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  1. Just book D7004 for a 10 day cruise. A little concerned with the side blank areas next to the room and the view out the window. Is that a deck out the window that people can walk on? Anything strange about this room? Please tell me you experiences with this room or D7001, D7002 or D7003. Pictures would be nice. Thanks
  2. Anyone going on this cruise and would like to chat? It is our first time on Koningsdam, first time to Croatia. Any tips on the ship, the shore excursions? Anything?
  3. I have another Q, or 2, regarding the staterooms on the leading edge of Koningsdam. We booked one of those Oceanview cabins at extreme front on the Sun Deck (D1102)--talked to one of their reservation staff while we were on the road, so didn't realize until later that this room is underneath the Observation Deck, below Crows' Nest. To the best of my photo and and ship's deck plan interpretation, this room is situated under the swivel chairs and loungers in the Crow's Nest. I know that there are some nights when there are late-night types of activities, including DJs, and so on. My question concerns NOISE LEVELS. Have you had one of these cabins, or talked with someone who has? I'm retired military, so I'm capable of sleeping in places and situations where more sensitive folk would throw up their hands and run for a sleeping pill to accompany their ear plugs and white noise machines. I have been retired for a while now and no longer have all the abilities I've had at other times in my life. But--particularly if you have first-hand experience with these rooms, I'd love to know what your experience was.
  4. Sunflower0428

