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  1. Sorry. I meant Horizon. 8 day out of Miami.
  2. The TV's on all the newer Carnival ships (Vista, Horizon, & Panorama) are all bigger TV's. Probably about 42" inches, and are mounted on the wall directly across from the bed. On the "older" ships they are all the small sized computer monitor type tv's that are mounted up by the mirror and desk.
  3. We're scheduled to sail on Horizon on Oct 3rd. I'm seeing nothing available on this cruise. Every cabin shows sold out. I just wonder how my cruise might be affected? We've got 2 more payments to go to be paid in full. I booked it a year ago.
  4. I've been watching my october cruise. Purely speculation on my part, but it really seems like they are limiting bookings. There were quite a few rooms available, now they are gone. It could very well be reschedules. If I had to guess, it is part of their "look at the action we are taking" plan. I would definitely not be mad if they cut a little bit of capacity from my Horizon cruise.
  5. We were supposed to be on the Horizon this Saturday for 8 nights. 10 year anniversary and going Platinum. We waited it out until it was cancelled and booked the same ship on 10/31. I hope it sails, but, I’ll understand if not. A lot can happen in nearly 6 months.
  6. sailing on the Horizon. Deck 5 was booked solid but we just canceled. It's a sideways cabin for 2.
  7. It’s funny that many recent developments make me less & less likely to go on my October Horizon cruise-very few cruises starting August 1st & those will be capacity controlled, by the time mine sails 2 months later it will probably be allowed at full capacity. Now almost certainly no Grand Cayman (never been there), likely no Ocho Rios (wife wanted to see Dunn’s River Falls) & while Cozumel is nice & would not book a cruise to there & maybe Nassau (if Carnival is feeling generous). Add to that no price drops in my category since booking last November & it’s basically overpriced for what you get. Enough of the 1st Word problems. My personal issues is I suffer from social anxiety & discovered over the past month how much of a germaphobe I am. I’d be the one wearing a mask everywhere with sweat poring off as I do while grocery shopping. Oh well. Final payment is late July (just before cruises resume). I can live without my deposit & hold on to the gift cards refunded.
  8. Booked on the Horizon Nov 2021 when I look for it in excursions it doesn't show up. Could it be sold out already or do you have to wait til a little closer to book?
  9. Well....they are back. This morning our 8 night on 8/22 on the Horizon is available in several categories. Weird.
  10. Don't know if it got rolled out to all of the ships in the fleet, but there was a 60.00 three meal deal that we had on the Horizon last August. You got one night in the Steakhouse and then two 15.00 vouchers good at Cucina, Jiji's or a la carte sushi. You saved 8.00.
  11. Our September 5th Horizon Cruise has disappeared tonight. We are scheduled to visit Aruba, Curaçao, LaRomana, and Amber Cove.
  12. We were scheduled for the June 27th cruise on the Panorama and when that was canceled earlier this week I booked a 6 day on the Horizon using FCC and grabbing the generous OBC. When I did this rebook my PVP told me they were only going to be sailing the Horizon at 50 percent capacity which could explain those disappearing cruises. It could be something else but they my be closely monitoring the numbers. That's my positive and hopefully take on what you have been seeing.
  13. I noticed the same thing. I wasn't going to book right away but I have to fly in so was looking at a 7+ day cruise. Now that there are only 4-6 day cruises it's not worth it to go down to Miami or Orlando. I have been eying the 8 day cruise on the Horizon so we could enjoy the Havana area.. oh well..
  14. I booked the Horizon Southern Caribbean 8 day cruise for September 5th a few days ago. There was around 6 different sailing dates from August to October and I noticed yesterday the i8 day Southern Caribbean cruises on Horizon for those months have all went away. I thought it was strange that all six cruise dates disappeared. Does anyone know if they are likely to be able to dock in Aruba and Curacao? Has anyone else noticed this or know anything? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. We did too!! Got a deal that includes $500 OBC. Our cruise is costing us $15 basically. Only our second time in an interior room, but hey, can't beat that price!! Have already booked the Horizon in January after our March Magic cruise was cancelled. Yes, it's an older, smaller ship, BUT it's a cruise!!! YAY!!!
  16. I had a similar situation, but it cleared up all by itself in about 4-5 days. Be patient. Also, the Panorama is on the west coast, not the Horizon. David
  17. Hello everyone, My family had booked a Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Horizon for this August. As many of you know, the Horizon is getting re positioned to Miami thus our cruise got cancelled. Unfortunately, with the two cabins we book, Carnival sent an email for each one indicating a 250 dollar fine per each passenger (there were 4 of us). Is this normal? Carnival cancelled the cruise so we are a little suspicious about why we got fined. Nonetheless, any information that I can obtain would help a ton. Thanks so much!
  18. A check this morning shows that there are 15 available itineraries in August. They are on limited ships sailing from Miami, Galveston, and Port Canaveral only. The Breeze, Vista, Sensation, Dream, Freedom, Elation, Horizon, and Magic are all sailing.
  19. I did a check in specifically October on the Horizon since I have a cruise scheduled then. And you're right, the 6-day cruises are still available, but the 8-day ones (like mine) are gone. I'm sure it's still listed as booked, so I won't check that. Hmmmmm... the plot thickens. I think it's reasonable for Carnival to limit themselves to short cruises in the first few weeks/months, but I'm wondering... did the Dutch say something to Carnival in the last day or two?
  20. It's not just August. All 8-day cruises on the Horizon are gone till December.
  21. Hope to see you on the Horizon on 8/22. Fingers crossed!
  22. When my 8/22 Panorama cruise was cancelled on Monday I immediately booked for the same date on the Horizon. I think with all the cancellations the remaining ships are reaching capacity fast.
  23. We are booked for 8/22 on the Horizon. No notification about any change. My reservation is still there and I can add specialty dining etc. Yesterday there were quite a lot of available cabins. Scary that it's missing now on a search.
  24. Port Canaveral: Breeze 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/29 missing. Elation 8/3 missing. Miami: Horizon 8/2, 8/8, 8/22 missing. and more...
  25. My wife and I have sailed on 20 different Carnival ships, and 3 RCL ships. Horizon is up next for us on Oct 3rd.
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