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Found 271 results

  1. Does anyone know if the buffets lunch and dinner have seafood on them at all?
  2. We are going on an 8 night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Horizon on July 27. Does anyone know when elegant nights are? Our youngest is turning 14 on the third night of our cruise. I thought it would be pretty cool if this coincided with the elegant night.
  3. This is part 2 (and the last) of a review of a 6-night Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Horizon (January 20 – 26, 2019, Miami – Ocho Rios Jamaica – Grand Cayman – Cozumel Mexico – Miami with 2 days at sea). Part 1 of the review was posted on February 1. Dining: We were a group of four, my wife and me, and another couple traveling with us for the first time although they have done two other cruises before. This other couple is vegetarian, so my review of the dining will cover that aspect of the Horizon dining scene as well. I will only talk about the free venues that we used, as we did not go to any specialty restaurants. · Breakfast/Brunch: The Horizon offers breakfast in the dining room only on port days, whereas they have brunch on sea days. The brunch and breakfast menus have substantial overlap, including various styles of eggs, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, etc., and a few fancier items such as eggs Benedict. The brunch menu also has a few types of burgers. One item on the breakfast menu which was not on the brunch menu was the Indian “Masala Dosa” which is a specialty from South India. It was well made, but not spicy at all, and did not come with any of the standard Indian accompaniments. Still, this is a novelty which I have not seen on any other ship and it quickly became the favorite breakfast dish for our vegetarian friends. · Lunch: Lunch on port days is not offered in the dining room, so you have to go to the buffet at the Lido Marketplace. This was the most disappointing buffet I have ever seen on any of our cruises. There were only a limited number of items (perhaps no more than about 10, not including salad, breads, etc.) and not a lot of variety of foods. Even worse, our vegetarian friends found hardly anything worth eating here (think potatoes and salad). Dessert was a cake station with a variety of cakes that changed somewhat from day to day and were quite good. But there were no other types of desserts, again different from our experience on other cruises. One good lunch option was the Blue Iguana which had outstanding burritos and taco bowls, but we didn’t like to eat there every day (and the lines were long). · Dinner: After our lunch experience at the Lido buffet, we did not even try going there for dinner, so I have no idea if it was any better. We were assigned YourTime Dining, which worked well for us. After getting our first reservation from the reservation booth on Deck 5, we were able to get the Hub app to work for us and that was a great convenience. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a table, but then we usually dined a bit late (around 7-7:30 pm). The dinner menus were quite traditional compared to the menus on other ships. Some of the entrees were good, others not quite so. For instance, the Teriyaki Salmon was barely edible and the shrimp jambalaya was a small mound of rice with a few vegetables and a separate pile of shrimp that had no taste of any Cajun spice. There was one vegetarian entrée every night (that was not too attractive such as a simple pasta dish), but in addition there was also one Indian vegetarian entrée on the menu each night. Our vegetarian friends chose this and were very happy with it. There was a different vegetable and lentil each night, and they were authentically prepared. We soon learned that, for best results, you should order this meal the previous night. The spice level seemed to vary and after a few days, our friends learned to request a less spicy version and that mostly worked. We have seen Indian vegetarian dishes on dinner menus on other ships, but usually they tend to be the same vegetable (mostly a potato curry) and lentil every night. The Horizon’s dishes were just great with a lot of variety! If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, they also have an Indian non-vegetarian entrée available every night (e.g. chicken or lamb), but it has to be ordered in advance. I tried that a couple of nights and it was outstanding. You can ask the dining room waiter to show you the vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus for the entire cruise, but we found that the items we received were not always the same as those on the menus. Still, these dishes were the highlight of our dinner experience. I cannot say the same for desserts. There were only a few options for dessert and they were humdrum. The crème brulee and baked Alaska were too sugary. Even the ice creams somehow did not taste great. · Service: We were disappointed with the level of service in both the dining room and the Lido Marketplace. On other ships, we have seen the wait-staff hover over your tables constantly taking care of all your needs. On the Horizon, that was not the case. We had to spend long amounts of time trying to catch someone’s attention to fill the water glasses or to get a refill on the coffee. At dinner in the dining room, no one ever offered us coffee with the dessert. In fact, we had the impression that they did not serve free coffee at dinner time. Until the last night, when we happened to ask whether coffee was available and they said yes. We have