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  1. Hi Kazu, not a new Rotterdam booking, but if you could please add this one for us, that would be great. We switched over after HAL took our Amsterdam holiday cruise from us a few weeks ago. Not sure it will sail, but booked just in case. Volendam - 21-Dec-20 - 14 day Holiday & New Year’s Cruise Infi As always, thank you for maintaining this for all of us. Gives us something to look forward to during these times.
  2. Except that it's not just one line. Ruby Princess, Diamond Princess, Westerdam, Amsterdam, cruises departing in early March weeks after the Diamond was quarantined, virus concerns downplayed to encourage bookings, refusal to extend refunds to passengers concerned about the virus, crews stranded in foreign parts and now a cruise line that knew 4 crew were ill, isolated them and when they were diagnosed positive claimed the symptoms didn't look like COVID when they actually were. All the while, companies make soothing noises about the safety of their cruises and continue to take bookings.
  3. We would agree with JB that Paris is worthy of much more then a few hours. We have spent many weeks in Paris and would have flown over there late next month (for a few weeks) had the French not banned Americans. If we were advising a friend on that Reflection cruise (assuming it actually happens) we would suggest spending the Le Havre day exploring parts of Normandy. Once the cruise ends in Amsterdam, after a few land days in Amsterdam we would suggest hopping on the train to Paris (plenty of daily trains) and then spending several days (or weeks) in Paris before flying home of exploring more of Europe. Hank
  4. today is Hammock Day, Summer Leisure Day, and National Hot Dog Day The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. -- Justice Louis D. Brandeis Meal suggestion for today - Turkey Sausage, Pepper and Onion Skillet Wine of the day - Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta Rioja Finca Ygay Reserva vintage 2015 At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Suez Canal eta 7/24 Nieuw Amsterdam destination EOPL - not a listed destination? Rotterdam destination Suez Canal eta 7/24 Westerdam destination KLIP - not a listed destination? Gulf Bridge (Amsterdam Luggage) moored off Shanghai Port Dickson Eurodam Noordam Zuiderdam Punta Arenas Oosterdam Limassol Maasdam Veendam Puerto Vallarta Koningsdam While MT shows Koningsdam to be at Puerto Vallarta, both maps show her headed south. CM shows a destination of Costa Rica. Singapore Anchorage Volendam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Zaandam
  5. Interesting to think about, but kind of sad, too; I hadn't realized that the Marella Spirit (Nieuw Amsterdam III) had been scrapped. With the current situation, can't help but think that others will follow. Ones that I can think of, with first year I sailed on them: 1984: Song of America -> Celestyal Olympia 1985: Noordam -> Marella Celibration (?) 1991: Royal Princess -> Artania 1992: Royal Majesty -> Crown Iris 1996: Norwegian Crown -> Balmoral 1999: Norwegian Sea -> SuperStar Libra 1999: R Three -> Pacific Princess 2000: Crown Princess -> Karnika 2001: Legend of the Seas -> Marella Discovery 2 2002: Zenith -> Peace Boat (?) 2007: Pride of Aloha -> Norwegian Sky 2007: Tahitian Princess -> Sirena 2015: Rotterdam -> ? 2020: Veendam -> ?
  6. I just booked a Neptune guarantee on the Nieuw Statendam (sister ship to Koningsdam) and was wondering about the 4 Neptune cabins that are far forward on decks 10 and 11. Has anyone stayed in these and if so, how did you like them?
  7. I did it once, and got the digital gift card within 24 hours. To make sure I don't lose the promo, I applied it towards our 2022 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise.
  8. Interesting problem for the cruise lines,the likes of Venice & Amsterdam have already taken measures to restrict visiting cruise vessels,could smaller cruise ships be considered a better way to go before it becomes difficult to find places that still welcome the bigger vessels?
