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  1. Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your Care and Celebration lists Roy. I'm not celebrating any of the days but will support anyone who does. I like peanut butter but not peanuts, guess I'm weird. The meal suggestion sounds good but Roy's sounds better, however tonight won't be either. It's either leftovers or something light. My dear Mother splurged yesterday at Red Lobster and ordered way too much and I'm still full! Bacon wrapped scallops, Ceasar salad, lobster, steak, cole slaw, baked potato with the works, those incredible biscuits. I think the hospital food finally caugh
  2. Oh my the Nieuw Statendam is having a wonderful pre-spring break at Half Moon Cay. Wish I was onboard. Nothing better that looking at bright blue ocean.
  3. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html Note that listed in Green were HAL ships that were to sail from Canada and neither the Eurodam or Oosterdam were listed. They are currently still in Europe. But the ships that are all currently sailing in the Pacific were the ships that were to sail from Vancouver. If the cruise lines can make progress to be able to sail from Seattle it would make sense to use the ships sailing in the Pacific and have already met the Framework for Conditional Sailing. Holland America Line
  4. Thank you, Marga, for the information. I have a cruise out of Copenhagen on June 17th (flying into Amsterdam first). Final payment is March 17th, and I am not confident about paying the balance with so much up in the air - including our flights. Popular opinion is that we will not cruise, but I feel like positivity rates are on the decline, and there is a small chance we could cruise if we can get into Europe. If so, we could be some of the first to restart, and maybe at half capacity on the ship. I will continue to be patient and hope for the best! It's still February, so there is time!
  5. Fouremco: what about September 4 2021. Out of Amsterdam?
  6. Discussions on using TA’s are kind of all over the place sometimes. Mainly because there are so many types of TAs and now we use them. To me, there are different types of ‘TA’s’: 1-800 and Online booking agents. You notice I called them ‘Booking Agents’, not Travel Agents; Agents who work for a specific Cruise Line, and classic TA’s and when they are true professionals, they are a Travel Advisor. I used 800/online agents when I first started cruising and yes, for some Lines that allow organizations to discount their cruises, the Bookers have cheaper deals sometimes, a
  7. Holland America is NOT offering replacement cruises for canceled 2021 to 2022, that is Princess Cruise Line that is offering to move the canceled Alaska cruises that departed or disembarked or both in a Canadian port. Holland America has made No Such offer. Plus it needs to be REPEATED, Holland America and Princess have ONLY canceled cruises that were Embarking or Disembarking in a Canadian Port. Those include the repositioning cruises that would sail from Vancouver. As of right now ALL Seattle Alaska Sailings are still NOT canceled, all the cruise lines are working hard at at least salv
  8. VMax, would you please double check the Aug 22/22 Nieuw Statendam? I’m booked for a 24 day cruise starting on Aug 3rd so the next cruise should start on the 27th. And that cruise is a Canada NE itinerary. Maybe it should be for 2023? Thank you for maintaining this list!
  9. I'm wondering if my cruise out of Amsterdam British Isles July 30, 2021 will sail and if those of us from the US will even be able to enter your country? Thanks, off your topic but thought you might be one to offer your opinion on this.
  10. Good morning, all! Interesting collection of days, and the quote was more than worth waiting for! I made a chicken in the pressure cooker a few days ago, so tonight will be something else. I never used a pressure cooker until about a year before I retired. The stovetop ones of my childhood terrified me, so they were firmly avoided. With the current ones that have temperature and pressure automatically controlled, and so many preprogrammed settings. It’s a whole new world. Mine rarely gets to rest in the cupboard for more than a few days. @summer slopethat drink sounds interesting, but you
  11. We were at sea on February 25, 2011 on the way to Montevideo from the Falkland Islands. The Explorer described the HAL logo with the "beloved Nieuw Amsterdam II (1938-1973)" and the olde de Halve Maen. No answer as to the burning question of why the big ship was about to run over the little ship. I skipped "Spa Secrets: Eat More to Weigh Less", Greenhouse Spa, deck 11 and attended the Life at Sea program in the Showroom Lounge with Captain Marco Carsjens (C), Hotel Manager Robert Versteeg (R), and Chief Officer Robert Fronenbroek. I know it's a lousy photograph.
  12. On this day in 2019, the Amsterdam was in Auckland, which was our first visit to New Zealand. We enjoyed the day by just walking around the city.