never experienced this on other ships, where they would always proactively ask you if you wanted coffee. At 8:30 every evening, the maître d’ would lead all the wait-staff in the dining room on a song and dance routine that was a novelty on the first night but rapidly wore off as the same routine was repeated every night. They would be better off keeping it for just the last night of the cruise. Shows: There were only three production shows in the Liquid Lounge. The Vintage POP and Amor Cubano shows were very good. I forget the name of the third one, but it was too dark for our taste. All three shows had excellent production values and special effects. We were disappointed that we did not get to see the Celestial Strings that we had heard so much about. Instead, the remaining nights were various game shows that we didn’t really care about. We did see a couple of movies on the big screen on the Lido deck. This area is not covered, so rain is a problem. The movies continued even when it rained and we had to seek cover along the sidelines. Our sailing day, January 20th, was the day of the NFC and AFC championship games and I was looking forward to seeing them on the ship. I was disappointed as they were being shown on small screens in just a few bars. These locations were crowded and it was impossible to get a good view of the game. By contrast, we were on Holland America’s Koningsdam this past summer during the World Cup and they showed most of the important games on the big screen on the Lido deck, which was great. Why doesn’t the Horizon do the same? Excursions: In Ocho Rios, we took the Magic Mountain chair lift and Dunn’s River Falls combo. For those who are more adventurous, the zip line or bobsled would be better than the chair lift as there was not much to do on the mountain top. But DRF was excellent and we enjoyed every bit of it; the guides were great and took care to make sure that all of us made it up safely. The tour company runs shuttle buses every half hour between the port, the mountain, and DRF, so you are not constrained to be with any particular group. As a result, you can take as much time as you like at the mountain or at DRF. The arrangement with the lockers at DRF was a bit confusing and we had trouble finding our way to the lockers to retrieve our clothes at the end. In Grand Cayman, we took the combined land/sea tour of the Turtle Farm, Hell, Rum Cake shop, and Sting Ray City. The boat ride to Sting Ray City was enjoyable. However, neither my wife nor I are good swimmers and we had trouble in the water even though we wore life jackets. When you step down from the ladder on the boat, the water is quite deep and I was barely able to touch my toes on the ocean floor. The guides were great and helped us get to the sandbar which was about 6 feet away. But there too, the water was not as shallow as we had been led to believe. There were waves that came periodically which were quite challenging for us and I think I swallowed a good deal of ocean water. Still, this was a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience for us and I am glad we were able to do it. In Cozumel, we took the catamaran to Passion Island. This was a good way to spend a few hours, although it was nothing too special. The weather was not sunny and there was periodic light rain, but not enough to spoil the trip. The food was OK, not great but not bad also. The only thing that put me off was when I noticed at the bar there was no arrangement to wash the used glasses. They were simply being dipped in a bucket of water and then re-used, totally unsanitary. I wonder if the same was being done with the plates and utensils?
  4. Have a question for those who have cruised Horizon and possibly Vista....Two yrs ago our family/friend group went on our first cruise on the Vista. Our husbands loved it and agreed to another one....along comes the horizon which looks just like the vista so we booked it. The one difference for us is that the pig and anchor is where the red frog used to be. From the pictures the space seems very similar however I understand it is now a "pay" restaurant. Is that just in the evening? On the Vista this is where our men hung out on the boat. There were always groups of people planning board games, there was a foosball table, corn hole, live music in the evening...etc. Can you still hang out here or is it strictly a pay restaurant? Obviously they can find another place on the ship but they tend to be creatures of habit. None of them do any research and I would guess that the first place they go on embarkation day is to where they are expecting the red frog and "rum jumpers", ....I don't have the heart to tell them that their beloved corn hole boards are now on the sports square with no bar in sight.
  5. I have been reading reviews about the seating in the liquid lounge for the shows and the said the seats on the first level aren't very good if you aren't in the first row since the seats aren't tiered. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Hi everyone The 8 day cruise going to Aruba. Will the ship be on port side when docked? Thanks. Going in Sept.
  7. We are sailing on the Horizon in August but I’m thinking of switching to the Breeze. Did anyone’s kids miss the additional activities on Vista/Horizon when they switched back to a ship without those activities, or did it really not make a difference? We’ve said on Allure, Oasis and the amplified Mariner so I’m looking at indoor activities as well as outdoor. We like Carnival too but haven’t sailed it since our soon was born. He’s 7 now.
