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  1. We booked the Davina last January in a YC1 stateroom for January 2020. At the time, there were about 15 staterooms available. Now, it is totally sold out in all but a YC Inside. In March, we booked a January 16th, 2021 Seaside stateroom in YC1. At the time, we booked the last YC2 stateroom. I wasn't happy with the available stateroom and have been checking weekly to see if another YC1 becomes available. Is it normal for the Yacht Club to sell out so far in advance? Is it possible that a group is holding space and additional YC staterooms will become available closer to sailing?
  2. We've been loyal to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises all this while and we've always had some amazing holidays with them. Celebrity's S class ships are our favorite and we feel that its just right for us in terms of ship size, kind of cruisers on board and the overall upmarket but yet laid back feeling on their cruise ships. However, lately the prices on Celebrity have just been sky rocketing. We've been seeing & hearing some good things about MSC (especially their new ships - MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia). I went to check the prices and was pretty surprised to see some really good value. We usually cruise just once a year, so I don't want to risk having a bad cruise, but then you've got to take some chances right? Has anyone here tried MSC lately? There were initial reports of the food not being as good as other cruise lines (which is subjective) and the entertainment being ordinary. We're a couple in our mid-late thirties from India, and our taste in food is a lot more American than European. Should we risk it or pay more and stick with Celebrity? Cheers! Nick
  3. Hi Can you have dinner at anytime in the yacht club restaurant eg 6pm? We are considering the Grandiosa in 2020. From what I can work out, the regular restaurants have their earliest dinner seating at 7pm. We have previously sailed Seaview and Seaside in a fantastica balcony cabin. A yacht club deluxe suite is available for our preferred dates and it's very tempting, but I'm not sure I can justify the price....
  4. Has anyone stayed here before? We are on the pre-cruise in Oslo before boarding the Jupiter in Bergen. Any advice? Thanks!
  5. We've booked an MSC excursion entitled "Florence and Pisa with Smart Device' for our stop in Livorno. The excursion includes transportation to both areas. Question: we would like to go to the Accademia to see the Statue of David. Everything I've read says we should buy tickets in advance. We will be in Florence on March 15th. Has anyone been on this excursion recently or in low season? Any feedback? Wondering if just buying tickets locally is going to eat into our time in Florence (queues etc.) We don't know what time we will arrive in Florence so booking a specific entrance time is tricky. Sent from my SKY 5.0Pro II using Forums mobile app
  6. I have booked a cruise on Meraviglia for next August, visiting the Norwegian Fjords. I suspect that the 1st port stop, described as Hellesylt/Geiranger is actually just dropping ship tour passengers off at Hellesylt and continuing on then to Geiranger for the day. Can anyone confirm this or otherwise? Ken
  7. We are about to embark on our first MSC cruise; this one will be in the Mediterranean. I remember reading that MSC provides shuttles from the ship to the town, but at a cost; apparently in some ports there are free shuttles provided by the municipality. I can't find a reference to the shuttles or the fare on the MSC site, but seem to remember that it was rather steep. Would anyone have a list or at least an idea of which Med ports offer an alternative to the cruise line shuttles? Thanks in advance.
  8. Once again MSC have failed with their Data protection, today there is a post on a UK Facebook page where the O.P has not only been sent their own e ticket but those of another cruiser including thei passport and address details. Knowing that this has been reported previously on CC you now have to wonder if your personal details are safe with MSC!
  9. I look forward to your report. I generally read BJ forums for trip reports-they are rarely done here so it will be a treat. I am a solid “medium roller” playing primarily BJ and VP. But liking HeadsUp Hold’em and Let It Ride for a change of pace. In LV I stay (gratis) at The Venetian or Palazzo and generally go 3-4 times annually. My cruises are primarily Princess and Carnival now but soon a second MSC (which just discounted me 30% when I shared my Carnival w/l statement) and Cunard. My play generally earns me chocolate strawberries, cookies, Prosecco, a free night in a specialty restaurant and free drinks in the casino. And, at the end? A free interior or oceanview cabin with $3-500 in casino cash. This year i am taking my second Carnival ultra cruise in Dec out of Canaveral. I have never received an elite offer. I frequently find myself alone at the 3/2 $25 minimum BJ table. And I only gamble at night, even on sea days. The most I have ever lost is $4K, the most I ever won was $14K, paid off my bill and walked off the ship with over $12K. I budget about 1K daily and, when I am ahead, immediately go pay cash on my bill. I generally like the ship casinos. My only desire is for Ocean Players Club (who manages all the Carnival-owned lines casinos) to have a REAL players club, with points and perks that are transparent and would accumulate from voyage to voyage. I hate “starting from scratch” every time I board a new cruise.
