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  1. The deck plans for both the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam indicate a shower only in the Vista suites. We had 7193 on the K and only had a shower.
  2. Thanks for the updates. I don't see any groups on my Nieuw Statendam cruise March 24th.
  3. Tough one! My first thought was to lean toward Carnival. We have been on Carnival during New Year's and there were several mulit-generation family groups. It appeared that they all had a good time. Nieuw Statendam is new, not even sailing its inaugural voyage yet. My biggest concern with that situation is that the crew, although good, might not have their team-work down yet. All the ships mentioned are larger that what we usually sail on, that is our preference. If you have not used a local travel agent, then I strongly suggest that you consult one. Those people have the time and the knowledge to help you. Jim
  4. That would be Capt. Rens van Eerten then . people need to understand that yours and others lives may depend on the info that is given during the drill. So indeed, shut up, pay attention and respect those responsable for saving your live in an emergency. Full stop. The 3 tier system that HAL applies is very well thought out, let me try and explain a bit how things work when designing Evacuation procedures and assembly stations on ships. The Second stage alarm is very important actually. It gives the crew the ability and room to fight whatever they have to fight and it gives YOU, the passenger the chance to remain in a known location, close to needed medication and close to warm clothes ( take a hat). the third stage alarm means that all passengers need to assemble to the Assembly Stations ( your Muster Station) ( for the geeks, SOLAS reg II-2/28-1, reg III/6, is why I say assembly station ). Which does not mean an abandon ship but the need to get all passengers into certain, pre-determined zones, safe from hazard, in order to facilitate further decisions by the Master. This Assembly station ( and the whole second stage actually)is also designed to minimize time for the passenger to realize the situation and to get to your station from your cabin.( this is called Response duration and Total Travel duration) I can assure you that all these things are calculated, using complex formula and tables, with differentiations for night and day for example, calculating congestion pounts etc etc... for calculating purposes a specific demographic is used, males/females, age differences and mobility impaired or not. Example, calculations use 20 percent of passengers over 50 years old and mobility impaired. ( this is Standard, HAL might have more restricted calculation , but these are minima) even walking speed for each demographic is calculated. I know, lots of blablabla, but I just want you all to realize the complexity and that HAL or any other line, spends a lot of time and money to comply with these rules. Assembly Stations are NOT chosen at random and NOT that easily changed. IF an abandon ship is chosen, in case of Koningsdam/ Nieuw Statendam, then you will be escorted to an Embarkation Station, the actual place where you will board your lifeboat ( or raft).
  5. Yes- I saw that by the end of the year is the plan. But someone just posted that they are on the Koningsdam and the old system is still in place. Hoping for the new pricing on the Nieuw Statendam for the first sailing!
  6. Just Google Holland America Nieuw Statendam deck plan and download the pdf. It clearly shows the revised venue designations. Thank goodness someone re-thought their original design. Now just add a dance floor to the new rock venue - then it will be perfect! Fingers crossed.
  7. Does anyone know if Nieuw Statendam will have these plans? Thanks!
  8. HAL and especially Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam offer much the same experience as X, but with a better price/quality, no class-system and better food. forget the image of retiree-ships, the latest vessels are designed by Adam Tihany . we are Elite on X but their current pricing is simply ridiculous compared to competitors delivering an equal product. Also in terms of Safety, HAL is top.
  9. This is great news! After nearly 20 cruises without one, we recently booked a retreat cabana on the Nieuw Statendam after reading this article in the travel section of the NY Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/04/travel/las-vegas-pools.html The retreat cabana is a bargain in comparison. Of course, the atmosphere and age demographics are probably much different at the Vegas pools than on HAL.
  10. Hi All, Taking our first HAL cruise on Nieuw Statendam on 19th December for 4 nights. It says check-in opens from 1pm, but what time can you normally get onboard from? Most cruise lines are around 11am. This is also the same day I think the ship has it's naming ceremony. Thanks for your help.