  8. Can anyone let me know how the check in is for the Your Time Dining on the Horizon? I just watched a video for the decks and he showed where you check in but it looked like it was on a computer - to a person? please let me know how it works? Thanks
  9. Carnival has added new balconys on deck 2 of the Horizon, in family harbour area. They are aft extended balconys ( these are not on Vista) I am lucky enough i suppose, to have them booked for a B2B in January 2019 Question, if you look at the deck plans, the balcony for rooms 2497 and 2482 are HUGE which happen to be both rooms we have 2497 first week and 2482 second week... same room not available for both ( wonder if i could find the person who has either booked and say would you like to switch up for the exact mirror room so we dont have to change? haha) anyway.. my question, on the deck plans both these balconys show something, not sure what, almost like a staircase /////// anyone know what this actually is, here is link to deck plan https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-horizon.aspx#deck-plans thanks in advance
  10. Live from the Poopdeck Yes, I’m BACK. Yes, it’s ME. And YES, I have another “LONG AND LENGTHY” review for you all. It’s been quite a while since my last LNL review. It’s really hard to write the review, post pictures up to go with the review, and then post the actual review itself, adding pictures to go along with what you’re writing. A semi-long process considering the detail of the reviews I write. The plan is that I will have it done by Friday, when we’re going on vacation. I thank you for your patience in advance. I will say from the start, that there were quite a few OMFG moments (mostly good) that I will detail throughout the review. First things First Along with the new ship would be some other “firsts” though. We had found out along the way that this was a Carnival Elite Cruise. For those who aren’t familiar with them (I wasn’t, but looked it up), it’s Carnival’s highest level gambling rewards program. Basically, they have a number of BIG TIME gamblers that Carnival invites for a free cruise. Along with the free cruise, these gamblers get a complimentary “Cheers” package (15 free drinks a day), a complimentary liquor bottle and mixers delivered to their cabin. They also get a free group excursion. Anyway, I knew I’d be seeing some real players at some point this trip. Horizon also is the first ship with pizza delivery from the Hub app. Heard they were going to be delivering them on mopeds. Wanted to see this in action. I guess the biggest “first” besides just being on a new ship was being in the specially designated Havana suites. 65 Cabins that share a private pool/Jacuzzi/bar area. No children allowed. Really looked forward to having that area till 7pm every night. More later. Planning is Half the FUN….(and it really is, isn’t it?) We had been to each of these ports a few times. We decided that Mr. Sancho’s in Cozumel would be fun. We would just play it by in Grand Cayman, and we booked a special resort day in Jamaica (more later). Went to the online store and ordered a bottle of Jägermeister and a 4 bottles of Corona w/cooler gift pack. Skipped the cabin decorations this time. They always fall anyways. We also made reservations for the Teppayaki restaurant for day 3. For this trip I also pre-ordered the premium package internet. Never did this before, and I was curious as to its actual speed. A few days before the cruise, we get an email, saying that due to high port traffic expected on Sunday, that we should arrive 1 hour later than our scheduled appointment. OMFG! How come out of the 9 ships in port, it’s ours that is telling us there taking an hour away from our cruise….sigh Roll Call We’ve been on quite a few roll calls over the years. Some with over 100 people. Some with just 8 or 9. This was a pretty good sized roll call. I just got the impression of them being “rookie” cruisers. The roll call was run by a travel agent, but he didn’t even organize a sail away party. Instead, they were having an “onesies” party for the Dive in movies the first night. Cept there was a miscommunication and some showed for the first movie, some for the second. Either way, there was NO WAY Mary Ann or I were getting into any “onesies”. The group also had a slot pull scheduled at noon followed immediately by a bar crawl. I wasn’t going to say anything, but eventually caved and pointed out to them that not only weren’t there going to be many bars open, but also that the second night is elegant night, and they might not want to get too messed up cause of the Captains Reception at 5, and they might want to look good for their Elegant night photos. That was about it for any events. Although we met up with roll call peeps along the way, we really didn’t feel as connected as on other roll calls. Fine with us. Pre Cruise We booked our flight from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale. Always cheaper than flying to Miami. We’ve cruised out of Miami MANY times. Like Goldilocks, it took us awhile to find our perfect hotel. Sorry, can’t share it with you. Maybe next review. Anyway, our favorite was sold out for our requested dates. After checking availability, I suggested Embassy Suites, Ft. Lauderdale to Mary Ann. A place we’ve stayed before. 15 minutes away from the Airport! Just LOVED their Manager party, the cooked to order breakfast, and the close proximity to Outback for a GREAT sendoff meal. Well, we had our flight and hotel booked. Goodies waiting for us when we arrived. A couple of excursions booked, and a WONDERFUL cruise to look forward to!
