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  1. Depends on the sailing. drink packages and internet dropped on my August Jewel cruise drinks, Internet, dining and shore excursions dropped on my July Ovation cruise.
  2. Watching random bloggers. One brought up reminding people the election next tuesday, key west will vote yes or no to continue to let cruise ships dock there. I'd heard of that on the ballot months ago, but forgot all about it...... for anyone stopping there and coco cay. I know jewel out of Galveston has it in January. He also said he talked to someone in st. Martin contacted by carnival, though it might not be a cruise like cruisers booked. I'd forgotten all about the key west vote.
  3. We got a great rate (IMHO)! We've got corner aft 7708. We originally booked the corner aft on Jewel. RCI cancelled Jewel and moved us to Liberty. The gave us the (more expensive) corner aft on Liberty for the same price we paid on Jewel. We've got it for $1400. The current rate is $2953. We have nothing booked for 2022 yet.
  4. Same with us when we made D+ (March 2017) on the Jewel. On our second leg the LA was very attentive and made a few calls to our cabin to make sure we were getting the additional perks and made sure we knew the CL was now open to us. We still preferred the DL. Well worth the wait. 🍷😎👍
  5. There is another thread about moving from this TA but I agree. Knowing all the 7 day jewel cruises were cancelled with the last one now being feb 7th, then liberty switches with jewel ... makes no sense jewel will hang around Galveston doing nothing for over a month to do the ta later in march. Cant see this happening. No matter how many pts you would get.
  6. I booked 6 in the past few weeks. Anthem on 4th June is a good price. Jewel 16th May as well
  7. Possible if Jewel doesn't sail. Can't see it going over for a few sailings to come back again. It's supposed to get a dry dock before the dry dock but will have to wait and see
  8. I had two bookings cancelled with Jewel of the Seas. We were offered $200.00 on board credit if we purchased another cruise in Europe, which we did, and I finally received $200.00 OBC.
  9. I think his is a special case ... and rcl is just waiting to find out when they can resume to decide about jewel. Jewel was coming for only 4 months and now max 2 ish months. I think it's more of a question will all jewel cruises be cancelled or just the ta which is stuck out there now a month past when jewel stops cruising out of Galveston. Hopefully they know soon if dec is a go or not. OP says due to other things, his cruise is now paid off, which might mean using a fcc. If a fcc, he cant get that part refunded, just whatever new cash was paid. OP I'd keep a eye on it. I never got a email saying feb 12th cancelled on jewel. Hang in there, or move it if you find a good deal before nov, or check lift and shift options on rcl site. Even if you used ta you can do the lift and shift yourself. OP if its cancelled only new cash gets 125%, not anything paid off with a fcc. The new fcc will at least just be one big fcc.
  10. My jewel changed to liberty, never got a email. My allure changed to liberty, I did get a email I think, cant remember. Still dont know where those are now going. One at a time... someone wrote yesterday first time they ever booked a cruise not knowing where it was going anymore. I can relate.
  11. Every sailing that has undergone this change including my group that was moved from Adventure to Jewel had been per stateroom.
  12. Yes it applies to any cruise booked before nov 30th, though I'd give it a few extra days to cancel. It makes no sense they would have a jewel TA in march of 2021. I was booked feb 12th and was cancelled so they could bring in liberty early. The last 7 day jewel out of Galveston is feb 7th ... makes no sense that jewel was cancelled feb 12 forward for 7 day cruises but going to hang around over a month to do TA. I'm expecting all jewel cruises to possibly be cancelled. Just makes no sense to cancel feb 12 forward and move everyone to liberty but your march 22 TA on jewel will sail.
  13. Lift and shift and cwc I believe ends nov 30th, To see if there are any lift and shift options go to rcl site, click cancel and then lift and shift and put in your booking #. See if anything comes up back out with back arrow. Just look yourself. You can lift and shift one year plus or minus 4 weeks Cwc you can move to another cruise and not lose your money. Just do it before nov 30th. Lift and shift protects the price. Any cruise in 2021 gets double loyalty pts. I too would be worried that they will send jewel to Galveston ... imo @ourusualbeach can explain it better I'm sure
  14. I really have not be keeping up with all the L&S and CWC options as I have not had any opportunities or need. We moved our Oct 2022 Holy Land cruise to Sept 2021 before there were all these options. Our 2022 TP was just canceled with no options except get your deposit back. So now the question. We are on the Jewel TA from Galveston in March 2021. I give the cruise less than 10% chance of going. We are paid in full (long story). If we cancel now, I think I will lose the deposit. Correct? If we wait until 2022/23 itineraries come out (hopefully before the Dec final payment date, can we lift and shift? If we wait until they cancel, we may get just our money back and no option for FCC or L&S? Am I correct? Are there other options? We would prefer to move the money to a 2022 cruise (we need one now that our TP is canceled). Just don’t understand my options. Thank you
  15. You can def shop TAs to see who offers the highest amount of OBC- we do this all of the time with cruise compete. Highest OBC we’ve ever received was $1750 for the larger Loft Suite on Oasis Class. We did book the Royal Suite on Jewel about 4 years ago, but I do not recall the specific $ amount we got on that sailing.
