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Found 317 results

  1. Any way to find out what the entertainment schedule may be like on the Horizon for 2020? Wondering if they will be changing up any of the Playlist Production shows, etc... Who might be in the piano bar? What comedians they may have on board? We are in the first March 2020 sailing and I a curious.😊
  2. Just off 8 day Horizon cruise. Have read and then also heard a lot of complaining about the new elevator system on board the Vista and Horizon. My take is that If used correctly it works Fine. The very best example was when we did self disembarking at the end of the cruise. In the past when we have tried to get off the ship with our luggage it had been a nightmare to get elevator to fit ourselves and our luggage. With this system we waited a bit but when elevator arrived it had room for all of us and our luggage instead of being full of people already and took us right to the floor we needed. How to Use: When you walk up to the elevator choose the floor you are wanting to go to. Tap the button once for each person in the group that needs to get on elevator. In other words if there are 4 of you on Deck 3 and you want to go to deck 9, tap the screen toactivate it, then tap floor 9 option 4 times. A letter will appear each time to tell you Which elevator to board. *be patient. Since you are not able to see where the elevators are you have no sense of how long until your designated elevator arrives. This adds to sense of longer waiting time but when it arrives it will take you to where you want to go. If it is a really busy time your wait will be longer. Just like any other ship. *do not get impatient and just hop on the next elevator to arrive if it’s not the letter you were directed to. This is one reason why the elevators are full sometimes when they stop to pick people up, and the system then doesn’t work correctly. *again push the button for each person in the group. That is the only way the elevator knows there could be 7 people all waiting for same floor. If you punch it just once an elevator may stop that doesnt have room for all. It’s not perfect but it does work.
  3. Hi everyone! We're going on Horizon in February (can't wait!) and have booked a spa balcony. We had final payment due not too long ago and a few rooms come open in our category and I'm trying to decide if a room switch would be a good idea. We're currently in 14222, but there's a few spa balconies open on 11th deck. Our desire to switch from 14 comes from 2 things- 1 that the balcony is uncovered and 2- a concern that the serenity area could be loud. I've tried looking at the deck plans and figure out if 11 would be better. I know the balcony would be covered but the noise is more important than the shade. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I haven't posted in a while so here goes. SnL/DnL are currently on the Horizon. They have stopped twice to offload passengers for presumed medical emergencies. DnL is near panic as this is her first cruise. I know these events are minor but I am curious about them. I got bored with uneventful cruises following the Star Princess fire and several hurricanes. Any further info appreciated.
  5. Hey folks, for anyone who’s traveled on the Horizon within the past week or two, does anyone know what movies they are currently showing in the IMAX theater? We will be traveling on the ship in a couple days (Nov 16/2019) so i was wondering what to expect. Thank u!
  6. I understand about the larger cabin, balcony, etc. on the Horizon Grand Suite. Do you get entry to Cabana area or other perks with the Grand suite.?
  7. Hoping someone who gets off HORIZON will reply. I wondered how busy the Havana area is at night and are they leaving the pools and hot tub open until 11 pm. Any updates on how the recent changes affected the area would be appreciated.
  8. We are cruising on Carnival Horizon for the first time next March. Our room is 6205, deck 6 at the bow or front of the ship. If you have done this end of the ship, or even this room, or close by, would you please give me your pros/cons of this room, or the location? Also, we don't know what dining room we will be in, but since we will be at the end/front of the ship, what is the best way to get to the dining room/s?
  9. We have booked a room at the end/forward/bow of the ship. If you have ever had a room at that end, would you give me YOUR pros/cons of having a room there? When looking at what might be directly below us on one of the other decks was the main theater.
  10. Just reported on local news, a passenger fell from the 9th floor to the 5th and dies from injuries.
  11. Horizon deck plans show stairs in the far aft. Can these be used by passengers to get to the lido deck or will we have to walk forward to the elevator/stairs?
  12. I read that the Skyride on Horizon was closed for maintenance recently, but haven't heard anything either way about whether it's still closed or not. Does anyone know if it's opened back up?
  13. I'm just curious about something, and thought I would ask those of you who have been on the Horizon since it has come out. I thought someone said there were not very many windows to look or view out at the ocean, etc. while cruising, where you could sit and relax. Is this true on the Horizon? I have done many ships, and probably for the last 10 years Carnival ships. I know on at least a couple decks "inside" where you could relax or read, they always had plenty of windows where you could look out as well.
