nice.
  11. With our June cruise canceled on the Panorama we rebooked for the August 2nd sailing on the Horizon. It was a total gamble and only a 6 day cruise but worked best for my schedule. Having that said it was so cheap with the addition of 1200 OBC (we have 2 cabins) it was worth the gamble. If it doesn't sail no big deal we just roll over to one of our 3 booked for 2021. Having said all this, I spoke with my PVP earlier this evening. She called to reminded me that I do have a deadline approaching to make my additional deposit on this trip with final payment not due until 30 days before sailing. What I can tell you is this and I do this knowing I will be blown up by a few doom and gloom people on CC... My PVP said. As of now, we are sailing in August. I grilled her on this and She said, its complicated and on going with all the work being done with the CDC but she was as confident as she could be that the few ships carnival has lined up to sail, will sail in August. Now to satisfy the negative people on CC, I have booked with this PVP for almost 20 years, she is the only person I will book with and I know her well. She's not lying to me or giving me a company line.. She reaffirmed that the ship will be at 50 percent capacity again and I believe this.. We also discussed what is going to happen regarding Grand Cayman being shut down (Since its on my sailing) and She said that's an on going process. They may utilize the Costat Maya or Halfmoon Cay.. She did say the private islands will utilized a lot with things still uncertain in many ports for August. I did not ask about masks on the ship as I do not really care. Now can this all change? Yes! This is just what was passed along to me and Im sorry if I'm probably off topic on this thread but I figured I'd share what info I had..
  12. So we usually cruise every year in August, with everything going on this year we just figured it would not happen. Now it is looking like Carnival is going to get some sailings off in August. We have a cruise couple that has been booked for a couple years in a Havana cabin on the Horizon that is trying to get us to go. A couple Havana cabins just opened up at a smoking deal. I would say 40% less then we paid last time we sailed the Horizon. Now let me put this out there my wife nor I are concerned at all about Covid. We can save that for another conversation. What I am worried about is how the cruise industry might have changed because of the pandemic. This also being one of the first cruises to get going once things open up. There are just a ton of questions that nobody seems to have the answer to. I don't want to wear a mask, I don't want to socially distance myself from my friends on the cruise. I don't want restaurant seating to be a nightmare because they are operating at half capacity, while it wouldn't be the end of the world it would suck to miss our ports. Honestly I would rather just not cruise and do a land based vacation. On the other hand this deal is almost to good to pass up. So I am just kind of stuck. I assume even with cruise insurance in place, if we find out that there are so many guidelines that we wont be able to enjoy our cruise we wont be able to get a refund. Just looking for some opinions on what people think things will be like once they are up and running again.
  13. Entirely your opinion, but we sailed on the Horizon twice and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mainly because we were smart enough to book a cabin in the Havana area both times and we did not have to worry about kids in hot tubs or adult soup in the pool.
  14. Having sailed on Elation, Conquest, Victory, Valor (x2), Triumph (x2), Imagination (x4), Holiday (x3), Legend (x3), Spirit, Inspiration (x2), Miracle, Liberty, Fantasy (x3), Horizon, and Breeze, I don’t know that there are any I wouldn’t sail again. How much I enjoy a cruise largely depends on the current crew and fellow passengers - not the decor or layout of the ship. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t rush to jump on Breeze again - everywhere was SO crowded, with low ceilings and choke points. It also had the loudest, rudest group of fellow cruisers I’ve ever experienced (having a full beer dumped on my by a guy who was so drunk he got angry that A BAR on the ship wouldn’t issue him a new room key was a particularly special highlight), so that had a lot to do with it. And contrary to a lot of comments here, I absolutely loved Horizon and would sail on her again in a heartbeat!
  15. Vista and her sister ship-Horizon? We had a good cruise and in fact really enjoyed the Family Harbor area, but the floor plan, décor and underwhelming "atrium" area really turned us off.
  16. Will never sail on a Fantasy Class ship again. Been there, done that. Anything less than 100K tons is probably in my rearview mirror as well. Enjoyed our 2 sailings in the Havana area on Horizon and looking forward to the Mardi Gras next year. Also looking forward to the new builds by Princess (Enchanted) and Celebrity (Apex).
  17. Did a 6/25/1995 cruise on the Sensation with stops at San Juan, St Croix and St Thomas. Wow, 25 years ago! Did 22 more cruises with Carnival after that and am booked on the Horizon for 2021 and 2022 (Hopefully!)
