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  1. The Nieuw Statendam just past by the Piazza San Marco in Venetia a few minutes ago to start her "Shakedown Cruise " with all the " bigwigs" on board . Hope they save some wine for us ! Tony
  2. We will be on Nieuw Statendam next Wednesday, and I was interested to see the Retreat from the K. I think we will be just about under cabana 21 or 22. Just hoping that they will not be too popular on a TA in December! I can go up and take some pictures, if you like.
  3. The President's Club members always fascinate me. Mama Lou was the first one I knew. She cruised regularly out of Tampa in the winter months and brought supplies to children in the poorer port calls. Dr Jack is another of my favorite PC members. We met him on the Veendam first going to Rio for Carnivale and then again this year also on Veendam going to Cuba. He always dresses in coat and tie for happy hour and dinner and usually joined us for classical music (Adagio). He is 90, quite fit and except for eye sight, gets along very well. On our last cruise on the Eurodam to Hawaii, we met a couple from Michigan who are PC who have apple orchards to fund their cruising habit! They are in their mid 60's, so have the potential to really rack up some big cruise number days. They did the Prinsendam this past summer and are going on the Nieuw Statendam in a few weeks when it gets to Ft Lauderdale. I've met others, too, and the one thing they share is a positive outlook on life and of course HAL. I've got a long way to go to get to 1400 days, but hope I'm up to the challenge. It will take the time, the money, and good health....and a positive outlook.
  4. Hello, I’m booked on the Nieuw Statendam in March 2019 and have never cruised on HAL. Does this boat or any others have a messaging service so that we can communicate with the others in our group through an app or any other way? We have sailed with RCL and they have something within their app to use to communicate with those on board without having to purchase an internet plan.
  5. Returning to HAL for the first time since 2011. Just booked the Nieuw Statendam for a 7 day Norwegian fjord sailing out of Amsterdam starting July 19, 2020.
  6. Thanks for the report. FYI: The Nieuw Statendam left the shipyard today and is now docked in Venice. She now oned by Holland America.
  7. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere to this situation - I'm sailing on the Nieuw Statendam in March and needed 2 cabins. I received a past guest discount as a 2-star Mariner. The other couple with us consists of a 1 and 2-Star Mariner. Their past guest discount was not as generous as ours, so our TA booked the cabins with our discount. However, the cabin assignment has my DH and one of the other couple in a room, while I am listed in a room with the other spouse. TA said we had to do that to get the best rate. He said we can switch to the correct cabin on board. Has anyone done this? Can this be done at check-in or do I have to see guest services on the ship? Should we just get extra key cards (do they do that)? This is our 12th cruise and haven't been in this situation before. I am worried about all of the room charges, too. Thanks!
  8. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the Nieuw Statendam! Only one concern: I'll be aboard for two 7 day cruises. Will that give me enough time to really appreciate all this new vessel has to offer?
  9. The HQ was moved to New York City. I think it was 2 Penn Plaza. Back to packing for Nieuw Statendam🚢
  10. A couple of questions for you, Copper. Is it too early to know who the key officers will be on the Nieuw Statendam eastbound TA? Also, am I correct that will be her first visit to the Netherlands? Roy
  11. Also watching QM2 getting ready to depart St. Maarten. When I sail TA on Nieuw Statendam she'll be bringing me back home. Roy
  12. The Nieuw Statendam just went this morning from the construction site through the small channels into the Adriatic and to the port of Venice . Watched it on the "Live Ships map " . Great parking job from the captain with all the Big Shots on board ! Bon Voyage everybody see you in Civitavecchia .
  13. Just let me know which names you decided to use. It doesn't matter either way to me. I have several photos of the Nieuw Statendam, so it should be easy to fit the extruded text into a photo. I typically start my "Live From's" with a banner graphic and an introductory post and put the starter post up a day before the cruise. Of course, mine have been for cruises out of Florida, so I can throw up the post without the need to worry about travel. If I were you, I'd put the intro post up before I flew out or when I got to Italy. I'd probably opt for pre-flight because I am terrible at sleeping on planes and I'm always wiped out when I land in Europe.
  14. I guess it should be the first post? I also have a picture of the itinerary, maybe put that below POA's graphic? We can practice.. And we'd need a title for the thread, like "Live from the new Nieuw Statendam". I meant to say, you could email me at pnamcc at gmail dot com and we can work it out!
