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  1. I have purchased a Neptune Suite and was sent an "Important Notice" yesterday that states "because new ships sometimes have design changes from their original specifications, we want to advise you that the suite you booked does not have a bathtub as initially indicated on the deck plan. Instead, your bathroom features a spacious walk in shower." My booking was a guarantee although probably an SC I was told(it was a casino deal). I certainly had hoped for a tub. Do ANY of the Neptunes have the whirlpool tub advertised? When I pull up the Nieuw Statendam on their website today the SCs indicate a tub as do the SBs. I'm confused.
  2. All of the photos I’m taking are with my iPhone 8+. Orlando Ashford held a town hall this afternoon and we learned a bit more about the direction HAL is going - new ideas and how they’ve been implemented both on the Nieuw Statendam as well as fleet-wide. The Lincoln Center piano quintet also gave a matinee performance this afternoon and they were absolutely delightful.
  3. There's a little video on the HAL site. Under activities, I think. I believe that @scluvsrainhas photos and one of the ladies has a report on the live from the Nieuw Statendam thread that was started by @Vict0riann. Look around page 5,IIRC.
  4. In the thread about the Nieuw Statendam's inaugural voyage by @Vict0riannand @scluvsrain, Sherita took some pictures from the retreat area. It's a similar set up, so this may help.
  5. I just took one for a Signature Suite on the Nieuw Statendam. Up from a Vista for our 6th cruise on HAL. I wanted the Neptune but the price wasn't right so I figured we better get what we could before the limited SS's are all gone. I agree with the previous poster who said know what you are comfortable spending.
  6. Captain Albert’s Blog showed us some samples of the art of the Nieuw Statendam. From his photos and descriptions it sounds like the art is something to be contemplated, not always what you expect when doing a quick walk by. The same seems to be true of the Christmas Tree. Great job of photographing the artwork, Sherita! Kudos for being #1 aboard!
  7. For completeness, I just asked on the Nieuw Statendam thread and internet is the unlimited plans.
  8. Go check out the thread "LIVE from the Nieuw Statendam." Lots of pics including sushi bar menu with prices. I am wondering if the dry dock will change the Koningsdam to some of the NS configurations- like the outdoor bar in Tamarind!
  9. While looking at dining options for my upcoming Mediterranean cruise on the Koningsdam, I came upon this: ULTIMATE DINING PACKAGE Experience five unique Specialty restaurants and save when you purchase the Ultimate Dining Package. This per person package includes an evening in Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind, Nami Sushi*, Sel de mer*, and Canaletto. Upon embarkation be contacted by one of our Restaurant Managers to arrange your reservations. *Please note there is a $30 total limit on a la carte items in Sel de Mer and $15 limit at the Nami Sushi *Full price value of $120, a savings of $25. This is the first I’ve heard about Nami sushi on the Koningsdam, though I did read about the sushi space on the Nieuw Statendam. I’m curious what $15 would get there. If anyone has heard any rumors please share! And of course I expect we will hear first hand reviews once it is launched. Thanks!!
  10. Hello Copper, Any idea yet who the Captain, Hotel Director and Cruise Director might be for the Volendam 30-day Incan Empires cruise from San Diego on February 2nd? Would it be pushing my luck to also ask for Cellar Master (Csaba told us he would board in Lima but I believe he is now on the Nieuw Statendam) and Mix entertainer? Thanks for all your help.
  11. Once again, BON VOYAGE to all you lucky people who are sailing today on the beautiful Nieuw Statendam! And, thank you for taking us all with you by posting your comments and photos here. We appreciate it very much and thank you for taking the time out of your vacation to do it. BON VOYAGE!! ~Barbara~
  12. It looks like it is now 11:43AM in Rome (5:43AM ESt). Nieuw Statendam should be boarding her first revenue passengers. Roy
  13. It’s Almost Time To Meet the Nieuw Statendam As we start packing to get on the ship, it struck us that the highlight of our brief stay in Rome wasn’t the sights but the locals we met and shared some moments with. It looks like we have a large numbers of CC’ers taking the inaugural voyage and are looking forward to the meet and greet tomorrow.
  14. The Innagural Cruise of the Nieuw Statendam is about to commence! Thanks for the report
  15. So we know for sure that they will allow smoking in the Nieuw Statendam casino?
  16. Days -3 and -2 have been uploaded to my blog. Below are pictures of the Nieuw Statendam berthed at Civitavecchia this afternoon and later in the dark. The ship is on the right and berthed behind a Viking ship. Today we met a number of fellow passengers and even 3 crew members at a restaurant while eating dinner.
