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  1. Hello Sir!! In my attempt to be a wee bit of an overachiever, I found two CT menus (grrr, I wanted it only be one) used in 2020, as well as accompanying video. One also offers "cuteness" in not only the main courses, but in the pre-meal apps as well. Sorry, sweet Cheryl. Inspiration Jan 2020 Experience begins around 7:00 Menu shown at 11:00 Miracle Feb/Mar 2020 Challenges in both pre-meal and main courses Horizon Feb/Mar 2020 39:30 Menu (Duck, Lamb, & Veal in main courses) The galley experience is gonna be ixnay, so it'll have to be lumped into the same venue, or perhaps a separate location altogether (which I think we did together once before as well).
  2. Hi.... booked on Horizon with my 3 adult sons in September and have had several price drops......resulting in OBC... anyone know if I can use some of it to pre purchase liquors and bar set ups for the guys? also..... can I pre book specialty dinners and pay with the OBC? Thanks
  3. They had already put some of the measures in place when we were on Horizon in March. We filled out a short health screening, but that took less than a minute. They did temperature checks after the security screening...again, only took a few seconds. The crew served the food in the buffet, they had a lot more hand sanitizer stations set up, and crew members were put in place to strongly encourage everyone to wash their hands in and around the buffet, MDR, and other food venues. Being served at the buffet really wasn't bad at all. I thought it worked well. A couple times I had to ask for a little bit bigger portion, but they were happy to oblige. The only thing I didn't like was not being able to make my own ice cream cone. LOL Only because different crew members made them differently and sometimes you'd hardly get any ice cream. Once they stop, they can't pile more on and I wasn't going back for a second one. Small price to pay, though. 😜 Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, we're seeing that it doesn't take long for someone to come rain on many of the more positive discussions lately. I think a majority of cruisers will be honest about what it's like when it resumes.
  4. I am sailing on the Horizon in August so I have my fingers crossed, however with 6 or 7 trips cancelled so far this year, I am skeptical. But I will defiantly be doing a review/vlog if the cruise happens. We can speculate all we want, but at this time, the only one thing we know for sure is: that we don't know what will happen in August and beyond. I can picture my group flying to Florida, getting to the cruise terminal, and then them announcing that the cruise is cancelled right before we board. (Didn't that happen to folks when cruises paused in March?) So I have a billion back up plans and trip insurance to try to cover the unknown. The world is so uncertain right now. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
  5. We are scheduled to sail aboard the Horizon on October 3rd from Miami. 124 days from today. We hope! Our son and his fiance are scheduled to sail on the Magic that same day. We're all staying at the same hotel the night before our cruises. God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be there ready to set sail.
  6. When you have issues like this, switch to incognito mode. We had several people in our roll call groups for both our Fascination and Horizon sailings who had this issue. I suggested they do this and all of them were able to complete their purchases for FTTF.
  7. We're booked on the Horizon in April 2021, so i hope you'll be ok! I want to go on a short cruise in November but i got the big negative from the boss.
  8. Hey now! It showed up last week for our Horizon April 17 2021 sailing. Someone from our rollcall/grp must have checked and then posted. I got one, and at least 6 others posted that they did. It is nice to get one, too bad we couldnt use some of that juicy obc for it! Bye for now.
  9. Well we've decided to scrap the Radience...too iffy! We chose the Horizon instead and it's a Premier for May 15, 2021 so we'll get $500 Fun Play from the casino. Thanks all for your input.
  10. Organized Chaos, yes to ME, it seems like the A trim always had something "interesting" to see or do. I also liked to look out the glass elevators, and see what everyone else was doing in the A trim area too. As for the white party, I have heard about it, but have never attended. I had "thought" about doing it on the Horizon, if we had done it in March.
