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  1. I agree with this post. There are things to see on both sides of the Canal. The small towns, the ferries that cross the waterway, the bird houses, the military installations, the barges docked along the West side of the Canal for Egypt's use if they wish to block the Canal, etc. It's an experience like none other. If the ship's staff provides commentary, as it did when I sailed on the Amsterdam, it makes the experience that much more special.
  2. Remove Rotterdam and add Nieuw Statendam and you have a correct, up to date list.
  3. B.B. King's Blues Club is found on the following ships: Koningsdam Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam Noordam Oosterdam Rotterdam Westerdam Zuiderdam
  4. We'll be visiting Amsterdam next year, and both the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum say they limit the size of what you can bring in to small bags up to "A4 size." I'm a female and don't normally use purses or handbags when traveling (small backpacks are my preference), so I am a bit confused here. I have of course done some internet research before posting here, and it seems that A4 is pretty much 8.5 x 11 inches, but when it comes to a handbag, what does that really mean? A Google search for A4 handbags turns up zillions in varying sizes in terms of width, etc. They all look different, and some look like they would be too big. When traveling, I usually have a wallet, phone, camera batteries, map, Purell, odds and ends like that; I'm trying to get a handle on what will be acceptable in terms of the bag size. Also, the Van Gogh Museum says "no rucksacks." If I have a small "backpack" that I only carry on one shoulder (more like a sling purse than a backpack, though it could be worn as a backpack), does anyone know if that would be prohibited? I would appreciate any information and advice. Thanks!
  5. Just about to make our final payment on our January cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. I've thought I'd like to purchase some on board credit as well so that I'll have pretty well payed for the entire cruise experience in advance. Wondering what will happen if I have not used it all by the last day of the cruise. What is Holland America's policy in that case?
  6. @4774Papa was probably referring to the policy that allowed smoking on balconies until a couple of years ago. As he said, that policy has finally been changed. More than half of the HAL fleet still allow smoking in the casino, but not on all nights. Unfortunately, and to the dismay of many long-time passengers, this includes the Koningsdam and the Nieuw Statendam, HAL's newest ships. Many hoped that HAL would introduce an inside smoking ban from the beginning, but no such luck. Until someone can teach smoke to remain in one place, it will continue to drift out of the casinos into other nearby venues. Edited to add that the Veendam still has designated smoking nights, unless there has been a further change not reflected as yet on the website.
  7. Other than one RCI cruise with the kids and grandkids, all of our cruises have been on Celebrity or HAL. Our last two were on HAL (Nieuw Amsterdam and Nieuw Statendame), but our next will be on Celebrity (Eclipse and Equinox). There are far more similarities than differences, in our estimation, and our choice of cruise is usually based on itinerary. We find that there are greater difference from ship to ship within a line than there is between lines, something that I'm sure we'd notice with the Edge or Apex compared to the S-class ships. @ghstudio's observations certainly reflect our views, and we look forward to more.
  8. I just came back from a rather long B2B cruise - Norway, Iberia and on to Rome - this on Holland America. I live in a condo, had two lumbar and onw cervical surgeries and also aged - 87 come April. Buying a scooter is out of the question for me - space in a condo is a limiting factor. I have been on at least three cruises where I rented a scooter - the last being from Special Needs. For exercise, I used a rollator for the most part on the ship. The Nieuw Statendam is one of HAL's larger ships. The scooter could not fit in our obscured-view cabin and the crew kept moving the scooter when we went to sleep, kept it charged, and would bring it back in the morning. When the bought-tours were over and there were several hours left in the port, armed with a map and phone,, I would go out with the scooter and explored parts of the city. Of course this would depend on whether the city would be regarded as "safe" but I had no problems in any of the ports that we had. The ship's people would assist passengers using scooters at the docks - helping you get it down or up the gangplank/ramps. Having the scooter is, in my opinion, is a MUST!
  9. One can find negatives in just about everything... I can tell you in 170+ cruising days around Europe, when touring privately more than 90% with private providers, we have never experienced a breakdown or someone not paying their fair share if they could not make the tour for some reason. I wish I could say the same for some of the ship sponsored tours we have taken...a two-hour delay when a bus broke down in the mountains outside Ponta Delgada and having to wait an hour and forty minutes on the bus in Amsterdam because some fellow travelers didn't feel the meeting time applied to them. Sometimes ship's tours work best, but we have found private tours with reputable companies are best for us most of the time. Touring with a group of eight and customizing the tour to our liking is a huge plus for us.