    Koningsdam Thermal Suite

    Hello, I am interested in feedback on Koningsdam thermal suite. What is recent price for 10 day cruise? If you have used the thermal suite, do you feel it is worth the money? Would you purchase again? Thank you for your opinions!
  5. Just back from 11 Day Southern Wayfarer cruise. This was our 6th HAL cruise and 4 of those were on the Vista Class ships in the past few years. For those of you wondering about any differences experienced on Koningsdam from our previous HAL cruises, here are some things I noted. Some good, some bad IMHO. Happy Hour: Yes they have it at 4:00 every day but not in Crow's Nest or ocean bar. It is in Billboard Onboard and Rolling Stone Rock Room which are right across from each other. $2 second drink.. They don't serve individual appetizers, but rather have a walk up station with about a dozen items including olives, cheeses, bread sticks, delicious pastry straws, great nuts, chips, salsa, vegies and dips and probably more items that I have forgotten. Liked this. There is also a second Happy Hour in Crow's Nest at 10:00 but we did not attend that. Also Blend seemed to have an evening happy hour with 2nd glass wine free. Not sure if that was every day, but did see it at least a few days in When and Where. Ship: Yes it is bigger, and yes it seemed more crowded than our previous HAL cruises. Lido buffet and pool areas especially where this noted. But the outside seating is a huge improvement. Lots of comfy sofa and big padded chair seating in pool area and on deck above pool and even on Sun deck which also had glass partitions which blocked the wind and provided some more private little cove areas to lounge. But believe actual lounge chairs available were fewer. Especially noted this aft lido pool area which seemed smaller in area than on other ships. Pools more crowded than have experienced previously and several days shortage of pool towels noted. Outside table seating was good and way more comfy chairs there too. Movie every night on Lido but we didn't attend any. One thing I noted was you could actually understand the PA announcements and Captain Timmers spoke really good English. Usually can't hear or understand at least half of the announcements. First time had inside muster and though more comfortable setting just did not make me feel very safe. Just don't think it would work that well during true emergency. Ship definitely lacked the classic art and sculpture we have enjoyed so much on previous cruises. Artwork looked like they just got it from the Art Auction people on board. Not our taste I guess. Lido Buffet: totally staff serve here. Even juices in a.m. behind glass. Nice Hibachi station where you pick vegies and meat and sauce and they prepare for you. Also sushi, dumplings and several pre made items here. This was very popular. Italian station appeared the same but pizza now has it's separate venue on deck above Lido. That often very crowded with 45 minute wait one evening, but Pizza very good. Didn't seem to serve as much lamb as on previous cruises. It was served couple of times but prime rib, roast chicken, steak and roast pork seemed to be the standards here. Of course always a fish item also. The many stations on Lido were nice but it just seemed a lot more crowded with longer lines than have experienced before. All pre-made sandwiches with too much mayo or butter. No more taco station back by Dive In - missed that. Did note that Lido Buffet seemed to be open longer hours than on previous cruises with limited stations open until 4:00 in afternoon and dinner maybe until 8:30. Specialty restaurants: We tried Tamarind the first evening and liked it Rather strange though that they were "out" of a couple of items on first day of cruise and first day of new menu. Pinnacle still offers lunch on sea days and we took advantage of that and loved it. Canaletto about the same. Enjoyed Grand Dutch Cafe free food items and thought that was very nice. No Culinary Arts Center and no cooking demos. Missed them. HAL Navigator: Used this every day and very convenient. Booked a dinner reservation and worked like a charm. Shops: All new and not impressed. Jewelry shops looked same to me but I have too much jewelry I never wear so didn't visit. Separate T shirt shop had 2 types of t-shirts basically. One with pocket and one without. Same logo on all that we saw. Just small HAL ship logo. That was it. Gift shop had usual liquor and tobacco but very few smaller gift type items. Nothing there of interest to us as have plenty of watches don't wear and plenty of dressy clutches don't use. Room: Yes the toilet seat is somewhat annoying but really no big deal. Nice night light across from foot of bed that lights automatically at night from movement. Glass shower doors - Yay. Storage about the same. Small round table (Veranda cabin) not suitable for in room dining so used desk. MDR: Only visited during muster. Too many stories of 30 minute waits for water glass fill, 2 1/2 hour dining times, long open seating waits, etc. My impression was that decor appeared very minimalistic. Room service: Ordered both gala nights from MDR menu as usual for us. Hope they continue this option but worried they may discontinue in future as a cost cutting measure. These are most of the differences I noted from previous HAL cruises. I am sure I missed some though. Service was good and generally on par with HAL standards. We did enjoy the additional dining venues on this ship and the new BB King Blues club was really nice and band was great. As I stated in other posts, did not enjoy the Rolling Stone Rock band but seemed busy every night so obviously others did. Just didn't think the band and especially singers were very good. New World Stage looked really nice but we did not attend any shows there. Hope this helps anyone considering a Koningsdam cruise. Any questions will be glad to give my two cents. Jane
