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  1. I don’t understand why you would book a cruise on Carnival if you don’t like their lack of a reservation system. Carnival has been very successful without implementing a reservation system and I don’t see that changing in the future. On the majority of Carnival ships, you can literally walk into a theater shortly before a comedy or production show starts and find seats most of the time. The one big exception to this is Vista class ships, which includes Horizon. The theaters (called lounges) on these ships are very small. From my experience if you don’t show up 30 minutes before a show you risk not being able to find a seat. While you can’t plan your entire cruise ahead of time like you can on RCI (that is the only other cruise line I am very familiar with and that only applies to their larger ships) if you use Carnival’s app on the ship, you will have access to the schedule for every day of the cruise once you board the ship.
  2. This thread was started last Saturday, April 18. Since then, we've seen the total collapse of the crude oil market...which is weakly rebounding. We've also seen some outlandish statements by our government officials, and new revelations on how the wonder drugs POTUS praised, and the other one....come back without the promising results we were praying for....In just the past 7 days. I grow weary of nothing but negative news. Someday...someday, this will turn around, back to better times. As far as booking cruises right now there are 2 schools of thought: 1.) We Might as well book now. No telling what will happen in the next 30, 60, 90 days will bring... The eternal optimists. 2.) Nothing is coming on the horizon, medically speaking, in the next 8-12 months...Nothing. CDC has extended the restrictions to middle of July, with the possibility of extending the restriction/ban. 3.)ALL of the cruise lines have chartered their own vessels to transport their own crew members back to their own home countries. So they can be with their families and loved ones during this deepening crisis. Since they are sailing, and not flying, that adds several weeks for them to return home. If not months. The depletion of the cruise staff's of all the cruising fleet's vessel's sailing back to their home countries, leaves me no choice but to believe the senior management of all of the major cruise lines do not contemplate a returning to normal cruising until well into the 4th calendar quarter. Or even into the first or second calendar quarter of 2021. I deeply apologize in advance if I have offended any CC member. I'm merely stating how I see things, myopic as it might be. I'm an eternal optimist, however the current events do not leave me much latitude to express my optimism.
  3. You don't even have to have a preset MDR time. We do "your time dining" so we can eat when we please. We don't like schedules on vacation. If we are having a great conversation with newfound friends or have just discovered a great musician, we might not want to leave just because we have a scheduled meal. But, that's us. You do you and enjoy. https://cruiseradio.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CARNIVAL-HORIZON-FUN-TIMES.pdf
  4. Multiple showings is a nice touch, the last thing I would want to do it have to reschedule dinner after I get on the ship to be able to see the nightly entertainment. Any link on where a Fun Times for Horizon is? Thanks for the help Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Hi friends, in our tour of the new big ships we just booked Horizon. it's our first big new ship with Carnival, and had some preconceived notions. I'm trying to schedule our evenings, but all I can do schedule specialty timing. our experience with RCI, and NCL, is that close to sailings (we are 78 days out) you could book the headliner shows, comedy shows, and schedule things around you seating time in the MDR or a speciality restaurant. Does Carnival really not operate this way? Do I have to wait til we are closer? Are all those things just first come first serve? Do you have to mad dash to schedule when you get onboard?
  6. I am crossing my fingers and toes for our 6/27 sail date on the Horizon out of Miami. We were originally scheduled on the "will it/won't it sail" Magic on 3/14. I really hope they let us know earlier than the evening before that it's a no-go. LOL My stress was through the roof the weeks prior.
  7. Been on the Freedom several times I think it the best ship in its class. The Horizon is a great ship, however the live entertainment should be better when it comes to bands that play dance music. The Latin club is great which are only on the Vista class ships( I think)
  8. Thank you for booking on us SWA. I'm a CSA. Flying is way down surreal! Here in Maryland its social distancing, masks and still hard to get many things from the grocery store. Hoping Carnival will resume cruuses soon. God willing Ilp be on my third cruise on the Horizon this September. As I get older, I'm not a fan of drastic change. If were designing a meme for 2020 Id have 2020 emblazoned on the front of a mask.In fome ways, time is flying by but, with Covid 19 it seems also time has come to a standstill.I'm cautisously optimistic.
  9. My wife and I sailed Horizon in 2019 but were unable to book Havana. We booked for 2022 (February) too. Did it early so we could get a room in there this time lol.
  10. December 2020 on Horizon, I booked MSC for the week right after as well... to try something different and extend the vacation. I can't wait and really hope everything is relatively normal by then.
  11. We always hit Sea Day Brunch, but that fillet mignon is getting smaller & smaller every cruise. 😔 And they no longer serve it with that awesome bearnaise sauce that used to come with it. As much trivia as I can get in. Some time with our son...the arcade, mini golf, or whatever. He likes ping pong; me, not so much. We liked that the Horizon had pool tables. That night, we'll probably go to High Seas Karaoke, some comedy, and maybe a Playlist show.
