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  1. Ours was last year about this time. We went out of FLL on the Conquest. Went to Princess Cays, Grand Turk, Curacao, and Aruba. We enjoyed Curacao and Aruba the best. We have a trip in 2 years out of Miami on the Horizon, never been out of that port, but looking forward to it.
  2. We wanted to make a group reservation for JiJi on my son's birthday for our upcoming cruise on the Horizon. There are 26 of us. We were advised to make 3 individual (because max is 12 on one)reservations and then speak to the maitre'd on board. I have no problem paying up front but really wanted to make one reservation so we could be guaranteed of the same time and sit close to each other.
  3. My May 2nd Horizon ABC (and first time in Havana) was canceled so I rebooked Horizon May 2021. Its gunna be a long wait for my Havana 😪. Also have a Mardi Gras cruise I booked forever ago which turned into the inaugural sailing. I sure hope it's done ontime!
  4. Currently booked for May 29th on the Horizon & July 18th on the Fascination, both in '21. As soon as cruising resumes this year, we will book one out of Charleston then. We're not going to book until it's officially resumed though.
  5. Were you cancelled? If you chose OBC, have you rebooked and for when? We were cancelled twice now (March 30 6 day Horizon, May 29 Horizon 8 day Southern) and rebooked for July (Magic 8 day Southern) Someone has to be one of the first and I hope to be one of them.
  6. September 10, 2011 on Liberty 7 day western. Next one scheduled for December on Horizon. Been a long time.
  7. I just booked for the 27th on the Horizon out of Miami. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. It was just in dry dock last month, so we're curious to see it freshened up. Not that we know what it was like before. We do not like the design of the Limelight and Liquid Lounges on the Horizon, and now they've given the Elation the Limelight Lounge. I'm hoping it has a little bit better layout than Horizon's. The layout of the ship is going to be so much different than we're used to, but that's part of the excitement building up to it.
  9. I realized after my last post that I skipped the second part of our experience and went to the third and final account of our trip. This was written on our first sea day before the brunch in post 2. ------------------ As I was trying to go to sleep at the end of the long embarkation day, I was struck with the thought that this whole vacation might have been a huge mistake. That thought is hardly uncommon for me. I’m hit with it at the end of the first day of every cruise and many other vacations too. Fortunately, I’ve learned in most circumstances that my snap judgments are not very reliable, and this proves the case once again. On our first day at sea, I’m always looking forward to the opportunities the day will hold. Today, Tuesday, we wake up early. Becky is up by 5:30. Shortly after that I snap out of the stuporous fog that occupies the shadowland between sleep and consciousness. I start to get out of bed, but settle for sitting up, a pillow propped behind my back. Morning routine phase one, complete. Becky asks me if I remember the idiots who came down the hall and had a loud conversation near our door at 3:00 in the morning, and oddly enough I did. I’m not easily woken from a deep sleep, whereas Becky wakes up when a flea clears its throat. The Mom gene is strong in her, so she did not rest well overnight. Shaking the cobwebs from our eyes, we throw on the clothes we wore yesterday and take the elevator to the Lido restaurant on Deck 10. There are many things to like about Carnival cruises, but the 24-hour access to fresh coffee, ice and a few other drinks in multiple locations is a major plus. (Do you hear that, Royal Caribbean?) Whereas the bilge that all cruise lines pass off as iced tea, made from a concentrated liquid “tea flavored beverage base” (doesn’t that make your mouth water?) is dreadful, the coffee on all three of the major cruise lines is actually pretty good. It’s not the upscale French roast we drink at home, but it’s also a huge improvement over pedestrian brews like Folgers. Caffeine in hand, we make our way up to Deck 11, which offers an unobstructed perch from which to watch the sunrise. We arrived about 20 minutes before sunrise and see little swatches of pink, purple and orange color the horizon, but most of what we see are enormous dark cloud formations. The early morning is a magical time on a ship. Only a handful of people are out on deck and any conversations are subdued. Nobody wants to ruin this ancient ritual, well almost nobody. On past cruises we have encountered the odd collection of young, chain smoking adults who carouse until the appearing sun signals their bedtimes. On a ship with almost 4600 passengers plus another 1400 crew members, time away from noise and crowds can be tough to come by, but that is our ongoing goal. I don’t think anyone who knows us would say we are unfriendly or anti-social people, but the primary reason we travel is to spend quality time together. After the sun has been up for a while the crowds slowly build which means it’s time for us to relocate and snag a little bacon. At 6:30 in the morning, the bacon is but a snack, to hold until the Crimson dining room opens for Carnival’s well-loved Sea Day Brunch at 8:30. Royal Caribbean has some nice qualities, but overall, it’s our third favorite cruise line behind Carnival and Norwegian. One area where Royal Caribbean shines is in bacon distribution. Their breakfast buffets allow unfettered access to bacon, whereas on Carnival and Norwegian, the thin strips of porcine glory are dispensed by a would-be chef dressed all in white. In the cruise forums, these people, charged with rationing bacon like it’s humility in a presidential campaign, are often referred to as “Bacon Nazis”. After showing my passport and undergoing a retinal scan, my empty plate is blessed with 3 thin strips. I should feel grateful, but deep down I suspect Al Qaeda could get their hands on 500 cases of Sudafed easier than I could get 6 strips of bacon.
