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  1. We have a Havanna aft balcony on deck 7 booked for Dec 12, 2020 on Horizon 8 day sailing out of Miami. So looking forward to the Havanna area pool and bar!
  2. We are booked on the Horizon for 8/22/20. Originally had 13 cabins, down to 11 so far. I know there is no guarantee we will still sail but holding out hope that things will be better and safe enough to sail.
  3. I put a 2 day hold on July 19th Horizon cruise. It's a Havana Premium Vista (?) balcony 8470 . I'll never pay "normal" prices for this room, so might give it a shot while it's a lot cheaper.
  4. The original article stated that Carnival expected to cruise earlier. Like the end of June although some ships and lines might take until the end of the year. The problem is twofold. You can continue the current policy and experience a serious depression or you can take the risk of thousands of additional cases of the virus with probably additional deaths. I don't have the answer and it looks like neither does the President, Congress, our Governors and even some doctors. I just returned form a Magic cruise in March and am booked for a January 9, 2021 cruise on the Horizon. At the moment, I even have doubts about my January cruise. On the March cruise, there was considerable doubt that we would be able to leave the ship as scheduled. In the end it was not a problem but really messes up a cruise. I hope I can sale in January and be able to get off the ship normally. Again I don't have the answer but if you look back in history at the Spanish Virus of 2018. there are considerable comparisons. To make matters even worse, we were also fighting WW1 at the same time. People don't realize that the virus affected the outcome of some of the major battles with both countries (US and Germany). It was world wide as it is now. Some how, some way, we got though it all. Since I can't change matters, I guess I will just sit back and hope the right decision is some how made. I continue to plan for the cruise but with some doubts. Been on 23 Cruises (All Carnival) and enjoyed them all. First time, however, that I ever went through anything like the current situation.
  5. I am going 10/31/2020 on the Horizon.
  6. I'm thinking about rebooking for late July. The May Horizon cruise was canceled and Havana balconies are very cheap now. On the other hand, I'm still waiting on my drink package refund from a canceled March cruise. It seems pointless to give them more money and I'm still waiting for refunds!
  7. With all the doom and gloom on the board and comments that I read on Youtube I wouldn't think anybody would be booking cruises. Does not seem to be the case though. I have my eye on a couple Horizon cruises this August "Don't worry I know it is a slim chance that they will happen" specifically looking for Havana interior rooms and over the last week or so they have all but disappeared on all 3 Horizon 6 day sailings in August. Just an observation that I thought I would point out. Plenty of people still willing to roll the dice when things get going again.
  8. The Carnival Horizon is a beautiful ship. It was fun to sit in the atrium on watch the Dreamscape LED sculpture constantly change. Enjoy some of the still photos from the sculpture.
  9. We were above the blackjack tables on two different Conquest class ships and never heard a peep from the casino. No people, no slots, no live music, nothing. Last month, we were above the Alchemy Bar on Horizon and never heard a sound. With that said, I think being BELOW certain areas could be riskier. Foot traffic, crew rolling carts and things around, etc. I think you're more likely to hear that stuff when you're below it. Cruise Critic doesn't allow the link to this website, but do a google search for "cabin check tool." It should be the first search result, a site called cruisedeckplans. Pick your ship, then the deck, and a cabin and that tool will show you exactly what is above & below that cabin.
  10. I just booked the 8 night southern on the Horizon on June 27th (2019). I am afraid to even tell friends and family because they will tell me I'm crazy. Maybe I am... but I feel like I don't have anything to lose at this point because our travel abroad plans were already cancelled.
