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  1. We are looking at adding a cruise to our Sept 2021 on the Horizon to make it a B2B since it looks like our August cruise will be cancelled 😞 I wasn't able to find our same cabin and couldn't even get on the same deck. Does anyone know how that all works? I know we'll have to pack up our stuff, but what do we do with our suitcases? I was hoping that we'd be able to take to new cabin and just leave them in the room.
  2. We sail 9/19 o n the Horizon and are all paid up. If this is cancelled it will be my 3rd one.
  3. I am not optimistic about our August 30 Horizon cruise sailing. The same thing happened with my July 4 cruise on the Breeze. I think we will get the cancelation emails by Monday.
  4. Booked on the Horizon for August 30, 2020. That doesn't mean we are sailing, I have little hope this cruise will sail.
  5. I took a look at the cruises available by searching on Carnival's Web site for October (and only that month). These are the things that caught my eye: There were 75 results when I checked this yesterday. Now it's down to 53. Obviously some ships and their itineraries have been chopped. Some ships are showing as unavailable for all of October - Breeze, Freedom, Glory, Horizon, Legend, Magic, Pride, Radiance, Vista, and Mardi Gras. Of course the Mardi Gras and Radiance are being worked on and weren't ever going to be available in October. Some of the others were on the "first eight" list from last month. Could this be capacity control? I can't imagine any of these ships being on the sales block (which might be another reason to stop selling berths on them), but the Legend and Pride are getting a little long in the tooth... Of the available cruises, most are very short - 5 days or fewer. Maybe there's a lobster shortage? Just kidding. Their thinking might be that shorter cruises might be better for now, or at least easier to sell to the CDC. With these short cruises, I'm seeing a lot of ports you'd expect - Nassau, Freeport, HMC, Princess Cays, Cozumel, Progreso, Ensenada, Grand Turk, Amber Cove. Key West was a bit of a surprise and I saw a couple heading to Grand Cayman - which I doubt will be open then. I only saw one cruise with Ocho Rios as a stop and I didn't see Costa Maya at all. One of the cruises that caught my eye was the Miracle out of San Diego which offers two days in Cabo San Lucas. "An overnight" was my initial thought. But that's not what they're doing. After a sea day, they stop at Cabo 9-6. Then apparently they go out to sea and head back to Cabo from 7-4 the next day. Then it's back to San Diego. I've never seen a Carnival cruise with two stops at the same port on different days. Is this a new cruise or has this always been around? Ignoring the Australian cruises, the longest cruises I found were exactly 7 days - Mexican Riviera on the Panorama and the Eastern/Southern Caribbean route on the Fascination. With a few exceptions, these cruises are at giveaway prices. I wonder why... Of course, this could all change by the time you take a look. But this is what I found. Strange days indeed... anyway, thanks for reading.
  6. Sorry, that's a problem with training, not equipment. Twin screw ship with Becker high-lift rudders and stern thrusters can maneuver as well as azipod equipped ships. And, Carnival Horizon (azipods) hit the pier in NYC as well. Where in the world did you get the idea that propulsion power is equivalent to passenger capacity. Power is not even proportional to gross tonnage. Propulsive power is proportional to displacement, and I don't have data on the displacement of each ship, so there is no comparison basis. Power also depends on waterline length, the longer the ship the higher the speed that is capable with rated power.
  7. Sadly, I agree with cruiseboy06 September cruises will be cancelled. The CDC seems to be unfairly picking on the cruise lines. We have a B22B on the Horizon in September which is a replacement for our cancelled Mardi Gras cruise. Oh well, time to start looking again for another cruise. Hope the 125% and $600.00 FCC is still in effect. Good luck to you all.
  8. Thank you for posting your review. It is great to follow along with your trip. We hopefully will be sailing on the Horizon 9/19/20 but who knows if that will actually sail. Keeping fingers crossed !!!!!!
  9. Carnival has remove from there website cruises in October because they are going to sail at a lower capacity. I was booked on Horizon Oct 3rd but hastily canceled but then reconsidered I jump the gun so hour later called carnival to have cruise reinstated. Carnival no way would even though ship is not full they stated they will be sailing at lower capacity. That's if they sail at all depends on CDC. Because how can u social distance in diningroom or theater's if at full capacity? And they don't want one person to have Covid-19 because then no port will allow them to dock for 14 days. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  10. Yep. More curious to me is that October is still showing 75 sailings available, which (I think) is most of their cruises on most of their ships. Since it's been mentioned by official Carnival sources that they would start with only a few ships, that means they're going to have to get rid of some more. I wonder where and with what ships they plan to start with? Maybe they won't tell us this time?? Anyway, my October cruise on the Horizon is still showing as scheduled, but has not been available to book for at least three weeks now. We'll see what happens.