  12. Hi B.Q. pretty sure that we were on the NCL Star TA Miami to Barcelona-April 2018. After that, many of us took the Carnival Horizon back to NY from Barcelona. -arleen
  13. Horizon ABC leaving May 29 outta Miami. I paid a few more $$$ for May 2021 vs what we had booked for next month, but like the itinerary enough to wait another year.
  14. Horizon ABC leaving May 29 outta Miami. I paid a few more $$$ for May 2021 vs what we had booked for next month, but like the itinerary enough to wait another year.
  15. Carnival canceled May 2 2020 ABC cruise...moved all costs for that to Sunrise cruise on July 27...even "upgraded" to a Balcony suite and a few $$ OBC...Carnival canceled that....waived white flag and gave up on cruising for 2020...maybe...moved all $$ to Horizon ABC cruise for May 2021.
  16. I usually agree with most of what you say, but how can the Mardi Gras be way superior when no one has sailed on her yet? I remember years ago everyone saying how great Vista was going to be. While I have enjoyed cruises on both Vista and Horizon, neither ship is even close to my favorite Carnival ship. Both Dream and Spirt class ships are far superior in my opinion. And what does Odyssey of the Seas have to do with anything.(the best new ship out)? 😊
  17. We have done 5 TA's. East & West bound, Spring & Fall. 2 NCL, 2 RCI & 1 Carnival Horizon. Always had great seas, & since I love Trivia, there was plenty to do. BTW, there is a separate board dedicated to TA's/TP's/ & repos. It's under "special interest Cruising". Have Fun
  18. We did our first indoor muster on Horizon last month. Chairs, A/C, room to stretch. Boy, was that a treat! Sure beats being crammed in like sardines outside, especially when it's hot & humid. The downside was, that's where the Captain announced that they were replacing Grand Turk with Nassau. The MDR filled with moans & groans.
  19. Not sure if I can post this question here but here goes. I have been shopping around for a cruise on the Horizon for September of this year. As everyone knows Carnival does not allow their cruises to be discounted by anyone so anything that any other broker does cannot be done with a price drop from the standard price. So anyway I found a broker that was offering prepaid gratuities. It also said Earlysaver and reduced deposits just as Carnival would. It then said to call for free gratuities. I called and they said that to get the free gratuities that I would have to forgo Earlysaver as well as the reduced deposit oh and by the way 50 dollar onboard credit. Let me backtrack for a second and the other offers that they had listed for the same category and room also offered the gratuites as well. The person I was working with looked at the booking online and saw the same thing as I did and did not know what to do about it she spoke with her supervisor and the supervisor offered no actual explanation other than it was incorrect. I put a room on hold until today when she gets back to me as she said she was going to email the promotions dept. Today the whole Earlysaver rate is removed and only the other 2 options remain. Sooo should I or should I not be given the rate that was posted? I am waiting for the person to call me back now to make my final decision.
  20. We have a Havanna aft balcony on deck 7 booked for Dec 12, 2020 on Horizon 8 day sailing out of Miami. So looking forward to the Havanna area pool and bar!
  21. We are booked on the Horizon for 8/22/20. Originally had 13 cabins, down to 11 so far. I know there is no guarantee we will still sail but holding out hope that things will be better and safe enough to sail.
  22. I put a 2 day hold on July 19th Horizon cruise. It's a Havana Premium Vista (?) balcony 8470 . I'll never pay "normal" prices for this room, so might give it a shot while it's a lot cheaper.
  23. The original article stated that Carnival expected to cruise earlier. Like the end of June although some ships and lines might take until the end of the year. The problem is twofold. You can continue the current policy and experience a serious depression or you can take the risk of thousands of additional cases of the virus with probably additional deaths. I don't have the answer and it looks like neither does the President, Congress, our Governors and even some doctors. I just returned form a Magic cruise in March and am booked for a January 9, 2021 cruise on the Horizon. At the moment, I even have doubts about my January cruise. On the March cruise, there was considerable doubt that we would be able to leave the ship as scheduled. In the end it was not a problem but really messes up a cruise. I hope I can sale in January and be able to get off the ship normally. Again I don't have the answer but if you look back in history at the Spanish Virus of 2018. there are considerable comparisons. To make matters even worse, we were also fighting WW1 at the same time. People don't realize that the virus affected the outcome of some of the major battles with both countries (US and Germany). It was world wide as it is now. Some how, some way, we got though it all. Since I can't change matters, I guess I will just sit back and hope the right decision is some how made. I continue to plan for the cruise but with some doubts. Been on 23 Cruises (All Carnival) and enjoyed them all. First time, however, that I ever went through anything like the current situation.
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