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  1. Thank you for the link....will be in a front facing on the Nieuw Amsterdam in November....they seem a bit larger than standard.
  2. Getting very close to disappearing behind the Amsterdam. Roy
  3. I miss Kirk Lanterman's hand on the wheel. That era of HAL, and the years before he came aboard, are my favorite HAL years. Mr. Lanterman earned his retirement as did the rest of us so fortunate to be in that status. Stein Kruse was a worthy successor to Mr. Lanterman. He continued the HAL that I knew for some time. I was privileged to meet and speak with Mr. Kruse twice when he was President of HAL. We were both on the same page. What happened next? Mr. Kruse earned a corporate promotion which he received. He could no longer focus solely on HAL. Why was Mr. Ashford chosen to replace him? It makes sense to bring into the Company someone who has "no pre-conceived ideas" as to what a 21st Century HAL guest might enjoy. Perhaps, that was the reason he was chosen. There have been positives in recent years: 1. Crews remain a hallmark of the welcoming experience that HAL guests enjoy. 2. The ships are well maintained, their decor is lovely and provide a pleasant experience with the Pinnacle Class ships showcasing some art that, for this Senior Citizen, I really don't appreciate. 3. Many itineraries of HAL are interesting. Most Alaska and Caribbean itineraries, not so much. 4. An increasing variety of dining options. Sel de Mer is clearly a winner whether a stand alone or a pop-up. Tamarind and Pinnacle Grill seems to depend upon whose in charge in the galley. (That is particularly true in the MDR. Many of my MDR dinners on Nieuw Statendam in January were disappointing. My July MDR dinners on Westerdam were excellent. I have found that same "variation" on other HAL cruises.) 5. Lincoln Center Stage, Rolling Stone Rock Room, Billboard on Board are all good additions to the cruise experience. 6. Interactive TVs in the staterooms with a wide variety of video and audio options is something that I enjoy. 7. The new Marketplace Concept organization in the Lido Restaurants is, for me, far superior to the chaotic Horizon Court/Horizon Bistro concept on the Royal Princess (which I assume is the same as the other ships of the Royal Class). Recent Disappointments: 1. Main Showroom entertainment that lacks the proper use of the technical ability of the theater reducing the enjoyment of the guest. (Dear Mr. Ashford: sail on Coral Princess and attend the On the Bayou program in the ship's Universe Lounge. The Universe Lounge is NOT the ship's main showroom.) 2. The decision to convert the Crow's Nest to the EXC concept: what information is now available that was not available before? Interactive screens are "interesting". But, what do they contribute to the guest's cruise experience? If you want to improve the guests shore experience, then start providing quality, detailed maps of the ports to the guests staterooms. 3. "Sucking up" to some brand name companies/individuals, i.e. James Suckling, ATK. that do little to nothing to improve the guest experience. How many times must the "Salmon program" for ATK be presented? The new wine list from your wine expert omits excellent wines that were reasonably priced for wines that are inferior, in my opinion, sold at a higher price. 4. An on going complaint of mine: the post cruise survey. If one is gone from one's computer longer than the survey is "active", other than writing a letter or sending an e-mail one cannot communicate one's views.
