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  1. A smart elevator is one where you enter the floor you want to go on into a central keypad which then tells you which elevator cab to go into. So instead of each elevator stopping on every floor it groups people that's going to the same floor into the same cab. Horizon has it. The technology first appeared in office buildings and hotels. The elevator cab has no buttons so you have to make sure you use the keypad otherwise if you go into any cab it may not stop on the floor you want. Edit: Does Panorama have it?
  2. I haven't heard. Can you explain what a "smart" elevator is? *EDIT* Nevermind, I read about them. Seem neat. If it was popular on the Horizon I would imagine it would carry over. Just an opinion though.
  3. Newbies to Carnival. We are an older couple, over 60 who like to have fun eat/drink and find a cool bar to hangout in. We like to be away from the kids. We are looking at the Breeze or Horizon. Which ship would suit us better? Which ship has a Better Serenity deck? We know Carnival is known for families and kids.
  4. Hi all, we have a cruise booked for January 17th 2021 leaving from Miami on the Horizon. Our payment is due Oct 9th. Regardless of whether or not this ship sails we have some vulnerable people in our group so we plan to reschedule this cruise until after we've seen cruises back to some normalcy or proven them to be safe with new measures in place. Going on this cruise is simply not an option for us right now. I've created a poll with some options. I hope you all can help give me some advice. If you have some other options I would love to hear them! Thanks!
  5. I have my 20yr wedding anniversary cruise scheduled for May '21 on the Horizon. Anybody think its to soon or shall we be fine?
  6. Our final payment was due tomorrow. Was able to call and switch sailings with 0 penalty even though we were booked early saver. Went from horizon 12/12/20 to mardi gras 11/6/21. My guess is the horizon sailing gets cancelled but wasn't willing to risk it.
  7. I’m a late bloomer for sure and just finding this review but I LOVE IT! I nearly choked on my soda when I read “Gladys Knight and the Pips”! Lol. That was fantastic. Thank you, thank you. I know what you mean about enjoying writing when you get home. I’ve only done two reviews so far....Fascination and Horizon....but looking forward to writing about whatever is next. Mine aren’t as funny as yours, but I’m working on it! So....Magic is a strong contender for 2022 if my November cruise gets cancelled, which is quite likely. Now back to your awesome review......
  8. I just booked a Havana balcony on the Horizon for April 2023 to the ABC islands this evening with my PVP. Bucket list!
  9. My "reviews" don't really have much useful information, just more observations... Hopefully your Horizon cruise sails as planned... Thanks for reading:)
  10. My wife and I are on the same cruise (February 20) and are treating it the same way. Not purchasing airfare, hotel, or excursions until we know what is going on and whether we cruise or not. We have Horizon booked for February 2022, so if we cancel hopefully Carnival allows us to transfer our money to that cruise.
  11. Hi all! Sid ~ thanks for resurrecting this thread. I was looking for it yesterday as I've just booked Horizon for Nov 2021. Sorry you won't be able to celebrate your birthday on a cruise like you usually do. Let's hope we're all able to sail soon! ~ Jo ~ 😊 silent tribe member
  12. I was on the Dec 6 Horizon and called Sunday to see what my options were, I had only put down $100 for deposits so worst case I'd lose that. But they moved it for me, no extra fees or penalties and somehow I didn't have to pay any more. I moved it to April 2023 🙂 and now have a BTB booked then. The person on the phone was very helpful. I could have cancelled and lost the $100 but am happy I was able to move it. Good luck!
  13. We enjoy cruising on every class of Carnival ships. They each have their pros and cons. In order of preference, Spirit, Dream, Conquest, Sunshine, and Fantasy. We have not been on the Vista Class yet but will be sailing on the Horizon and Panorama next year. (hopefully).😎
  14. I'm in the same situation with a tough call since we sail on the Horizon on Dec 26th and full payment is due sept 25th. If i cancel now i would get my 500.00 deposit back but lose the 1810.00 FCC from the Inaugural sailing of the Mardi Gras which was cancelled. If i pay only an addition 1245.00 and the cruise line cancels will i get the 1245.00 plus 500.00 back in a cash refund? and then i'd still retain my FCC and apparently a 600 OBC too. If i pay and they don't cancel the cruise and i can't get there becaus ethe border is still closed to Canadians then i'd get all that in FCC's .. Tough call...Any advice..