  16. I would ask @Ourusualbeach I book to book, and would book whatever the best price was. A good TA might figure out a better cabin or price. For instance a lift and shift., I would pick the best ta during covid, not the one you knocked down his commission the most. Price might drop next year. A good TA could point out you might lose loyalty pts vs some money and give you more service. Not the time to book with someone who might not be the best service. Is anyone higher loyalty you can book into the balcony or suite for discount? This kids sail free sale to me stinks. Prices are sky high, but with double loyalty pts might go higher or sell out. I expect prices to fall next year when promotion is over, but you might lose the double loyalty pts. Lots to consider. Jewel is pretty but I only did the JS on her.
  17. I'm booking a group via a travel agent and some family members are planning to book the Royal Suite. I've never booked a suite. The other rooms in the group (balcony, OV and inside) all have $50 OBC each. (I shopped around for travel agents and even with only $50 OBC my agent had the best price. We had another offer that had $250 in OBC for balconies, but the base price was higher.) Is there a typical or standard OBC rate or % with the Royal Suite? The fare is a little over $10,000 for one week on Jewel of the Seas. The agent told us $400 but that seems kind of low when I read about different OBCs that people get online here. Is that OBC something I can negotiate or ask for more or would that be bad to suggest? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  18. we too were booked on nov 12th 9 day cruise on the eos....Booked it to go back to the abc's..Explorer has better entertainment, better food, more to do than the radiance..Will have to cancel as our dec 21' cruise on the "connie" goes to many of the same ports as the "new" itinerary on the radiance....We go our new room assignment on deck nice with the same oversized balcony but like i said we have sailed on the jewel, brilliance, rhap and radiance and they just dont stack up to the explorer in any way..just my two cents worth.....rccl is doing it darndest to send these diamond members back to celebrity.
  19. Have they assigned you a cabin???? We had our September 2021 B2B Brilliance cruises changed over to Jewel - same dates and itineraries............same ship layout. So, RCCL assigned our second part of the B2B to the same cabin (great)...............4 weeks later they assigned the first cruise cabin - different location but same category. Luckily I spotted our "original" cabin was open, so our TA was able to change it..........so finally we have the same cabin for the B2B.
  20. Another one here who falls into the vast region between D+ and P so the extra points mean nothing to me, other than getting closer to another free amenity gift (i.e. bottle of wine). Next cruise will put me into mid 400s so a long way from Pinnacle. If I had the money (and inclination) to book enough cruises - or suites - to get me there i wouldn't be choosing RC anyway. Also another one who doesn't see the attraction of the 340 lunch. No desire to sit in a dining room making small talk at midday on a sea day when I could be out on deck. The only one we didn't decline was on Jewel last summer where there were so few above 340 points and only one sea day that we had dinner. Our officers were the LA and the Future Cruise person- not sure if they would meet the important enough criteria for some on here, but it was a really fun meal.
  21. They asked us. 😁 It was during the first formal night of our first cruise. As Mike was coming out of the bathroom the Captain stopped him and started talking to us. He asked use for our room number which we thought was weird, but being new we had no idea why. Later we received an invitation to the Captain's table for the second formal night. Mike thinks it was his charm, 🤣 but I'm pretty sure it was because he had on his Navy Captains uniform. We had dinner with Staff Captain Karachalios and 7 others. Fred and Mary Jane Latronica were the highest in points, but I don't remember if they were Pinnacle or not. When they walked everyone down the big staircase in the MDR it was so embarrassing with everyone staring at you. That was the only part that I totally disliked. That and the fact that they took a picture of the table from the second floor so ladies watch out if they can see down your dress. I wasn't forwarned and everyone got a free photo. Ugh! This was on the Jewel. 👍 Totally agree. Back to the question. We made D+ on our last cruise so our canceled May TA would have been our first as D+. The extra points really won't do anything for us.
  22. Yes I had some solo cabins booked and then found out I get 2 with a regular cabin. Havent cruised since they started the double solo pts. My poor ta had to redo all my bookings. I was booked on jewel and explorer which have solo cabins ... meant for only one. Some ships dont have solo cabins, like liberty doesnt. So yes, I guess I was willing to chase loyalty pts a bit. And covid got worse and I dont want a inside cabin until covid is better, I want fresh air. So I'm still figuring out my style I guess as new to solo cruising.
  23. Please do not be selective. I said when they moved to Baltic and Northeast! Jewel port bookings indicated a transatlantic from Barcelona to Miami. Key West had been showing sailings arriving from Miami with Jewel for 2 years now and they may still do that, I have no way to know. Interestingly, Key West appears to have removed the cruise schedule from the website at the moment, I think. The scheduled stops at Key West with Jewel do seem to be replaced by Radiance.
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