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  1. We were on the Jewel from Amsterdam to Budapest. We had booked on the Jade but the water levels were so tight that only the Jewel could get through. We are American. The ship was full, with 166 guests of whom 110 were Australian. Most were nice but we did get the comment that it was too bad Scenic had started advertising in the US as there was now an onslaught of Americans. Did not make us feel very welcome. But that’s not Scenic’s fault. My other major complaint is the lack of hand sanitizer protection and the resulting consequence that EVERYONE got sick. There were four sanitizer stations on board and no one used them. Buffet implements were therefore major germ vectors. Ugh. Kris was the best Butler I have ever had and the crew overall was great. But never again Scenic for me.
  2. Hi aapreciate Kathy. i have just completed my 2nd Buda to Amsterdam cruise with scenic. They were exactly 5 years apart. Hand on heart I could not say that the service levels or food had deteriorated in that time. The older ships had been upgraded to a comparable level to the really new ships. Obviously cabin sizes can’t be increased but they did a good job. food is subjective on any cruise and from person to person. But in my experience on the current cruise, we met couples from Dallas, New York, Vancouver, Toronto and we did not hear one word of complaint against the food. The quandary was which main meal to have. In a few occasions we had an additional main to share with the table to try. That request was met with of course you can. we had to do a ship swap due to water levels, clearly not Scenic’s fault. It was handled extremely well and seamlessly. Both ships swap relevant information about the passengers, dietary requirement, spa bookings etc so it was just like nothing had changed, except the staffs faces. Lol. The cruise director will always stay with the original passengers to keep a familiar face on board. If any corners were being cut, I did not see it. And I am the type to discuss concerns with the hotel manager. I read on this thread that someone said alcohol was sub standard. Can’t work that statement out or why it was. There was virtually every type of booze on board. - not scenic home brand. Lol. Wines from many countries available. Moët available during breakfast if you wish. Btw, we just booked scenic again for a Mekong river cruise. relax, you will have a great time. Happy to answers and questions you may have. cheers mark.
  3. I have a question. When we first started cruising, we missed a port due to a technical problem on Oriana. We were all give a £50 obc, which we were told represented a share of the port docking fees. Do cruise lines still do this? Secondly I do have some sympathy for these passengers. It is not just one port that they have missed but, I think 4 out of the 5 they were due to visit. That is a fundamental change to the itinerary. Of course the cruise line had no option but to cancel the port calls, but I do wonder why this problem was not foreseen, given the sophisticated weather forecasting in place. The one port cancellation that annoys me particularly is Amsterdam. This port is frequently scheduled in the Autumn months, yet it is also frequently cancelled due to weather conditions. Seasoned cruisers will know this. Why do the cruise lines persist in using it as a port of call under such circumstances? Is it because the port fees saved are a nice little earner, or is it because a cruise to Rotterdam, which is where the ships frequently end up, would not have the same appeal to customers.
  4. I don't believe in violence but hats off to the officer when dealing with that ridiculous loud mouthed man screaming 'liar'. I would have slapped him just to stop him being so hysterical! On a serious note I've done several Amsterdam cruises and have been stopped by the wind before. They are building a new North Sea Canal which will be much wider than the current one which dependant on size of ship can leave as little as a metre clearance each side so any high winds risk damage to the ship. I'm afraid this is what you get when snow flakes cruise. People have no real idea of the power of the sea. I get that its disappointing and I'm sure that NCL could most likely have been a bit more forthcoming with information. For my wife and I the ship is always the focal point of our holiday not the ports!
  5. I'm doing Budapest to Amsterdam in May 2020 so I've ordered the hard copy and ebook. It will probably be ok as not a lot of time is spent in the ports, some of which are quite small. It doesn't have any information on Amsterdam, but there is some information on Budapest.
  6. Currently on the Amsterdam on the Incan Empires cruise (just left Fuerte Amador, Panama a couple of hours ago) , and the Purell dispensers are all over the place with one or two outside every dining venue. They have a “travel well” video that runs on a loop about how to prevent shipboard illness that includes details proper use of the dispensers. It looks like maybe they’re phasing it in.
  7. And to you, kiddo. Here's what I just booked yesterday. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/baltic-cruises/stockholm-to-amsterdam-MNA200908/ If you're tempted 🙂
  8. We were there on the Amsterdam just after 9/11. It was a beautiful cruise; blue skies, calm seas and wonderful scenery. Probably the best cruise we were ever on. However, I am afraid if I recommend it to someone else, they will end up with lousy weather. We were there over Christmas and New Years, middle of Summer in Antarctica.