  17. Back to the original topic -- Edge vs HAL ships. I think Celebrity may have gone "South Beach" on this one - lots of sizzle but not much meat. The Infinite Balcony concept is a great idea, but very poor in practice. In effect, it is an oceanview with a window that slides down. This has a few considerable failures. 1. The shades are on the outer wall, so one person cannot enjoy the balcony while another sleeps in darkness. 2. The fresh breezes (that I personally love) are not there, as the balcony is a box with an opening on one side (front), rather than openings on four sides (left, right, top, front). Additionally, the costs (not only the cruise fare) are not in line with the value -- some venues' beverages are not included in the beverage packages (even the premium) and the specialty restaurants are crazy expensive. Although I'm Elite on Celebrity, I don't see going on an Edge-class ship any time soon. I hope the "Edgification" of the rest of the fleet doesn't ruin it. And now I'm looking forward to our next cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. The fare was acceptable, the ship looks beautiful, and I remember fondly the great crew service on HAL (although that was a decade ago). So, for those with ship envy... Enjoy! To each their own!
  18. We sail both lines, and will be on Edge in January and Nieuw Statendam in April. Both companies have positive aspects. I like Celebrity's modern style trends and suite passenger benefits, but love HAL's more classical ocean-going vessels and wonderful crew. Variety is the spice of life!
  19. Had a choice between flying to Rome to cruise Nieuw Statendam in Rome on 12/05 or fly to Australia on the Noordam. It was quite a toss up with DW, but decided to head, down under for a nice 15 day cruise, which will be the longest cruise we will be experiencing. We have done several HAL cruises, will be one cruise short of getting our 3 star Mainer status. Of course, just a rookie by most cruisers standards. Flying from PNW to San Francisco, then a long 15 hour journey to Sydney. It will be DW and our youngest daughter, who also has racked up some HAL cruises. Will be staying in a VC stateroom, though DW has been spoiled in the Suites, especially the Neptune. In sure we will be spoiled as usual by the HAL staff. Haven't had a bad cruise on HAL, and don't expect this one to be different. We will be doing the 07 Dec 15 day Sydney roundtrip, was hoping if there was any tips on excusions to any of those islands.
  20. Hi David; small correction; Nieuw Statendam will be calling at Messina, Sicily tomorrow, Monday, 03 Dec 18 from 1000 hrs until 2000 hrs. Messina became a substitute for Dubrovnik, Croatia (originally scheduled for today) due to some technical issues that delayed her departure from Venice and would result in an afternoon arrival at the Croatian city
  21. With the introduction of Nami Sushi onboard The Pinnacle-Class vessels, some people claim that the free sushi at the Distant Lands Asian station in the Lido Market will be discontinued. although not comparable to high quality sushi, the items served there are consistently tasty and a real added value to the food experience. as someone who is opposing trend of surcharge venues, I truly hope that HAL is wise enough to keep the free sushi, and not diminish its quality. we already have to miss the Mexican self-serve station onboard HAL’s largest vessels, please keep the sushi free. I would be very grateful if those passengers onboard Nieuw Statendam could report on the sushi situation. much obliged, Despegue, writing to you from Barbados 👍 (hard at work)
  22. According to Captain Alberts blog the Nieuw Statendam is now on a shakedown cruise as she heads to the Román Port to begin her inaugural voyage from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale. I believe she is in Dubrovnik today. As I understand it the shakedown cruise is to get the bugs out of the ship before she takes paying passengers By the way thank you for the fleet report
  23. Finally getting back to this thread. I must admit I am surprised to see how the stern deck is being used. That’s prime real estate to be used for laser tag. As an adult sun area that can be used by many at a given time it’s being dedicated to maybe a handful of players. Considering out door deck space is tight on a full ship, to now move people to the area forward previously used by laser tag on the bliss will be extra tight. If this same area on Encore is to be An adult sunning area, will it compete with the Vibe one deck below? I am also surprised to see the Galaxy pavilion added.... yet another large space that may be dedicated to only a small number of passengers at a given time. i enjoyed the Bliss; great crew and service. Great dinning, great entertainment, elegant decor. But too many people and rude passengers. Will I stay with NCL, not sure. I switched my Encore booking from the inaugural crossing to her first Caribbean sailing. I hope the ship is great. But HAL is attracting me more... just booked the Nieuw Statendam for March....as a single passenger it was way less money than returning to the Bliss. NCL was my first, I just wish they would decide whether they want to be a premium line or a mass market / amusement park at sea. Maybe project Leonardo will be a shift in direction securing my loyalty once more. Final note...my sailing on Encore will be an anniversary for me....my first cruise was on Norwegian Caribbean Lines Southward in 1979....now Encore in November 2019... Thats a 40 year addiction, and ship number 89. Is there no cure for this cruising addiction? 🤪
  24. Hi all. Sailing Nieuw Statendam this month. We are Platinum NCL guests and trying HA for the first time. We always purchase or elect the beverage package in Haven in NCL. I think I will purchase the SBP, my question is having never sailed with you guys before, are a majority of your typical mixed drinks and boat drinks and such at or under 9$ on HA? My wife is a Jack and Coke fan, old fashioned, etc and I usually am a Tangueray, Dark and stormy, typical rum and mid grade vodka type of client on cruises. I don’t think we really need the Elite package for the 15$ Cap, but what kind of drinks exceed the 9 to the 15? It’s not much of a difference but figured I’d ask. Thanks all.
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