  11. Going on Horizon next week. Any last minute on board suggestions and must do”s? Traveling with wife and 2 boys ages 9 and 10. Anything we should pass on?? Overrated? TIA
  12. i asked this in the wrong forum first lmao. yeah so going on the carnival horizon soon and i heard club o2 has gaming systems in it. does anyone know if there is a ps4?
  13. I did some searching but this was all I could find: XXmaitred@carnival.com where "XX" is the two letter code for the ship What is the two letter code for Horizon? Thank you!
  14. We will be sailing April 6th. Ports are Curacao, Aruba, Grand Turk & La Romana. We’ve never been to any of these. I’ve looked at Carnivals excursions and some of them seemed interesting but what I would like to know from those who’ve been to these ports is if these islands are walkable from the port and if there are things we can do on our own? For instance, in Jamaica and one of the ports in the Bahamas, if you don’t do a ship excursion, ones options are limited to taking a cab to look around or tip back a few at the bars at the port (which I’m not opposed to 😁). We don’t mind doing 1 or 2 of the recommended excursions but would prefer if we can venture into town or elsewhere on our own to explore and sightsee. Thanks for the help.
  15. Can anyone confirm that they have light lunch/snacks at the Havana Bar and also where do you get an omelet made for breakfast?
  16. Is there a specific formal night on the Horizon? We are booked on the March 9th sailing and were trying to decide when to go to the steakhouse. Thanks.
  17. Hey everyone, I'm just off an 8 day cruise on the Carnival Horizon. I figure I'll give it a review based on my experience. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, I'll try to answer the best I can. On this trip, I traveled with my wife, my parents, and my aunt and uncle. For the first time, we flew in the day before instead of the morning of. Others on CC have mentioned the benefits of doing that, and they were right. We stayed at La Quinta Inn in Hollywood. It's a nice hotel with large rooms and located near a large shopping center. I would stay there again if sailing out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Embarkation We used SAS Transportation to get from the hotel to the port of Miami. They picked us up promptly at 11:30am and had us at the port right at noon. After handing our luggage over to the porters, we headed to the terminal where we had a 12:30-1pm check-in. They directed us into the early line, where I figured there may be a wait, however that was not the case. There was no line and we were quickly processed and it was a non-stop walk right onto the ship. Great embarkation experience. Food and Dining Lido Marketplace - I only ate there once and it was right after embarkation. I wasn't too hungry and only tried a stuffed mushroom and the buffalo chicken lasagna. The mushroom was meh, but the lasagna was something new to me and very good. Pig and Anchor - I ate here at lunch time. The line was somewhat long, but it took less than 10 minutes to be served. I tried a little of everything and and enjoyed it all. Guy's Burger Joint - I ate here a few times after port days. I've always liked their burgers. They are not gourmet burgers by any means, but better than most fast food places. The burgers always hit the spot with me. Blue Iguana Cantina - I only tried the tacos. One chicken, one pork. They were very tasty and perfect for around lunch time. If they were open past 2:30 I probably would have eaten there more times. Pizza - I tried it a couple times late at night. It's decent. Obviously there are great pizza places on land, but this place does a good job. A little bit of wait, but that's because they can only make so many at a time. Breakfast - On port days, my wife I ate breakfast in the Meridian Restaurant. They have a nice menu option called Port Day that gets you in and out in 25 minutes. Eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. I chose that a couple times and was never disappointed. The restaurant was also not very busy and there was no wait time. We also had the sea day brunch there once. The 12 hour French toast was delicious. Mongolian Wok - I only ate here once on the last day for lunch. There was a line, but it moved quick. You select your choice of food by building your own dish. It was cooked to perfection. Easily one of my favorite spots I ate at. Farenheit 555 - $38 per person and still a great deal in my opinion. My wife and I ate here on the first night. She got the crab cake and I the pork belly for our apps. We both enjoyed them. We both ordered the Wagyu beef with wasabi mashed potatoes. Very, very good. The cheesecake for dessert was average at best. I almost tried the free wine bottle, but after reading reviews on here and being told it was either free or 50% off, I decided to take the 50% offer instead. Reflections MDR - Mostly good. The staff was very friendly and worked extremely hard. I have no complaints from any of the dishes I ordered. The food was always between warm and hot, I was never served cold food. The food was tasty, and the portions were a good size for the most part. My favorite dishes were the ox tongue for an app and the jerk pork