  6. We have had several aft facing balconies on other cruise lines, but are new to HAL. The ones we've enjoyed were "wrap around" balconies on the corners of ships. The one time we had an aft facing balcony that wasn't on a corner, it would get very hot on our balcony with very little air movement making it too uncomfortable to sit out for more than a few minutes. There are some aft facing category VS rooms still available on our upcoming Koningsdam cruise, but they are not on a corner because those rooms are suites. We were wondering if anyone has stayed in one of these VS category rooms and could comment about whether the balcony was enjoyable, or too hot and stuffy like we experienced on another cruise line?
  7. tThe Nieuw Statendam seems to be almost a duplicate of the Koningsdam (aside from the artwork) except in one place. As I understand (haven't sailed it yet) the Crows Nest on the NS has been fitted out in the new style, with the Explorations Cafe merged into the bar, the Excursions office move up to the starboard side, the Captain's Room converted to a lecture space, and big video screens in the middle. We were afraid that the Koningsdam would be retrofit in that style during its December drydock, as has been happening to the older ships. Fortunately not ! The Koningsdam Crows Nest still has the traditional layout, except for being carpeted all the way across instead of having a dance floor. There are a large number of comfortable chairs of various styles in various groupings. A very pleasant place for a lot of passengers to relax.
  8. We are recently back from the Koningsdam - 2019 Jan 23 - Feb 13. We were not impressed with the menus or the preparations in the MDR (as compared to previous HAL cruises) and so took advantage of Rudi's Sel de Mer. (Rather than Pinnacle, since we are not big steak eaters.) HAL launched the Sel de Mer (by Rudi Sodamin) concept on the Koningsdam, as a companion to the Pinnacle. As I recall, it was pitched as a seafood brasserie, an alternative to the steak-heavy Pinnacle. On the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam it is a stand-alone space entered around the atrium from the Pinnacle. They share an access hall to the kitchens. On the older ships Sel de Mer is a pop-up in the Pinnacle space with a special menu. We have not experienced it that way. It would seem that the 'primarily seafood' concept was not popular, and on the Koningsdam this restaurant is now pitched as "Rudi's" - with the Sel de Mer in small print. It now has a very varied and interesting menu. For some reason HAL made Rudi's menu a la carte, as opposed to the fixed price in Pinnacle. However, the cost of a meal is about the same. Rudi's offers the same discounts as Pinnacle for 3/4/5* Mariners. The a la carte pricing seems to be a psychological deterrent. Rudi's space is smaller than Pinnacle, feeling like a small fine restaurant. It has about a dozen tables of various sizes. When we were there, there were two very attentive hostesses (Lise and Rahul) and four waiters, all European professionals. In our six visits it was never full, and some nights some of the staff was detached to help in the MDR. Regardless, service was very good. Finally, to the menu. Roger Jett's scan of Rudi's menu It has enough variety for repeated visits - we ate there six times. The portions are large, so on the first visit we learned that an appetiser and main, or main and dessert, was plenty. The Fruits de Mer was a tower and more, and needed an auxiliary table. Looked great if you like that sort of thing. The Foie Gras was more than generous (by US restaurant standards) and expertly sauteed. The Pot au Feu is a meal - cast iron pot of rich broth and braised beef. The ratatouille side dish was very good, and a whole bowl, not a dollop. On the fish side of the entrees, the Branzino and the Dover Sole were both excellent and the moules (a pot with enough for two) very good. On the meat side, the cassoulet and the rack of lamb were excellent. We had the roast chicken in the MDR on "chef's night" and it was a full half chicken - very tasty but too much. Of the desserts, we liked the chocolate pot de creme best. The others were all big enough for two, and very good. Only the cheese plate fell down - just the same assortment as in the MDR. We would have sampled more of the menu if we had time. (Admittedly, as 4* we ate at 50% off) We encourage you to try it out. We are worried that HAL might decide to swap some bigger revenue-producer into the space if dinership does not pick up.
  9. its been a while since I have attended the Mariner Luncheon, I am hoping to on our upcoming Koningsdam cruise. Just curious, anyone know when the luncheon is held on the Koningsdam? I have a few new HAL cruisers with us, would they be able to join me at the luncheon or not? thanks,
  10. We'll be on the Kongingsdam in March sailing to/from Grand Turk & the Southern Caribbean which we've read is a great island/area for whale watching at that time of year. Has anyone seen whales in March on this or any other Southern Caribbean sailing? We have a balcony cabin. Thank you for sharing your experience!
  11. Disclaimer: Everyone is different and this is what makes life exciting. Please read my review with that thought in mind. An issue that might be of concern to me might not be to you. We had a great time on the Koningsdam cruise. We met many wonderful people and danced ourselves to exhaustion. This was our 44th cruise.docx
  12. I have seen lots of posts about the Freestyle Coke machines on the Koningsdam but I am a bit confused about getting cola drinks in the main dining room. Do you have to carry your chipped cup to the dining room to have a cola if you have purchased the Unlimited Coca Cola package? That seems a bit awkward! Thanks!
  13. tinykygal

