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Found 351 results

  1. A fun and informative look at EVERYTHING on the Carnival Horizon. Enjoy! Just back from the 12/22/19 Christmas Hanukkah sailing. https://youtu.be/hphAjXTGIBI
  2. I am sailing on the Horizon in July and have a question about the internet. I purchased the "social" internet package for this sailing. I know this only grants access to social media sites along with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. My question is, will either the audio or video calling features on these sites work? I have read posts that the internet speed is much better on the newer ships compared to the older ones. Fingers crossed!
  3. I've never sailed Carnival before. To say I'm excited is an understatement because this has ended up being next year's Christmas present to my sons and grandsons. It started out that friends were going to celebrate a birthday and invited a group of mutual friends to tag along. I was planning to take my Daughter In Laws who have both wanted to cruise with me. I had the travel agent price out the 3 of us going big with a suite and all the perks or going smaller and taking the "Boys" with us. Turns out the price was comparable and now my Christmas shopping is done!! The stops are Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We've got plenty of time to plan excursions, find the best places for a couples massage (that will be their anniversary presents) and debate the drink package. I'm most interested in tips, tricks and suggestions that you guys might have concerning the grandsons. They will be just under 4 years old at the time we sail. Thanks for all the help to all the questions I'll be asking that are Carnival & port specific. - Iris
  4. My wife and I are obsessed with this game. We love it. I can not find anything on whether the horizon has it or not. If any have cruised on horizon and saw it or knows i would greatly appreciate it.
  5. We will be on the Horizon in just 4 short days, and have read about the I-Max Theater. But I can not find info on the Thrill Theater. Only that its a 5-D experience. Does that mean there are special effects used while in there? I figure it moves, but what else does it do? Just wondering. Also cost and if its worth it? TIA
  6. Any way to find out what the entertainment schedule may be like on the Horizon for 2020? Wondering if they will be changing up any of the Playlist Production shows, etc... Who might be in the piano bar? What comedians they may have on board? We are in the first March 2020 sailing and I a curious.😊
  7. Hi everyone! We're going on Horizon in February (can't wait!) and have booked a spa balcony. We had final payment due not too long ago and a few rooms come open in our category and I'm trying to decide if a room switch would be a good idea. We're currently in 14222, but there's a few spa balconies open on 11th deck. Our desire to switch from 14 comes from 2 things- 1 that the balcony is uncovered and 2- a concern that the serenity area could be loud. I've tried looking at the deck plans and figure out if 11 would be better. I know the balcony would be covered but the noise is more important than the shade. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. I haven't posted in a while so here goes. SnL/DnL are currently on the Horizon. They have stopped twice to offload passengers for presumed medical emergencies. DnL is near panic as this is her first cruise. I know these events are minor but I am curious about them. I got bored with uneventful cruises following the Star Princess fire and several hurricanes. Any further info appreciated.
  9. We have booked a room at the end/forward/bow of the ship. If you have ever had a room at that end, would you give me YOUR pros/cons of having a room there? When looking at what might be directly below us on one of the other decks was the main theater.
  10. Just reported on local news, a passenger fell from the 9th floor to the 5th and dies from injuries.
  11. Hey folks, for anyone who’s traveled on the Horizon within the past week or two, does anyone know what movies they are currently showing in the IMAX theater? We will be traveling on the ship in a couple days (Nov 16/2019) so i was wondering what to expect. Thank u!
  12. Just returned from our 8-day with stops in Grand Turk, Aruba and Curacao. Enjoyable time and great stops. Our first time in Aruba and Curacao and they were great. We spend most of our ship time at the back pool during the day and dine in movies at night. We hit Eagle Beach in Aruba and it was just beautiful. In Curacao, we did Blue bay through the ship. Nice bus tour and three hours of beach - we were there at sunset which was really neat. At Grand Turk, we just found the free chairs and enjoyed the beach. We did not do the main theatre shows. We did catch one of the comedy shows and would have liked to gone more, but just enjoyed the movies too much. We did not hit the piano bar and that is a regret as we usually get in there one night. We did try the Alchemy bar one night and met a nice couple and enjoyed the hour there. The drinks there are just not what we normally drink. We do not do the Cheers package. I usually drink beer and the wife has two or three of the frozen drinks each day. We always say if we go over or get close to the limit, we can look at the Cheers program. We were not close this time, so we will stay with that plan. I like to relax and let the wait staff come to me and I am not sure I could do this if I had the package. There were several occasions where I would have had another drink, but due to the wait staff being busy, nobody got to me. I don't force the issue as I am not really in a hurry ever on vacation. This is just another reason I do not think the package is for us. Off to the Panaroma in April!!!