loin. My one complaint is it took a very long time to get through dinner. We had late seating (8:15), and most of the time we weren't out until 9:40. Normally, being on vacation I don't really care, but in this case dinner crossed into the 9:30 production show. I guess I could have attended the 7:30 show, but I figured that was for the early seating diners. Service and Staff No complaints here. The entire staff works hard and always say hello to you with a smile. They do a great job to keep the ship clean and the passengers happy. We were given the choice of morning service, evening service, or both by our room steward. We chose morning. The only issue we had was our room wasn't serviced on day 4. I spoke to the steward and for some reason he thought we had evening service. Not sure what happened there, but it was cleared up and no issues after that. Entertainment There was so much to do on the ship, there wasn't enough time to do it all. Schwartz was our cruise director. He brings a lot of energy and is very approachable. He did a great job. Usually my wife and I skip the production shows, however after seeing the trailers for them on the lido big screen we figured we should give them a chance. We missed Soulbound because we got out of dinner too late, but fortunately we caught Vintage Pop and Celestial Strings (had to skip dessert, but whatever). Both shows were amazing. Everyone involved did a great job. Hopefully Carnival brings these productions to their other ships. We attended the comedy shows a few times. Jorge Salano(?) was hysterical. The rest of them were OK, but nothing memorable. The lounge did get pretty packed for the shows. The last comedy shows started at 10pm (except for one 11pm show). Stateroom We had an interior room on the 8th deck, mid-ship. Big enough for us, comfortable, and fairly quiet. Very clean. Ship The ship is huge, and even though there were a lot of passengers on it, it never really felt crowded. On sea days, both pools were packed, as well on all the lounger areas. We would walk around and eventually we would find a couple of empty chairs, most of the time in Serenity, which was our favorite area anyways. The hot tubs would get full as well, but again, if you are patient space will open up. One negative thing that did happen on a couple of occasions was when a couple of guests busted out their portable bluetooth speaker and played their music loud on it. It kind of killed the atmosphere in Serenity, which has music playing that fits the theme. It didn't ruin our vacation or anything, and became a non-issue when we got up and found loungers in another area. I just feel it is very inconsiderate. At the beach it's one thing, but on a ship I suggest stick to headphones. Debarkcation It was very easy. The night before we put our luggage outside our stateroom for pick up. Because we had some time before our flight, we booked an excursion through Carnival for the Best of Miami tour. Great tour and very entertaining. We met up at 7:30am in the Liquid Lounge and by 8am had our luggage and were on the tour bus. That's it for now.
  18. Are the doors on Carnival Horizon metal or wooden. We plan on decorating our stateroom door but we were wondering if they were metal or are they wooden . Thank for your help .
  19. Hey Everyone! We just got back from the 8 day Southern Caribbean aboard the beautiful Carnival Horizon. The ship is amazing, Mike did an incredible job, and overall we had a wonderful cruise. I have copies of fun times, menus (I'm missing a few here and there), and some miscellaneous pictures of the ship, food, and ports. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them!
  20. Sailing on our first of the mega ships in 3 months - the Horizon. Quick questions on the specialty dining (sushi, Asian, Italian, BBQ, etc). please (first time for us). 1. Do you need to make reservations for these restaurants or is it first come? 2. If you make reservations, is it advisable/or can you make them early in the cruise to assure a place? If so, where do you make them at? 3. I believe I have seen there is an "upcharge" for these restaurants, is this so? 4. Is it like the steakhouse where you if you do pay, it is a set price and then you order, or is it like a regular restaurant where you pay for each item you wish to order? Any examples of such cost appreciated - I am familiar with the Seafood Shack and Pay Sushi on other ships such as the Conquest. 5. Do any of these locations on the Horizon have a special dress code (excluding the steakhouse, I am aware of the dress code here)? 6. Is the Bonsi Sushi the only place to get sushi on board? I love it but husband hates it, and would like to be able to get it (like on other ships), where you just order and take away since he is not going to want to sit down to a "meal" with me in a restaurant setting. - BBQ place too, eat in only or take away? Hubby doesn't care much for that either lol, but I love me some good BBQ. Any help is appreciated, even after all our cruises this will be a new experience we are much looking forward to it. PS: Know it is not food related, but want to try the sky bikes too. Do you reserve this? If so in advance or what - if anyone reading these questions about the food knows.
