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  1. Yes. March 2, 2021 Dear Guest, We want to make you aware of a change to your upcoming cruise. We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 global public health emergency. Following the guidance of governments and health authorities around the world, while always prioritizing the health and safety of our guests and crew, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel all cruises departing from Miami and Orlando (Port Canaveral) through to and including May 31, 2021. This includes the following cruises: All MSC Meraviglia and MSC Armonia sailings from Miami All MSC
  2. Of the cruise lines you’ve listed, I’ve been on all but MSC. I haven’t been on Royal Caribbean or Costa in many years. Princess and NCL are currently my favorites. I’ve been on Princess the most. My friends love NCL, so I tried them and I enjoyed. I think Princess does pretty good all around. It’s a good cruise experience. NCL is probably not for everyone, but it’s still very good. Let me preface this by saying that I‘ve only been on the big new ships. I love their big entertainment shows (Jersey Boys, Choir of Man, etc). You do have to plan in advance and make reserv
  3. I just booked an October 2022 cruise and figured something out about this. When you click a request to log in, you are given two options. One is to log in using your username if you already have an account, and the other is to log in using your name and your cofirmation number. If you choose the username option on the right hand side of the screen you will get two pop ups. The first will say: Warning Plan my Cruise and Cruise Details sections are not available for now. You can still access your account settings and MSC Voyagers Club. Thank you!
  4. All of the Grandiosa cruises start and end in Genoa, MSC have adapted their wristbands to work as a track and trace system prior to the first sailing at the end of July 2020, previously only available to Aurea and Yacht Club guests for opening cabin door and payments for goods, and recorded drink packages of those who had them booked. The wristbands are now available to all guests onboard.
  5. OK .... Just talking about the mainstream lines (CCL, HAL, Princess, RCL, Celebrity, NCL, MSC), Which cruise line or lines have the lowest drink package? With all the new promos, it is virtually impossible to know. Some include everything, some charge gratuities, some don't include coffees, soda .. a real hodge-podge. Please help!
  6. MSC have been doing this for some time but they also introduced tour packages and cheap tours for each port. If NCL only have the current range at the current prices they will see a lot of cancellations I'm sure. Certainly my Baltic cruise would be prohibitively expensive if I have to stick with NCL for every port as it stands.
  7. Hello, First time MSC, but have sailed previously on other lines (silversea, celebrity, NCL, RCCL). I am going solo and had a cruise fully paid in the YC on the meraviglia in April 2021 that just canceled. When I call in March 1 per the websites/ emailed cancelation instructions I intend to use the fcc to rebook; but my question is when I made the April booking I selected the easy package and WiFi as the bonus instead of the OBC, which I think would have been US $225. I want to get the premium package either by outright purchase or upgrade, but never saw upgrad
  8. hi Orange, you are really lucky to get full refunds for the drinks, Wi-Fi, show and dinner packages. This is great news and shows that MSC has the funds to pay back. please guide me how to get the 125% FCCs for 4 cancelled MSc Cruises. I would really like to have them for 4 cancelled MSC Cruises, since there is almost zero chance of getting 4 refunds.
  9. Here is my update. Originally selling on March 13th 2020 from Marseille France. On March 13th we arrive at Port to be told cruise is cancelled. This is after numerous calls for them to cancel the sailing so we could get a full refund from our plane tickets. But they refused.... Until we are actually physically there waiting (California to Marseille). Once I was back in the States, I filed a claim on March 18th 2020. I received confirmation for a full refund on March 20th 2020 via email. I have called monthly for an update. I received our incidentals that was paid through the MSC site less than
  10. I've seen the same with my US booked European sailings. Easy now up to $38, Premium now up to $51 and Premium Plus the same at $62. Perhaps especially for thesnoopster2 they lowered the non-alcoholic to $23, although I don't have a US sailing before November to check if they lowered it for US based sailings. Just so I could try it once before it possibly disappears I decided to upgrade to Premium Plus that is still available on one booking but MSC US stated they are making changes to the packages and cannot let me upgrade at the moment.
  11. Meraviglia? It looks like you booked a discounted rate through a travel agent. It would be next to impossible to change to an inclusive booking rate and save any money in the end. If you decide to spend the $203pp booking the non-alcoholic package before you sail will save you a 15% gratuity once you're on the ship. Recently I've said it may be best to book items like this sooner than later since MSC packages are changing and some prices have been increasing but I think MSC would have a difficult time increasing the cost of that non-alcoholic package.
