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  1. We are in the "thinking" mode (8 of us), but it looks like we have narrowed it down to either the Carnival Vista 7 days, or the Carnival Horizon 6 day ship. If you have been on either of these ships within the past year, would you give me YOUR pros and cons of the ship? Also, one day difference, more or less, did it make that much of a difference either way?
  2. I will start this off with...yes this is my first post but I have been watching these boards for years for recommendations and ideas for our cruises. I have 14 Royal Caribbean cruises sailed this is our first Carnival so my review will be based on my experience and opinion 🤷‍♀️. We drove to Miami from Charlotte, NC and parked in the deck. Easy in and fairly easy out 176$ for the 8 day cruise. Our cruise was the 8 day grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao and Aruba route. Check in was very easy. We have no priority or past sailings so.....it was less than 30 minutes. Our first impress was very clean, nice but small entryway. That theme was one of the things we missed in comparison...the royal promenade is a huge open space. We felt like everything was down windy hallways. We had deluxe ocean view rooms on floor 1 with the tub which was an amazingly sized room. Great storage! Loved the deep window where I kept all my towel animals for the week. Our room steward was great he kept us in ice and got me a robe...we are pretty low maintenance. We preordered excursions and cases of water/soda packages. Did not like the soda coming from cans, at times it was flat and always warm. We prefer Royals freestyle coke machines and the reusable cups. That being said the bartenders were attentive and we didn’t wait long for the drinks. Main dining room food was just Ok not great not bad just ok. Buffet was bad very repetitive and very few options...this from a nurse who eats in a hospital cafeteria.... Now where carnival is Amazing is the Guys burgers, Mexican, pizza and the sandwich shop. Loved them all! Grand Turk we did the beach walked past the free chairs and paid 5$ per chair including the umbrella and it was perfect. La Romana we did the Dune buggies had a blast...got into the mud puddles!! Felt safe. Curacao we swam with the turtles it was nice but too much time on the death bus(yes thought we were gonna die). Aruba we went to palm beach and rented jet skis and tube rides. Did we have a good time...Yes of course it was vacation but...the pools on carnival are ridiculously too small, casino was horribly Smokey (we still spent a lot of time there). Didn’t get to get on the slides waited till the last day and someone’s small child pooped in the water🤷‍♀️. At the end of the day we had a great family vacation. We chose this ship for the itinerary and will prob return to Royal as the ship is just as important as the itinerary. Oh almost forget the Fun staff was amazing...they get the nod over Royal hands down!
  3. Alright I’m officially addicted 😂. Just got off the Conquest yesterday and already convinced my family to look into cruises for March/April next year. My question is out of these two ships which one should I look into actually booking more? I’m leaving out if Miami port and having already sailed the Conquest I want to try a different ship. Only other ship I’ve been on is the Dream. All opinions welcome! Thanks!
  4. We are on the 11-16-19 Horizon Cruise and have decided to use the POM parking garage close to the terminal and just walk across to the terminal. The cost is $22 per night, but will be worth it to not have to depend on the timeliness of shuttle buses. I just learned today that they do not take advanced reservations for the parking garage, so my question is to those that have used this venue to park. Is there ample parking in the garage or will we have to get there early to secure a spot to park in the garage? I know that we need to allow time for the parking garage to empty as people disembark from the prior cruise, but how long should we wait or what is the best time to arrive? Any help would be helpful. Thank you all.
  5. Hi guys! Im an avid beer drinker, and was wondering if the had IPA's on the Horizon? I dont see the pub listed for this ship. Does anyone have the drink menus or can anyone confirm whether or not they have IPA beer? Thanks!!
  6. We just got off this morning (June 23) and found some things in our corner Havana cabin that probably belong to last week’s guests. If that’s you, please contact Carnival. We turned them in to Guest Services this morning.
  7. I may book a balcony cabin on the Horizon ( it’s between Horizon or MSC Seaside) and I want to make sure I steer clear of obstructed view balconies. Is there a cabin number or deck I should avoid?