  10. Enjoying your comparison review. We have mainly been cruising on Celebrity, but, after 10 plus years, are back on Holland. We sailed on the Oosterdam last November, and will be boarding the Amsterdam in less than two weeks for 51 days! Wishing you a wonderful cruise.
  11. Is anyone familiar with this suite? It's one of the last available and we weren't sure about it's aft location. The concern is noise from above or below, ease of getting on/off for excursions. Thanks!
  12. RICH: The Volendam and Nieuw Amsterdam are in two places I would not mind being. Thank you for the fleet update. Himself
  13. They are definitely too big for the old canal (Vistas and Signatures really stretch the dimensions to the max. I think the issue with the new canal is that they use tug boats instead of mules and the ships are not as securely centered in the new locks. If a ship moves too far to the side while a ship is in the bottom of the chamber an overhanging lifeboat can strike the wall. Not sure but I think the final regulations were published after the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam were beyond the point of modification. Roy
  14. ms Amsterdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Eurodam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Koningsdam Santorini Island Greece 08:00 - 23:00 ms Maasdam Noumea Grande Terre island 08:00 - 17:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Panama Canal 00:00 - 24:00 Web Cam http://www.pancanal.com/common/multimedia/webcams/viewer-flash/cam-gatun-hi.html Web Cam http://sunnyfortuna.com/fortunacam/showcams/panama/gatun.htm ms Nieuw Statendam Marseille France Riviera 08:00 - 18:00 ms Noordam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Oosterdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Rotterdam Cruising -- - -- ms Veendam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Volendam Willemstad Curacao Island 08:00 - 23:00 ms Westerdam Shimizu Shizuoka 08:00 - 14:00 ms Zaandam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Zuiderdam Portland/Maine 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  15. We we were on the Reflection Amsterdam to Barcelona cruise a few weeks ago. The ship was in great shape and the crew was super. It was one of our best cruises ever.
  16. I agree with jazzbeau that you are likely to enjoy even a longer river cruise, judging from your comments above. And he is right about it not necessarily being so relaxing! As regards water levels. It is the big difference to ocean cruising in that you are relying on rainfall (or the lack of it) and locks to provide enough water in the rivers to sail. Flooding can happen with more or less every river, and the effect and severity will wary. That is normally in Springtime in Europe. Drought is mostly in Autumn and effects only some rivers. Unfortunately the Danube in Germany. Which brings me to your itineraries. Paris to Moselle river, etc. to Nuremberg is not on the Danube at all. It is a nice itinerary for sure but it would not be my choice and I would start such a cruise right at embarkation port in Luxembourg. For a first-time river cruiser I would choose Amsterdam to Budapest, but the Danube one to Giurgiu sounds also interesting. For lots of info on river cruising I recommend the stickies at the top of the page compiled by our host jazzbeau. A great read! Have fun planning. notamermaid
  17. A walk around the public decks tonight brought some surprises. Let me start off by saying it has been a while since my last cruise on Noordam, but I have sailed more recently on other ships. I was surprised at the lack of major changes. B.B. King is in what was originally called the Queens Lounge and now goes by the BB King Lounge. It didn't really look any different than before. I didn't check to see if carpet and soft goods were replaced or just cleaned up. A change I thought would happen didn't - Northern LIghts still exists and the casino is still the same size. No Gallery Bar which I enjoyed on Westerdam. Across from the Casino is Billboard, which looks identical to the setup on Nieuw Amsterdam. No real changes other than putting two pianos there and moving the seating around. Where the piano bar was is now a larger bar. What used to be the Explorers Lounge is now branded Lincoln Center Stage, but other than that, looks pretty much the same. Where the photo studio was has about 16 touch screen computers set up, but they may only be to view the pictures you might want to buy. They had no keyboard or mouse so they would be difficult to use for general surfing. The only act that was performing during my walk was BB King, and they sounded pretty good. Tomorrow morning I'll take another walk with camera in hand. @RuthC where was the library located? I'll check tomorrow. Rich
  18. We attended the Orange party on the Nieuw Statendam. It was packed and super fun. Lots of Dutch goodies. I agree the orange party shirt sold on the ship is hideous so I would suggest bringing your own, or a tie or some beads...it’s just a fun excuse to celebrate the heritage of the cruise line and The Netherlands.