  4. ms Amsterdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Eurodam Seattle Washington 07:00 - 16:00 Web Cam https://www.spaceneedle.com/webcam/ ms Koningsdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Maasdam At Sea 00:00 - 24:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Vancouver BC Canada 07:00 - 16:30 Web Cam http://www.northvancouver.com/webcams/cruisecam/ Web Cam http://webcam.visioncritical.com/ ms Nieuw Statendam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Noordam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Oosterdam Victoria Vancouver Island 18:00 - 23:30 Web Cam http://www.bigwavedave.ca/webcams.php?cam=10 ms Rotterdam Amsterdam Holland 07:00 - 17:00 ms Veendam Boston Massachusetts 07:00 - 16:00 ms Volendam Skagway Alaska 07:00 - 21:00 Web Cam https://wpyr.com/sights-sounds/webcams/ ms Westerdam Cruising 00:00 - 24:00 ms Zaandam Montreal Quebec Canada 07:00 - 16:00 ms Zuiderdam Sydney/Nova Scotia 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  5. Hello All, (Note: I may cross post this on the Holland America forum too) So last July my extended family and I took a round trip Alaska cruise out of Vancouver on Holland America's Niuew Amsterdam. I researched the heck out of it and specifically selected that route and boat. It was my first cruise and I LOVED IT! So this year has been insane with work, but i have a little break now and am toying with the idea of a last minute Alaska cruise here in the next few weeks for my wife and I - just to get to some cooler weather and really unwind. Of course as I look at the options, I keep coming back to the same decision points I ran into last year (ports, ship, route, time, etc.). We would only do a week so a land tour is not really on the table this year either I'm afraid. Given the last minute compromises (i.e. limited cabin choice, September weather, etc.), I am only considering this if I can do it for a tolerable sum. Having said that, a balcony is a must as is a more true "inside passage". Anyway, I have narrowed the choices somewhat to these two options: 1 - Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam - Balcony Guaranteed - 08/31-09/07 - Vancouver to Vancouver Roundtrip (note: this is the same cruise we did last year) Ship built in 2004; refit in early 2017 2 - Holland America's Westerdam - Signature Suite Guaranteed - 09/01-09/08 - Seward to Vancouver (Southbound) Ship built in 2010; refit at end of 2017 The boats are similar in size (about 2K passengers) but the Westerdam is an older class of ship (and 6 years older of course). The ports are, of course, almost identical - Glacier Bay, Juneau, Skagway & Ketchikan (besides the disembarkation obviously). However, the Nieuw Amsterdam does offer the Tracy Arm Excursion "from the boat" on the way to Juneau (assuming that excursion isn't already booked). The combined ship and airfare cost is only about $300 different for these two. The Items that come to mind on these two are: 1. Newer boat is generally going to be nicer - win Nieuw Amsterdam 2. Signature suite (which we had last year) is DEFINITELY nicer than a regular balcony cabin - win for Westerdam 3. Guaranteed cabins are always a crapshoot, BUT the Signature suites on Westerdam are virtually all located in great areas so the risk is low. Conversely, I (who am a bit prone to motion sickness), would be gambling a lot more with a "guaranteed" balcony (they are all over the ship - win for Westerdam. 4. Flying in/out of Vancouver is a lot simpler, cheaper and less tiring than flying in to Anchorage. The latter requires transport from Anchorage to Seward as well. Southbound would be ideal if we were doing a land tour, but we aren't - win for Nieuw Amsterdam. 5. As noted above, I am a bit prone to motion sickness. The Nieuw Amsterdam route is pretty much ideal for me, whereas the Westerdam crosses the Gulf of Alaska (in September) and could be rougher. If the Westerdam stopped at Hubbard Glacier it might be more "worth it" but it doesn't - win Nieuw Amsterdam. 6. The times in port are almost a wash, but the Westerdam does have a small advantage here for Juneau as it docks and leaves earlier (and in September it will get dark around 7:00 pm so any excursions running after that may not work out) - win Westerdam. 7. Overall route is almost a wash, but since the Nieuw Amsterdam does "pull over" on the way to Tracy Arm for a small boat excursion, it offers that option. Of coruse I have node idea if it is already fully booked. - win Niuew Amsterdam (small). Anyway, does anyone care to chime in on any of this with their thoughts/opinions? Anything I haven't thought of here??? No wrong answers of course!!! Itineraries:
  6. Bummer! We are heading to Amsterdam (then Bergen) to join the ship, and had our fingers crossed..guess it is better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Amsterdam passing Grand Island. Time for me to head home from the fire house. Roy
  8. Maasdam will be sailing that 14 day itinerary out of Vancouver next year. Inside passage and some other changes, (no Kodiak). I hope they keep the EXC in-depth concept that we enjoyed this year on the Maasdam. I see the Amsterdam is practicing lifeboat drills in the Juneau rain today.