  11. Yes, based on my experience on the Nieuw Statendam's sister ship. Koningsdam, you don't want a cabin that is above an unspecified gray area on deck 3. That area is immediately adjacent to the MDR and more than likely is some kind of food storage or food prep area. If you're restricted to cabins on Deck 4 due to budget, I would suggest you look at cabins a little more forward that are above some of the stores. Not much noise from them. My preferred deck is 5 - there are cabins above and below you.
  12. My mistake - I meant to say Nieuw Statendam. The point being there are no Pinnacle Suites listed for any but the two newest ships. They changed the format of the cabin booking page and excluded any mention of Pinnacle Suites.
  13. Jacqui: Father McGeean, HIMSELF, will be a passenger on the Nieuw Statendam from February 24th to March 3rd. This cruise will be to the Western Caribbean. Please add this onr. This will be in 2019.
  14. HAL has solo oceanview staterooms on the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. Sadly, it's often cheaper to book a regular oceanview stateroom even with the single supplement. The solos seem to get overpriced, which doesn't make any sense. The best advice is to decide on what you want to spend for your cruise fare, then look at any & all staterooms that fit within that budget. As a solo, we will always pay more than the "per person" rate of a couple. Sue/WDW1972
  15. eroller

    She's back!

    Lucky you Bob! Enjoy. No MSC cruises at the moment. QM2 next month on a crossing then a Royal Caribbean cruise to Cuba. February is up for grabs, so perhaps SEASIDE again (non-YC) or maybe even HAL's NIEUW STATENDAM. I really want to sail on CELEBRITY EDGE but prices are sky high. I'll let the hype die down.
  16. And I think it will only be on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, which has so many other specialty dining options (Tamarind, Sel de Mer, Pinnacle) that it would be a waste of money!
  17. You were so lucky to have an iceberg sail-by! I have a couple of questions regarding CC. I imagine you have an internet package - full time? Does CC make you log in every time you post? Are you using a laptop or a smaller device? Every time I use my phone or iPad, CC makes me log in, which is a nuisance. I was hoping to be able to post while we are on the Nieuw Statendam premier voyage, but a lot depends on the type of internet packages they have, and the price. I may have to wait until we are in port somewhere.
  18. He’s back posting on the blog as of today, The good news is Nieuw Statendam is on time🍾🚢😀
  19. Hi Jacqui, please add: 17 November 2019 Nieuw Statendam 14 day Western / Tropical Caribbean. Hopefully they will have figured the new wine packages and prices by then 😉
  20. He took a cool, up-to-date pic of Nieuw Statendam at her current berth
  21. Nieuw Statendam maiden voyage coming soon. Will see what happens. As stated, I don’t care about exchange rates. Just want to utilize OBC without making unwanted purchases.
  22. Excellent to learn that Nieuw Statendam is on time! Since I will be sailing on two of her early cruises, I really don't want workmen "doing their thing" during my cruises.
  23. Totally disagree with many of your comments, you're entitled to your opinion and likewise I am too, with that said we were on the Regal for the TA to Copenhagen in April and on her for the TA back to NYC in Sept. We've been on the Regal 4 times on TA's and only complaint we've had is the uncomfortable beds. We don't do the Horizon court because what you said, line crashing and very rude people, we do ATD and never a complaint with plenty of selections and our server, Dan Lee, is wonderful and his dinner recommendations always spot on, wine is subjective to taste, I love reds and DW loves whites, we order the wine we enjoy and do explore many choices and vintners, and I do agree the furnishings are showing their age, and wear and tear, we've noticed this from one cruise to another on the Regal. Overall service has never been an issue. We'll be on her again in the future, we are trying a TA on HAL next April on their new ship Nieuw Statendam and it will be our first time with HAL so we'll see what a different cruise line is like on a TA.
  24. I imagine that "Club Orange" is only going to be on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, The other ships just don't have space to have a dedicated suites dining room. So, HAL can use it to see if it would be worth it financially to steal some space on another ship for the venue. We will be on NS, boarding December 5, and if I can poke my nose into Club Orange, I will try to get a few pictures. I think it doesn't start on the King until December 10. If I can sort out my problems with CC, I will try to post.
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