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  1. Last year from the Nieuw Statendam in Corfu, Greece. We toured on our own and enjoyed many beautiful sights. Just the views from the ship were nice. We were in port along with Oceania and Silver Seas, so we were the "poor" boys, but we didn't feel bad!
  2. River cruising in Europe is about to return but it will be quite an exclusive affair as many borders are still closed for leisure. When more borders open in June and July and cruises are up and running on a larger scale all over the world, will you actually get to it? Or back home? Some countries are doing better than others and the worry is there for cases to rise again when people travel more. The UK is reacting with a 14-day-quarantine just as more countries are opening their borders across the European continent. So how do we tackle this return to tourism traffic? To reduce the thread, the Baltic states have introduced a travel bubble among themselves, Australia and New Zealand have come up with the idea among themselves and European countries are discussing such "air bridges", especially those that rely heavily on tourism, for example Spain where many Germans want to go again for their Summer holidays (and second homes). Here is an article on the subject: https://www.travelpulse.com/news/impacting-travel/could-air-bridges-and-travel-bubbles-save-europes-summer-season.html Although Europe, i.e the Schengen states and affiliates, should react in unison, it does not look like it will - they do not have to in this. As regards the external borders - that remains to be seen. On 1 June I could sail through the whole of Germany, but could not cross the border into Strasbourg, as an example. Could you fly to Amsterdam and sail as far as Budapest - but cannot fly back home? Arrive in the UK and be stuck? Scrap the extension to Poland? The Danube beyond Budapest? Russia? India? Who knows... One thing is sure, it will get even more complicated, especially for those relying on long-distance air travel to get to their port. notamermaid
  3. today is Emergency Nurses Day, National Dessert Day, and International Spinning Top Day Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Meal Suggestion for today - Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole Drink of the Day - White Russian Wine of the day - Viña Montes Alpha M Colchagua Valley vintage 2015 At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Statendam destination Southampton eta 10/15 Balboa Anchorage Koningsdam Brindisi Italy Anchorage Zuiderdam Caracas Bay Oosterdam Katakolon Greece Anchorage Noordam Torquay GB Volendam Westerdam Zaandam Willemstad Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam
  4. today is White Cane Safety Day, Global Handwashing Day, and Breast Health Day For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong. -- H. L. Mencken Meal suggestion for today - Black Bean Soup Drink of the Day - Long Island Iced Tea Wine of the day - Revana Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley vintage 2014 Balboa Anchorage Koningsdam Brindisi Italy Anchorage Zuiderdam Caracas Bay Oosterdam Katakolon Greece Anchorage Noordam Southampton Nieuw Statendam Torquay GB Volendam Westerdam Zaandam Willemstad Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam
  5. Sorry didn't read clues properly, 40 times must be local. Rotterdam or Amsterdam ?
  6. Jewel has always been scheduled for North Europe in summer 2021, they just moved her ftom Amsterdam to Copenhagen/Stockholm.
  7. Thank you for the Daily, Rich. Love the selection of days, especially Clean Up the Earth Day. So true on the quote. Since I don't do seafood I'll pass on the salmon; my alternative is Chilled Peach and Ginger Soup, Spice Crusted Prime Rib, and Apricot Crisp as served on the Amsterdam October 22, 2017. It was a very stormy day and I'm glad I was well enough to enjoy it. Today's care list: Mrs Vmax with radiation looming Caregiver Gsel and her DH battling Alzheimers California and Colorado Wildfires Sharon’s book club member and Krazy Kruisers and Joe Today's Celebrations and shoutouts: Front Line Health Care Workers Teachers and school workers Fall colors Spring coming to New Zealand A Baltimore performing arts group cheering and dancing for voters dropping their ballots in drop boxes. And the Utah Republican and Democratic Gubernatorial candidates, appearing together in a joint ad for unity. Roy
  8. Such exciting news! Can’t wait for cruising to start back up again. Fred have bought the 2 flagships of the Holland America line, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We’ll be booking as soon as we can. https://www.bonheur.no/latest-news1?SelectedRelease=http://publish.ne.cision.com/Release/GetDetail/7CDB812CA7F9D5C5