  10. Hello everyone. I just got back from the 7/6-7/14 8 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Magic. I love reading other people's cruise reviews while waiting for my next cruise to begin and I hope that by sharing my trip with others, I can help someone else pass the time as well. A couple disclaimers, I LOVE cruising and always have a good time. But I like to be honest in my review. Everything is not perfect on a cruise and I do intend to include the bad with the good. Just because I complain, does not mean I did not have a great time. Also, I may not hit on everything that interests you as a cruiser. I would say from reading many reviews that my cruise style is different from the norm, and that is okay. Please feel free to ask questions about something I do not cover and I will do my best to answer anything that you would like to know about. About Me: I am 31 years old and am lucky enough to live in Florida so taking cruises is more affordable and easier to do than for many people. This was my 24th cruise, my 19th cruise on Carnival and my second time on the Magic. This is my first time writing a review in a few cruises due to some technical difficulties I was having with my camera. I somehow forgot to pack my charger one cruise and since this was a trip to Cuba, I saved my battery for that instead of taking pictures for a review. Then on my next trip my memory card died. I think I spilled water in my camera, I was just glad it was only the memory card and not the camera. All photos are backed up online so nothing lost. Then as I was getting ready for my next cruise I somehow managed to lose my charger again and didn't have time to replace it. I still have no idea what I've done with it, but I have bought a replacement charger and appear to be good to go. I am taking this cruise solo. Both the people I cruise with are a little bitter about it, but I love solo cruising. It is the ultimate relaxing vacation, you do what you want when you want and don't have to work around someone else's wants and schedules. Perfect. I can't always afford to cruise solo, but I have decided to make it work at least once a year. This was going to be a cruise on MSC Seaside but I waited too long to book and when I went to book it, all inside rooms had sold out. I had a voucher from MSC casino for 30% off and $225 OBC but I would need to use it on a balcony and to be honest, I was not impressed enough with my first MSC cruise to pay that much to sail with them again. I already had the dates locked in at work and I could have gotten them changed, but I just didn't feel it was worth the effort and so I let my voucher with MSC expire. I also had a voucher for Carnival for 30% so I started looking at what was available on that date. I really wanted to do the Breeze. It was my first Carnival cruise and it is very close to home at Port. Canaveral. Knowing I was going solo, I just couldn't get past the price tag that Carnival wanted. Horizon was my second choice but it was doing a 6 day cruise which I just don't have a desire to do at this time. I ended up picking the Magic and although not my first choice, it was a pretty good choice because it was an 8 day cruise which is always better than 7 🙂 It also was still a Dream class ship. I am finding myself a little bored with the Conquest class and older ships. It is a great problem to have indeed. Although a lot less expensive than Breeze this still ended up being the most I have ever paid for a cruise even with my 35% off. A balcony on MSC was only a little more, but I bet their prices start going up soon. If they are sold out of inside rooms four months out, it won't take them long to realize they are under pricing their cruises.
  11. I believe that I have submitted the application from MSC's site for the status match. How long does it normally take for them to acknowledge the submission or to respond to the match?
  12. Is one of the pools covered/indoors on the MSC Poesia? We are debating on taking our swim suits, but it wouldn't make sense in to fall if both of the pools are outdoors. Sailing from Copenhagen to Genoa, Italy, end of September. Being a Florida boy, I like my pool water warmer. Thank you in advance for your answers!
