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  1. ms Amsterdam Anchorage Alaska 08:00 - 21:00 ms Eurodam Juneau Alaska 13:00 - 22:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Koningsdam 23:00 Piraeus 08:00 - 17 Sep 2019 ms Maasdam Rabaul New Britain Island 08:00 - 17:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Juneau Alaska 13:00 - 22:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Nieuw Statendam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Noordam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Oosterdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Rotterdam Scenic Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Veendam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Volendam Ketchikan Revillagigedo Islan 10:00 - 18:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Westerdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Zaandam Halifax Nova Scotia 09:00 - 18:00 ms Zuiderdam Quebec City -- - 05:00 PM
  2. What a great itinerary to explore and enjoy the Pacific coast on with flights that would be fairly convenient for a lot of people. We hope our CC friends enjoy every minute in all their ports and on board and, of course, we wish them safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Amsterdam - 35 day Incan Empires: ArtsyCraftsy woodworker & knitter Bon Voyage everyone !!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!!
  3. Some of the notes on pax cabin doors on Amsterdam's grand world voyage folks are talking about here And some of the Indonesian crew entering their home waters and visiting with their families
  4. This is the last full week of ships in Juneau although there will be no HAL ship on Wednesday. Eurodam will be at the AS dock from 1300-2300 and Nieuw Amsterdam at the CT dock from 1300-2200. Also in port is Ruby Princess at the FKL dock from 1100-2215. There is a 100% chance of rain with a high of 55F/13C and a low of 43F/6C. Sunrise is at 6:29 am and sunset at 7:15 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Oosterdam and Noordam on Tuesday.
  5. Amsterdam to Paris is Schengen Area to Schengen Area so there are no internal immigration checkpoints to cause lines and delays- think of it as a lot like a US domestic connection. I'd probably take that connection and not think twice about it. Your risk tolerance may vary.
  6. Those lucky Amsterdam guests! Not knowing what her presentations were, the EXC presentations were quality, I expect.
  7. Diane has a different last name now. She was on the Maasdam Alaska cruises this summer giving presentations as part of the EXC program. I understand she's going to be working the Piano Lounge on the Amsterdam for the first part of the 2020 World Cruise.
  8. Depending upon the duo, requests are requested and performed as they are able to do. This was on the Nieuw Statendam in January. No quibble that this is NOT like the traditional Piano Bar that we have enjoyed. The 100% most entertaining performer was Diana Fast. Her husband was a Bass player in the HAL CATS (or whatever they were then called). He joined her on some evenings after his sets were done. WOW! What a great time we all had and what a wonderful personality Diana is.
  9. The Nieuw Statendam is chartered to RSVP Feb 9 to the 16th, 2020.
  10. Absolutely correct in your thinking. MSC has now had enough experience in the North American market that staff and procedures will be tuned to what North American guests expect. It's my understanding that there is a "Manager of YC" that overseas the experiences of YC guests. The Concierge or whomever, or am I misunderstanding what I have read. If this is so, an unsatisfactory response from the Maitre d' or whomever is responsible for a particular venue of a ship's YC ought to be brought to their attention. Or, if that is not possible, the ship's Hotel Manager/Director whatever his/her title might be. In my experience on ships of various lines, whomever is the ship's Executive Chef makes a major difference in my satisfaction of the food I consume. Even in the ships' specialty restaurants, the Chef in charge of that restaurant influences what is served to the guest. Two specific examples of this: My MDR dinners on Royal Princess this past December/January were mostly disappointing. Service was lacking as well. My most recent cruise was aboard Coral Princess. My MDR dinners--in fact all of them, including breakfast and lunch when the dining room was open--were excellent. Service was excellent as well including breakfast that last morning in Vancouver. Nieuw Statendam in January on b2b cruises: MDR dinners and menus were nothing better than "OK". Service was good. On Westerdam in July, MDR dinners and menus were very good to excellent as was the service. HAL's Pinnacle Grill has disappointed me on all of the ships except for Prinsendam. Sel de Mer on Nieuw Statendam and the pop-up on Westerdam were nothing less than superb! As customers of the cruise industry, "we pay our money and we take our chances" with the expectation that the staff that will take care of us and our needs will be "at the top of their game". I have learned from Behind the Scenes Tours that a ship's Executive Chef may "tweak" the corporate recipes that he/she receives. I have concluded that some are better "tweakers" than others.