  19. dfish

    Nieuw Statendam

    Greetings from a retired middle/high school teacher. I did a solo cruise this past summer on the Rotterdam for 20 days. I did attend the first solo gathering on the first night and met a woman that I ended up doing a lot of activities with during the cruise. I had Anytime Dining and had almost no problems with that. One night I had been seated with The Complainers (Hi, my name is So and So and I'll be cruising a different line from now on). The next night they started to seat me with them again and I hung back, got the host's attention and said no. He came up with a different seating assignment for me and I apologized on the way over to the new table, but explained that I just couldn't listen to them again. He was cool with it. Other than them, I was seated with very welcoming people. No one made an issue of my status as a solo traveler - I don't think they cared one way or another. I did meet people through the roll call and made arrangements for specialty dining with them. I also went to the dining room often for breakfast. There was a regular group there that I often ate with and it became a regular thing. So, I had fixed breakfast and anytime dining. rkacruiser has given some great advice about striking up conversations in lounges and bars. It does work! Also, I did find that the staff went out of their way to make sure all was well with me. As for the OP, I did my first solo cruise on the Koningsdam and the Nieuw Statendam is almost identical. It will have additional choices for dining and the Grand Dutch Cafe is not to be missed! The Main Stage is spectacular, especially if they utilize it to its potential. Have a great cruise!
  20. I am very happy to hear it's good tap water on the Nieuw Amsterdam, I would much prefer free water, than purchasing bottled water (considering the price) Some cruise lines bottled water package is much cheaper than HA. Oh well.
  21. The tradition with HAL, for several recently retired captains, has been a limo ride from the dock to the airport, after a series of blows on the ship's whistle, and an emotional farewell to the captain from the assembled crew. There usually is some sort of gift included Unlike the airlines, no water cannon salutes from fire or tugboats. Some ship captains are in the habit, when possible, to recruit and hold on to certain staff, especially on ships like the Amsterdam and her annual grand world voyage. Having said that, unlike a last flight of an airline captain, the last voyage of a ship's captain usually comes at the completion of a three-month contract so, picking a crew for just that last voyage is not always possible since they (the other officers) are all dealing with their own contracts and vacation time contr
  22. Enjoy. Did the Koningsdam inaugural crossing in 2016 (and again 2017), the Nieuw Statendam première crossing and Caribbean loop last year and are back again for this crossing. See you onboard. Scott and Scott (um yeah it's that)
  23. Totally agree. Loved Amsterdam and had a great and interesting five days there. Our cruise towards Budapest, at least for us, was full of the history, castles, lovely small towns, wonderful scenery, food and wine that we like. Thankfully we had no river water issues. Fell in love with both Budapest and Prague and tacked on four days in each. We came home very tired but very happy with our choices. Paris however is a whole other animal. My favourite city but gosh it takes a lot of time to see the sites, visit the galleries, enjoy the food etc etc etc. I've been three times and still have not really scratched the surface. So much to see dear travellers, so much to see. 🙂
  24. If it was my first river cruise and my first visit to the area, I would choose Amsterdam to Budapest. You can still add Prague at the end of your cruise to Budapest - Prague is absolutely amazing! Would you arrive AMS prior to your cruise - lots to see in AMS. Wondering why Paris? We love Paris but it seems that you may be adding too much - sometimes a little less is more. I would save Paris for another visit where I could spend 4 days to a week - so much to see and do in Paris - large city. So, if it were me, I would arrive AMS early, spend a few days in AMS, cruise to Budapest and spend an extra few days in Budapest & then several days in Prague.
  25. I would choose something other than Amsterdam to Budapest for 2 reasons: (1) that itinerary goes through the notorious low-water stretch and so maximizes the chances of disruptions, and (2) some people discover that river cruising just isn’t for them so a 2-week cruise leaves a lot of unhappy days ahead. If your frame of reference is ocean cruises, take a look at AmaMagna. It’s twice as wide as any other river cruise ship, so there’s more room for everything and more ‘things.’ It also stays in the deep water part of the Danube.
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