  21. Hi.....has anyone stayed in the Havana cabana balcony cabins on Deck 5? What did you think? worth the extra money? Are they noisy....can you hear the band in the bar? thanks
  22. CARNIVAL HORIZON REVIEW JAN. 26TH – FEB 2ND Hi all! This is my first review so please bare with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos, sorry! These are just my personal opinions/feedback. I hope you enjoy! Background: I am 30, I traveled with my husband (35) and my mom (61) and dad (70). We are from the Tampa Bay area. My mom, dad & I are all Diamond cruises (we have been cruising since I was about 7 years old!). This was my husband’s “first” cruise. Technically his first one was on the Big Red Boat way back when, lol! He did not enjoy his trip on that ship, so he was hesitant about cruising…. (wait for the end of my review!) Arrival/Embarkation We left the Tampa area around 7:45 Saturday morning and were in Miami before 1pm. We made several stops along the way. Check in process was a breeze! It was all said and done within about 20 minutes. We were on the ship having lunch around 1:30pm. Staterooms: My husband and I stayed in room 14218 and my parents in 14210 (both balconies). Our room steward Alfredo was the best we have ever had!!! The rooms were very nice. My husband’s only complaint was the shower was too small, but it was no big deal for me! He ended up utilizing the spa showers which he loved. Since we were on deck 14, we had “special” access to the Serenity spa area which included the hot tablets to lay on (always crowded) thermal suite jacuzzi, steam rooms, big showers. My parents and husband used the Serenity area every day! They loved it! The Ship: Always very clean! The crew was always going around and picking up items. Probably the friendliest crew I have ever encountered. Everyone was always in a good mood. The ship is easy to navigate. I can’t really comment too much on the night life as we never really made it out after dinner. My husband and dad would drink their booze during the day and after dinner would be exhausted. I’m pregnant, so I was always ready to sleep, lol! However, there was a lot going on at all times. The casino was very smoky so I avoided that area always. My husband and dad enjoyed some of the gambling. The Skybox sports area was a neat place to watch some games. We also visited the arcade which was fun! We didn’t make it to any IMAX movies, however on one of the sea days coming back that placed was packed as it was raining outside. The Havana bar area was very nice. I didn’t care for the Liquid Lounge for shows and never have. I miss the old school Carnival Show rooms. The décor around the ship was nice and subtle. The Food: Food overall, was very good! We only ate in the dining room twice. The food the first night wasn’t the greatest. We went again on the 6th night (formal night) and it was MUCH better. We ate at Cucina Del Capitano twice, it was delicious! The garlic bread they give to your table at the beginning is great! Both times we went I ordered a Cesear salad, Minestrone soup, Chicken parm & spaghetti. The chocolate cookie (biscotti) dessert had to have been my favorite dessert of the trip. We wanted to try JiJi’s (Asian) however we couldn’t get a reservation. We did have sushi once at Bonsai, and it was good. My only complaint with Bonsai were the noodle bowls. They claimed it was ramen noodles, but really it was spaghetti, which in my opinion totally took away from the dish. It was still good though! We went to the Steakhouse for my husband’s birthday. It wasn’t the best experience. The manager, Karina (I believe) was someone we had encounter 2 years prior on the Vista. It was New Year’s Eve (also my mom’s birthday) and I had made reservations months in advance (keep in mind, we were also Diamond Cruisers In 2016). Well, the Steakhouse was nearly empty, and she took us to a table OUTSIDE with rain/wind blowing everywhere. It was just a mess. She was not nice when I told her I didn’t want to sit there. We ended up getting it resolved but I was shocked to see her again and I’m sure she remembered us. She stuck us at a table in the back, which wasn’t a big deal, so I let it slide. The steakhouse is open to the piano bar and the pianist played some nice tunes for dinner. The food at the Steakhouse is just not the same as it used to be. I used to look forward going to the Steakhouse! It was the best part of the trip. We all ordered steals which were good, but not great. My husband and dad agreed the filet in the main dining room on formal night was better. They even said the filet at brunch (steak and eggs- more to come) was better too. The sides were just awful. My husband ordered fries, they were cold and tasteless. The mac & cheese was just so oily I felt awful eating more than 1 bite. The onion rings were decent, but cold. The best part of my meal was the French onion soup. My parents and husband loved the stuffed mushroom appetizer. My husband didn’t care for the dessert (he had cheesecake) my mom & I had the chocolate