  8. The itinerary for this cruise was Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. A little background, I chose this cruise because the dates were the best for my friends who were cruising with me. We all were born in 1959 and wanted to celebrate our 60th year together. I have known 2 of the girls traveling since elementary school and the third traveler we met in Jr. High. We were all very excited to plan a trip together and spend some quality time together. We chose 2 Havana cabins for this trip 5237 and 5239. I do not have any pictures to include since there is a great YouTube video of 5239 that we watched getting ready for our cruise. We all arrived in Miami the day before the cruise. Two of us flew into FLL and used SAS Transportation to bring us to the JW Marquis Marriott in Miami. The other 2 drove to the port and parked at the hotel. Parking at this hotel is very expensive, $55 a day. SAS Transportation was very pain free. We called when we received our luggage at the turnstile and he arrived in a very timely manner. We had 1 other family on the the shuttle with us going to a hotel in Miami. Our hotel was very nice. It has an outdoor pool, indoor sports court, bowling alley and various games to play in the sports area. I am platinum with Marriott so we had a room on the concierge level and a very nice buffet for happy hour. They do not include alcoholic beverages but the area and the view are very nice. We were joined by some friends in Miami and had a nice evening catching up and we chose to eat at the hotel and called it an early night because tomorrow we board the Horizon.
  9. Getting into planning our dinner reservations for our 6 day Western Horizon cruise!! Anyone have pics of the MDR menus for this itinerary? or links to threads that do? I have searched but just can't seem to find anything 😞 Thanks in advance!!
  10. I am looking to book a cruise for summer of 2020. I've narrowed it down to either Magic or Horizon. Both are 8 day southern Caribbean. the ports are Aruba, curacao, la Romana and Amber Cove. The Horizon is $44 more. I've only been on carnival glory and carnival liberty. I can't decide which to choose.
  11. We were staying in Paris To get away from your parents You look so proud standing there with a frown and a cigarette, posting pictures of yourself on the internet **Paris-The Chainsmokers** (This song has absolutely nothing to do with anything, it was just stuck in my head the whole time we were in Paris!) Welcome to Willdra’s Hyperactive Carnival Horizon April 15-22 Cruise Review! TLDR Version (Too Long Didn’t Read): We had a great time, loved the Horizon, and we would do it all over again, twice if we could! P.S. Horizon pictures will follow the Paris portion. Still here? Sweet!!! My husband W and I took this journey as a part of a group cruise that our daughter (A) and her fiancé (Z) take every year. We've sailed with their group before, and we were thrilled that it worked out for us to join them again, especially on the brand new Horizon. It all started out as just the cruise with maybe a couple of days at the end in Barcelona. Somewhere along the way, it morphed into a pre-cruise stay in Paris, then the Horizon Cruise, followed by a post-cruise piece of Barcelona, and a short after party in Paris. Too much? Yep, that's why it's Hyperactive! So A and Z play a super nerdy card game, that you've prolly never heard of, called Magic the Gathering. They also belong to a "Magic Cruise Group" on FB, which is a group of peeps who sail together annually, to play….Magic the Gathering. Woooohooooo!!! This is actually the group's 10th cruise together, so it's become a tradition for them. I’ve never played MTG before, since you have to be smart, and you know, remember things. #toohard W has played tho and he seems to enjoy it. When he wins. Which isn't that often. After over a year of agonizing, waiting, and planning (I did all of the planning, everyone else just waited), travel day finally arrived! I had an all-day meeting on travel day, so I technically “worked” until 4 (worked=sat in my seat daydreaming and faking attentiveness, which I’m great at). My friend AC, and her friend V, were joining us this time too. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:15 pm. We drove over to AC’s, which is closer to the airport, at around 6:15, to leave our car. Then my brother picked us all up and took us to Hartsfield-Jackson International. It would prolly cost an arm, leg, and 3 baby teeth to park our car somewhere for the 15 days that we would be gone, so we were blessed to have other options. When we got to the airport, the first thing we noticed was how many bags AC had. Not only did she have one over sized, overweight check in, but she had the audacity to have 2 AND 2 carry-ons. She was basically carrying around the weight of a medium sized human in luggage. Oh and I forgot to mention that when we got there, she handed me a gift bag containing a big heavy loaf of banana bread that she’d baked that morning, accompanied by a chunk of cheese! Banana Bread. And. Cheese. Now don't get me wrong. Normally, I would've done the Electric Slide at the sight of the cheese, but we were going to France, where we would have access to some of the most exquisite