    Koningsdam Culinary Arts

    Sounds like a fun venue. We don't normally go to the speciality restaurants, but this might be something we would want to do. Do you think it is worth the $30 pp cover charge? HAL stated that is 'come as you are.' What are your dress code suggestions?
  14. For those of you that have been on Koningsdam specifically, can the Quench Beverage Package be used at the Grand Dutch Cafe for coffee? The only information I have found online refers to the Explorations Cafe, which I assume is referenced simply because this is a fleetwide location whereas Koningsdam additionally has the Grand Dutch Cafe. Many thanks
  15. We are looking at a spring cruise on Koningsdam and prefer a cabin with the bed away from the entry door and adjacent to the balcony. Does the Koningsdam have veranda cabins like this and if so, which ones? Thanks
  16. Cruise Suzy

    Notes on Koningsdam?

    In his 12/4 post, Captain Albert showed the Notes area of Nieuw Statendam being a whisky tasting venue. (Deck 2 between Billboard Onboard and Rolling Stone Rock Room) Today Vict0riann showed the Notes whisky tasting in When & Where. (post #275 on page 7) Could someone on a K-dam post-drydock cruise report if this was added? The space is identical on both ships. This would appeal to DH. TIA.
  17. Hello all . Considering a ride on Koningsdam 12/14 and looking at staterooms , don't really see much difference between veranda and vista suites . Any thoughts ? SY suites seemed overpriced . Is there a good walking area on the ship without the wrap around promenade deck . thanks .
  18. Just off Koningsdam 10 Day Southern Caribbean yesterday. Having previously sailed this ship two years ago, the range of improvements since then are striking. First and foremost it is very apparent to someone such as myself working in the hotel F&B industry that there has been a huge customer focused service initiative and training. First night in traditional late seating the waiter says "please let me know if there is anything special or different you would like and I will try to get it for you", wine stewardess says "we are here to make your Holland America experience special", asst. maître d' stops by daily, WOW the service attitude has just gone to a new level. A quick overview of my other experiences: Embarkation - Despite being "suggested" to arrive mid-afternoon, we arrived at 11:15, whisked our way through and were enjoying lunch in the MDR at 12:10. Cabins were ready upon boarding. Food - Noticeable improvement since our last HAL cruise. Interesting to see the generic MDR dinner menus are now heavily themed to Caribbean dishes, lighter foods. fish, etc. in keeping with the itinerary. Old favorites and Everyday selections offered as well. Best Pinnacle experience we have had in a while and excellent dinner in Tamarind. Our food in Canaletto was fine but getting tired of the odd menu format and the buffet location of the venue so will give it a pass next cruise. Outstanding variety and quality in the Lido for breakfast and lunch. Dive In runs rings around the competition, NY Pizza was just ok. Entertainment - Rolling Stone is a home run. I am 60 and the age range onboard is mostly 55-75, so no longer the kid onboard LOL. Great to see the sea of white heads in the Rolling Stone nightly singing, dancing, and having a fabulous time, SRO every show. Billboard much better than two years ago, Lincoln Center unfortunately no where near as good, obviously depends on the skill and enthusiasm of the individual performers ship to ship, cruise to cruise. Superb virtuoso pianist in the World Stage one night. And yes, I can confirm the singers and dancers are no more. Ports - My favorite Caribbean itinerary, ABC's to me by far the nicest and cleanest islands, made better by great weather. focused Ship - Immaculate from recent drydock. Staff - Great service in cabin, dining, and bars. I'm sure that Capt. Darin Bowland is responsible for setting the tone onboard, great guy. Other Notes - Received our 100 day bronze medallion this trip, very nice ceremony. The new app works great and is very helpful looking up daily programs and menus and checking your account. Only a few books left in the library, mostly focused on the Caribbean region. 10 PM happy hour still held in Crows Nest. Casual nights very informal, Gala nights a few tuxes, maybe 20, in MDR at least most men wearing a suit or sport coat, many with ties. You can no longer bring a portable fan , mine was confiscated upon boarding, picked it up on the way out. Disembarkation very smooth, my group was 8:30-8:45, called at 8:32, in cab within 20 minutes to FLL thanks to electronic passport app. Bought my FCC's - just hoping my next HAL cruise will measure up to this one. Any questions, please ask.
  19. Hi there. I want to book a balcony cabin on the Koningsdam, and need some help, please, with deciphering the balcony categories. I want a non-obstructed view balcony. I've seen some mention of balcony railings that are metal, not clear plexiglass. Is that right? So if I want a non-obstructed balcony, with a clear balcony railing, what categories should I be looking at? I might be OK with a guarantee, as long as I knew it wasn't obstructed. Thanks for your help. :)
  20. Both ships are in Half Moon Cay today—perfect weather here!
  21. I entered this request for feedback in the "search" box, but didn't get any information about them. Has anyone been in one of these cabins & could give feedback about their experience? Thanks.
  22. I have not been able to find any mention of how many power outlets there are in the cabins. Are there USB ports available for charging things too?
  23. Cruisin4beaches

    Koningsdam 01/04/2019

    Is anyone still waiting for an inside gty? Thinking of calling HAL to give up my spa inside. What kind of compensation could I ask for?
  24. Would like some help in deciding cabin choice. We are doing the 22 day Transatlantic/Med and are trying to decide between two cabins: #4154 - has a huge balcony, but no additional furniture #8190 - aft facing balcony, leaning this way since a lot of sea days across Atlantic. Is an aft balcony less windy? Any issue with engine or prop wash noise? Any input appreciated! Thanks