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  1. 2LoveBikes

    Nieuw Statendam

    From the album: 2LoveBikes

    Amber Cove Port
  2. Hey Rich; just an FYI - Nieuw Amsterdam and Volendam now off Cape Town, South Africa; Zaandam and Nieuw Statendam in the English Channel, and Zuiderdam off the Brazilian state of Rio Grande Do Norte
  3. Another early post. And speaking of early, the ships are scheduled to leave earlier than usual. Something to do with DST maybe???? Nieuw Statendam will be at pier 26 (port to) from 0430-1600. She will be leaving on a 7-day Tropical Caribbean cruise. Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (09 Mar 0800-1700); Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (11 Mar 0800-1700); Amber Cove, Dominican Republic (12 Mar 0800-1700); Key West, Florida (14 Mar 0800-1700); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (15 Mar a0700) Zuiderdam will be at pier 21 (starboard to) from 0515-1600. She will be doing a 10-day Panama Canal Sunfarer cruise. Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (09 Mar 0800-1500); Oranjestad, Aruba (11 Mar 1300-2300); Willemstad, Curacao (12 Mar 0800-1600); Panama Canal (Cruising Canal) (14 Mar 0500-0500); Colon, Panama (14 Mar 1500-2100); Puerto Limon, Costa Rica (15 Mar 0730-1700); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (18 Mar a0700) Also in port are Regal Princess at pier 2 from 0400-1500, Celebrity Edge at pier 25 form 0500-1430, Carnival Magic at pier 4 from 0300-1500, and Adventure OTS at pier 18 from 0415-1630. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ and https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/. Next up: Veendam on Wednesday, 11 March.
  4. We are just off a one week cruise (3/9) on the Nieuw Statendam. I wanted to write a little bit about sanitation onboard in light of the ongoing Corona Virus situation. I was disappointed and I think Holland America needs to step up its game if it is going to stay in business. THE GOOD: - Hand santizing stations are abundant and filled; - Bathrooms are equipped to allow exit without touching door handles after hand washing (paper towel and garbage adjacent to entrance) - Spray sanitizer encouraged by staff for passengers returning to boat and at first three nights of dinner service THE BAD: - Our room stewards did not use gloves when cleaning room, touching surfaces in room or changing linens. Current best practices would require a fresh pair of gloves at each new room and washing/sanitizing between rooms. - The buffet at half-moon cay had an open buffet with open service. The handles for the salads and accompaniments were being touched by tens if not hundreds of passengers enjoying the buffet. - Dining room stopped offering spray sanitizer after third night. Also, we witnessed multiple people refusing the sanitizer when it was offered and being allowed to proceed in. - Dining staff touching surfaces (table tops, playing card tricks with guests, etc.) and then serving food. - Cruise staff hugging passengers. I realize this is a nice touch, but it's time for social distancing and it would be best modeled by these team members. The reality is that the spread of this virus is only as strong as its weakest link and there are some weak links on Holland America. It's just a matter of time before a crew member or passenger is infected and the spread becomes overwhelming in part because of these lax practices. Just my two cents worth, others may disagree.
  5. On HAL's two newest Ships the Koningsdam and the Nieuw Statendam what are the major differences between these three suites as far as room and comfort discounting the Neptune's unique amenities which are not important to us. Vista Pinnacle Neptune Or would a Verandah Stateroom be just as comfortable? We are used to Oceanview staterooms and would maybe like to try one of the better class accommodations. Thanks for the info Dave 🛳️
  6. Thank you for the report. I think Nieuw Amsterdam and Volendam were due originally to refuel in Walvis Bay but ended up going straight to Cape Town. I wonder if they were denied access even to refuel. Nieuw Statendam is just passing Bishop Rock, the traditional Start/end of transatlantic voyages. Things are actually happening in Manila; I saw tenders off on a couple of ships including Explorer Dream which has crew from Crystal Serenity. Amsterdam appears on course to pass pretty close to Pacific Aria, former Ryndam as she approaches Manila. I think today really be eat what I want day and not "eat whatever's in the store" day. I hope a lot of women get at least telemed checkups. Roy
  7. We were in 5231 on the Nieuw Statendam in January and didn't have any issues. Smooth Sailing! 🙂🙂🙂
  8. At least they didn’t name the Ryndam Nieuw Ryndam as well . Must have realized how utterly stupid it was naming the Statendam the way they did. The “ Halve Maen” is still on the funnels of the Rotterdam....