bread and cheese known to man, so she packs her own to carry??? In this bag???? Nice. Well, the way my luggage is setup, I have zero room for this! So I carry it in my hand. I look like I don’t have the good sense that God gave a groundhog, but ok it made her happy. This trip is already starting out weird, or normal for us, depending on how you look at it. We were flying on British Airways to Heathrow, then from Heathrow to Paris. We'd purchased round trip tickets from ATL to CDG for around $500 total per person. Then we chose another round trip from CDG to BCN. For this we paid $150 per person. Kayak.com and skyscanner.com were my BFF’s for reals. I high key stalked them for months to get good deals, and it really paid off! After AC forked over her extra baggage fare (which was almost as much as her airfare), we went to security. There was no line in security, but I still managed to impede progress by pushing all of the trays containing my crap on the floor. Everything went flying because the tables were uneven, I wasn’t really looking, and I was just trying to get through. Passports, shoes, Chapstick, dental floss, and some embarrassing personal items, all spilled on the floor. Aye Dios Mio! AC and I scrambled to pick everything up quickly to stave off any further shame. W was long gone. He wanted no parts of my foolishness. Can’t blame him. I would've left me too. When we got past the security incident we ate some overpriced mediocre food, and started the slow wait to board. W went to check the rate to purchase Euros from Travelex while we were waiting, and he liked what he saw, so he got our Euros there. We had the option of getting them from our bank at a better rate beforehand, but we didn't cuz that was too much like right, so we started looking when we got to the airport. Eventually people started lining up because that’s what people do, but we sat and waited for the official boarding call. Welp the announcement was soon made that we would NOT be boarding yet due to a malfunctioning door. I guess you kinda need the door to close securely on the plane in order to have a safe flight. Who would've thought? We were told that the next announcement would be in 20 minutes. No problem. After about 18 minutes people started lining up again but we were told that the technician needed another 15 minutes to fix the door. Groans ensued from the line as it dispersed. Again. We got the real boarding announcement promptly 15 minutes after that. We all got up, but I guess people were skeptical now because the line didn't really form again, and we ended up first in our Zone. The plane was a large 777 and W and I had a middle row of 4 seats to ourselves. Score! W and I all ready to go!! He's so happy he's not driving! Since we were behind schedule leaving we were concerned about making our connection at Heathrow. Turns out the Captain had a nice tailwind that got us back on track. We didn't have a ton of time to spare, but we would be ok. After a long uneventful flight, where the door closed, and didn't blow off, our plane basically landed in an airplane parking lot at Heathrow. In order to get to the terminal, we had to debark down some stairs then hop on a bus. The bus was packed full, and it was a long way to the terminal. A.Long.Way! I was glad that my bladder wasn’t tripping, cuz we would've had a “situation” if it was. While we were in the air, I received a text from British Airways saying that they would check our carry-ons for free, but we had to go to a specific location to drop them off. Once we got to the airport, nothing made sense. Nothing. We had to ask to find out where we needed to go. I must say tho, everyone that we spoke with was very nice. I was sorta disappointed that I didn't see Harry Potter in the few minutes that I spent in London. I was really looking for him too. Bummer. Maybe next time. We waited 15-20 minutes in the waiting area, and it was time to board again. I had plans to eat some of AC’s banana bread since I brought it all this way, but I fell asleep as soon as I fastened my seatbelt. I woke up when we started to land in Paris, and W nudged me saying he could see the Eiffel Tower. The flight was so quick that the flight attendants didn't even finish food service. We got there in about an hour and a half. Deplaning was quicker this time and soon we were claiming our baggage. We were also supposed to meet AC’s friend V at CDG since she got there before us. She was in another terminal tho, so AC went to hook up with her, and we told her we would see them at the hotel. Paris was calling me, and I had to answer ASAP! When we were ready to leave, I ordered the Uber to the hotel. It was so easy! Almost as soon as I hit confirm, he appeared. Our driver was very nice too. He brought our bags all the way into the hotel, and made sure we got checked in ok. We were staying at Hotel Scarlett which is a fairly new, but small boutique hotel located in the Belleville area. Here are some pictures of Hotel Scarlett. The rooms are smaller than American Hotel rooms. I guess the French are so tiny, that they don’t need much space. Must be nice!
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Horizon sells non-alcoholic beer? I’ve called Carnival and they cannot tell me. Thank you!