  18. Our first cruise on carnival was the Victory in 2007. At the time I was on Royal Caribbean a lot. And people on RC said that the Carnival people were just , how can I say this nicely, Carnival people were rude crude and obnoxious. It wasn't my idea, to said on Carnival but I had taken my brother in law on a cruise in 2006 and he wanted us to go with him on Carnival with a tour group up north. I accepted with a little reservation. It was a 5 day cruise to Newfoundland and St John in late June and I was giving him a hard time about Canada being cold, numerous times. After boarding in NYC it was well into the 80s and he said "Well it Aint cold". And I replied this aint Canada. The first morning I was on deck 10 sitting in the early rays of the sun. It was before GPS on ships but I guessed we were off the coast of Maine. The ladies were getting a head start on sunbathing and I thought , well this isn't bad. Then I felt a cold breeze on the back of my head. I thought a door opened and allowed air conditioning to escape. It happened again and then again and I lifted myself off the lounger thinking I may need to move. Upon turning around I saw a solid wall behind me. No door? Then I saw a white mass dead ahead stretching across the horizon. We entered it and it was a fog so dense that I could not see the water side across the way. I was near the TV screen half way to the port rail. IT GOT COLD! I looked at my poor brother in law and said , " I am changing to my sweat shirt". He has never lived that trip down as it was a deep fog for 3 days. And don't tell him but it was a fun cruise. As for the Victory, it was pretty much like RC ships I was on. Clean, well maintained, service was good, people were friendly and over all pretty close to what I was use to on RC. and it was a little cheaper. I remember the first night in the dining room. The waiter knew i was new to carnival, I didn't know about the blue card thing. I said I was going to skip dessert but he highly suggested the chocolate molten cake. "Try it , you will like it" . So I did and loved it. He smiles widely and with a Romanian accent , slapped his chest and said "I make!!!". We all laughed, I thought maybe there was something more to the slogan "Fun Ship". Needless to say I have been on a lot of Carnival Fun ships since. But yeah it isn't exactly like RC, but then I have sailed on 6 lines and they are all tweaked differently. But carnival passengers were no more rude crude and obnoxious as any other passenger group on any line. The Carnival Victory sold me on Carnival and the cool people i have met over the years. Foot note They want me to go to Alaska 2021. I said "But its cold". The family said "you dont have to come, but we are going." Oh I am going, but I will pack 2 or 3 sweat shirts. I can't wait to cruise again.
  19. That is an interesting question. What happens when cruise lines do sail August 1, 2020 is anybody's guess. Personally I think cruising in August is to soon. I'm going on the Horizon 10/31/2020 maybe that is to soon also but it depends what happens when cruise lines start sailing again.
  20. Just to educate you, the Horizon is far from very large, it's 135,600 tons. It is the second largest in the Carnival fleet, slightly smaller than the Panorama, but there are currently 44 passenger cruise ships that are larger than the Horizon. Royal's Symphony of the Seas is currently the largest at 228,000 tons. Royal currently has 16 ships larger than the Horizon and all 4 of the Oasis Class are larger than the 180,000 ton Mardi Gras when she comes out next year. Just wanted to give you a bit of perspective. And I am also well aware of the few short comings of the Horizon, but the two times I had the pleasure of sailing on her we stayed in the Havana area, which none of the smaller ships in the Carnival fleet has. So while you're sailing on that smaller ship, enjoy the adult soup in the pools and the kids taking over the hot tubs, neither of which you need to worry about if you do your research ahead of time and learn about the Havana area, which is the best thing that Carnival has come up with. And I have cruised Carnival 18 times since 1986.
  21. I know there have been many discussions of airline ports of which one to use, or which cruise ship to take, for what itinerary. I have cruised for many years on all size of ships, but not as large as the Horizon. There were 8 of us that were going to do the Horizon, which is a new ship, and very large, until the virus came and cancelled us out. I had liked what I had seen on the Horizon, but then there were a few things that I didn't really care for. This is just ME talking, but I really like the glass elevators in the A trim. Also when I read that there were several poles blocking both levels of the viewing in the main auditorium to see the shows, and much smaller than most auditoriums, I really didn't like that. The reason for making it smaller was to ADD more state rooms to the ship. 😞 So thus, "if" we are able to cruise next year, I have a different itinerary picked out, and much smaller ship.
  22. Well since my July cruise on the Horizon was obviously canceled, we re-booked for the 10 day Alaska out of San Francisco June 2021. My question is, are the pools / slides open during Alaskan cruises?
  23. @Saint Greg I was doing a mock booking for Horizon and the 4J category is never available. Even way out in the future. Under "Interior", correct? Thx!
  24. It should be there. I know I was out there on Panorama. Here's a video from Horizon. 18 seconds into this one you can see the door. Vista should be the same.
  25. I’m not concerned about hot spots, it’s still 3 1/2 months until our cruises. We fly to all our cruises, we are in north central Illinois, hopefully not for long. Gotta get out of this state. We are on the September 5th/ 13th Horizon out of Miami. Right now we are hunkered down in our home, both of us are seniors. Looking forward to the cruises, hope there’s not to many burdensome restrictions that ruin the cruise.
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