  9. Two simple things … put the Half Moon back on the logo and remove the "Nieuw" in the Pinnacle Class MS Statendam. Two more complex things … restore the simple elegance and guest service where it has been lost or compromised.
  10. today is National Tourism Day According to my best recollection, I don't remember. -- Vincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes" Alo Meal suggestion for today - Smoky sweet potato & bean cakes with citrus salad At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam destination Cape Town South Africa eta 5/11 Nieuw Statendam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/19 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Volendam destination Cape Town South Africa 5/11 Zaandam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Zuiderdam destination Walvis Bay eta 5/19 At Sea Pacific Eurodam destination Manila eta 5/8 Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 Ensenada Koningsdam Oosterdam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12 I was going to change today's holiday because it somehow doesn't seem appropriate given yesterday's announcement. However, I saw this as part of the writeup: Yesterday we found out that most cruises are over until next year. An opening was given for a "soft" start with Caribbean cruises starting with the usual season around the beginning of November. I would suspect that any itinerary currently on the books would be subject to change. Ships, ports, and dates are all subject to being altered due to the new circumstances. It looks like several ships will spend the pause near Cape Town, South Africa. A couple will be in Rotterdam with the rest around Asia unless things change. I am also not sure of the future of this forum, as there won't be much positive to talk about for the next few months. Rich
  11. Nieuw Statendam will be at pier 26 (port to) from 0530-1700. She is doing a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise. Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (02 Mar 0800-1600); Ocho Rios, Jamaica (04 Mar 0800-1700); George Town, Grand Cayman (05 Mar 0800-1600); Cozumel, Mexico (06 Mar 1100-2300); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (08 Mar a0800) Also in port are Regal Princess at pier 2 from 0500-1600, Celebrity Edge at pier 25 from 0600-1530, Allure OTS at pier 18 from 0515-1630, and Caribbean Princess who is overnighting and leaving at 1600. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ and https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/. Also, Nieuw Amsterdam will be in Key West from 0800-1700.https://www.keywestharborwebcam.com/ Koningsdam will be in Aruba from 0700-1700. https://www.portarubawebcam.com/ Next up: Koningsdam and Veendam on Wednesday, 4 March.
  12. I was looking through old posts for info on the NS and saw a discussion about there not being tubs in any rooms other than specific Neptune Suites. Can anyone confirm this information? We currently have a spa OV room booked, but thought about upgrading to a Signature Suite with the tub being a perk. Any room layouts I find online show that the Signatures have tubs too.
  13. Thanks for keeping up the daily during these trying times. Where is the Nieuw Statendam? I thought she was to be with the Zaandam.
  14. It can be hard to decide what to do. My mom and I have been cruising with HAL now for over 32 years. We started back on the old Nieuw A sailing from Tampa for Christmas in 1988. We have been at sea for the Holidays (both Christmas and New Years) every year since along with other cruises in between. When we have canceled which is a handful maybe at the most it has been due to financial reasons. Also dealing with the fact that my mom is 89 with underlying health problems. We had two cruises booked for October last year with the idea that we were going to do one or the other. As it turned out we didn't do either one of them and did nothing last summer/early fall. We did do the Holidays again and booked while on board for 20-21. This past year for the Holidays we were on board Nieuw Statendam when the virus was starting to heat up more in China. I remember seeing in on the news while we were on board. When it comes to going this year for 20-21 we will likely make our decision at final payment time. Its possible that date could end up being closer to the sailing date so by then will have a better idea of where things are at. For us we also always take insurance. But with everything going on with people trying to deal with having their cruises canceled and the $$ involved that can be a lot of money that we all could use for other things that are more important right now. Just look at what the cruise lines are having to do now to get crew home. Looks like more Asian crew is going to be transferred on to the Noordam from HAL ships off the west coast and the Seabourn Sojurn. I did read this on another thread but don't remember which one. Then also via a Facebook group I saw a post tonight that seems to indicate that there is another transfer going on involving the ships in the Bahamas and one of them (Nieuw Statendam I think) will be going Trans Atlantic. Back to our situation I know when we get to our final payment date is likely when we will make our decision for December. We would much rather deal with a $200 refundable deposit than thousands if we make the final payment and then not end up going even though we would have the insurance. OMG if this were to happen I don't know what I would do with myself as we have been on a HAL ship for the last 32 years in a row for the Holidays and we have no family in our area. We still don't know for sure and we won't for a while when the ships will actually be able to get back to cruising again and when they do it wont't be all at once which will cause more cancellations. Ports need to open back up. People need to be able to fly to get to the ships to get on them. Hotels need to open back up. Cruise lines will have to be able to get their ships ready to go again. Think about all the people that were caught up in the mess of trying to get off a ship and get home and if something flares up would you want to be stuck in that position.