  9. Not necessarily. He may have been on for a while and not carried over the VHF radio. BTW, this is the Amsterdam's final season in Alaska for a while. Not sure which ship will do that itinerary the next few years. I wonder if the Vistas will fit in Anchorage. Roy
  10. Just called Holland America to take advantage of an upgrade special for an obstructed veranda and was assigned a handicapped obstructed veranda. When I saw the cabin on the deck plan, I explained I didn't need a handicap room and feared I was keeping it from someone who really needed one. The agent told me for that very reason they usually don't assign these cabins to non-handicapped passengers until it is within 30 days of the cruise, which it is. The cabin, 4096 on Nieuw Statendam, is naturally larger and also looks to have a larger balcony than other veranda cabins and I feel I made a good choice to upgrade. However, I can't help but worry someone who actually needs a handicapped room will join the cruise between now and the time we sail. If that should happen, will I be asked to move or will they simply not be able to cruise? If I were asked to change cabins for this reason, I certainly would but wonder if anyone has had any experience with this? Also wondering if anyone has sailed in this particular cabin? I saw photos of one similar that looked to have two separate balcony doors but could easily be mistaken.
  11. Anyone else sailing on NS for the New Year Eve cruise -Dec 29? I didn't see a roll call for it. Our first time on HAL, have sailed many other cruise lines. Wondering if they will do something special for New Years Eve?
  12. On our last cruise, everything said was repeated in Spanish over the announcement system since the ship departed from Barcelona. Is it the same thing on cruises out of Amsterdam, only repeated in Dutch? If so, this is good as we understand Dutch easier than Spanish and it'll help us get immersed back into the language.
  13. If you are interested in that, the Ryndam is scheduled to be in the Mediterranean in September and October 2021; probably will do the Med itineraries that Nieuw Statendam is doing in 2019 and 2020 from Civitavecchia
  14. Eurodam will be at the AS dock from 1300-2300 and Nieuw Amsterdam at the CT dock from 1300-2200. Also in port are Ruby Princess at the FKL dock from 1100-2215 and Solstice at the AJ dock from 1330-2200. Monday is looking to be the nicest day of the week with a 0% chance of rain and a high of 63F/17C but a chilly low of 44F/7C. Sunrise is at 5:28 am and sunset at 8:33 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Oosterdam on Tuesday.
  15. Considering a future cruise on the Koningsdam but am concerned that it might “feel” more crowded as opposed to the slightly smaller NA. Sailed on the NA 1.5 years ago and did enjoy the cruise. Relaxing and never felt crowded. Sailed on several Celebrity ships and sometimes the ships felt VERY crowded. I know this is really a very subjective questions as feeling crowded can be a very personal thing. But any comments would be welcomed. Trying to decide to sail the K or just go back to the NA for a cruise. BTW, the time of the cruise would be wither October or December. And I would **think** that those times of years would not be incredibly crowded, but who knows!
  16. Amsterdam docked in Juneau for the last time. See you later for Volendam. Roy
  17. Hi. We recently did a 7 night Danube cruise on Crystal Mozart and had a great time. We are contemplating to do an another Crystal river cruise, perhaps in 2021. We think we would like to cruise on the Rhine next, probably in the fall (before the Christmas Market prices kick in). We are thinking about the 7 night Amsterdam to Basel, or the reverse. It appears the ports of calls are identical whether it is southbound or northbound. Has any of you done one or both of these cruises on the Rhine? Is there a not-so-obvious pros/cons of the southbound vs. northbound? Our initial thought is that we would prefer northbound because then we can spend a few days in Basel (where we have never been) before the cruise, and am hoping that there are more convenient flights out of Amsterdam (where we have done most of the typical sights before) if we want to fly home at the end of the cruise.
  18. Your responses may be limited because not too many people will have done this excursion with NCL. Amsterdam isn’t that common as a Port of call with NCL and when it is they may dock centrally (as we did when we stopped there in August) meaning that this transfer isn’t necessary. However, I would guess that it would drop you either near Centraal Station or Dam square. Whether it is within walking distance depends a bit on what you consider to be walking distance. I suspect that you are likely to be dropped 1.5-2 miles from the Van Gogh museum, which I would certainly consider is easy walking distance.
  19. I can give you a preview for Europe 2021 summer schedule based on the port registries, but the info can change anytime: Mediterranean Zuiderdam Westerdam Northern Europe Ryndam Nieuw Statendam Veendam Zaandam Rotterdam (?)
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