  15. Hi! We are beginning to think ahead toward a 2021 cruise when our littlest will be two. For the timeframe we are looking at there are options with both Horizon and Freedom. I like the itinerary better on Freedom, but realize Horizon is quite a bit newer and bigger. For those of you who've been on both ships (or similar sister ships) do you think the differences on the ship are worth a slightly less appealing itinerary? Appreciate your thoughts!
  16. We returned from our last cruise on the Magic, one week before cruising got shut down. We currently are booked on the Horizon for March 2021. I have two cabins booked, one for DH and Myself and the other for son and daughter in law. We also had a nine day booked on the Radiance of of Galveston for February 2022. Radiance has already been cancelled. Being the over planner that I am, I did this: 1) Booked 6 day Horizon for October 2021 for DH and myself 2) Booked 7 day Mardi Gras for February 2022 (in case the March 2021 Horizon is cancelled) for DH, son, DIL and myself 3) Booked 14 Dream for January 2023 for DH and myself I am hoping all goes as planned and we are on the Horizon in March 2021, but if not I know I've got the other ones booked!!!
  17. Hi friends, in our tour of the new big ships we just booked Horizon. it's our first big new ship with Carnival, and had some preconceived notions. I'm trying to schedule our evenings, but all I can do schedule specialty timing. our experience with RCI, and NCL, is that close to sailings (we are 78 days out) you could book the headliner shows, comedy shows, and schedule things around you seating time in the MDR or a speciality restaurant. Does Carnival really not operate this way? Do I have to wait til we are closer? Are all those things just first come first serve? Do you have to mad dash to schedule when you get onboard?
  18. We're trying to decide on a B2B option in September/October 2022 on the Horizon (in a Havana of course) for our 10th anniversary. The first leg would be : Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. I've done all of them, but hubby has never been to Ocho Rios. The second leg is where we get more exiciting and some choices must be made. S1: ABC- Aruba, Bonaire, Curaco S2: Aruba Bonaire, La Romana, Amber Cove S3: Aruba, Curaco, La Romana, Amber Cove So it boils down to all three ABCs or only 2 plus 2 ports in the DR. We've never done any of the ports on the second half. I've heard mixed reviews on La Romana but good ones about Carnival's Amber Cove part. We enjoy snorkling (to see coral, fish, any animals), kayaking, musseums, relax on the beach, food tours, and brewery/distilleries. Thoughts?
  19. Agree! Doing the ABC cruise on the Horizon next April. 😎
  20. We are cruising on the Horizon out of Miami on November 14. Until recently, it was blacked out and not allowing folks to book. Today I looked and its there for booking. Looks promising!!!
  21. For everyone on a standard menu, they can’t. Luckily special needs does a pretty good job on most of these cruise lines in accommodating with advance notice and reaching out to the Maitre d’, hostess or a head waiter on a premium line will be able to find something to meet your expectations. I agree, the dining times on Princess are no longer ideal. For early dining, it used to be 6pm then slowly moved to 5:45, 5:30, 5:15, 5:00, 4:45 and back to what looks like their new sweet spot of 5:15. I still select early dining and it allows ample time to stop by Horizon Court, Alfredo’s or other alternate options before they close at 11pm. The extended hours on Princess have always been one of my favorite features,
  22. Carnival Horizon was docked with Queen Elizabeth in Oranjsestad, Aruba, The next day we had the Carnival Horizon sailing next to us and passing the Queen Elizabeth as we where heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  23. I am also booked on May 15th cruise on Horizon. I went into to full panic when I could not pull up my paid in full cruise. I called Carnival and they told me they were getting rid of the Sunrise and rebooking those people on the Horizon. I have a Havana room and they said the Horizon people will keep their same room. She told me to check at the end of August for the cruise to be back on my planner.
  24. Has anyone stayed in this room? Pros? Cons?
  25. Hope you get to sail in December. Next one for us is April 3rd on the Horizon to the ABC islands. 😎
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