  9. After our Rotterdam (VI) cruise for the British Isles this year was cancelled, we decided to leave our deposit as a FCC. With the positive talk recently regarding a vaccine, our thoughts were to at least book a cruise for late 2021. If the timing doesn't work we are prepared to cancel and wait for 2022. We settled on the then Ryndam as we really enjoyed our 20 days on the Nieuw Statendam last year. The fact that the Ryndam is to do two Northern Isle cruises seemed like a decent alternative to the British Isles cruise. One was mid-July 2021 and the other is late August 2021. We opted for the later of the two 2021 Northern Isles cruises. My thought was if the completion is delayed, we stand a better chance of actually sailing as scheduled. Even though our PCC was told by HAL that Ryndam/now Rotterdam was on schedule, he felt that maybe we were making a wise decision. The difference in the two cruises, besides a bit later in the season, is visiting Molde instead of Alesund. Much to my surprise the other day reading on CC that the Ryndam was now to be known as the Rotterdam (VII)! Delivery had been pushed back to the end of July. Our cruise has kept its original schedule - and we will sail on a Rotterdam after all!
  10. today is National Junk Food Day and Invite an Alien to Live with You Day "Speed is subsittute fo accurancy." Meal suggestion for today - Hot Chicken Salad Wine of the day - Failla Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Keefer Ranch vintage 2017 At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Suez Canal eta 7/24 Rotterdam destination Suez Canal eta 7/24 Gulf Bridge (Amsterdam Luggage) docked at Ningbo China Port Dickson Eurodam Noordam Westerdam Zuiderdam Punta Arenas Oosterdam Limassol Maasdam Veendam Puerto Vallarta Koningsdam While MT shows Koningsdam to be at Puerto Vallarta, both maps show her headed south, a good guess would be Punta Arenas Singapore Anchorage Nieuw Amsterdam Volendam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Zaandam Ships off the Netherlands The four "sold ships" Pacific Ships Ships in the Singapore area
  11. Our most cruise days are also on Celebrity, followed by Crystal. But if both offered world cruises, we’d pick Crystal. They’ve been doing world cruises since the mid-90’s and, our opinion, have it down pat. Our longest Crystal voyage to date is 19 days. Their vast array of offerings on sea days (variety of enrichment) is fantastic. Which I believe is a major component to a world cruise given the number of sea days. And nighttime entertainment is first class as well. I’d be a bit leery to sail Celebrity’s maiden world cruise. Like the first post-Covid sailing, I’m not interested in being part of an “experiment”. While Kelmac is correct their ships are older (Serenity sails the world cruises and hit the seas in 2003), they are impeccably maintained and frequently updated stylistically. HAL’s Amsterdam is older, I believe, and much more dated looking IMO. I’m thrilled you’ve booked 2022 world cruise on Crystal! 😉 Finally, I think it would be a cold day in Palm Springs before X would sail a world cruise on S-class due to the numbers. The best ship that would have suited an X world cruise, IMO, would have been the refurbished Century. And if not that, M-class. Bottom line, I think Azamara world be RCL/X’s answer to a world cruise. But we can dream. After all, it’s 2020, and we already know anything goes.
  12. today is National Ice Cream Soda Day, National Space Exploration Day, and National Ugly Truck Contest Day The shortest distance between two points is under construction. -- Noelie Alito Meal suggestion for today - French Onion Chicken Wine of the day - Aubert Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast UV-SL Vineyard vintage 2017 At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Suez Canal eta 7/24 Rotterdam destination Suez Canal eta 7/24 Zuiderdam destination Melaka eta 7/19 Gulf Bridge (Amsterdam Luggage) destination Ningbo China eta 7/20 Port Dickson Eurodam Noordam Westerdam Punta Arenas Oosterdam Limassol Maasdam Veendam Puerto Vallarta Koningsdam Singapore Anchorage Nieuw Amsterdam Volendam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Zaandam
  13. Don't disagree, but if their interest is in "upping their game" and expanding into new markets, the additions of Amsterdam and Rotterdam to their fleet provides that opportunity. Wouldn't it be fun to be a "fly on the wall" of the Board Rooms of all of the cruise lines?
  14. good morning kazu! The announcement says that those on the May 15th and May 22nd sailings will automatically be moved to the new maiden voyages on Aug 1st and 8th. Other sailings will be moved to other ships, mostly Nieuw Statendam. I received emails on my May 15th that it would change to the new inaugural, and Jun 1st would move to NSDM. I have already notified my PCC to change the second to the next cruise on Rotterdam. These changes have not appeared on my "Bookings" page yet, and the email predicts 4 - 6 weeks before they do.