  9. Shuttle buses ran from around 8:00AM into Amsterdam and the last back was around 10:00PM on the first day. It dropped off at the central station and was okay. We only had a short wait each way. The second day had an all aboard time of 2:30PM so unless you were on a trip or just wanted two hours max in Amsterdam it really wasn’t worth the bother. In fact we had a leisurely breakfast, spent an hour in the aft hot tub then went for a walk along the sea wall to the beach. The reply above covers what else to do. We may have gone for a walk into the dunes if we knew they were accessible.. So if you have a similar itinerary then I’d go for a full day in Amsterdam and unless on a booked tour stay near IJmuiden and relax.
  10. JMO -- but I would book the Nieuw Amsterdam. We have sailed on that ship quite a few times and really like that ship. We like the larger cabins and the full Promenade Deck with deck chairs.
  11. We received ours on the Amsterdam two weeks ago.
  12. My last 2 cruises were on the twin sisters of those 2 ships. Based on those experiences, I recommend Nieuw Statendam. Entertainment is better, and I loved the huge walk in shower on Koningsdam. Plus, they destroyed what used to be a nice coffee stand with pastries in the Crows Nest on the Signature Class ships. Nieuw Statendam has the Dutch Café. I disembarked Koningsdam with the opinion I'd do it again. I disembarked Eurodam very disappointed with HAL.
  13. Unless during holidays/local events. We found the Amsterdam hotel during Gay Pride week was close to the HAL price especially when considering the included breakfast and transfer as well as cancellation deadlines--and convenience of being right at the port for departure during the Saturday morning festivities. Our favorite hotel in AMS also had a 3-night minimum stay requirement which took them off the list. Similar issues for a Caribbean cruise out of FLL last Christmas week. When booking a family trip, you don't always have a choice of when you can go.
  14. I would choose the Nieuw Amsterdam. Although larger than I care for, it is a lovely ship. The cabins are larger than a comparable category cabin on the Nieuw Statendam, which matters to me. The cabins are comfortable, and I can even watch TV from the couch in my preferred cabin category. Plenty of entertainment choices at night, and a decent variety of restaurants. The Nieuw Amsterdam has the interactive TVs, in case that matters to you.
  15. We are Elite + with Celebrity , We now sail on HAL ships for many reasons . We do find HALs itineraries the best of all main cruise lines .We also find their food & service better .Strikingly ,we get much better pricing for our HSL cruises than any other cruise line We love the entertainment on their newest ships koningsdam & Nieuw Statendam . Both are sister ships & a third one of it's class in on the way
  16. Unfortunately the two newest ships, Konigsdam and Nieuw Statendam have smoking casinos. HAL has chosen the five ships to have NS casinos mostly because they are designed in a way that casino smoke drifts into entertainment venues, apparently not because HAL is starting a trend of any kind as new ships roll out. If your information that HAL is moving toward all NS casinos is correct, that would be great, but there seems to be little evidence of that by their actions.
  17. ak1004, Comparing the two itineraries on the Rhine I have noticed that on the downstream one, the "Enchanting Rhine" they manage to squeeze in a visit to Lahneck Castle. Of those two choices I would go for the downstream one. http://www.burg-lahneck.de/html/gb.html People have noted on CC many times that Amsterdam has good air travel connections which you might want to consider as the airport to travel home from. Others might disagree. Tough choice, I must admit. One thing on the Danube choices: three days in Prague sounds long to me in an overcrowded city. But then again, you could have a trip out to Plzen, etc. Budapest I would gladly stay three days in... All itineraries sound great and all places I know in those make me think that you will enjoy any one you choose. Perhaps go for the most exotic one, the Rhine being such an easy river to do in later years? Or go for the tried and tested, with Lucerne being raved about here on CC many times? Or is there something you particularly like, like horses (Vienna shouts "here!") or castles till they come out of your ears (the Rhine gorge shouts "here!"), technical stuff (see Speyer on the Rhine for an amazing museum), or landscape sailing - for which I would personally choose the lower Danube as I expect it to be different from my West-European area, including flora and fauna? One note on river levels. In June you need not worry about drought on either river, but might, just might, encounter late Spring flooding. Hope this helps a little. notamermaid
  18. We have sailed on both the Nieuw Amsterdam and the Nieuw Statendam and enjoyed them both. The N.S. is slightly bigger and has a couple of more dining options. It also has a few more entertainment options. I love the showers on the N.S. -best bathrooms at sea we have ever had. I think either ship is a good choice, but if I had to pick one I would say pick the N.S.
