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  1. AAAagent18

    Norwegian Breakaway

    Hello All, I am on the March 3rd sailing on the Breakaway. I have taken plenty of cruises and booked a lot for clients but never on Norweigan due to the negative reviews that we always are hearing. But I recieved a deal I couldnt pass up for this week so I booked it. We are in room 10276 which is a balcony. We also book under the specialty and free beverage package promotion. Is there anything we should be aware of about theses promotions we picked? Or about the ship? and about Port of New Orleans? All information and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Justin
  2. In a few weeks (March 31, 2019 to April 7, 2019), I am sailing on the Norwegian Breakaway. Does any of the stores on the Norwegian Breakaway sell postcards? If so, do you remember which one(s)? I enjoy mailing postcards. I will be buying postcards while at port, but if there are any postcards for sell on the Norwegian Breakaway, I will pick up a few on the ship also.
  3. I'm going to be on the Breakaway the last week in August. I'm not planning a wedding but my best friend is considering it. I know there's lots of info online and on this website and we'll be going through it all eventually but I was wondering if there was anyone I could talk to in - person about wedding planning? Maybe even get some paperwork/brochures to bring back to my friend after the cruise? Just trying to take advantage of the fact that I will be on the ship this month and if there's anything I can do for my friend while I'm there, I will do to make it all easier for her. I'm sure I can just ask guest services when I get there but I was hoping someone could give me some info before I board!
  4. goldearrings

    Norwegian Breakaway Jan 27 2019

    11 day cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway (Norwegian) Departs from New Orleans, LA on Sun Jan 27 2019 Returns to New Orleans, LA on Thu Feb 07 2019 Inside $699, Oceanview $899, Minisuite $1299 plus tax Embark: New Orleans, LA 1 Ocho Rios, Jamaica 2 Grand Cayman 3 Harvest Caye, Belize 4 Belize City, Belize 5 Costa Maya, Mexico 6 Cozumel, Mexico Debark: New Orleans, LA
  5. Hi All, Looking at making a switch to Norwegian for the first time and I want to clear a misconception and look for any tips you guys might have before I book. I know the boards seem to be sensitive from loyalists across CC so please don't flame me! Anyone cruised both Royal and NCL and have a comparison or comparisons? From what I've read people seem to feel that there are more upcharges on NCL than RCCL and I'm ok with that given the price but, what do upcharge items consist of? It looks like if I book a single studio, I get one "free" offer which would probably be the drink package for me. Speaking of drink package, I keep reading reviews that it takes 20 minutes to get a drink since "everyone" has the drink package, is this fact or fiction? I don't really care, I just figure as a solo cruiser I'll get more use out of the drink package than the excursion credit or internet since I cruise to get away from the digitial world... The entertainment looks incredible to me, just seems like a different experience overall. Any must purchases? I read a bit about vibe as a place to get away, seems that has to be booked onboard? I'll take any advice you have! Thanks all!
  6. Hi everyone, This is our first time sailing on Norwegian...heading to Bermuda in 2 days. With Disney Cruise, I was able to purchase internet for the entire cabin and we were all able to use it...does anyone know how it works with Norwegian? Do we all need to purchase a plan in order to be online? Also, I'm only planning to check email occasionally but I'd like to continue receiving text messages...how much date should I purchase? Does Breakaway show usage so I know how much I've used? I called Norwegian and she wasn't sure about any of this (go figure). My kids like watching youtube videos (although that may not be an option on this cruise!) but if I did purchase extra mb, would youtube work? Thanks so much in advance! Michele
  7. cruiseman7299

    Norwegian Breakaway

    What is the sauna set up on the Breakaway? Free? Men/Women only? Co-Ed? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Hi there, First time cruiser cruising to the Caribbean on the Norwegian Breakaway in June 2019. Was wondering if anyone had any tips for a first time cruiser specifically regarding this line/ship/itinerary. Other question I have is that apparently we have premium all inclusive and gratuities included. What does this actually mean? I'm trying to work out how much spending money I need to allocate and just not sure what these things mean. TIA
  9. Hi there, Thanks to cruiserbruce for redirecting me to a more relevant area to post! First time cruiser cruising to the Caribbean on the Norwegian Breakaway in June 2019. Was wondering if anyone had any tips for a first time cruiser specifically regarding this line/ship/itinerary. Other question I have is that apparently we have premium all inclusive and gratuities included. What does this actually mean? I'm trying to work out how much spending money I need to allocate and just not sure what these things mean. TIA
  10. Tootsiepop6

    Breakaway question

    I will be on the breakaway in April. Are there any comedy shows? I dont see that as an option when I go to book entertainment on the website.
  11. Jasonmom

    Shows on Breakaway

    Are there shows every night on the Breakaway?
  12. RedRover96

    Breakaway Waterfront

    On our cruise several years ago on Escape we really enjoyed the Waterfront especially the area in & around the Cellars Wine Bar. Great bartender, not crazy busy, comfortable surroundings, etc. We have a cruise scheduled for the Breakaway in May and are interested in past cruisers who might have experience with Maltings, Fat Cats or Shakers on the Waterfront on Breakaway. Good bar, good bartender, comfortable seating close by etc., etc.
  13. sunshinegirl29