  15. On 10/31/18, talking about things that are different on the N.S. compared to the K, Capt Albert said: The 2nd change observed is in the Tamarind restaurant. On the Koningsdam there is a small Sushi bar in the ps. aft corner and because sushi is becoming so popular on the ships this bar has now been doubled in size for the Nieuw Statendam. There is also a seating area next to it with little booths for those who do not like sitting at the Bar. The rest of the Tamarind restaurant has remained the same and will no doubt prove to be as popular as ever. Back in March 2016, talking about the K, he said: Opposite is a Sushi Bar for those guests who do not want the full Tamarind Menu but just Sushi. My guess would be that there is a charge for eating at the sushi bar ... possibly the same price as the Tamarind proper. You don't actually need a reservation to eat at the Tamarind (i.e. walk-ins allowed if there is space available) so I imagine walk-ins are possible at the sushi bar.
  16. You are famous! And we love you! Thanks for everything you are doing for us! *hugs* My phone has facial recognition, and it knew me yesterday with my sunglasses on, which were not on me when I scanned for it during setup. I guess these things just know. Rest today, Super Edgie! You have earned it! Enjoy your dinner at 15th Street Fisheries. If you can, could you let me know (after you get home to VT is ok) how it was? I recall that you seemed familiar with the place, but things can change, you know. I found it online and want to try it on the 18th of December when I go over for my Nieuw Statendam cruise. Thanks! Enjoy your days off duty, even if you are not onboard.
  17. Yes, she has finished her trials and was handed over from Fincantieri to HAL today. Tomorrow, Friday, she'll sail from the Fincantieri yard to the Venice cruise terminal https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/excluderecent/29-november-2018-nieuw-statendam-building-one-day-to-go/
  18. Thanks David. I guess the Nieuw Statendam has finished sea trials?
  19. I was going to suggest reading Capt. Albert's blog as I seem to remember reading something about the Sushi bar earlier this month, but when I tried to find the entry, the blog would not go back beyond the current page. It has been interesting reading about the Nieuw Statendam as we'll be on the Christmas cruise. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/author/captain-albert/
  20. Any mentions of smoking in the casino? I wouldn't expect them to remove the casino staircase, as that is a major project, and they just installed it on the Nieuw Statendam.
  21. Sorry for bringing up an old thread. The idea that running a hotel and sailing a ship are very different businesses and different entities might be better at performing those services, in short "dividing the infrastructure from the cocktails" seems to be exactly what Cruise and Maritime Voyages does. I'm glad that my idea wasn't as absurd as everyone was telling me. "A good example is Cruise and Maritime Voyages which mainly operates in the United Kingdom. The owner provides the ship and quite often also the Deck and Engine crew and then the Hotel department is another entity which is hired to make the cruise ship crew complete. Then the Travel Agency designs the cruises, sells them and puts the clients on board. This can work very well but it can also have its challenges as all these different groups have their own focus points and their own bottom line to look at. So all the big companies who operate in the four, five and six star segment have everything in house." https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/excluderecent/23-november-2018-nieuw-statendam-building-7-days-to-go/
  22. Ed I believe you will enjoy the offered entertainment on the Koningsdam. You will have the New Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Venue. Lincoln Center provides outstanding musicians, Dueling Pianos had a full capacity audience every night as well as BB King. New dining venues, evening movie by the pool, great movie selection on room tv. To us it it was like being on a new cruise line but with the crew and service we adore on Holland America. Had the opportunity to see one of new solo cruiser cabins and we were impressed. It doesn’t take much to entertain us but we thoroughly enjoyed our first cruise on a Pinnacle Class ship. We are booked on a future Nieuw Statendam Cruise. Have a great cruise and let us know if you enjoyed it.
  23. Who is going to be the dining room manager on the Nieuw Statendam.
  24. Hello John ( Copper10-8 ) , I have a different kind of question that I have been toying with for a little bit . I believe the current Captain on the Volendam Capt Chris Turner is on his last stint as a Holland America Captain and is going into his retirement , the date I have heard from himself was January 2019 but that was about a year ago . Could you tell me if it is possible to send him our Best Wishes in his retirement . We have cruised with him on 4 different ships in very different regions and had some nice chats with him and a couple of very special Captains Dinners ! What do you think would be the best way to reach him , we will be on the Premier Cruise of the Nieuw Statendam next week and were wondering if we could drop a card at the front office or send it to Seattle . Any suggestions ? Thank you very much in advance . Always appreciate the wealth of information that you are able and willing to provide us with . Tony , "Sailing Dutchy "
  25. I will be checking on the Nieuw Statendam next week, too! I hope to be able to stay in touch... I seem to remember it was something like $25 off the price of the full-cruise package (but that was some time ago, on Westerdam, I think).
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