  14. Just returned from our 8-day with stops in Grand Turk, Aruba and Curacao. Enjoyable time and great stops. Our first time in Aruba and Curacao and they were great. We spend most of our ship time at the back pool during the day and dine in movies at night. We hit Eagle Beach in Aruba and it was just beautiful. In Curacao, we did Blue bay through the ship. Nice bus tour and three hours of beach - we were there at sunset which was really neat. At Grand Turk, we just found the free chairs and enjoyed the beach. We did not do the main theatre shows. We did catch one of the comedy shows and would have liked to gone more, but just enjoyed the movies too much. We did not hit the piano bar and that is a regret as we usually get in there one night. We did try the Alchemy bar one night and met a nice couple and enjoyed the hour there. The drinks there are just not what we normally drink. We do not do the Cheers package. I usually drink beer and the wife has two or three of the frozen drinks each day. We always say if we go over or get close to the limit, we can look at the Cheers program. We were not close this time, so we will stay with that plan. I like to relax and let the wait staff come to me and I am not sure I could do this if I had the package. There were several occasions where I would have had another drink, but due to the wait staff being busy, nobody got to me. I don't force the issue as I am not really in a hurry ever on vacation. This is just another reason I do not think the package is for us. Off to the Panaroma in April!!!
  15. We booked an extremely good rate on the Horizon for December. But it was only for Deck one. How quiet is it? Will there be crew noise all night from down below or are their crew cabins there? We usually book Cabins between decks for this purpose, But just wondering...
  16. I would like to do the Teppanyaki hibachi grill but my husband is allergic to shellfish. Will they cook his dinner separate. Thanks!
  17. Please help me make sure I am not missing something... Dad wants to go on the Horizon with my wife and I and Dad will be a single. I do not want him to have to book a terrible cabin for a bad price due to single supplement so we are looking at a Family Harbor Suite. Only because of that curtain that will pull in this cabin type, this seems like the only way we will remotely have any privacy, even if this is still minimal privacy. Am I right? Looks like all other cabin options regardless of how nice they are do not even provide a curtain. Anyone have any other options or suggestions?
  18. Do the evening shows on Horizon have the same show with an early and late dining show time OR do show times change daily, reservations required/preferred like the mega ships RCL Harmony, etc? Hoping it’s NOT like the mega ships we’ve sailed before. Required too much pre planning/scheduling. Also, if a show cancelled thru your week long plans in to a tail spin including dinner reservations.....
  19. We are trying to decide between an 8 day Aruba/Curacao/DR on Horizon or 9 day RC Adventure to Bermuda/Labadee/St MAarten. We have cruised Disney, NCL, MSC and Carnival before and enjoyed all of them. Aside from itinerary we really like to focus on things to do as a family with teens/young adult kids on the ship. Are these 2 ships comparable as it relates to activities on the ship? Also, is there a list of such activities like escape rooms/bowling/waterslides etc? Thx!
  20. Is “The Lucky Bowl” available on Horizon?
  21. Just curious what the best suite on Horizon is. When I do a pretend booking for our dates all I see is the Ocean Suite in the family harbor. Do they have captains suites or the like ? I’m guessing for our dates everything is just sold out. My husband thinks they may holding inventory back because it seems like so much is sold out.
  22. Hello all. I’m trying to book Chefs table for our Horizon cruise for February. I went through the planner and it looked like it took my information but I never got an email confirming my submission or asking for payment. Is that normal or did something malfunction? Never reserved any speciality dining in advance but all the pics on CC has made this something we’d really like to do. Thanks y’all.
  23. I'm baaaaaaaaack 🙂 ((Not from my cruise. I got back from my cruise months ago. But I'm back on CC! Hi friends!!!!!)) If we haven't crossed paths on this board or...onboard...HI! I'm Nicole. I live in Chicago. And I love cruises. They're my absolute favorite way to travel and see the world. I don't even know if I could put into words why. But every year since my freshman year of college, my family and I have taken at least one cruise (sometimes two...or three!). And even though my sister (Stephanie) and I are all grown up, we still try to cruise with our Mom every year. It's kind of our family tradition. And I've been posting reviews on here for nearly that entire time (holy cow -- I've been posting reviews here for, like, fourteen years ). See, I went to college to be a writer. And then I got a fancy journalism degree...and promptly went in to a career in digital marketing and merchandising and did nothing with it. So writing these reviews fills that piece of me that needs some creative outlet. And they serve as a pay-it-forward for all of the reviews I read before we visit new places or cruise on new ships. Obligatory family photo of us on the Vista a couple of years ago: So if you haven't read one of my reviews before, let me lay it out for you: these are long. Really long. And they have a ton of pictures. I've been writing this particular review and posting it on my blog for the past six months or so. I wasn't sure if I was going to cross-post it over here because the Horizon isn't in Europe anymore, but then Carnival announced new Europe and Mediterranean itineraries for its new ship and I figured some of you might it useful. Or, at least, I hope some of you find it entertaining! I write these in journal form because that's mostly what they are: my cruise journal (which also lets me re-live my trips when I share them with all of you!). And if you're not into long reviews but you're seeking Horizon and/or Mediterranean cruising info, I have the Carnival Horizon menus posted here, the 13-day Fun Times posted here and a ship walk through here. But I do hope some of you will follow along because talking about cruising is so much of the fun in writing these, and if you are following along, drop me a note below and let me know! And with that...let's go back onto the Horizon!