  11. We are flying to Miami from Amsterdam. We layover in Paris. Our time there is 1 hour 40 minutes.will that give us enough time? thanks for any advice!
  12. The other big question with NODM is whether, as the only one of her four Vista-class sisters, she will keep her Explorations Cafe/full Library on Deck 3 fwd starboard side where it is now, post dry-dock. The alternative is to move it up to the Crow's Nest as EXC Central like Zuiderdam, Oosterdam and Westerdam which have the combo Digital workshop/Merabella/Screening Room where NODM's Explorations Cafe is now. Of course, NODM already has Merabella and the digital workshop elsewhere, but doesn't have a screening room which, btw, is no longer used as such on her bigger half-sister Nieuw Amsterdam. The plot thickens! We need Clouseau and/or Colonel Mustard to figure this one out
  13. Here are the 2020 dry-docks for HAL: 04-15 Jan 2020 - Westerdam - Singapore 07-20 Apr 2020 - Zaandam - Freeport 12-25 May 2020 - Amsterdam - Freeport 23 Nov - 06 Dec 2020 - Noordam - Singapore 29 Nov - 08 Dec 2020 - Eurodam - Freeport Yes, I know, the big mystery is Noordam scheduled to go to the Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore from 23 Nov through 06 Dec 2020 while she is scheduled this year to go to dry-dock from 29 Sep through 12 Oct at the Victoria Shipyard in Esquimalt, BC. Two consecutive long dry-docks a little more than a year apart are not going to happen so we will see if Equimalt in two weeks will be/is already cancelled
  14. Be aware Keukenhof will close May 10, so no visits after that. Interesting places apart from Amsterdam are the cities of The Hague https://denhaag.com/en/must-see and of course also Delft.https://www.delft.com/ Both cities with a lot of history and things to do and visit. It can be done on the same day if needed.
  15. I did the historical triangle one day. I took the regular train to Hoorn, then a steam train to Medemblik, a boat to Enkhuizen, visited the Zuider Zee Museum, took their shuttle boat to Enkhuizen and got a train back to Amsterdam. I had a museum card (I don't think this one is available to foreigners anymore, but if it is, it is good for an entire year) which covered the museum at Hoorn, the steam train (which is itself a museum), the boat to Enkhuizen and the entry into the Zuider Zee museum. I just paid for tickets Amsterdam - Hoorn and I think Enkhuizen - Amsterdam. https://www.stoomtram.nl/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/123_SHM_dienstregeling-poster-ENG-LR.pdf
  16. Do it!!!!! I am new to O. Will be doing a TA and another cruise in The Med on Riviera after our Panama Cruise on HAL this up coming March. In 2010 when HAL introduced The Nieuw Amsterdam we were on her inaugural out of Venice for 24 days and it was wonderful. You hear people say don’t take the inaugural because there are so many bugs they have to work out! I guess we were lucky! I would book in a heartbeat Denise😊
  17. We were on the Rotterdam in April and there was containers of lemonade available all day long that you could help yourself to. Can anyone confirm if that's the case on the Nieuw Statendam or if lemonade is only available during set meal times?
  18. We’ve been to Amsterdam a couple of times and will be there by cruise ship 4 different times for a day each time next year by cruise ship. I’m looking for ideas. We’ve seen the things we want to see in town and will probably spend at least one day just wandering because that is so much fun there. Thinking of going to Keukenhof for the tulips on our early May stop (I know there may not be tulips then), going to Haarlam for the day on our mid May stop. Got another stop late May and one day plus part of another day in August. We board One day and overnight before sailing at 3pm the following day. Anyone done anything interesting in Amsterdam or surrounding areas?
  19. We recently went on the Amsterdam to New York Cruise on Navigator and as I disagree very strongly about using throw away plastic bottles I asked about what Regent were doing about this and I was informed that water fountains and reusable bottles are to be introduced later this year as soon as they sort the logistics. Good news.
