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  1. I was looking at a Viking River Cruise catalogue, and noticed they offered a 15 day Kiev-Bucharest river cruise with stops in Odessa and Constanta, Romania in late 2021 and 2022. Has anyone had any experience with this cruise? Several years ago we enjoyed a Bucharest-Amsterdam river cruise on Viking. Are there any other river cruises from Kiev towards the Black Sea?
  2. Our son and his family just relocated from Germany to South Korea. They had a nonstop flight on KLM from Amsterdam to Seoul. They were required to wear masks during the entire ten hour flight. I doubt they liked it, but those were the rules. I would not voluntarily choose a long distance flight under those conditions.
  3. Sorry - had a brain freeze, I meant the Gulf Bridge with the Amsterdam luggage going through the Panama Canal.
  4. today is Mutts Day and National Raspberry Cake Day Anything is good and useful if it's made of chocolate. Meal suggestion for today - Garlic Butter Steak Wine of the day - Clos Fourtet St.-Emilion vintage 2014 At Sea Indian Volendam destination Durban eta 8/15 Gulf Bridge (Amsterdam Luggage) destination Panama Canal, eta 8/13 Balboa Panama Koningsdam Singapore Area Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam Noordam Westerdam Zuiderdam Westerdam is listed as International Waters but appears to be moving, maybe to Durban along with Volendam Limassol Amsterdam Maasdam Rotterdam Veendam Punta Arenas Oosterdam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Zaandam
  5. There are several factors. If you are traveling from the US to CDG and then to another Schengen destination, then you must clear immigration in Paris. So that will add a delay. You will not need to collect your bags like in the US. If you are connecting to a non-Schengen destination, you will not have to clear immigration, so it a much quicker connection. In Paris, you may have to change terminals, which increases the time needed. Amsterdam, you do not need to change physical terminals, but the walk from one gate to another gate may take some time. If you are mobility challenged, let the airline know so they can provide transport. I try to leave a minimum of 2 hours connecting time in Paris. I will accept shorter in Amsterdam.
  6. The naming of the Nieuw Amsterdam also caused confusion on the part of guests when the Amsterdam was still in service. People need to do more researching about what they are trying to book than some choose to do.
  7. Hello! I was notified in late January that I would be receiving a reimbursement From HAL for a non refundable hotel room charge related to the Feb. 1 cancellation of the N. Amsterdam because of mechanical issues. This was before the pandemic hit. I was promised a refund by the end of March. My TA and I have called and emailed numerous times about this but have only been told to wait. I know others with later cancellations have gotten their refunds. I have not received my check. I posted my frustration on the July 10 HAL FB post addressing their refund process. I was surprised to see a response there from HAL requesting that I email my booking info to them at socialmedia@hollandamerica.com. I have sent and received emails from other departments like guest relations, etc, but have never been told to email social media. Has anyone used the socialmedia email address to contact HAL? Has it speeded up the refund process? Or is this just another way for HAL to kick the can down the road? Thanks!
  8. Yes, it has. On the Nieuw Statendam, none of the art had plaques with a title or a description of what the artist intended. My opinion: some of the art was quite interesting and innovative, but what was the message that the artist was trying to covey? Some of the art was simply weird and I did not care for it. (Maybe a title or some type of description would have helped me understand what I was seeing.)
  9. The Ms Rotterdam is presently just north of Lisbon. According to port information the ship will be at the Cruise Port terminal for about 36 hours. We sailed the Rotterdam in 2011 from/to Rotterdam. An unforgettable experience. Ms Amsterdam now heading to Gibraltar ( presently near Sicily) also on way to Rotterdam. Peter
  10. I hope someone can post some pictures. We were in Amsterdam and Rotterdam several years ago. Wonderful cities. I hope we can return in the near future.
  11. We are interested in a specific cruise on the Nieuw Statendam and that cruise includes the 'HAVE IT ALL' promotion included in the price (naturally). We are not interested in the HIA, we just want the basic cruise, which will be much cheaper and we can select our own options. Is there a way to do that? I'm not seeing it on the Website. Thanks. Mimi
  12. I'm incredibly sad that our beloved Amsterdam has been sold. I knew some of the ships would go but not her. So, I know that many of us have fabulous memories of cruises on the Amsterdam so please share them here. Our first time sailing on the Amsterdam was a trans Atlantic from Ft. Lauderdale to Civitavecchia, Italy. I think it was a 16 day sailing and was our longest at the time. I'd also never been to Europe (I wouldn't fly) so it was the perfect way to get there. We absolutely loved the cruise; the elegance, the coffee bar (free at the time, located outside the Wajang Theater), the after dinner coffee's in the Explorers Lounge (also free). Since that cruise (our second on HAL), we've never stopped and have racked up 935 (actual) days on the Amsterdam alone. Needless to say, she was our home away from home and the crew that we got to know well over the years became our extended family. We will sorely miss her. Linda R. ms. Amsterdam at anchor off Dravuni Island, Tales of the Pacific 11/20/19.
