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Found 10,000 results

  1. cruisefanatic16

    Msc opera

    Can you give me your feedback re MSC Opera... I have been on Fantasia Splendida Preziosa Meraviglia and now Seaview... I am looking for Opera because has nice itinerary... will I feel much difference?
  2. We're thinking of doing a cruise to Greek Isles from Venice in June. When we were on the Divina a few years ago, we missed the martini bar atmosphere of other ships. Would the Opera or Lirica be better for a bar similar to martini bars on other ships where one can hang out before dinner? Thanks.
  3. ollienbertsmum

    Choosing a cabin on MSC Opera

    I am looking to book a cruise in the Eastern Med. I want to give MSC a go - because the line uses a lot of ports that are new to us which will be a change from my old favourite Norwegian Epic out of Barcelona (although I do love it). I am a little bit of a balcony addict, however on our recent cruise to Alaska, I went into an oceanview and thought "hmm I could do this". So although the MSC Musica has a tempting itinerary and the balcony is a great price, I am also thinking about the Opera. I know that it is a smaller ship so what I would like some thoughts about is, if I get an oceanview, do we have lots of options for spending time outside. I don't need to be by a pool. I am not that keen on swimming in small pools. I don't want to be fighting for a lounger or engaging in towel wars with any of my fellow travellers. I am quite keen to get used to an oceanview. I am going to be retiring in a few years time. When you look at the prices it sometimes looks like you can end up with 3 oceanviews for the price of 2 balcony cruises. That is quite a difference. Or if you look at the prices on the Opera, you can end up about £100 a day better off. These are prices that make sense. So any thoughts on how it is on deck on the Opera.
  4. jsscuba2


    Is MSC a public company and listed on the stock exchange or is it a private company?
  5. Just booked tickets for West Side Story at the Handa Opera for opening night and have a few questions I'm hoping fellow patrons could probably answer. We are planning on taking the water taxi over and from what I understand we catch near the Sydney Opera House itself. Upon exiting water taxi we will need to go pick up our tickets from the box office. I have read some reviews that say it can be kind of confusing to locate the box office at this venue. Anyone have any suggestions or experience with this or tips? We have never been to an opera before but the experience and location seem once in a lifetime for us.
  6. We are traveling to the Med next June and I am in a quandry. The itinerary we want is available on MSC OPERA and NCL Star. I like that I can save $1500 on Opera by booking 2 "suites" for the 5 of us as opposed to NCL with all 5 in the 2Br family suite. But the reviews of the Opera made me very nervous. Bad food, no nighttime entertainment and dirty rooms. Has anyone had experience with her in Europe? On NCL I know what to expect; I do enjoy an adventure but am not sure if MSC Opera will be as bad as the reviews. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance
  7. Olivers Mom


    Having complete my first cruise with MSC after 33 other cruises, I must say I wont be going MSC again. What a disorganized and poorly run ship but I believe that comes from the parent company procedures. From housekeeping to food to staffing it was such a mess. The food was repetitious, and frankly disgusting with meat like shoe leather and mushy seafood that was inedible, pizza with the soggy crust day after day and nothing served at the appropriate temperature ( cold was hot and hot was cold). Bar tenders couldn't mix simple drinks correctly. The buffet doesn't include ice cream or cookies which are a basic staple dessert on any line we have ever sailed. I thought maybe I was expecting too much but after talking to many people on board from Australia , New Zealand, South Africa, Germany as well as the US all of them who are avid cruisers and what I was thinking about the cruise was what they were thinking. They sold us their cruise saying they were wanting to break into the US Market. They even made us " Black" members of their Voyager Club which is their highest category of membership because they wanted to match our status with other lines that we sailed. What a joke that was as thye really didn't even live up to what they offer their "Black: card holders. I say buyer beware if you chose MSC. They have a very long way to go to match even the basic service on all of the lines like Disney,Celebrity etc. We actually call it Miserable Cruise Line after spending 22 days on board.
  8. forgotmyCCname

    New to MSC ...maybe tell me about Opera

    We have crusied 20+ times as a family of 5; we are now 5 adults! MSC Opera has an itinerary from Venice similar to one on NCL Star. We have cruised exclusively in suites so booked Opera in 2 suites for the 5 of us. the savings is $1500 over NCL 2 BR suite. I have read only rotten reviews of this particular ship and am leery of the food and entertainment. It is an older ship , i also am concerned that three 18 and 20 year olds will be bored with the entertainment. Any advice is appreciated, the cost is not the end - all issue. Thank you
  9. Giantfan13