  13. We're in a tough situation here and needing some help and guidance, preferably from someone who has first hand knowledge. Let me explain... We (me, my wife, our adopted 22 month old son at time of departure) have an MSC cruise booked for 10/18/19 leaving from NY. My wife and I are seasoned cruisers, and this will be our son's third cruise. The adoption of our son is not finalized yet (mainly due to the backlog of cases in both NY and Louisiana (where he was born) in family court). The final court date is scheduled for 9/12/19, however we have been advised that even after the final ruling it will be 6-8 weeks before we receive any paperwork, including his amended birth certificate listing us as his parents. For his first 2 cruises, we were able to obtain a certified/notarized letter from LA Family court listing us as his guardians and prospective adopted parents, as well as granting us permission to obtain a temporary passport on his behalf, which we did. However, the US Dept of State put an expiration date on that passport of 12 months, as I assume that is what they deemed the appropriate time for the adoption to be finalized. It expired in June 2019, and we submitted all the necessary (and same as the first time) paperwork to renew his passport for this cruise we have upcoming in October. On Friday, we received a letter stating that the submitted documents no longer are accepted under the United States travel policy, and that we need to submit an original birth certificate listing us as the minor's parents in order to obtain a passport. I immediately called the number on the letter and explained everything to the woman I spoke with. While polite and cordial, in short she told me "tough" and that there was nothing she could do as this was the regulations of the law. I asked if there was a supervisor I could explain the situation to, and offered to send the most recent letter we received from LA family court listing the adoption finalization date, prior to the cruise, but that we would not receive the birth certificate until after the cruise due to the backlog of cases. She put in a request to speak to a supervisor, and indicated one should call me back in 10-14 business days!!! (what?!?!) As the cruise is in less than 2 months, as you can imagine, we are past final payment. We are going to Canada and New England (if that helps). But we're unsure what to do here. Is a passport required for a child under 2? Can we get away without one, although he have no other ID for him as his legal name is still his birth name, which is different as mine/wife's last name. Are we basically screwed here and can't go on this cruise? Any help would be appreciated, and sorry for the long post.
  14. Warning, this is a long review of our recent cruise…over 10,000 words. So, grab a glass of wine/margarita and settle in for a cruise adventure! It’s been a week since we disembarked our beloved Seaside, this was our second time sailing her in the luxurious Yacht Club! My DW, DD, and I took a week driving to Miami, stopping in historic Savannah and St Augustine along the way and just generally having a relaxing drive down. If you’re in historic Savannah, I definitely recommend the walking food tasting tours…seriously good food and history combined and the walking was not tough. Pre-Cruise: Since we were using my Hilton points for all our hotel stays, we stayed at the Doubletree Miami Airport on the Executive Floor for the night before departure. Big hotel, but not much around it so keep that in mind if you’re not wanting to drive for dinner. Once we picked up my DSIL (sister-in-law) Fri eve, we found a local sports bar for some seriously good wings and cold beers! Headed back to the hotel just before a good ole’ “gully washer” of a thunderstorm hit…the rain was blowing sideways! Was fun to watch from our room while sipping cocktails. After breakfast in the Executive Lounge, we loaded up the SUV and left around 1100 for the Port of Miami, about 15-20 mins away. I will note, I was surprised at how close the Intercontinental is to the Port, I saw the hotel on my right and the ships on my left. Very close. Embarkation: OK, this was not the embarkation experience we had last summer, but it’s not a show-stopper, “I’m never sailing MSC again” rant, either. It was an area for improvement for the Yacht Club embarkation experience. We drove up to Terminal F right around 1130 and easily saw the familiar YC white canopies. We pulled off in the coned-off lane for YC guests and offloaded the family and bags while I went to go park our land-yacht SUV. The closest parking is the G terminal parking deck at $22/day; from the YC drop-off tents, get in the far-left lane and drive around to the back side of G parking and pull on in. After easily finding a spot, I walked back to Terminal F…it’s not too far, but this time there were a lot of passengers still trying to depart from the previous cruises, so it was a bit congested walking through the crowd. I don’t know if customs delayed some disembarkations, but it was a little chaotic with people coming in while a lot of people were still trying to leave. Joined up with the fam under the YC tents where we handed over our passports and embarkation paperwork. A quick verification and the butler handed gold-colored luggage tags to the porter who wrote our