  13. Has anyone cruised this ship and this cabin. It appears by it self. So it could be awesome or a closet that was converted to a cabin. Let me know please
  14. I'm really enjoying your review and pictures!! I just love Half Moon Cay.....ahhhhhhhh.......I'm supposed to be there next April on Holland America Line Nieuw Amsterdam. Fingers crossed. Thanks for posting CoasterGuy!
  15. Is an 11:50am flight doable from the ship to the airport? I was there a long time ago but don’t remember the distance.
  16. Since a lot of us are at home with cancelled cruises I thought I would start a thread showing some of the places we may miss. I am trying to stick to places on River Cruise intenaries, however, if this is allowed, I am not adverse to seeing interesting tours from anywhere....a great way for us to share places near and far? Jazzbeau, if this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete. Versailles Palace : https://artsandculture.google.com/search/exhibit?p=palace-of-versailles Hall of Mirrors: https://artsandculture.google.com/streetview/palace-of-versailles/cwE5CwK49O0y5Q?sv_lng=2.1204786&sv_lat=48.8051117&sv_h=197&sv_p=0&sv_pid=hNvuL7DMigMQkjP6BRku1A&sv_z=1.0000000000000002 Louvre : https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne#tabs Rijksmuseum Amsterdam : https://artsandculture.google.com/streetview/rijksmuseum/iwH5aYGoPwSf7g?hl=en&sv_lng=4.885283712508563&sv_lat=52.35984312584405&sv_h=137.1893814386357&sv_p=19.455637068883064&sv_pid=fOVcUXQW2wpRf33iUmxEfg&sv_z=0.0075828653323672945 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (scroll down to view each floor) : https://artsandculture.google.com/partner/van-gogh-museum?hl=en
  17. Our Oct 2021 Rotterdam VI cruise was cancelled, and we were switched to Sept with a different itinerary. When the ship sold, we moved our FCC to Nieuw Statendam Aug 2021, which was also cancelled, shifting us to Ryndam later that month, now Rotterdam VII. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  18. Carnival Fantasy was our first cruise, in 1991. We decided after that to focus on land trips, but returned to cruising in 2006. Since then we've cruised 2-3 times per year, moving up to newer and larger ships. We cruised on Monarch twice and enjoyed those cruises, but I'm glad we've had a chance to sail many of the Voyager, Freedom, Quantum and Oasis class ships. We were looking forward to our May 2020 Baltic cruise from Amsterdam, but we'll see what happens for next year. I'm a major planner, usually 2 years in advance, but I haven't booked a replacement cruise yet. Oh, well, we'll see what the new year brings. Meanwhile, we still are healthy and grateful for that. Barb
  19. As the Rotterdam & Amsterdam are headed to Fred Olsen Cruises would you sail w that line instead of HAL???
  20. I wonder how this would work with 'On Your Own' excursions. Examples that I might book for next year with my OBC : (1) Mt Roberts Tramway is just the tickets with cruisers walking there on their own. (2) Bruges On Your Own with 6 hrs free time. (3) Amsterdam On Your Own with 4.5 hrs free time.
  21. I had the same problem with a hotel in Amsterdam this April past. The country was closed to travel but the hotel wouldn't give me a refund. We eventually came to a compromise on a future hotel stay credit, which I hope to use next year.
  22. We booked our Nieuw Statendam cruise while on the Eurodam with the onboard FCC. The FCC suggested choosing the Nieuw Statendam cruise over a similar Konigsdam cruise. He was aware that enough changes were being made that he referred to the Nieuw Statendam as a Konigsdam Version 2.0. One of the reasons that the Promenade Deck narrows down at the stern is due to the larger kitchen supporting an additional restaurant and the Main Dining Room's additional passengers served. The engineers and designers have to work within given restraints. Adding additional deck to the Panorama Deck would add additional weight high in the superstructure that may affect stability. I would rather see different furniture in place of those huge couches located there. Passengers seem to stretch out on them in place of their intended use.My original thought on the huge screen was negative but I found it entertaining while having a gelato or desert in the evening. I agree that the current two ships do have shortcomings but that some are hopefully addressed with the new Rotterdam.
  23. today is National Cheesecake Day, Father-in-Law Day, and International Day of Friendship Any small object that is accidentally dropped will hide under a larger object. Meal suggestion for today - Winter vegetable curry with fruity raita Wine of the day - San Giusto a Rentennano Chianti Classico vintage 2016 Gulf Bridge (Amsterdam Luggage) destination Panama Canal, eta 8/13 At Sea Pacific Oosterdam destination Punta Arenas eta 7/31 Balboa Panama Koningsdam Port Dickson Eurodam Noordam Zuiderdam Limassol Amsterdam Maasdam Rotterdam Veendam Port Klang Nieuw Amsterdam Volendam Westerdam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Zaandam
  24. Amsterdam is showing the same way, maybe they just don't have a place for new owner/name and used the fields for former owner and name??
  25. Lovely! Happy retirement to Captain Jonathan. I wonder how Captain Schuchmann is feeling about all this, just as he takes over the Amsterdam....
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