  11. Was on the Magic 3 weeks later (2/29/20). Issue then was if we would be able to leave the ship because of the virus scare. Fortunately, there were no reported cases and we left the ship in the normal manner. After that, it got messy. I have 23 cruises and all were with Carnival. Second time on the Magic. Like you said, it is a good ship and no major complaints. Funny how all of us have our favorite activities and others we don't bother with. Now I am a Bingo person and never miss a game. Not having the $30 Bingo Card option would bother me. So Carnival should cut off a couple of cards from the bigger sheet so you don't have to pay $40. Seems like I solved that problem rather easily for Carnival. I see you are a pool person. We never use the pools on the ship. We live in Florida and have our own pool so it's no big deal with us. Good to see, however, so many people enjoying the pools. It also makes for more space at the other locations. As for the Casino, I started a new policy. I never seem to win much so I took $150 of Florida scratch off cards instead. The payoff is about 55% and sure enough I brought that amount home with me. That made me feel like a big winner. I was actually bringing some money home and having the fun of doing several cards each day of the cruise. Then there is also that chance of winning a $1,000,000 to pay for all your future cruises. Since you have to cash all the winning cards in Florida, you are not tempted to spend it all. Am now booked on the Horizon. One in 2021 and another in 2022 assuming all the virus problems go away. Never thought I would ever see such problems. Good review and thanks.
  12. I'm going to have to say the Breeze. I've heard (read) nothing but good things about it. After our 2018 Glory cruise, we had planned to do a Dream class ship (preferably Breeze) next, but it didn't work out that way. We did Valor last Dec. and Horizon last month. Our next two are on Elation & Sunrise. We'll board the Breeze someday.
  13. Yeah I used those steps on panorama talking bridge pics.Horizon should be the same.
  14. Can you walk from Deck 6 to 7 using the outside staircase on the secrets decks. Were looking at booking 2 cabins (one cabin deck 6 forward and one cabin deck 7 forward). It would be great if we can get to each others cabins from the outside staircase.
  15. It took forever to find a review of a ship and not talk of cancellations. We are sailing the Horizon in September and thought fellow cruisers might appreciate your review. Thanks for writing it !!!!
  16. Have done two sailings during peak summer times in. HC room (both 5th floor rooms). The first on the Vista was before they allowed GS guests to partake in the amenities and the second on the Horizon was after. On see days I can safely say all chairs will be occupied or spoken for, def not the case on port days.
  17. You're OK. You need to be 12+ in order to stay in a Havana cabin and have access to the Havana area. People of all ages originally were allowed in the Havana area after 500 pm when it debuted on the Vista and was subsequently changed to 700 pm. A few months ago it was changed again to only allow those staying in a Havana area cabin to have access all of the time. Had a Havana inside cabin on 2 different Horizon sailings in August of 2018 and 2019. Best concept Carnival has come up with since the Alchemy Bar.
  18. My new cruise date is 10/31/2020 on the Horizon. Gary
  19. My May 9th Panorama Cruise was cancelled. Looking to rebook that cruise sometime in 2022 since I already have 2 other cruises booked for 2021. I have a cruise on the Horizon scheduled for October 25, 2020. We will see what happens with that one.
  20. Though we were not cancelled, our next cruise is scheduled for September 3rd, B2B on the Horizon. Then August, 2021, B2B on the Glory and a long way out February 2022 on the Miracle to Hawaii. Be safe everyone, we will all be sailing again soon.
  21. Ours was last year about this time. We went out of FLL on the Conquest. Went to Princess Cays, Grand Turk, Curacao, and Aruba. We enjoyed Curacao and Aruba the best. We have a trip in 2 years out of Miami on the Horizon, never been out of that port, but looking forward to it.
  22. We wanted to make a group reservation for JiJi on my son's birthday for our upcoming cruise on the Horizon. There are 26 of us. We were advised to make 3 individual (because max is 12 on one)reservations and then speak to the maitre'd on board. I have no problem paying up front but really wanted to make one reservation so we could be guaranteed of the same time and sit close to each other.
  23. My May 2nd Horizon ABC (and first time in Havana) was canceled so I rebooked Horizon May 2021. Its gunna be a long wait for my Havana 😪. Also have a Mardi Gras cruise I booked forever ago which turned into the inaugural sailing. I sure hope it's done ontime!
  24. Currently booked for May 29th on the Horizon & July 18th on the Fascination, both in '21. As soon as cruising resumes this year, we will book one out of Charleston then. We're not going to book until it's officially resumed though.
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