cabin numbers on each one and put them on our 6 suitcases, there’s no need to pre-print luggage tags as they will just pull them off and put the gold ones on themselves. A butler gathered about 10 of us and our fellow YC guests and proceeded to take us past all the security lines right up to the x-ray machines. Put everything inside your carry-on bags, to include phones, belts, etc, and put it on the conveyer belt. Easy-peasy. We all rejoined with the butler on the other side of the x-ray machine and he took us up the escalator. Last year, we had our own butler escorting us vs this group process which was a foreshadow of the rest of our embarkation experience. As a group, he took us past the lines to the YC lounge, with several agents asking us along our route, “are you in the Yacht Club?” as they were about to direct us to the regular embarkation lines. Again, not a big deal, just different from last year and probably a result of 1 butler trying to escort almost a dozen YC passengers as we got strung out/partially separated on our way. We enter the YC lounge and was surprised to find it rather crowded, much different from last year. They had a lot of folding chairs set out which made it feel like walking into a bingo parlor vs an embarkation lounge. No worries, the waiters were prompt in bringing around champagne, mimosas, water as we set our stuff down. Which jogs my memory, last year, the escort butler carried our carry-on bags for us after we got through security, but not this year with a larger group. Just a little difference. Now, it was 11:48, we made the best of our time waiting, but they started boarding by groups before they ever took the first YC pasenger onboard. We were in the embarkation lounge for a while and were joking around about how many boarding groups had already been called so far before any YC passenger had been asked to board. We were laughing, “Now boarding group # 110 and all those who bought a cruise through Groupon! LOL” Finally, around 12:30, a couple of butlers came into the lounge and called for the YC guests to board. A small herd of passengers all charged towards the door, so we opted to wait until they had passed and join the back of the group…bad decision. The group took off into the main terminal and we quickly got separated. We found another butler escorting a family with a wheelchair-bound family member and he told us to join them. We go to wait for the elevator and then they moved in and the doors closed before we could try to squeeze in. Separated again, we had a good laugh that they really didn’t want us on this cruise! We turned around and went back to the lounge for more champagne while we waited for another butler to come escort. After about 2 more champagnes (woo-hoo!) and 10 minutes, the “elevator butler” we were supposed to join up with came looking for us and apologized for the separation. No worries, pour some more champagne and let’s get this vacay started! It was 1:00 when we were escorted to the Topsail Lounge (since there were 2 people in line in the Concierge Desk area, I opted to bypass the credit card registration machine until later. It’s simple and quick and you get 48 hours to register, so no rush) where we were quickly greeted with a butler carrying a silver tray of cocktails and beverages…ahhhh, yesss I will have some, thank you!! By 1:10, we taken to our Cabin where we dropped off our bags and then we headed up to Deck 18 and the YC Restaurant! Again, long-winded on the embarkation, but I want to highlight the differences I noticed from our first YC experience last year. There’s more on the differences coming up, but they are on the positive side of the ledger!
  15. Hoping to create some kind of central location for people who have successfully status matched, feel free to update with your experience. Please try to keep it in order so that it's easy to find. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19GS-jpDkoAsPFpIoKqQ8Mxj9-sXOJLqe0Ygfyzz1AwI/edit?usp=sharing Column 1 is the place you have your non-MSC status, Column 2 is the level of that status, Column 3 is the MSC status that was matched to. As I understand Hilton Diamond = Gold Marriott Gold = Silver Anyone matched from IHG Platinum who can shed some light on what that matches to? Thanks.
  16. We had a great butler on our last cruise on MSC Yacht Club. He really made a difference without asking for anything. He tipped him $150.00 and what ever was put on automatically on our account.. What is a correct tip if you love your butler? Thanks
  17. For those who've been on the Meraviglia, or know answers, we'd appreciate it! First, if we only go to one Cirque du soleil show, which would you recommend? we can really only afford one for the family and weren't sure. 2) How would you recommend our free black card specialty restaurant be used? we don't really eat red meat so bucher's cut would be off the table probably...any other recommendations? We went to Ocean Cay on seaside but want to see what Meraviglia has to offer 3) We have black cards, but always bought thermal suite passes on seaside cuz it was a great value there, but have heard Meraviglia is far more crowded thermal suite. Is it still worth it to buy on her? Also, if we don't buy, how do we claim our free hour in the thermal suite due to our status? All answers are appreciated!!