    MSC Tours

    We are cruising on MSC in about 10 days from Barcelona. A couple of questions on MSC tours. All their ship tours say they need a minimum of 25 people for the tour. If they don't reach that number, are the tours cancelled? I would assume we would receive a refund if the tours do not go? Do they wait until the last minute to notify you that the tour is cancelled? If so, it doesn't lave you with many options to do something on your own? Being American, are any guided tours, the guides speak English? Cheers Len
  10. bchbum4000


    Does anyone have any information on the Bahamian island Ocean Cay Marina Reserve? Is there dining at night on that island? Is it exclusively for Yacht Club Members?
  11. Nick60

    MSc website

    Their website has real problems, a complete disaster when trying to book excursions etc. Its been like this since booked cruise a couple of months ago. Plenty of e.mail launched but no answers, what a shower.
  12. allanna

    MSC Lirica

    At last I have my tickets from MSC, we depart in 5 days from Crete for a 8 day cruise to Corfu, Croatia, Venice, Bali, Mykanos and return to Heraklion. This is my first time on MSC, been with Costa, and Royal Caribbean so lets check the difference. Have a balcony stateroom on deck 9, first time with a balcony could be interesting. Driving down to the cruise port from our home ( about two hours away ) One night at a local hotel then embarkation 11am the next day. Shall continue the blog Allanna
  13. swanmark

    MSC Splendida.

    Hi Guys, I have been looking through the forum, and there is hardly any mention of the Splendida, is there a reason for that ?
  14. AMT1

    MSC Seaview

    I've just got on Seaview today in Barcelona. If you've any questions please ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. :D
  15. CretaMed88

    MSC Magnifica

    1st time after her last arrival when she broke the red lighthouse... Departing from Piraeus yesterday jzL0tajImH4
  16. CretaMed88

    MSC Poesia

    Arriving at Piraeus Port Hx-WEXEHDbA
  17. grifflee

    MSC Website

    I was on an MSC cruise about 7 years ago to the Baltic. Although the cruise was great, the website was in shambles, was down all the time, and it was difficult to get the needed information online for check-in. I am now booked on another MSC cruise in January, booked about a month ago. They are still having the same problems! The website is constantly down and after 3 phone calls, I finally asked the representative if this was a constant problem. She confirmed that yes it was, whenever they updated the website things never worked and it would take long periods of time to fix the bugs. This is very frustrating and I'm not sure I will ever book another cruise with them. If they can't even get this right, how can they run a ship efficiently?
  18. Annbel1511

    MSC USA website

    I've been following the different topics about website problems and I wasn't to worried but the problems seem to persist. I'm on the Preziosa 22nd December cruise and would really like to finalise booking excursions and updating my personal info. When I try to log on (the US wensite) I get 2 options : When I use "with booking number" option I get following screen : I can see excursions etc but not the 2 excursions I already booked. When I click on my bookings or use the other option to manage my booking (with your msc account) this is what I see : Is anyone else also still having this problem? Thanks for your help
  19. Floridastorm

    MSC Seaside Entertainment

    Would appreciate info on the ship's entertainment. Specifically Show and Stage Performances and Lounge/Bar venues for Music. I have read that much of the entertainment is in foreign languages and is heavy on the classical side. But, I have also heard that the shows are professionally done. Can anyone expand on this? Thanks Very Much...........🎭
  20. gingernm

    Considering MSC Seaview

    Hi All, New to MSC, considering Seaview out of Rome on 24/07/2019. Currently not seeing any deals for MSC, is this the norm or are there regular offers that I just need to wait for? Find that a drinks package thrown in can sway booking! :-) Any tips for Seaview, cabins to avoid etc? Would be looking to book a balcony. Thanks in advance for any help offered! Rob.
  21. Raj.K

    Costa V MSC

    Does Costa Cruises have an equivalent cabin type, service and privilege equivalent to Yacht Club on MSC? What are the similarities and differences? How does the on board experience compare? The family are Black Card holders with MSC. Any status match? Thank you for your assistance. Raj
  22. Balcony lover 13

    MSC Armonia

    How do I find a roll call or start one
  23. cruiser man 60

    MSC internet packages

    Has anyone used the internet packages recently? We are thinking of the standard package as only 2 of us and just want to check emails and Facebook etc. will this be sufficient?
  24. Jdcmia68

    MSC status match

    Does anyone know what the status match would be for a platinum on NCL what that would equate to for MSC. I just signed up for their status match promotion.
  25. wnt2loveuforever

    MSC SeaSide

    Hello fellow cruisersCan anyone point me in the right direction of where to find pictures of any Handicap Accessible room pictures. Currently I am having surgery on my back end of November and booked right now in a regular balcony stateroom