  13. I understand about the larger cabin, balcony, etc. on the Horizon Grand Suite. Do you get entry to Cabana area or other perks with the Grand suite.?
  14. Hoping someone who gets off HORIZON will reply. I wondered how busy the Havana area is at night and are they leaving the pools and hot tub open until 11 pm. Any updates on how the recent changes affected the area would be appreciated.
  15. Horizon deck plans show stairs in the far aft. Can these be used by passengers to get to the lido deck or will we have to walk forward to the elevator/stairs?
  16. Instead of an excursion I may walk around the area. Where does the ship tie up and what has anyone found to be within walking distance. We are in port from 1:30PM to 10:30 PM so I'm looking for daytime and nighttime things to do and see without going to a beach. Thanks Eric
  17. We are cruising on Carnival Horizon for the first time next March. Our room is 6205, deck 6 at the bow or front of the ship. If you have done this end of the ship, or even this room, or close by, would you please give me your pros/cons of this room, or the location? Also, we don't know what dining room we will be in, but since we will be at the end/front of the ship, what is the best way to get to the dining room/s?
  18. Well, I am unfortunately back at work today after getting off of the Horizon yesterday, but in order to help the sting of being back in the office, I figured I would start writing my view of the Carnival Horizon...both the good and the bad. I will include pics and hopefully some video of a few things. I warn you now...this won't be written all in one sitting, but rather as multiple pieces in this post as I organize my thoughts, get time over the next few days to type them out, organize my pics, etc. I hope you all find it informative and it helps you on your journey. Day 1: The Journey Begins We always travel to the cruise port the day before the cruise. I will never trust an airline to get me there on time the morning of embarkation. While I have had very good luck with on time flights, I am the type of traveler that likes to be early and in this case, that means being in Miami the day before. We had a morning flight out of Dulles airport so that means up at 4am. But who can sleep the night before vacation??!? I was actually awake at 3:30am as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Car was already packed, that so that just means a shower, getting dressed, and out the door! Thank god my wife is like me...early is ontime, ontime is late, and late is being left behind. We get to the airport early...no problems there because it's off to the United Club for some breakfast and coffee. After landing in Fort Lauderdale we catch a Lyft down to our hotel in Miami. We like to stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites Brickel when we cruise out of Miami. It is right next to the free metromover, has lots of restaurants within walking distance, is in a rather decent neighborhood, and has free breakfast. We got to the hotel a few hours before the posted check in time, but they had our room ready for us, so we dropped off our luggage, then it's off to walk around and buy a few necesseties that we decided to buy there instead of packing. Though one thing we needed to get was another suitcase. When we checked our luggage, our large suitcase was over the 50 pound limit. I am not paying the $100 overage fee, so we moved some stuff from the large suitcase and stuffed it in the smaller. We got the large bag down to 48 pounds but the small bag was at 45. We had planned on buying some souveneirs, so we went to target to pick up a duffel bag as a third bag.
  19. I read that the Skyride on Horizon was closed for maintenance recently, but haven't heard anything either way about whether it's still closed or not. Does anyone know if it's opened back up?
  20. We booked an extremely good rate on the Horizon for December. But it was only for Deck one. How quiet is it? Will there be crew noise all night from down below or are their crew cabins there? We usually book Cabins between decks for this purpose, But just wondering...
  21. Do the evening shows on Horizon have the same show with an early and late dining show time OR do show times change daily, reservations required/preferred like the mega ships RCL Harmony, etc? Hoping it’s NOT like the mega ships we’ve sailed before. Required too much pre planning/scheduling. Also, if a show cancelled thru your week long plans in to a tail spin including dinner reservations.....
  22. Please help me make sure I am not missing something... Dad wants to go on the Horizon with my wife and I and Dad will be a single. I do not want him to have to book a terrible cabin for a bad price due to single supplement so we are looking at a Family Harbor Suite. Only because of that curtain that will pull in this cabin type, this seems like the only way we will remotely have any privacy, even if this is still minimal privacy. Am I right? Looks like all other cabin options regardless of how nice they are do not even provide a curtain. Anyone have any other options or suggestions?
  23. Is “The Lucky Bowl” available on Horizon?
  24. We are trying to decide between an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Horizon or 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before and enjoyed all of them. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
  25. I'm just curious about something, and thought I would ask those of you who have been on the Horizon since it has come out. I thought someone said there were not very many windows to look or view out at the ocean, etc. while cruising, where you could sit and relax. Is this true on the Horizon? I have done many ships, and probably for the last 10 years Carnival ships. I know on at least a couple decks "inside" where you could relax or read, they always had plenty of windows where you could look out as well.
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