  18. I have been on a few different cruise lines. We sailed the Divian last January 11 Caribbean Over half of the passengers were from Italy. The food was not as good as Celebrity We had 3 couples so we ate together. We ate lunch a few times with other couples and they spoke very little English. The ships bands were not good they had no brass sections in their band All the shows had recorded music. we had a good price so can not complain I would not cities with MSC again
  19. We are sailing on our first MSC/YC experience in Feb and gather useful pre-cruise info from these boards. I truly appreciate the thread and the honest responses. We are frequent RCCL cruisers but have never had the "Butler" experience, Im not sure I'll be able to return to the masses 😉 Again, thank you as always for the information.
  20. Which ports are you interested in? Places I know about: Livorno MSC €5 to the city centre, free shuttle to the port exit Marseille: MSC €15,99, free shuttle but very inconvenient, terrible port location Palma: MSC offers shuttle to city centre, no free shuttle but once you leave the terminal you are already at the promenade, it is possible to walk or take a public bus Ibiza: MSC shuttle available, no free shuttle but public bus and ferry available
  21. We stayed at at Thon Opera in June after VH cruise - great location, especially if traveling to/from airport or train, wonderful breakfast. Rooms were average size for Europe, very clean and staff was very attentive. Easy walk to harbor and to Hop on Hop off bus. Would recommend and will stay there again on next trip to Oslo.
  22. We're doing a Florence and Pisa excursion without guide with TuscanyBus in a couple of weeks' time. MSC's 'Florence on your own' is a waste of the day, IMHO. It's just a direct transfer from La Spezia to Florence, where we'll spend approx 3 and a half hours, then onto Pisa, before being returned to the ship. It's a full day's outing, unlike MSC's, which is only a half-day one. I have a problem with TB at the moment as the pick-up times we've been given in different emails vary. I've emailed them twice to confirm the time, but haven't received a reply to either. I'm going to phone them tomorrow. It's doubtful that @tampagirl2 will see this but, if you do, sincerest apologies for not answering your question - I obviously missed it at the time. In my defence, we had particularly bad weather around that time which may have been the reason. As an FYI, I'd booked it online and it turned out to be a Spanish company - we were the only 2 English speakers on the bus and the guide had us sit at the front so he could translate everything he was saying directly to us.
  23. Seaside has an ingenious design where all lifeboats are located UNDER passenger decks and the gorgeous promenage. no need to worry about life boats for any obstructed views. I can't speak to any other things that may obstruct your view but that's the big one. I know it's a bit off topic, but Seaside seems like a great design...good guest reviews and it seems like it's a great profit maker for MSC
  24. Thanks, Just got my e-tickets, cannot wait ) I see under orivilages, among other: "Unlimited beverage selection in MSC Yacht Club areas and in all bars and restaurants of the ship according to the drink selections available in the different venues." But this is what I see under purchased services: "600 - COMPLIMENTARY BOTTLED MINERAL WATER, AMERICAN COFFEE AND/OR TEA DURING LUNCH AND DINNER IN MAIN DINING ROOM. RESERVED ONLY FOR THE GUESTS WHO HAVE BOOKED THE CRUISE THROUGH MSC-USA. VALID FOR ALL NON-CARIBBEAN" So it seems a bit confusing at least to me as a 1st timer, I assume I shouldn't pay attention to this one, right? What is the 600 code mean? Do you know what was previously the Deluxe drink package before the change ( I booked it prior to it) and what appear on YC before? I would like to know so I could try and get the old one honoured, so my kids could get the Venchi ice cream and millshakes (or else, I would pay a lot:)). Thanks
  25. Hi, We are booked for YC in september on the Seaview ( 5 people total). I just looked on my account and saw that under the price breakdown I have mentioned OBS mineral water and coftee in dining room for each of us but under passenger details on other I see under my name mentioned all inclusive anytime dining at the private MSC YC restaurant. I don't see this mention in the other passenger, I see under my bookings page that it is mentioned as MSC Yacht club experience so I assume nothing to worry about, right? Thanks
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