sphere, which was ok, but it was just like eating melted chocolate with no other textures to enjoy. My dad ordered the lime sorbet which he enjoyed. They did away with the yummy focaccia breads at the beginning of the meal and different butters. I miss the old days ☹ oh well, it still was overall a decent experience. Just not worth the money, IMO. We ate at Pig & Anchor one night and everything was delicious! The service wasn’t the best, but the food was great! I highly recommend going. I had the trashcan nachos and chicken flatbread. I could have done without the flatbread, as I picked off everyone else’s food! The mac & cheese was MUCH better than the Steakhouse. Evidently the Horizon is one of the few ships offering the “new” sea day brunch. It was great! We went all 3 sea days. It was always super busy. My husband and dad LOVED the steak and eggs. It was a filet, served with fried eggs, spinach and fries. We also tried to the skillet cake, which is like a SUPER thick pancake (it had marshmallows on top- YUM) & the 12 hour French toast. All very, very good! You have to go at least once on your trip! The food at the Marketplace on the Lido was always very good. Lots of variety, we loved the pizza and ate there almost every day. The new desserts are great! Much better than the desserts they used to have. The peanut butter & marshmallow cake & Funfetti cake on embarkation day are must haves! I also had several good chocolate cake slices throughout the week too. I ate at the deli once and had a chili cheese dog. It was super yummy! All in all, we loved eating at the Marketplace and thought the food was good, and always a nice variety and something for everyone. I can’t comment on Guy’s Burger’s or the Blue Iguana as I didn’t eat there, however the items I saw other people getting looked delicious. Islands: Grand Turk: such an easy process to get off and enjoy the beach, we spent most of our day on the beach. The locals are friendly, but beware, my husband and dad constantly were being poked at to buy all sorts of drugs. The locals were also smoking marijuana all over the beach. I’m not against marijuana by any means, but I tried to stay away from the smoke as I am pregnant and don’t want to take any risks. San Juan: We went to the fort, a quick cab ride from the ship. The weather was beautiful. I loved the fort area and walking around was nice. They had kitties around which made me very happy to see as I missed my cats at home. We went to Raice’s (sp?) restaurant after which was recommended by our cab driver. It was ok, not great but did the job as a snack to hold us over until dinner on the ship later, which I believe we did eat at the Lido. St. Kitts: We took a cab right over the Cockleshell beach. It was a nice beach! We spent the day relaxing in the sun & swimming. We enjoyed our time there. St. Maarten: We went to the beach (I’m having a major brain fart) where the airplanes fly over. It was SUPER crowded, however we made the most of it and saw some HUGE planes (Delta, American Airlines, Air France) fly over several times. It was an awesome experience! The water was super rough at times. They have restaurant/bar which is shaded (my mom hung out there) and you can order food/drinks and watch the planes fly over too. We went to the Platinum/Diamond party on the last day which was nice. The drinks were flowing, they had pre-made rum punches available, red & white wines, beer, and a table with Titos & Lemonade where someone would mix your drink. You can also order whatever drink you want and the bartender will make it for you. They passed around shrimp cocktail, black bean/rice cakes, & pork sliders. It was a pleasant experience and fun/nostalgic looking back on the all the ships we have sailed in the past. Debarkation process was painless! We had priority debarkation (luggage tag 1) and we were off the ship by 7:20 am! We were on our way home in the car by 7:45, no joke! I believe we made it home around 12:15 with a couple quick stops. Overall, our trip on the Horizon was a great time! My husband is now hooked on cruising and wants to book another ASAP, LOL! I really had nothing that stood out to really “complain” about. I would recommend the Horizon to everyone!! She’s a great ship! If you have any questions, please ask! I will do my best to answer! 😊
  23. I know its a long way off (aug 2020) but we are very excited to try Carnival and the Horizon. We have sailed 6 times with Princess and honestly if they had a caribbean cruise during that month we would have booked with them again. The big factors were the itinerary (abc islands) and the price. Alot of firsts for us this cruise. I guess my travel agent quit or got fired so I had to find a new travel agent and this cruise goes out of Miami and all of our cruises have been out of Ft. Lauderdale. I will have alot of questions for everybody until then cause I havent really started doing any research on Carnival other than watching some vlogs about the ship itself. Thanks everyone. Our excitement has begun.