  10. We were on Horizon's last cruise before the shut-down last month. Got back to Miami on 3/15. Everything was relatively calm when we left, but around day 6 of the cruise, we started getting word from back home that panic mode had spread. Schools closing, people emptying store shelves, fighting over toilet paper, etc. But the mood on the ship never changed. Everyone went on having a great time and no one talked about it. I'm sorry to see that they had to extend the shut-down yet again. I'm confident that when they do decide to return, it'll be done with their passengers' health & safety in mind. Even though we don't have one scheduled until Jan., I'd rather see them return sooner rather than later. I hate to see all these businesses that have to close during all this. What did you think of the Elation? We'll be on it in January, right after New Year's.
  11. We were at sea one year ago today on the Horizon, Southern Caribbean. Loved everything about that cruise - the ship, excursions, ports visited, people we met, and time spent with my hubby.
  12. My sister, her daughter and two sons are scheduled to sail on the Horizon on June 27th. My niece is so sure that her cruise WILL sail. I wish that I could be that confident that all of this will be back to normal by then. Our October 3rd Horizon cruise has me concerned about whether to cancel or not. Even if the CDC says the cruise lines can start up again, will the ports-of-call be cleared for us to visit? I just can't see some of these countries being able to say that they are ready for us. But if we have to stay on the ship to stay safe, then so be it. I'm so ready for a Muster Drill!
  13. I read comments every day online from people that say the cruise industry should be closed for good. The ships are nothing but "floating petri dishes", and that anyone wanting to sail after this virus are complete idiots and "deserve to die from the virus". I cannot believe people like this. Obviously, most have probably never sailed before and are just showing their ignorance. My wife and I have 26 cruises under our belts and have the next one scheduled on the Horizon October 3rd sailing. We are surely hoping that the virus is a thing of the past by then and we will be able to sail. I would tend to believe that if the ships are sailing, they will be the cleanest they've ever been. But it's the ports-of-call that trouble me. Some of these countries don't have the technology to battle the virus. Would they be safe to visit? If I thought that they weren't safe to visit, I would not have any problems just staying on the ship. Let's all hope that, if cruises are allowed to take place, that these countries will be safe to visit and will welcome us back. I don't think anyone will ever discourage us from cruising in the future. It's what we look forward to every year. People can have their road trips or flights to all-inclusive resorts. Cruising is our passion and I know it's most of yours as well. Let's hope and pray that this virus will be behind us shortly. Then we will all be able to do that fantastic Muster Drill again!
  14. Sunrise from New York 8 Day Sept 2019, Celebrated my 60th. Sailed around Hurricane Dorian. Leaving in 2 weeks on the Horizon ABC 8 days.....I wish.
  15. Carnival Horizon, February 23-March 3, 2019.
  16. Facebook is reminding me that two years ago today we were just getting to Orlando to cruise Carnival Magic. We were supposed to go March 14th this year but had cancelled before we were due to fly. I am crossing fingers and toes we'll be on the Horizon in December. The Magic cruise was so great, we had such a fun time and enjoyed the whole trip so much. I travel with my son, he loves cruising as much as I do, he loved the water slides and ropes course, and even went to the kids club a couple times. It was our second time on Carnival, we did a few Royal cruises in between and we both agreed that it was much more fun to be on Carnival (though we do still want to try an Oasis class on RCL someday).
  17. I had a Mardi Gras cruise for September and it was canceled by Carnival. I got $502 in FCC and $200 in OBC if I changed to another cruise by mid February. So we booked the Vista out of Galveston for May 9th. On the 12th of March I cancelled and moved the booking to October on the Horizon out of Miami. They transferred the FCC and the OBC since that was due to the Mardi Gras debacle. After I got all situated and everything done they cancel the May cruise and offer OBC of &600 plus a FCC. That is retroactive to May 6th and later if you had already canceled and booked a new cruise. I was told by my PVP that I would probably get to keep the $200 FCC since that was basically on Carnival for having to cancel the 1st cruise. But she asked me to call her later when things settle down and we would get that added to the new cruise. But we did not discuss FCC. From what I have been told on FB the amount is the same as what your penalty would have been if canceling. We were at $500 penalty when we changed cruises. Does this sound correct?