  11. I hope its not cancelled. I have a cruise on Horizon booked for November this year.
  12. Cruise ship buffets aren't going anywhere. They are one of the best methods to distribute large amounts of food to thousands of people in a relatively quick manner. If you haven't already done so, there are a couple threads that feature interviews with Carnival Corp. CEO/Pres. Arnold Donald. One is a two-part video and the other is an interview done with Cruise Critic. They are well worth watching/reading. In part, he was asked about buffets and he basically said he doesn't seem them going away, but they'll make changes if necessary, such as crew members serving the food instead of self-service. I was on the last Horizon cruise before the shutdown and they had already implemented that. It wasn't bad at all. It was still quick service and my portions were almost always enough. If they weren't, I simply asked for a little more and they were happy to oblige. If some people are so convinced that their masks fully protect them from the virus, then why do they care if others don't wear one? You're protected, right? Right? People should be able to choose for themselves and shouldn't be shamed by others for not wearing one. My opinions of the organization aside, I recommend you read about masks on the WHO website. It's much different than what we get from the CDC. They admit that there's simply not enough data to know if masks do any good. There are factors at play that can cause masks to make matters worse, not better. They say that healthcare workers should definitely wear them, as well as those who have COVID or are taking care of someone with it, but beyond that, there is no definitive yes or no.
  13. I know that May 2021 is a long way off and I hope all this social distancing and mask stuff will be over. The Horizon is a great ship, the entertainment was great specially the band in latin club. The weather is great that time of year.
  14. What's made his corporation reluctant to announce hard and fast changes is that the information about the virus keeps evolving, week by week, Donald said. I like that statement. This situation is fluid and has changed regularly since the onset. Carnival isn't going to overreact and institute major changes and measures when there's still a lot of time to see how this thing plays out. I also got the impression that he was kind of saying, we'll listen to the experts, but even the experts have been changing their minds repeatedly, so we're not going to base our comeback on present-day data when future data will more than likely be different. One of the changing perceptions he mentioned was temperature checks. Personally, I think those are practically a waste of time. Those handheld infra-red thermometers detect surface temperature, not body temperature. I'll tell you why that could be a problem. We cruised on the Horizon in March, the last Horizon sailing before the shutdown. I had helped our shuttle driver get our luggage out of the van (5 big bags) and I had lifted our bags up on the conveyor and back down again. I was hot and worked up a sweat by the time I got to Mr. Temperature Checker. He pointed it at my forehead and couldn't get a good read. He asked me to wipe my brow (remember, I was hot and sweating) and took another reading. He let me go, but I know the surface temp. of my forehead was above normal. Not because I had COVID, but because I was hot. They could've easily made something out of it because of their temperature check, but it wouldn't have been an indication of the virus. What they're looking for are people with fevers, but there's a couple flaws in that logic. People can have the virus, be contagious, and not yet reached the stage of showing symptoms (e.g. fever). People can also be one of the estimated 30% who have the virus, are contagious, but are asymptomatic. In both those groups of people, they're contagious but temperature checks are useless. In the end, the only thing they know is that they don't know yet. So people can speculate till the cows come home. It don't mean squat until we hear it from them and/or people start experiencing it first-hand. Thanks for sharing, Joe.
  15. You definitely will not have the privacy of a normal balcony, but I never got the impression of any peeping toms at all. I always kept our curtains closed during the day and night if we didn't want people accidentally peering into our cabin during shower time or when we wanted privacy. But I have had Havana Cabanas twice now and have a 3rd booked on Horizon next year and despite the lack of privacy, I still prefer it. I was just as unsure as you are now but the quietness and exclusiveness of the Havana area makes it well worth it.
  16. We cruised on Horizon last April and loved it. Had a balcony cabin deck 7 I believe. The Havana cabins piqued my interest, in particular deck 5. Not sure why other than maybe it was super close to the bars 😂. Those of you who've stayed in Havana interior & balcony on decks 5 &/or 6, were you able to hear the music from any of the clubs? I know they usually shut down around midnight (except for the late night dance club). We don't go to bed with the chickens but occasionally will turn in before midnight if there's an early excursion the next day.