  11. Quite right O.C. Galveston: Vista, Dream, Freedom Miami: Horizon. Magic, Sensation Port Canaveral: Breeze, Elation I'm not surprised in the least that all of the 8 ships have sold out, and bookings are closed.
  12. It's the August sailings too. 😩. We are set to sail 8/22 on the Horizon.
  13. In my experience yes it is a sign they are going to extend cancellations. We had a cruise booked for April 27 and like others I thought they were limiting the numbers when booking became unavailable and then it was cancelled. Same thing again for our July 25 cruise; unable to book then cancelled. Our Sept cruise on Pride was not close to full and in fact I watched three aft wraps open up for booking and now it's cancelled. I was maintaining holds on a cruise on Horizon for the same week in case Baltimore or Bermuda didn't open up, but Horizon became unavailable the same time Pride became unavailable.
  14. It may have already have been mentioned, but NCL suspended their August crusies and I think most of their September cruses as well. I think it's on the horizon that they will be cancelled.
  15. We do know that there are only 8 ships that will be sailing, with reduced capacity, when/if the no sail ban is lifted. I do know that it will take some time to restock the ship with supplies, stores, foods, etc. How long I don't know but would think it would have to be at home port. Getting the staffing up to the prescribed levels of even a 'reduced capacity' will take time. And I have no idea how long that will take., or the process involved. Of the 8 ships that are "scheduled" to sail on or after Aug. 1 I only know of the 3 that are sailing from Galveston: 1. Freedom - 'drifting' between Grenada and Barbados 2. Vista - in the area of Bahamas & Florida, Lil Stirrup Cay, along with the Carnival: Sunshine, Fantasy, Sunrise, Horizon, Legend, Sensation, Elation, Paradise. 3. The Dream is in Jakarta, Indonesia as is Conquest, en route to Bali, both of them. This is not all on the 8 ship announcement, I would think. But it's what I found out. I can do all of the 8 ships if you all want them. It just takes some time. And this post is only for where they are now. Sorry for thread drift, but I thought some of you might be interested
  16. So just out of curiosity I was playing on cruise tracker to see current ship locations. Currently there are what looks like 8 ships anchored. Among those Sunshine, Paradise, Horizon, Legend, Elation, Vista, Sensation and Fantasy. A little ways over are three Royal Ships. So my question is this, how long are they able to stay anchored in place without coming into port? Sorry I'm dont know much on how power works on a boat. Does fuel play a factor. Not sure if any have an insight on this nor have we ever experienced a long shutdown like this. But I know there are some on here that know the workings of a ship.. I do know that this was would an interesting sight to see out in the ocean with all this ships just sitting anchored in the ocean.
  17. My Horizon 9/19/2020 is still in my manager and they emailed me over the weekend to take advantage of Spa discounts. I would hope they would not be sending that out unless they were pretty sure they were sailing. At least I hope so. Keeping fingers crossed they stay on their time frame. We have already had 2 cancelled already, I would be so depressed for a 3rd.
  18. I just checked my luggage tags for our upcoming cruise. Mine doesn't have the date on it either. I did look at our last cruise tags and it does have the date but not a booking number. That was on the Horizon in 2019. My thought is that the date really doesn't matter. No one would turn their luggage in to the porters if they weren't going on that ship.
  19. We are on the Horizon B2B Sept 5th to the 19th. The 5th appears to be filled, it’s been off the web site for at least 3 weeks. The 13th is still up on the website.
  20. To you as well. We rebooked on the Mardi Gras, but not until April 2022. Should be done by then. 😁 We used our Mardi Gras FCC to just about pay for our Horizon 8 day ABC cruise next April. 😎
  21. Called and spoke with 4 representatives at the Diamond line, and was given a consistent answer. Currently they are being flexible and will allow you to cancel without penalty up to day before, with full amount paid returned as future cruise credit. Asked for it in writing, and was provided an email. We now are booked on Horizon 8/2.
  22. For the ropes course and SkyRide, they're in areas that are easy to avoid walking under. The SkyRide on the Horizon does pass over walking areas, like part of the jogging track, but if it makes you nervous, it's easy to step out from under the riders. But like shof515 said, the Radiance will only have the ropes course. It'll be on the back of deck 11 in the "Sports Square," and just inside the jogging track, should it will be really easy to avoid.
  23. Seems a bunch of cruises were taken down including quite of few Horizon sailings and a price increase. I was pretty confident that cruises in August was going to happen with how quick things have been opening up over the last month but now not so much
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