  24. Hi all - hoping to get some insights from anyone who has been on Carnival Horizon and Norwegian Breakaway class ships. We are primarily NCL cruisers and have never been with Carnival, but Horizon has piqued our interest. We’re looking at this ship, RC Symphony or Harmony of the Seas, or Caribbean Princess. Would love to hear your opinions about how Horizon compares to NCL Escape or Breakaway, in terms of general vibe, activities, food, crowdedness, etc. Also, if you have any thoughts on how Horizon compares to the Symphony or Harmony, would love to know as well. This will be a family trip for us, our 1 year old, and our parents in their 60s-70s. Many thanks!
  25. My family and I just returned from an amazing trip on the August 10th sailing of the Horizon. We sailed to La Romana, Grand Turk, Curacao and Aruba. This was our 3rd time doing this itinerary but we still found something new to enjoy. The reviews for the Horizon in the months leading up to this trip were not very positive with many complaints about overcrowding and poor food quality. We did not experience any of this. Our only small issue was temperature. Our cabin (Spa cabin 12218) was very warm but I was prepared with 2 small fans which helped circulate the air in our cabin. We had faster to the fun and arrived at the port around noon. Check in was fast and we were in our room within 15 minutes. The longest part was walking up the gangway, it felt like it went on forever. This was our first spa cabin and while we didn’t really use the spa facilities we though the cabin seemed bigger than the regular balcony cabins. We also loved the location. We had the 1st cabin nearest the door to deck 12 waterworks. Our hallway was empty except for people staying in one of the cabins near us. During the day you could hear banging from kids running around outside but with the exception of 1 night it was quiet. We did not eat any of our meals at the Lido buffet, so I can’t comment on that. We had reservations for the steakhouse 2 nights and we were never disappointed. I had risotto and lobster both nights while my son and husband got the filet mignion. For appetizer my husband had the lobster bisque which he said was good and the bone marrow which he thought was outstanding. We also had JiJi’s 2 nights and as always the food was good and way more than we could eat. The other nights we ate in the main dining room. We had YTD and used the Hub app to make our reservations. No matter what time we ate a table was ready before we could even walk there from our cabin. No complaints on the food or service. For our first stop La Romona in the Dominican Republic we did a Carnival excursion Catalina Island Beach Break. With all of the trouble in the DR lately we thought it best to stick with a Carnival excursion and we brought a cooler with us filled with water. I filled 2 zip lock bags with ice and that kept our drinks cold during the day. We had use of free chairs and an umbrella and the beach was very clean with crystal clear water. There were the usually vendors selling shirts and other souvenirs but they weren’t pushy. In Grand Turk we did the Carnival excursion Underwater Power Scooter, Beach Break and Lunch. We did this last year and had so much fun we decided to do it again this year. While it was still fun we just didn’t enjoy it as much, maybe the novelty of the power scooter wore off. Next year we will try something new but if you haven’t done the power scooters I highly recommend you give them a try. Up next was Curacao. This is our favorite stop and the 3rd time we are visiting here. Since we knew what we wanted to do here we rented a car from Advance Carrental for $75 which included all insurance, unlimited mileage, GPS and a phone if we got lost or wanted to return the car early. We picked up our car right outside the port gate and set off for our favorite beach Playa Jeremi. This is small local beach with no amenities but some of the clearest water with great snorkeling and no crowds. We spent a few hours in the water before deciding to head back to the ship. On our way back we decided to stop and check out another beach Playa Porto Mari. This beach had chairs, umbrellas and a restaurant with food and drinks but the best part was the wild pigs that wandered the beach. Since I can’t resist the change to pet some pigs we stopped here for another hour before finally getting back on board the ship at 7:30. After such an active day we decided to spend a relaxing day at the beach in Aruba. We took a taxi to Palm Beach this year after visiting Eagle Beach the last 2 times. It was nice but I think we will stick with Eagle beach just because it is closer to the ship. We rented 3 chairs and a small umbrella for $55 dollars and set up to relax. Unfortunately it rained most of the time we were there and since we were still tired from the last 3 days of activity we decided to just head back to the ship and relax there. We spent our last 2 days relaxing on deck 11 overlooking the main pool. Overall, the Horizon was our favorite ship.
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