  17. Organized Chaos, I agree. When getting ready to cruise this past March, I had just suggested to my d-i-l of all 7 of us cruising together, and me getting someone else in my room as well. She got hooked about 2 years ago, when I took all of them cruising, and has been hooked ever since. 🙂 I was really checking out the Horizon (as you know), the pros/cons of peoples opinions. I guess I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so that is why I decided to go along with the Horizon. It would have been the largest ship that any of us had cruised on, but I knew I would miss (I know this sounds strange) the A trim with the glass elevators. I really didn't care for the funnel cone that was on the Horizon, but that is MY opinion. I had picked that itinerary because of Jamaica, not being there for many years. After our cruise was cancelled out, I was pretty sick for a full month, and did NOT think of cruising at all. When I started getting better, I thought to myself, I really didn't want to do the Horizon, and found out none of the 6 had ever been to St. Lucia, so that is why (money too because of the virus situation and work) I picked this itinerary. I also checked all "400" colleges, just to see when they would be on their spring break, and that is how I picked out the date for us to cruise, as there wouldn't be that many colleges on spring break at that time, compared to the other dates I seen. This is not in concrete, but it is something to think/look forward too anyway. 🙂 Actually my two granddaughters were over last night, and every since her mom/dad went on the cruise with me, and she seen/found out what they did, she had been "hooked" on cruising too. 🙂
  18. Hopefully February 20, 2021 on Mardi Gras and February 5, 2022 on Horizon.
  19. I'd like to play! Here are a few... Hawaii on the Splendor a few years ago. St. Thomas during one of those seaweed blooms. Yikes! This was on the Breeze. This isn't Carnival, but that pie! That PIE! I think the cherry was the best. This was on the Jewel of the Seas. Do you know how hard it is to get a sunset photo on a moving ship? Most of the horizons are askew. This one is a horizontal horizon! This would be the Miracle to the Mexican Riviera. P.S. I'm sorry I don't have any door decorations to share. 😞
  20. I was originally booked on the Horizon 10/31/2020 but switched to 5/1/2021 on the Horizon. My reasoning was if one person on the ship tests positive for COVID-19 will the ship be prevented from docking in the US until all on board is tested and how long will be at sea ,etc. There are too many unknowns.
  21. Go, We just had our May 2nd Cancel. Have had Sept Booked as well, Looking forward to it. Horizon Aft Wrap Havana!
  22. Best thing you could do. Was in a Horizon inside twice and loved it. Both times in one of the two sideways ones that are available. I think it was 5205.
  23. We are sailing 8/22 on the Horizon as well. My older son's passport expires on 8/11. He is 15.When we went to the post office in early April, we were advised not to send it in for processing as they are only fulfilling emergency passport requests, I keep checking the website and it still urges not to send in your documents at this time. We have had passports for the boys since they were infants and have never sailed without them, but I guess we will take the chance this time if we are able to sail and the passport agency does not get back to normal.
  24. IMO, The spas on the Vista and Horizon--and as a sister ship I would say the Panorama as well--are not the same type of spas as on the Dream class ships. For privacy, less crowded pools, etc. Havana cabins win hands down. Rebook a Havana for the Panorama.
  25. Sorry I have another question. I guess I don’t have much to do lately other than obsess over my upcoming cruises. I have two cruises booked: 🚢 Panorama 7 day Mexican Riviera Spring Break March 2021- 3 ports/ 3 sea days 🚢 Horizon 7 day Eastern Caribbean Christmas Cruise Dec 2021- 4 ports/ 2 sea days I will be going on both cruises with a friend, no kids. We are both single and in our late 30’s/40’s. We are looking to relax and have fun socializing. Dealing with packed pools and fighting over lounge chairs isn’t my idea of a good time. Right now I have a spa room on the Panorama and Havana on the Horizon. I’m wondering if I have that wrong, given that I only have two days at sea on the horizon. Maybe I should switch that around. Should I switch my spa balcony room on the Panorama to an interior Havana room so that we have relaxing pool days on the Mexican riviera cruise? I expect the cruise will be fairly packed (assuming no Covid issues 😬). Maybe the spa isn’t worth it. I had always wanted a spa room, but having seen how packed the main pool is the Havana area looks appealing. That said, we want to socialize. Would we be better off at the serenity area for that? I’d save about $400 by moving from our spa balcony to an interior Havana. For the Horizon Christmas cruise I’m not sure what to do either. There’s a chance I’ll be solo on this cruise if my friend can’t go. I was concerned about this cruise being super packed, but then I saw that there are only two sea days. Maybe the spa would be nice after some of those port days. Any thoughts?
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