  9. A year ago today, on the second half of the Best of the Med on the Nieuw Statendam, we were in Croatia.
  10. The gull gray hull color was introduced by HAL to their ships in 1956 and lasted fifteen years with the change to what is now known as "Nieuw Amsterdam blue" occurring in the last half of 1971. It coincided with a new house flag and logo which was the three stylized waves on an orange background, soon acquiring the nickname of the "three slugs" because folks felt that's what they looked like. Interestingly enough, "the Darling of the Dutch" (Nieuw Amsterdam II from 1938) was allowed to remain in her gray hull colors with the yellow funnel and green-white-green (the latter being the official colors of the city of Rotterdam) until her retirement in 1973. As far as Nieuw A II and Rotterdam V being close together, me thinks that's more of an optical Aleutian 😉 Seal and official colors (green-white-green) of the city of Rotterdam, the city's motto "Sterker door Strijd" meaning "Stronger through Battle or Struggle" Rotterdam V in gray and dark blue hull colors
  11. Zaandam, Nieuw Statendam, Westerdam and Volendam off Torquay, UK
  12. April 6, 2019 - Sailing away from Half Moon Cay on the Koningsdam with the Nieuw Statendam soon to follow. We had quite the toot-fest!
  13. today is International Skeptics Day, Good Samaritan Day, and International Face Your Fears Day The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been. -- Alan Ashley-Pitt Meal suggestion for today - Chicken Carbonara Drink of the Day - Negroni Wine of the day - The Calling Chardonnay Russian River Valley Dutton Ranch vintage 2015 Balboa Anchorage Koningsdam Brindisi Italy Anchorage Zuiderdam Caracas Bay Oosterdam Katakolon Greece Anchorage Noordam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Torquay GB Volendam Westerdam Zaandam Willemstad Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam
  14. Ours finally came home on Tuesday! DHL has the contract for the luggage going to Canada. The US deliveries are being handled by FedEx, and much of it is taking its sweet time crossing those last few miles. @LawDog61, when we left the ship in Perth it was panic and chaos. The Australian government was changing the rules hourly, and the debark windows were small, few, and tightly controlled. There were border guards at the gangway making sure no one got on or off. Before we actually docked, basic permission to land at all was alternately permitted and revoked. When your assigned debark window came, you moved fast before permission was revoked and negotiations to debark passengers began again. And yes, that happened. More than once. On clearing customs, we were herded onto busses for transport to either the airport or a day hotel because waiting around in the airport was not permitted. Multiple ships full of passengers were vying for space on a shrinking number of flights as planes were grounded in droves and existing flight reservations were being cancelled by the airlines. There was neither the time nor the infrastructure to deal with amount of luggage 1200 people need to cover climates from Antarctica to the equator for 4 1/2 months. One of the many other ships in with us was the Princess world cruise, with a similar load. Taking it all with us was never an option. As we sailed around the Australian continent looking for permission to land somewhere, we were directed to pack and label our luggage and leave it in the cabins. We took only what we couldn’t leave behind. The plan was for the Amsterdam, minus passengers, to return to Fort Lauderdale and unload the luggage for shipment across country. We were warned it could take up to six weeks. Well, 2020 continued to happen. The Amsterdam never came home again. In the end, she was sold and the luggage was transferred to a freighter in Singapore. The freighter plugged around the globe port by port, finally reaching Florida at the end of August. After a further month of sorting and clearing US customs, it is finally making its way back to the homes it left back at New Years. Sorry this was so long, but I thought some background might be useful.