  15. I believe you are correct. I don't recall the port, it was a small one. Amsterdam's berthing slot was between the stern of a freighter ahead and a breakwater astern. There was little space between the two spots. Captain van Zaane maneuvered the Amsterdam into that space. With no big league pitching arm, I could have thrown a baseball and hit the stern of the freighter as well as the breakwater at our stern.
  16. Could you stay in a London area hotel the first night of your trip and the night before you board and get them to store a bag for the time in between? Another possibility if you're flying to a city other than London would be to use a forwarder. I got off one ship in Amsterdam and on another in Southampton 2 weeks later. Luggage Forward picked up the bag in Amsterdam and delivered it to Southampton for $345, a lot less than $750. Roy
  17. HOLLAND AMERICA BOARD'S FUTURE CRUISE LISTING Updated July 17th, 2020 We all love to hear what cruises you are booked on. I post the Bon Voyage threads 7 days before sailing so, to be included in this, you need to post your details here to allow sufficient time to be on the updated Future Cruise Listing. It’s better to post earlier than later but if it is later please post THREE weeks in advance to make sure it doesn’t get missed. We would also be interested to know if this is your first cruise, your first HAL cruise or if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Details needed are in the 2nd post of this thread. Please use REPLY and not QUOTE when posting to this thread. Using 'Quote' makes a very long thread and difficult for others to read. While this list is a lot of fun, please don't mistake it for a Roll Call thread. You can go to the Roll Call Section here on Cruise Critic and find your cruise to sign up there too. That's where your Meet & Greet planning, tour sharing, and other activities specific to your cruise will be happening. This week’s additions and changes are in BOLD and highlighted in aqua (sea colours). AUGUST 2020 Viking Orion - 04-Aug-20 - 68 day Grand Cape Horn Adventure ArtsyCraftsy SEPTEMBER 2020 Viking Sea - 21-Sep-20 - 10 days Empire of the Mediterranean (Venice to Athens) terrydtx - 1st Viking Ocean cruise, celebrating50th anniversary Oosterdam - 27-Sep-20 - 26 day South Pacific Crossing - Seattle to Sydney Mud_Shark - 1st HAL cruise Oosterdam - 27-Sep-20 - 40 day B2B Seattle to Auckland sailingdutchy OCTOBER 2020 Eurodam - 18-Oct-20 - ?????? cruzeluver - 1st HAL cruise Zaandam - 31-Oct-20 - 17 day Panama Canal Sequimcookie NOVEMBER 2020 Koningsdam - 03-Nov-20 - 18 day Hawaii mcrcruiser packercruising - 3rd HAL cruise Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana Eurodam - 08-Nov-20 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean seagarsmoker Eurodam - 08-Nov-20 - 14 day Eastern/Western Caribbean saturn93 Zuiderdam - 08-Nov-20 - 10 day Panama Canal Sunfarer N Statendam - 11-Nov-20 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Overhead Fred - B2B with Nov. 22 Susanmaz Westerdam - 13-Nov-20 - 14 day South America Passage (BA - Santiago) Taters Zaandam - 17-Nov-20 - 32 day Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas RetiredNow Hhagatha N Amsterdam - 21-Nov-20 - 7 day Western Caribbean neuronbob N Statendam - 22-Nov-20 - 10 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer cruiseguy56 Overhead Fred - with son & girlfriend celebrating his 30th birthday, B2B following Nov. 11 Westerdam - 27-Nov-20 - 22 day South America, Antarctica & Solar Eclipse Loreto Obnxshs & Missy's Mom - achievieving 5* on this cruise Zuiderdam - 29-Nov-20 - 10 day Panama Sunfarer Cruisinetta HAL Sailer - celebrating 25th anniversary DECEMBER 2020 N Statendam - 02-Dec-20 - 11 night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer wdw1972 phyllisrf N Statendam - 02-Dec-20 - 21 day Caribbean (B2B Dec. 2-23) cate54 - mother & daughter cruise GeriatricNurse N Amsterdam - 05-Dec-20 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean PROCRUISE - 5th HAL cruise, 1st HAL cruise for friends Zuiderdam - 09-Dec-20 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer grest Eurodam - 09-Dec-20 - 10 night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Westerdam - 19-Dec-20 - 22 day South America & Antarctica Holiday StartrainDD - pre-cruise trip Dec. 13th to Igazu Falls Noordam - 20-Dec-20 - 15-day Far East Discovery LTC Motes - party of 7 Koningsdam - 26-Dec-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera New Years Cruise ngaspar - celebrating their 53rd birthday & 2 grandsons’ graduations Zuiderdam - 27-Dec-20 - New Year’s Cruise fatcat04 - 3 generation cruise with grand moms, fatcat04 & kids JANUARY 2021 Koningsdam - 02-Jan-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera mab4285 - first solo cruise & HAL cruise as an adult Volendam - 04-Jan-21 - 74 day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage StLouisCruisers - 2nd Grand Voyage, 3rd time to Antarctica N Statendam - 06-Jan-21 - 21 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer crystalspin - with dr'spin, mom & DBr0 & SIL, celebrating 30th anniversary & DB's 60th birthday Cailey53 N Amsterdam - 09-Jan-21 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean deliver42 Westerdam - 10-Jan-21 - 20 day South America & Antarctica (Santiago - BA) I like vacation bluesplayer Brewgirl1 - 1 more cruise with parents Norwegian Bliss - 10-Jan-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera dobiemom N Statendam - 27-Jan-21 - 4 day Caribbean (HMC & Key West) Roz Westerdam - 30-Jan-21 - 20 day South America/Antarctica bizzeesheri - 1st solo cruise FEBRUARY 2021 Eurodam - 07-Feb-21 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean Cruise Suzy Volendam - 14-Feb-21 - 33 night final leg of Grand South America BJzink MARCH 2021 Zuiderdam - 17-Mar-21 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer wdw1972 N Statendam - 21-Mar-21 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer doone - Friends & Family cruise fatcat04 Koningsdam - 21-Mar-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera KroozNut - celebrating DW’s 71st birthday Koningsdam - 27-Mar-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera WhiteStar1983 - family cruise celebrating sister’s birthday on board Oosterdam - 28-Mar-21 - 43 day Collector cruise New Zealand & Australia Traveling Dot APRIL 2021 Koningsdam - 10-Apr-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera ernieb - B2B with Apr 17 Koningsdam - 17-Apr-21 - Classic California Coastal ernieb - B2B following Apr 10th Live4cruises - B2B with April 24th Koningsdam - 24-Apr-21 - 7 day Wine & Country Pacific Northwest lazey1 Live4cruises - B2B following Apr. 21st MAY 2021 Ryndam - 15-May-21 - 7 day Premier Venice to Rome 1ANGELCAT richwmn - B2B2B with May 22nd & June 1st Ryndam - 15-May-21 - 17 day Premier Voyage & European Splendor Cailey53 - 1st inaugural voyage Ryndam - 22-May-21- 10 day European Splendour richwmn - B2B2B following May 15th & with June 1st doncarlos & Fishbabe palmerett Zaandam - 22-May-21 - 7 day Canada & New England Discovery BRWolf JUNE 2021 Ryndam - 01-Jun-21 - 12 day Jewels of the Baltic richwmn - B2B2B following May 15th & May 22nd N Statendam - 06-Jun-21 - 19 day Norse Legends & Jewels of the Baltics Stefanni0522 N Statendam - 15-Jun-21 - 10 day Jewel of the Baltics Veenendaal6 - celebrating 28th anniversary N Statendam - 15-Jun-21 - 24 night Jewels of the Baltic & Northern Isles Lucie73821 Westerdam - 19-Jun-21 - 12 night Greece & Adriatic Antiquities madera1 - celebrating 50th anniversary on board JULY 2021 Eurodam - 10-Jul-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Loreto - family cruise celebrating Loreto’s birthday Ryndam - 11-July-21 - 7 day Viking Sagas dobiemom Zaandam - 17-Jul-21 - Voyage of the Vikings ( ending Aug. 21/21) VacationCharlene Oosterdam - 25-Jul-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Cruise Suzy - introducing DD, DS & their spouses to their first cruise AUGUST 2021 Oosterdam - 22-Aug-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer crunchii & Zarmengar SEPTEMBER 2021 Avalon Waterway Artistry II - 22-Sep-21 - 13 day Rhine & Moselle River cruise Loreto -1st river cruise OCTOBER 2021 Zuiderdam - 29-Oct-21 - 29 day Trans-Atlantic thecatservant NOVEMBER 2021 Zuiderdam - 10-Nov-21 - 17 day Spanish Farewell NextOne ger_77 - 5th TA, overdue celebration of ger’s significant birthday Dunmore2 - 1st HAL cruise, celebrating 2 major birthdays & 40th anniversary FEBRUARY 2022 Oceania Riviera - 19-Feb-22 - 17 day Caribbean DeeniEncinitas APRIL 2022 N Amsterdam - 09-Apr-22 - 17 day Panama Canal gypsymama5996 - 60th birthday celebration on board Volendam - 16-Apr-22 - 14 day Mexico thecatservant HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE! Jacqui
  18. I was excited to get the Celebrity email showing a five day flash sale. I immediately went in and checked the prices. The same cabin on our cruise out of Amsterdam next September would be $500 more pp. When’s a sale not a sale?