  13. We sailed on the Horizon May 18 2019 - 8 day Southern Caribbean .This was our 6th Carnival cruise. Our daughter chose it for her college graduation trip. 🙂 We stopped in Grand Turk, La Ramona Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba. We had abundant sunshine the entire trip. It rained a little on sail away night and again late afternoon the last day. We flew in from Kansas City to Ft Lauderdale. A college friend of my husband's is great to pick us up and take us to the port the next day. We went to the Margarittaville on the beach and ate at Land Shark. Good food and they were having live entertainment. We had a Havana Cabana and loved it. We usually have two cabins (one for us and one for our kids) but our son got married last fall so didn't go with us this time. I took a few extra organization things for the cabin and we did ok with 3 people. I wouldn't do it all the time, but it is definitely doable. I took cheap plastic baskets to hold things on the shelves by the vanity in the room and a clear mesh hanging shoe organizer for all kinds of things - meds, hair stuff, lint roller, etc. We really liked the Havana area. No one under the age of 12 can stay in that section. One wristband for each person in the cabin is issued (in an envelope on the vanity when we entered our room). We could access the pool by the walkway outside our cabana. There is a sign by the door to the pool from the Havana bar that says no one past that point without a wristband. There was always an available chair. The pool was not overcrowded. We saw the same people over & over and had great conversations. The bar staff (Ronno, Jose, etc) were great as were the lifeguards. We had excellent service and they knew us by name. The area was busy but not uncomfortably so. After 7:00 pm that area is open to everyone. We had Faster To The Fun, as we usually do. We arrived at the Miami port at 11:00. Dropped off our bags, checked in, and waiting in 18 minutes. Debarkation was taking longer than normal but we were still onboard around noonish. We get FTTF so we can board early. That's our first day of vacation so we want to spend it on the ship and not sitting around a hotel waiting to check out. Want to make the most of every minute ! With FTTF, we can go directly to our cabin & drop off any carry on stuff. Our luggage is usually already there and we can quickly unpack anytime. Three of our six bags were there . The other three didn't arrive until after 8:00 pm. We dress up a bit every night for dinner and ended up going to eat in our regular clothes. It was fine, but I was irritated. The non FTTF family at our table had their luggage early. This is the second time we had the priority luggage issue. Not a deal breaker, but it is a service I paid for. I also like the priority line at guest services. The few times I needed to stop there, a long line waited on the other side. We had assigned 6:00 pm dinner in the Reflections dining room. We sat a table of 9. Shout out to Katleyn & Joe's families. Coincidentally, we were all on the same facebook group. It was fun hearing what each other had done in each port or around the ship. Great tablemates! We had prepurchased the Bubbles for my daughter & I. (I am an avid Pepsi drinker :)). No cheers for us. I like a good pina colada or margaritta by the pool but no way we'd drink 15 a day each. We paid for alcohol as we went. I also booked and paid for a couple of spa services when they were having the sale. More on that later ~
  14. Anyone stayed in a Cove balcony on Horizon? Any reason not to book one? Will the wait for elevators from deck 2 drive this impatient person crazy?
  15. Hi all! First off, I've been a lurker on this site for several months, but this is my first post, and I would like to personally thank you all for providing such excellent and helpful information, tips, opinions, etc. You guys are great, and each post has helped inform decisions for my (wonderful) cruise! I just got off the Carnival Horizon (5/4 sail date in the Southern Caribbean), which was my second overall cruise AND my second Carnival cruise. I've got a few questions I hope you can assist with and a couple of opinions to share. I would love to share this brief list of top and bottom three opinions about the Horizon with John Heald but (although I've read information from him on a social media site), I cannot seem to find a way to contact him. First question: does every passenger receive a survey to give praise and blahs, or are surveys randomly generated? My top 3 praises of the cruise: 1. THE PEOPLE -- Cruisers can say what they want about Carnival passengers, but I think I and my party of five were in great company for the past eight days. [If you were on our sailing, THANK YOU for being so friendly and making the environment so inviting!] Aside from a few nasties we met in the elevators and one smartypants on Lido, EVERYONE on the ship was so nice and so engaging and so helpful. Truly delightful cursing company. 2. THE CREW -- Our main dining room staff (Runata, Gordana, and I Komang) were FANTASTIC. Even on nights that my group wasn't very hungry or interested in the menu, we went to the main dining room just to visit with our requested team. This group truly felt like family. While we never had poor service on the Horizon, some crew members stood out above the rest (this team was at the TOP), and my group was blown away by how amazing the service and kindness was. Additionally, our room steward, Widalta, was unbelievably dedicated to assuring our experience was positive. Even the crew members that simply said hello or smiled or engaged with us were amazing. 