  20. ms Amsterdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Eurodam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Koningsdam Katakolon Olympia 08:00 - 17:00 ms Maasdam At Sea 00:00 - 24:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Nieuw Statendam Amsterdam Holland 07:00 - 17:00 ms Noordam Vancouver BC Canada 07:00 - 16:30 Web Cam http://www.northvancouver.com/webcams/cruisecam/ Web Cam http://webcam.visioncritical.com/ ms Oosterdam Seattle Washington 07:00 - 16:00 Web Cam https://www.spaceneedle.com/webcam/ ms Rotterdam Helsinki Finland 08:00 - 17:00 ms Veendam Quebec City Canada 07:00 - 17:00 ms Volendam Glacier Bay Alaska 07:00 - 16:00 ms Westerdam Seward Alaska 04:30 - 20:00 ms Zaandam Bar Harbor Maine 07:00 - 16:00 ms Zuiderdam Quebec City 05:00 AM
  21. Our Friends who are 4 Star was Sailing with us on the Amsterdam on August 12th Sailing. We are on opposite schedules for Dining Times. We do Late Seating and they normally do Early Seating. We booked last minute and they were unable to get Early Seating and were Waitlisted which was 5:00 pm so were put in Open Seating. They asked the 2nd Night if they could make a Reservation for a few nights as they did in the past when in Open Seating. They were told only at 5:15 or after 8 pm. They told them they had Tables “in Reserve” and would not be able to accommodate them. They like to dine alone and the one night they were put at an 8-top Table by themselves while smaller Tables around them were empty during their entire meal. These were Tables “in Reserve “ for CO. They dreaded going to the MDR on this Cruise and felt CO negatively affected their Dining experience. Maybe this works on Pinnacle Class Ships but on Ships with no dedicated space if it’s negatively going to impact other passengers...not such a good idea! Also, the dedicated Club Orange line at Guest Services is so Carnival! Only difference is Carnival at least had Diamonds/Platinums included in the Line along with FTTF where HAL has CO only.
  22. We were on the Amsterdam in August, and DH and I each had an iPhone and an iPad. My iPhone had no difficulty loading the on board Navigator, but the other three devices just could not do it. The Front Desk tried to connect us, couldn't do it either, finally sent us to the Internet Manager. He forced Pat's iPhone to connect (using his computer); the 2 iPads were just too old. (My iPhone has 12.4 OS, Pat's iPhone 10. + OS, but the 2 iPads were in the 9's for their operating systems.) The Internet Manager was very helpful, loaded the Navigator app for me on my iPhone, and told me it would be useful. DH has bought a new iPhone since we got back and downloaded the app. The 2 iPads will have to be silent on the next cruise! He said the "upgrading" of the Navigator was all about security.... One useful thing about checking the "Internet" site on the Navigator, even if you don't buy internet time - it tells you the free sites (NYTimes, etc.)
  23. From another party whom I trust, Mr. Ashford has sailed on HAL ships. Mrs. Donald, the wife of the CCL CEO has become a regular on the Grand World Cruise. I personally saw and passed Mr. Donald in a corridor of the ship's Greenhouse Spa on Nieuw Amsterdam. Close to the start of our first dinner aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam, Captain and Mrs. van Zaane appeared at the dining room's entrance (our table was in such a position that I saw this). Based on my experience for the first night at sea: this was an irregular occurrence. I asked the Assistant Maitre d' for my area and he said that the Captain and his wife were joining Mr. and Mrs. Donald for dinner. The head honchos of CCL and HAL have sailed on HAL ships.
  24. We're booked on Nieuw Statendam transatlantic in April 2020. We chose #8125, which is a Starboard verandah cabin with an extended balcony. So, hopefully we'll get sun most of the day heading east. Since part of the balcony appears to be covered I'm hoping we'll have some shade too.
  25. Hi, does anyone know if the tables are the same in the dining room as Koningsdam? I really want to make sure we have a window this time. We didn't have one in Norway and it was really disappointing! I looked on halfacts, they only had Koningsdam. Thanks for any info.
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