  15. today is World Arthritis Day, Old Farmer's Day, and Moment of Frustration Day Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Members! Do not believe in miracles -- rely on them. Meal suggestion for today - Chicken Posole Drink of the Day - Planter's Punch Wine of the day - Bodegas Alto Moncayo Garnacha Campo de Borja Veraton vintage 2014 Balboa Anchorage Koningsdam Brindisi Italy Anchorage Zuiderdam Caracas Bay Oosterdam Katakolon Greece Anchorage Noordam Scheveningen NL Anchorage Nieuw Statendam Torquay GB Volendam Westerdam Zaandam Willemstad Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam
  16. October 21, 2017 the Amsterdam was in Kagoshima, Japan. We had 2 stops on my tour beginning with Aimura Lava Park, a collection of trails, tunnel, and bridges in a big lava field: The other stop was Sengen-en gardens and Shokko Shuiseikan Museum. The spot is the residence of the ruler on the island in the 17th to 19th centuries. We had heavy rain as we left Kagoshima but a local high school band gave us a great sendoff anyway. Their music included a fabulous version of "In The Mood" that really had the Promenade Deck jumping. Roy
  17. Well said. Our daughter and SIL live in Taipei, where the Diamond Princess stopped just a couple of days before her horror show in Japan. Taiwan went into a very tight lockdown for a fairly short time. SARS devastated Taiwan in it’s day, and the plan developed from those lessons was put into place immediately. There was no problem with people complying with mask wearing. As a result, they don’t need to any more. With the exception of international travel, their lives went back to normal months ago. My daughter now has social freedoms that we haven’t had since we left the Amsterdam in Fremantle.
  18. Yes, of course! Told you it was easy. If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam in the spring, you must take an extra day to visit Keukenhof. It is just so relaxing and calm. I don't know how many hundreds of pictures I took that day, but this one is my favorite (I think) Ok capriccio, your turn!
  19. Yes, we loved both cities. Especially Amsterdam. Stayed in a canal-side apartment conversion, tall & very narrow building with a front wall which, like most canal-side buildings, leaned forward enable furniture & such to be hoisted to the upper windows. JB
  20. OOPS, thank you for pointing out my mistake. I should change that to Copenhagen, but unfortunately too late as the edit function is now gone. early in the morning, but that really is no excuse, my bad. I will still maintain that Amsterdam is a fascinating city. And Copenhagen is also, though we were disappointed when we found out that many things would be closed as our post cruise day there was on a Monday.
  21. Yes, Amsterdam's Little Mermaid is exceptionally well-hidden - I've not found it despite years of searching. But Copenhagen's Little Mermaid is a lot easier to find (but yes, very small) JB
  22. Thank you for the Daily, Rich. I must check my meds every day. I pretty much take my buttons for granted. I'm not really into Nachos or Corned beef. Love the quote, almost a corollary to "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". My alternate menu suggestion is Chilled Apricot Soup, Japanese Chicken Yakitori, and Blueberry Crisp, as served on the Amsterdam October 21, 2017. Today's care list: Mrs Vmax with radiation looming Caregiver Gsel and her DH battling Alzheimers California and Colorado (with a new one) Wildfires Family and friends of Denise’s friend who died of cancer October 13 Sharon’s book club member and Krazy Kruisers and Joe Today's Celebrations and shoutouts: Occasional posters including Sososailer and HalSailer Front Line Health Care Workers Teachers and school workers Seasick Sailer’s kitchen straightened out Fall colors A safe return for Cruising-Along Debbie’s nephew and his girlfriend The World Series Roy PS: I’ve heard on the news that Ireland is going back into lockdown. It’s probably quite lucky that Mrs. Vmax got her operation when she did.
  23. Hello, I have been looking at a cruse on the Nieuw Statendam for next spring and I am a bit puzzled. What is the difference between a veranda cabin and a vista suite. I see that the veranda has the living area next to the patio and the VS has the bed next to it. Really would like to know what is different before I book. Also if anyone has stayed in a VS what are your thoughts. Thanks
  24. HAL loyal guests are interested in when and where ships might begin to sail again with paying passengers, both for their own particular enjoyment and the financial survival of the brand. For example, looking at the dispersed fleet as of today, one could guess that the first sailings for HAL sometime this winter, could be Koningsdam out of San Diego and Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam out of Port Everglades. If successful, they would be followed by Nieuw Statendam out of Amsterdam, and/or Noordam out of Piraeus and Zuiderdam out of Civitavecchia later on in the spring. This, of course, is only total conjecture on my part. But, it could be interesting and/or informative to some. All of the unanswered questions raised earlier would still, of course, apply.
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