3. THE COMEDY -- Although I did enjoy the shows that time allowed us to attend (making it to dinner and shows and ports was difficult!), the comedy club was the highlight of my evening. Not naming names but one comedian was NOT enjoyable, but the other three that were MORE than made up for it, and I'm so glad that the Horizon booked these talented individuals. Honorable Mention: Guy's Burgers. No other comments needed :) My 3 Blahs 1. THE POOLS -- We never quite made it into the crowded pools. We once got into the whirlpool on the Aft of Lido but were not impressed. Loved the Havana whirlpools though! Though it never felt crowded in other areas,, the pools and loungers were impossible to utilize. There's plenty of seating (we were often on deck 5...), which was nice, but it would have been better to have the chance to enjoy Serenity and the loungers by the pools. 2. THE SCHEDULING -- As mentioned above, it was nearly impossible (re: required LOTS of planning) to enjoy dinner and shows each evening. It almost always seemed like nothing happened during the day, but evenings were full of fun things we wanted to do and had to make some difficult decisions to get to "the best." 3. I don't want to say this but THE ELEVATORS. They'd be great, and I love the idea, but the amount of people that did not want to learn how they operate was unbearable. Maybe there was a tutorial that I missed, but if not, it's greatly needed. Our second sea day (day 6), people were still jumping into the elevators saying, "Don't know where I'm going but I trust you made the right call..." That was annoying. Not that we didn't want to use the stairs, but of my group of five, three are 70+ years old. Therefore, we often needed to use the elevators, and it would've been if there were at least signs on how to use them. Honorable Mention: LITTLE THINGS: the placement of columns in the the Liquid Lounge (common complaint, I know), the Hub App didn't always work for all of our group, pictures were often "lost" while other passengers' pictures would show up on our section, the "stale" popcorn (I didn't think it was stale, but it was a big deal to one in my group), and the "boring" activities that are actually sales pitches. I'd really appreciate any advice on giving feedback, particularly our praise to our crew staff members. For anyone that has any questions, I'm happy to answer! Lastly -- my first cruise was Western on the Glory (Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel), and this one was Southern (Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao, and Aruba). What suggestions would you have for ports for the third cruise?! Any ship suggestions? Again, thank you to the whole board!
  16. Probably a dumb question, but if I purchase the Premium Wifi on the Horizon, can I connect through my laptop? or does it have to be hand held device? Also how is the speed from your cabin, we are in a spa cabin deck 12. Thanks
  17. We are considering a cruise on the Horizon because of the itinerary. We are well seasoned cruisers ( over 30 cruises) having cruised on a variety of cruise lines including Carnival. After checking reviews I am wondering...... from service to food....is it really that terrible? We have enjoyed our previous Carnival cruises but this is giving us second thoughts about booking the Horizon. We would appreciate hearing from Horizon cruisers..... should we stay away from this ship? TIA!
  18. Anyone know what terminal the Horizon will be at tomorrow? My wife and I were curious so we selected the correct parking garage. Thanks in advance
  19. Has anyone stayed in room 2353? I'm looking for reviews on noise, view (obstructed, lifeboat above) overall experience with room etc. Pics and videos would be awesome.
  20. Is it worth it? And what exactly does it include?
  21. Anyone one stay in cabin 10298? Booking it and was try to see a review or some info on that cabin. Like privacy, noise level, etc. Thanks
  22. We are trying to choose our Jan. 2020 cruise. We are trying to choose between 6 Days on Magic or Horizon. Would love some feed back from those who have been on either or both. Here are the details. Horizon Spa Interior 6 day out of Miami stops in Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Magic Spa Interior 6 day out of Fort Lauderdale. Stops in Nassau, Amber Cove & Grand Turks We have never been on a Vista class ship but have been to Cozumel & Grand Cayman several times. In contrast we have been on the Dream but have never been to Nassau or Amber Cove. What would your preference be and why? Also how are the spa amenities on each of the ships? Is the Horizon much better?
  23. Hi, My Aunt is looking to cruise with me and my husband in fall of next year. I booked an inside Havana room, but she wants a balcony. She can only afford the extended balconies off the back of the ship. Privacy is important to her so she wanted to book the 9th floor. Rooms 9466 and 9468 are available, but she read reviews where people said that the Lido deck above is loud from chairs scraping (apparently crew move them overnight or early AM) and its also by the stairs which have a door and people let the door slam. Has anyone stayed in these room and can either confirm or deny the amount of noise? Would anyone recommend floor 8 instead to compromise between privacy and noise level? The problem is with the lower back balconies is that the balconies on the floor above look onto yours due to the slant on the ship. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  24. Does anyone have any recent fun times for the 6 day itinerary? Also, what are the must do's? Deck parties, shows, games, food and liquor tastings ect? Leaving on Sunday and don't want to miss anything good!
  25. I read a lot about how scarce the lounge chairs are on Horizon but what about near Waterworks? Our son spends all of his time on the slides so I am wondering on sea days how early do we need to get on deck to get two loungers close to waterworks? Please don't let it turn into a discussion about reserving chairs and leaving for hours. I know that's a problem and I'm not the type to do that. If I want a chair I plan to be sitting in it.
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