  15. Considering booking a couples massage on an upcoming cruise on the NS - wondering about the treatment room setup and spa facilities? I have never had a massage on board and not sure what to expect compared to traditional spas at resorts etc. Thanks!
  16. today is V-E day and No Socks Day "The way to make a small fortune in the commodities market is to start with a large fortune." Meal suggestion for today - Sweet potato shepherd's pie At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam destination Cape Town South Africa eta 5/12 Nieuw Statendam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/19 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Volendam destination Cape Town South Africa 5/11 Zaandam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Zuiderdam destination Walvis Bay eta 5/19 At Sea Pacific Koningsdam Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 Manila Anchorage Eurodam La Paz Anchorage Oosterdam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12 Koningsdam appears to be outside San Diego but has an unknown listed destination
  17. I am probably going to be "blasted" for this comment, but a daily dose of Lincoln Center Live with classical music that is unfamiliar to me is a non-attendance of such for me. I appreciate when their programming includes popular music. Yet, enough of such music is enough. Only on Nieuw Statendam have I experienced Rolling Stone Rock Room. I am a senior citizen. There were other more senior citizens than me who were on the dance floor and enjoying the music as much as me. The group was playing the music that we "grew up with" and "enjoyed with fond memories". Only concern was that their playlist was too repetitive from one set to another on different nights. I remember solo/singer guitarists performing in the Crow's Nest as well as on the ships that had the Mix concept Lounge performing. Enjoyable, pleasant music! And, at least with the young man performing in the Mix on one ship, one had to arrive early to get a seat at the bar or at a table! OK with me. All of the performers that I have witnessed have done a good and entertaining job. Such a venue is surely different than the days when the Piano Bar had artists like Diana Fast, etc.
  18. HI again. Glad we had the chance to meet while on the Nieuw Statendam over the recent holidays. Yeah stuck between a rock and a hard place. While we were on we booked our Holiday back on Nieuw Statendam for 20-21 in the same cabin. Nothing else in between cruising wise. But now because of this nagging virus we are not so sure even for our sailing in December. What we are planning to do is see where things are at when it comes to final payment time but even at this point we are both not optimistic that we will want to go even if the ship is scheduled to sail. Also due to mom's underlying health problems. I have said too that if we wanted to go see family in Minnesota we might have to drive and I would be the one doing all of it. I don't know where you are with your final payment but with so much having to happen its hard to say when ships will get going again. Ours is fortunately not till later this year but making our decision at final payment time will be the difference in our $200 deposit and thousands if we went ahead and made our final payment and didn't end up going canceling closer to sailing and yeah we always take the insurance. But its taking forever for the cruise lines to refund money to so many people and its that money which people really could use right now. Good luck with whatever happens. For us if we don't go it will be gut wrenching as we have been at sea for the Holidays 32 years in a row so we haven't been home since 1988 and I won't know what to do if we end up here at home this year and we have no family in our area. I remember before we started this Holiday cruising I would stay up and watch the festivities in Times Square on TV and then go to bed. For so many years it has been way more fun to be doing this on the ship.
  19. I quite agree. With the millions spent on these high tech show rooms with the entertainment that I witnessed on Nieuw Statendam, whomever planned the entertainment in the World Stage during my cruise should have been fired many months ago.
  20. Re: the outdoor BBQ's and buffets. Because of USPH standards of today, they have gone and won't be returning. When I sailed on Nieuw Statendam, your description of an evening Party around the pool did occur. I don't recall any dancing, but many of the ship's Officers (including many junior ones) were in attendance and were available for guests to meet. It was a very pleasant event.
  21. Thanks for the daily! No apples in the house, but we might do pork chops and apple sauce. I'll pick up some apples in the next grocery shop for apple crisp. So nice to see the Nieuw Statendam. She has a special place in my heart. Looking forward to sailing again sooner than later.
  22. Thanks for the pics of Nieuw Statendam YXU AC*SE. We were supposed to be on board her this week. I think today would have been Rostock with a trip to Berlin.
  23. Thanks. And thanks for the pictures of the Nieuw Statendam YXU AC*SE.
  24. Nieuw Statendam heading out past the Hoek van Holland. Scott.
  25. And the swapping continues. Nieuw Statendam is currently downbound to anchorage, and Seabourn Ovation is taking her spot alongside at Holland Amerikakade. Scott.
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