  13. Here is the latest update of the Dry Docks, Charters and Groups Onboard file. A considerable number of charters and group sailings organisations have postponed their sailing from 2020 to 2021 and now some have moved their sailing out until 2022. Please note that the sailing listed are taken from various sources so it is possible that the itinerary does not coincide with the publish HAL itinerary. Also please note that I have ignored the latest Alaska information. As usual, if you have information about groups charters or dry docks then please post here and I will update in th
  14. I am considering an OV cabin on Nieuw Statendam. Presently the only ones available are on deck 1. I don't mind the low deck so much, but I'm concerned the window will be either a porthole or reduced in size. My TA said she contacted HAL and HAL told her that ship has no porthole windows. Can anyone reassure me on this? Also, I'm wondering if I might do just as well picking a Guarantee cabin, considering I don't know if it can get much worse than an OV on deck 1. The cruise isn't until July 2022 and there is sure to be a lot of cancellations between now and then.
  15. Today is Pistol Patent Day, National Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day, and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Meal suggestion for today - Pressure-Cooker Saucy Italian Chicken Drink of the Day - Diamonds Are Forever Wine of the day - Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Brut - France - Sparkling At Sea Eng Channel Oosterdam destination Torquay at Sea Pacific Westerdam Brest FR Eurodam Half Moon Cay Nieuw Statendam La Paz Noordam Zuiderdam Nieuw Amsterdam Los Angeles Koningsdam Portland Zaandam Torquay Volendam
  16. already taken care of, 10 day cruise from copenhagen to southhamton, oct 2022, ncl getaway. also booked on jade this coming july baltic 10 day amsterdam to copenhagen overnight in st petersberg
  17. I recall reading about Eately. I also wondered about it. Maybe the concept and menu would be more attractive to a non-North American clientele? As you probably know, the Pinnacle Grill concept began as the Marco Polo Restaurant in the ships built to accommodate it. An Italian oriented menu, with a steakhouse "touch". Interior restaurants; small, intimate; quiet, with service at good as, if not better, as the MDR. (Just no memory if there was a different wine list offered.) Some Executive V-P of Food and Beverage in Seattle decided to change the name,
  18. Grand World Voyage of 2008 on this date, the Amsterdam docked in the country of Brunei. This proved to be a favorite port for me. Entering the harbor: trash and debris littered the water as we approached the dock; we passed a small naval vessel. During a rainy morning, my tour visited the Brunei Museum and a large Mosque where we had to remove our shoes (and walk on slippery marble floors) with cameras being placed into individual lockers. One gentleman slipped on those marble floors, hit his head causing bleeding, that required our ship's escort to administer firs
  19. I am looking at a cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam and deck 7 cabin 7118,there is an empty space by the side of inside cabins.Anyone know what that empty space is? Anyone stay in 7118 can tell me if it is quite or not? Thank's in advance!
  20. Latest news from the HAL blog, also posted on Facebook, here's the link: Cruise Pause Extended to Include All Departures Sailing to or From a Canadian Port in 2021 - Holland America Blog And the text: As Holland America Line continues to review and assess its plans around the Canadian Transport Ministry’s Interim Order that closed Canadian ports and waters to passenger vessels, the company is extending its pause of cruise operations to now include all sailings that depart from or conclude in a Canadian port in 2021. This will include several Alaska, three Canada/Ne
  21. Even if my British Isles out of Amsterdam July 2021 Celebrity ship sails....which I doubt...how will the many Americans that have booked be allowed to sail? Will they just cancel us?...Hoping so.
  22. Good morning, all! Tortilla Chip Day sounds good, and I have some avocados waiting to become guacamole. The meal suggestion is good, and we have nothing planned at all, which is unusual. Congratulations on all those getting their vaccines. My BIL and his wife in Montreal got their first jabs yesterday. We in BC are still months away from seeing ours. A year ago today, the Amsterdam took us to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Tendering was rough, and we were told we were the first ship able to land passengers that month. There are two local busses that circles the island, one clockwise, and
  23. Good morning all! The Nieuw Amsterdam is at Half Moon Cay? Oh, if only this were Star Trek and I could say, “beam me up, Scotty”! St Louis Sal
  24. For what it's worth, we did the westbound TA on the Nieuw Amsterdam a few years ago and had a cabin on deck 11 which is analogous to your 10024, because of it's proximity to the Retreat Cabanas. We had very few motion problems and the roughest area was between Spain and the Azores. The stretch between the Azores and Ft. Lauderdale was like sailing on a lake for 4 days with temperatures in the mid 70's. I see that you will actually be sailing further to the south to Madeira which should make the chances of it being warmer and flatter, that much better. Enjoy your TA, we've done 4 and loved eac
  25. today is National Tortilla Chip Day, World Bartender Day, and National Trading Card Day Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes. -- Mickey Mouse Meal suggestion for today - Spaghetti Squash & Sausage Easy Meal Drink of the Day - Lava Flow Wine of the day - Margerum 2019 M5 Margerum Estate Vineyard White (Los Olivos District) Central Coast at Sea English Channel Eurodam destination Brest FR eta 2/25 at Sea Pacific Nieuw Amsterdam destination La Paz MX eta 2/24 Westerdam destination Baja eta 2/25
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