  19. Either one will be fine...many more entertainment and eating venues on N. Amsterdam, as opposed to Maasdam, and more on N. Statendam as opposed to N. Amsterdam. Some reading around the board would be helpful.
  20. I'm on this one--not sure if it'll fill. Kind of a 'typical' Baltic itinerary (Helsinki, 2x overnight in Leningrad, Warnemunde, Copenhagen etc.) with a few days strapped on the end down to Amsterdam via Oslo. Other than the last few days, price-conscious cruisers can find a hundred ways to do it less expensively, and people who want more daylight won't be joining us in September.
  21. We almost went with the "free" air for our European cruise next May. They were charging my wife and me $999 each, and then my kids were each $1599. Granted, we also took the 3rd/4th passengers free promo, but the air total came to $5196. We looked around and booked our own flights (BA over and AA back) for $4270 through AmEx Platinum Travel. Naturally, we plan to arrive a day early in Rome, and we will leave a day after disembarkation from Amsterdam, but we had had the same arrangement with NCL. As far as routing, they had us going from New Orleans to Toronto to Rome and then Amsterdam to DC to New Orleans. My wife's parents had the same outbound itinerary, but they were routed through Chicago on the way back. With our own air, we picked the flights we wanted, so it'll be MSY to LHR to FCO, then AMS to DFW to MSY.
  22. Haven’t been in HAL in many years and I’m looking to try again and would appreciate any feedback. Our one and only HAL cruise was 9 years ago on the Maasdam. 14 days with the most amazing Caribbean itinerary. But we were bored on the ship. Best entertainment was the crew show. We really enjoyed that. Rest of the entertainment was a xylophone player and a violinist. Not our cup of tea. We've mostly sailed Princess, but it seems that with the new ships, the ship is the destination, Not the itinerary. Don’t get me wrong, the ship is very important, as is the itinerary. Quite frankly we’re getting bored with Princess’ same Caribbean ports and we’re looking for a change. Last few cruises we didn’t bother to get off the ship. Now to my question, 2 ships, same itinerary. If you had to choose between the Nieuw Amsterdam and the Nieuw Statendam, which would you choose and why? We are in out early 70’s and fairly active. We only want to compare the ships, not the ports as we’ve been to them before, just not on the same cruise. The ports offered are the relaxing beach ports. Just what we need right now. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, Yorkshire 2BA, We've cruised Princess a few times, but not Crown Princess. Nearest UK equiv is P&O - Princess was a UK cruise line, it was bought by P&O, who eventually joined the Carnival consortium. Princess ships still fly the Red Duster, though they're more American than Brit. For us, an almost -perfect trans-Atlantic blend - not as "brassy" or in-your-face as most US ships, but not as bland as P&O. Buffets far better - and in nicer surroundings - than P&O altho the bacon is brittle & over-cooked , very American . Food in the MDR as good as P&O (unlike some folk I don't mark P&O down for including pub-grub in the choices). International dishes, much as you'd get in a selection of UK restaurants. Perfect lunchtime fish-and-chips in ship's pub, best I've tasted. But the chefs clearly make mushy peas as per recipe, then decide that they look messy, so whack them in the blender and serve as a puree. Philistines Pretty average theatre shows, but good musicians in the bars. Nothing in the way of adult toys* like on RCI ships. But movies-under-the-stars, with rugs & popcorn. Mainly US / UK cruisers (probably more Brits cos a lot of Americans sail the Baltic from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, etc)) Never felt crowded. On-board currency is USD As with all US ships, high on-board costs (daily grats, heavy drinks prices, grats on pretty-well all services) Like most cruise lines, you can take on-board two bottles of wine at embarkation - but on Princess you can also take as much more wine as you like & at registration pay a fee of $15 per bottle (check if that's up-to-date). When we sailed Princess out of Sydney we saved a chunk by taking aboard a dozen bottles at Sydney bottle-shop prices - even with the $15 per bottle charge it was cheaper than their cheapest wine and a wine that we knew we liked. Take it to dinner or wherever, corkage is included in the $15. So check the price of your favourites at ASDA etc. Then check the current Princess offerings & prices, add the (still?) $15 & do the maths. The Baltic is a great place to cruise - at most ports DIY is easy, so spend the bulk of your shore money on a St Petersburg tour with a local operator (not thro the ship) JB * that bit doesn't quite read as intended
  24. Hi Trident - followed you and Carol on the Maasdam. You say you'll be on the Rotterdam in 10 days - are you on the Amsterdam-Rome and then Rome-Rome to Holylands?
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