  19. Hi, I hope that Holland America keeps the Stephen Card paintings and items that have historical significance for the line. Because Holland America reuses ship names, it would be great if the Stephen Card paintings from the current Rotterdam could be installed aboard a future Rotterdam. Also, the artwork pictured above from the Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938 that currently is aboard the Amsterdam could be installed somewhere aboard the current Nieuw Amsterdam or a future ship. I am a big fan of Stephen Card's paintings and have several of his signed prints on my walls. I always enjoy viewing his paintings aboard the Holland America and Cunard ships. Chuck
  20. Jacqui, please change the ship to the Nieuw Statendam. Everything else remains the same. Thanks! 😘
  21. Affirmative, both Amsterdam and Rotterdam were purchased by Fred Olsen, being renamed Bolette & Borealis.
  22. Much depends what you want to spend, prices can be different by the day depending season, conventions etc. I give you some names, so you can check their websites. A mix of 3 star and more star hotels. The Times, Hermitage Hotel, Dikker & Thys Hotel, The Craftsmen (formerly name Hotel Brouwer), Hotel Mai, Radisson Blu, Banks Mansion, Esterea Hotel, NH Flower Market, Hotel Wiechmann, Pulitzer Hotel, Ambassade Hotel, Andaz Hotel. Just to name a few. Amsterdam is rather compact and walkable with excellent public transport. All those hotels are more or less city center. The cruise terminal (assuming you leave from Amsterdam), is close to the city. I hope this helps.
  23. We were on the Holland America Amsterdam 2020 128 day World Cruise that left Ft Lauderdale January 4th. The cruise was terminated after 2 months on March 22nd in Perth Australia by Holland and all passengers were forced to leave the ship and pay for our own flights home. We had purchased Holland’s Platinum Insurance that was to cover us for the entire 128 day trip. We have not received any of that insurance money back and when I inquired they said it was being decided on a case by case basis. We have received some of the cruise fare returned but every refund has been less than the amount due us. We have not been reimbursed for our air travel home as promised. After 3 months all of our luggage is still on the ship and they still have no news when or if we may ever see it again. Help! Do we have any recourse to get our insurance money back that we paid for two months of a trip that never happened. Has anyone else that was on this trip had any refunds and if so were they what you expected?
  24. Now that they have changed the name on the new build, I think they should change the name of the NIEUW STATENDAM to just STATENDAM. Any Reaction?
  25. Ooh! Cheesecake Day, I have an individual one in the fridge. Shhhh don't tell the others in the house know that I'm going to down that sucker. 😄 Dinner will be hamburgers, I think tonight. I bought a nice Greek salad, but DH doesn't like all the veggies in that. Have I mentioned how HARD it is to cook for the man? As to the quote....ALWAYS! I'm so fortunate to be a part of this International Friendship group. ❤️ More beautiful flowers and sunrise/set pictures today. Thanks to all. I was sad that I never got to sail on the Rotterdam. When I eventually get to sail on the now-named Rotterdam, I will feel at home, since I've sailed Koningsdam twice and Nieuw Statendam once. Prayers for all who need them. Thanks again to Rich for the daily post! Stay safe. Be kind. Report post #6
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