  24. Hi! Headed out Jan 20th 2019 on the Carnival Horizon and I was wondering if there is any way to get the Main Dining Room menus for each night of the Carnival Horizon 6-day Western Caribbean sailing ahead of time? I would like to book specialty dining but also not miss my favorite "cruise foods" served in the main dining room!
  25. This is part 1 of a review of a 6-night Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Horizon (January 20 – 26, 2019, Miami – Ocho Rios Jamaica – Grand Cayman – Cozumel Mexico – Miami with 2 days at sea). We were a group of four, DW and myself, and another couple traveling together with us for the first time although they have done two other cruises before. The Horizon was built in 2018 and was the newest Carnival ship at the time of our sailing. Embarkation: Carnival asks us to do an online check-in, but I was not aware that the embarkation procedure depends on how soon you complete this check-in process. Our flight was arriving at Miami Airport at 9 am the same day and I thought we would be able to board the ship early, as we have done with many of our other cruises. However, I procrastinated with the online check-in, and when I finally completed the process, I was given a choice of two embarkation times: 1-1:30 PM and 1:30-2 PM. I chose the first one and we then ended up having to kill time at the airport, as I had also read somewhere that Carnival will not let you board before your embarkation time. That proved to be not correct. When we arrived at the port, there were two lines, one for those with a current embarkation time and the other for those who were either early or late. We were 15 minutes early, so joined the second line. But the process was quite fast and we did not have to wait long at all. I was surprised that we did not have to go to a registration desk to get a picture ID card, as we have done with our earlier cruises. Instead, the card is sent directly to your stateroom, which makes the embarkation process faster. Cabins: We were in cabins 8307 and 8295, both interior cabins. The newness of the ship shows in the cabins and we were happy with our experience. While not spacious, the cabins were comfortable and the furniture arrangement was good. There was adequate drawer, shelf, and closet space. The bathroom was also adequate. We are not fans of shower curtains, but this one was not as bad as some others we have experienced. The shower had dispensers for bath soap and shampoo, but not for conditioner. I personally prefer these dispensers over having to use small soaps and shampoo bottles. The shower floor and bathroom floor were an attractive blue faux-tile with no grout to collect dirt over the years. There were adequate mirrors and lighting in both the bathroom and the main cabin. Also, the showers had a pull-out clothes-line that you could use to hang a few clothes to dry. This is particularly useful for swimsuits if you are going to need them the next day. But we found that the humidity in the bathroom caused the clothes to stay moist even after hanging overnight. Luckily, I had taken with me a pair of magnetic hooks and a piece of rope, and I soon had a make-shift clothes-line in our cabin. We just turned up the heat a little bit and the clothes dried like magic. Of course, the Carnival also has laundromats on each deck, but we didn’t see anybody use them. You can use your ship card to use the washers and dryers, so there is no need to carry a bunch of quarters. Elevators: Much has been written about the smart elevators on the Horizon and we just loved them. Whoever came up with the idea must be brilliant. This smart system prevents a crowd of people from rushing to whichever elevator happens to arrive next. While we occasionally had to wait a bit, overall the system worked really well. However, Carnival should post instructions on how to use these elevators on every floor, as most people appeared to press the button only once and not for each person in their group. The Carnival Hub App: We also loved the Carnival Hub App which we installed on our iPhones before arriving at the ship. The app is incredibly useful and convenient. It has information on the weather, the day’s onboard activities, dining menus, ship maps, your onboard account, and more. However, the app refused to function initially when we first boarded the ship. After boarding, I thought I would use the app to find out what we could eat and where, and also use its maps to find our way around the ship. But the app did not have any of this until a few hours later when it was almost time for the ship to sail. Perhaps I did something wrong, so I would love to hear if other people had a different experience. Public Restrooms: One big negative, in my opinion, about the Horizon, is the lack of adequate public restrooms. These are few and far between and difficult to find. There are simply not enough of them given the large number of passengers on the ship. They are also small compared to my experience with other cruise lines. As a result, the restrooms were always crowded and dirty. Part 2 of this review will deal with food and dining, shows, and excursions. Hope you found this useful!
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