  12. To me, MSC's non-alcoolic package is way overpriced at $29pp/day. I assume you are looking at a US based sailing. MSC often runs promotional rates, such as the "All In" rate that offers internet, Easy drinks package and sometimes other perks. If you compare the cheaper "Cruise Only" rate to these inclusive rates it often comes out less per day than purchasing a drinks package separately. I've seen the Inclusive rate as low as $17pp/day (averages about $24pp/day) more than the Cruise Only rate, so you can frequently get the Easy package for much less than if you book it separately. Easy in
  13. The All In promotion including the Easy package is still being offered for many sailings but on the US site you don't see the offer past Nov 1st. The only exception is Sinfonia that has the All In running to Nov 13th. Brazil doesn't have any All In promos, but I'm expecting the US situation to be similar where MSC will change to the new packages for most sailings around Nov 1st. Otherwise it would be too crazy having people from different markets having different packages with different coverage amounts. Renaming the packages seems like such a hassle, we went through it too rece
  14. Premium Extra covers drinks up to $15. I think it's possible MSC's experiment with a true unlimited drinks by the glass package, Premium Plus, might be at an end. I've toyed with trying Premium Plus on at least one cruise and think I better make that decision now while it's still offered. I have a booking before October 2021 where Premium Plus is offered and have not seen it offered on any bookings after November 2021. I liked the price points that Bret posted for these new packages in his other thread, $22pp/day for Easy Plus and $31pp/day for Premium Extra. If they held to that pricing
  15. EASY: "O pacote pode ser utilizado em nossos bares, buffet e restaurante principal, também pode ser utilizado na Ocean Cay e outros destinos exclusivos, mas não em restaurantes de especialidades e lugares" The package can be used in our bars, buffet and main restaurant, it can also be used in Ocean Cay and other exclusive destinations, but not in specialty restaurants and places. EASY PLUS: "O pacote pode ser utilizado em nossos bares, buffets, restaurantes principais, restaurantes de especialidades, Ilha Ocean Cay e outros destinos exclusivos. Não pode ser consumido em locais exclusivos,
  16. As far as I know, MSC's drink packages include the service charge. Only line I've ever sailed that adds it is NCL. The others (HAL, Carnival and MSC) have not. Of course, policies can change at any time.
  17. MSC CRUISES EXTENDS TEMPORARY PAUSE OF US-SAILINGS THROUGH TO AND INCLUDING MARCH 31, 2021 January 11, 2021 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (January 11, 2021) - MSC Cruises announced today a further extension of the temporary pause of its US-based sailings through to and including March 31, 2021. The decision will affect the schedules of four ships based in Florida: MSC Seaside and MSC Divina scheduled to sail from Port Canaveral, and MSC Meraviglia and MSC Armonia scheduled to sail from PortMiami. Guests paid in full and booked through MSC Cruises USA or
  18. MSC Brazilian site has been updated with new info! Drinks packages to October 2021 : EASY ($5), PREMIUM ($10) and PREMIUM PLUS (no limit). Drinks packages from November 2021 to April 2022 : EASY (no drinks prices mentioned), EASY PLUS ($9) and PREMIUM EXTRA ($15).
  19. While I've never seen flowers offered by MSC in the past I have seen some small packages that included things like bottles of wine, breakfast in the cabin, etc.... Unfortunately I have not seen those in about a year, perhaps MSC will bring them back once sailing resumes. One thing that may be of interest to you is MSC has offered a 15% honeymoon booking discount.
  20. I researched our upcoming cruises, now showing in my Profile after having been missing, under “adding beverage packages” (not sure of exact wording) the Easy/Basic Beverage Package is not listed either. But searching throughout the MSC website I found it and it appears to be available. So perhaps a call is now necessary to purchase it. It could be MSC is trying to encourage the purchasing of the more expensive drink packages with all this drama that is going on and all the cancelled cruises. Who knows. I sure hope it is still available. Have to complete a payment for April cruise so when I cal
  21. Thanks for all the replies. I had no idea MSC was thinking of changing the packages. I will keep checking my booking.
  22. There was a suggestion many months ago (everything seems many months ago now 😒) that the 3 current packages were going to be replaced by 2 again. I think it was Brett who received information to this effect and shared. Could this be the beginning of the package changes? Alternatively, and possibly more likely MSC are just messaging about with the website...
  23. We are new to MSC and booked on Armonia for October. While looking at our booking today I noticed all the other drink packages besides Easy are available for purchase. Will I be able to buy it onboard the ship?
  24. I agree with the previous poster wholeheartedly. Additional information-- 1) Costa will charge you for drinking water in the main dining room for lunch and dinner 2) Although an Italian cruise line, any and every Pizza is chargeable, including a basic margherita pizza. 3) Costa prices used to be much lower than the competition but now they have increased prices across the board after covid and I don't think it's great value for money anymore. MSC is now much lower priced than Costa and offers much better value. 4) Costa has some unique alcohol packages in addition
  25. Laundry is not a perk for YC guests. The best pricing is for packages that are available before boarding and once on the ship, 20 pieces are about $30 and 40 pieces are about $50. You can also just pay by the piece. Reservations for the shows are only needed on the newer, 2017+ ships - Meraviglia, Seaside and plus ships. Most all YC ships reserve a section for YC passengers but you have to go past the people checking your reservations first. I'm pretty sure if you showed them your YC sail card they would let you in, but it's easier to just make the reservations and go in like e
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