  18. I was one of those people who "got stuck" on a ship in early March. Me and nearly 4,000 other passengers on the Horizon's last cruise before the shut-down. We returned to Miami on 3/15. But here's the thing...we weren't stuck. Every single person who was on that cruise chose to go, not turn around and go home. The crew put a ton of effort into cleaning regularly and making sure passengers washed their hands often. We were less at risk on that cruise than when we got back to the States. No cases on board the ship and only six total cases between four ports of call. No one felt stuck, no one was in a panic, no one talked about the virus, everyone went on having fun just like any other cruise. Don't feel bad for us, take your pity somewhere else. I have enough brain cells to live my life the way I please. If others are comfortable with going on a cruise in the coming months, yes, they take the risk. It doesn't make them stupid, as you claim. What's it to you anyway? For those of you who continue to attack anyone who's willing to cruise as soon as the cruise lines resume service, did any of you stop to think that, in all likelihood, they won't start up again until it can be done safely? Since the Trump admin. were the ones who requested that the cruise lines shut down to begin with, don't you think they'll have something to say about when the lines start up again? Do you really think Carnival will resume sailings if all other cruise lines come out and say it's still too dangerous and they're going to wait longer? Carnival knows how that'd make them look, and they don't want that kind of publicity. These decisions will be made by people with a lot more knowledge and who are privy to a lot more information than a few armchair infectious disease "experts" on the internet. The same people on here who, about a month ago, were saying, "It's nothing compared to the flu," and berated anyone who said anything different.
  19. My wife and I are booked on the Carnival Horizon on October 3rd. I've been making monthly payments on it, with the last payment due on June 30th. I'm concerned about whether or not to cancel this cruise before I make that final payment in order to get all of my money back, or should I just wait and let Carnival cancel it (should the virus continue on throughout the summer months and into fall)? I have a feeling that the virus will end up canceling all cruises for the rest of the year. I hope I'm wrong! What would the pros be for cancelling before final payment? What would the cons be? What would the pros be for waiting to see if Carnival cancels it? What would the cons be? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  20. Is this 100-day stoppage retroactive back to April 9th or starting the day this 100-day extension was announced? What is the last day of this 100-day extension? My niece and her family are sailing on the Horizon on June 27th and I was wondering if her cruise is safe (for now)? My wife and I sail on the Horizon on October 3rd and we're both thinking it, too, will be cancelled.
  21. I also have a cruise booked on the Horizon for the same date. I really do not know what my final decision will be with everything that is going on. Final payment is due in August and we are almost there. In the meantime, there is a potential that there may be a price drop in the coming months. My concern right now is to stay healthy and hope that well all get this trying time. Watching the news and hearing about all of deaths simply makes me sad. Stay well!
  22. We were on the Horizon's last cruise before the shut-down. I didn't mind being served by the crew at the buffet. I don't think it slowed down the process at all. I went to the buffet just about every morning for breakfast, and a couple times for dinner, and I hardly ever stood in line. Even on busy port-day mornings with bigger crowds of people having breakfast before going ashore, I never waited long to get my food. The funny thing about it, though, was that you could turn around from those lines, walk 10 feet, and the fruit stations were still self-serve. The condiments station at Guy's & Blue Iguana were still self-serve. My wife saw a woman eat some french fries, lick her fingers, then proceeded to handle the utensils at the Guy's condiments station. The one thing I did miss, as minor as it was, was being able to make my own ice cream cone. Every crew member made them differently and there were times when I would've liked to have more ice cream. You can't add to it once they're done and I wasn't going back for another. Yeah, that's a bit silly, I know, but that was the one thing I wished I could've just made myself.
  23. Cancelled my March 15 Horizon cruise on March 8. At the time, they were only offering FCC for the late cancels which was fine with me. Since then, I received a letter stating I can actually get a 100% refund or the 100% FCC + $600OBC. Still deciding what I want to do on that. We re-booked Mardi Gras January 2021 and I'm starting to wonder if that ship will sail so not sure if I want to take a gamble on the FCC. We also have FCC with Norwegian, so I have a lot of cash tied up in cruises right now!! I have received the following refunds from Carnival: Taxes, port fees, and tips (received next day on March 9) Shore excursion (received next day on March 9) I have NOT received a refund for the Cheers or Soda Packages I had pre-purchased for four (2xCheers and 2xSoda) for like $850 or something like that. Sure hope that refund comes soon. When I cancelled on March 8, the representative from Carnival told me that I would get the drink package refund within 7-10 business days. That was however before the complete shut down when they began telling people refunds within 90 days. I have a feeling I won't be seeing that refund any time real soon.
  24. Hi CoryW The cabins are the same, it is just the access to the Cloud9 spa facilities, that are extra. You also get a few in cabin extras, such as toiletries. The $20 extra is more than fair, as long as you actually would use the facilities. Without the spa cabin you would still have access to the gym and change room/shower facilities. I believe (could be wrong) on the Horizon there would be a steam room in the change rooms as well. Your son if accompanied by yourself would be allowed to use the gym facilities. I too, would caution that while anything is possible, a summer sailing could very easily be cancelled again. As a first time cruiser this can easily be very frustrating, but considering the bigger picture, you need to understand it is very possible. There already have been many discussions on whether cruising will even be able to happen again in the future. With that said. Welcome to cruise critic. Good luck and happy cruising.
  25. We've sailed on the vista which is the same class as the Horizon and we've also sailed on the Magic, I say do the Horizon, new and a little bigger. We are schedule on Panorama for the end of June which is the same class as the Horizon, unfortunately our trip will probably be canceled by Carnival. If not we'll be sailing. Good luck and enjoy whatever you book.
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