    Breakaway Haven

    Sailing soon on the Breakaway. Staying in the haven, I heard kids are no longer allowed, is this true? Last year there were kids in the haven, curious. Also wondering how the drink service is in the haven. In the past other bars on the ship you can wait forever.
  14. So, this comes from the NCL website and makes it seem like items on the menu are priced a la carte and there is a $15 charge. That can't be correct, right? Any help clearing this up?
  15. snappy68

    Norwegian Breakaway

    I haven't cruised on Norwegian since 2005 and have taken several Royal Caribbean cruises, so we are definitely not new to cruising. We are thinking about booking the Breakaway for next October and looking at a balcony room on deck 8. Any thoughts or advice?
  16. Hey, everybody. This is the next episode in our series aboard the Norwegian Breakaway from last September. If you're thinking of doing a cruise in this region, this will give you an idea of what our experience was like. This is day 2 of our cruise including a shore excursion to Berlin, Germany. Hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/vwR9X1jukjE
  17. We just booked a cruise aboard the Riviera. I noticed the itinerary has the ship spending the day at Great Stirrup Cay. How nice! Well, maybe not. It looks like Norwegian cruiselines’s Breakaway will be there too! Doesn’t look like overlaps happen too much. But they do. For what I thought would be a great day, will most likely be a zoo. Anybody been there with two ships?
  18. CC Help Jenn


  19. CozGurl

    Deck 8 Breakaway

    Looking at a Breakaway balcony next year and deck 8 seems packed with activity. Is that a good deck to book a balcony? Reasons why or why it wouldn't be? This would be the largest ship we've been on. Not sure how to weigh our options.
  20. Lovetotravel7559

    Breakaway differences and myths

    I had good intentions of posting every day while on our 10 day western Caribbean cruise but internet access was difficult. Some differences I have noted on NCL/Breakaway include: No daily news papers from US,EU,Australia. Maybe everyone gets their news online. No hamburger or hot dog grill near the pool. No lunch offered in the main dining rooms. No instructions regarding obtaining disembarkation tags etc. If you don’t go to guest services to inquire you may be SOL. Myth: New Orleans Port is a disaster with waits of 2 or 3 hours to board. Disembarking is a mess. Fact: We boarded at 11:15 after arriving about 9:30. However we heard of others who arrived at 11 and didn’t board until 2 or 3. Getting off the ship was fairly quick although we were routed all through deck 7. Myth: Food is terrible except for specialty restaurants. Fact: Complimentary restaurants are comparable to a chain restaurant such as Chile’s or a buffet in a gambling resort. If you want fine cuisine every meal it isn’t here but plenty of choices with salads and fresh ingredients ensured that no one went hungry. Myth: staff is unhelpful and unhappy. Fact: staff informed us that each crew member has their own cabin unlike other ships where some crew have to share with 3 others. Most crew we met were very helpful and friendly. Myth: Breakaway has a huge amount of entertainment. This is actually a fact. Wide variety of singers shows and comedy along with game shows etc. I believe this is NCLs strong point. Myth: the whole ship reeks of cigarettes. Fact: More smoking is allowed than other cruise lines or ships but I have asthma and I haven’t noticed much at all except in the casino. Myth: The Breakaway is old and dirty. Fact: we noticed one chip out of the Formica at our desk area and 2 small holes in the drape to our balcony. The walls are very thin and we could hear our neighbors. Luckily they were pretty quiet. Our room steward kept everything clean although he forgot coffee and ice a couple of times. If there was a mid cruise laundry special he didn’t inform us . But he’s on his way home and perhaps he’s a little distracted. We will give him an additional tip with an explanation of how it can be larger if he improved. Myth: because of the UBP everyone is soused all the time. Fact: we mostly met folks who had the package because it was offered, and others like ourselves who just bought a drink occasionally. Myth: Buffet area and public areas are crowded. This is a fact. Even the hallway to the cabins is quite narrow. And the tables are fairly close together in the buffet. Myth: if you don’t like Rock of Ages you are an old fashioned prude. It was not my favorite only because the girls in thongs bent over and the hip thrusts by the guys grew tiresome. I did stay to the end and I enjoyed the music and dancing. However the story line seemed to be a Mamma Mia wannabe without any of the charm. Seems as if another show would be better suited to this demographic. Any. Questions I can answer just ask!
  21. Lovetotravel7559

    Live From the Breakaway!

    So far this has been a great cruise at a wonderful price. I was apprehensive after reading a lot of criticism about embarkation in New Orleans. However we walked 4 blocks to the terminal about 9 am and dropped off our 1 large bag. I would echo that there weren’t any signs. We did a reconnaissance mission the night before and someone working near the Port told us the exact place to go ( drop luggage right before the rr tracks and then go across the tracks and turn right into the terminal). Inside the terminal we waited about 15 minutes in a small area where we received a Boarding Group 1 pass as we passed through and on our way through security. After security is where our passports were checked, our picture taken and our sea pass card was given to us. We then went to a large waiting room where we were held about 1 hour and a half. There is a separate waiting area for the Haven which we didn’t get. Then all Group 1 were called (after the Haven and those folks in wheelchairs etc). We hustled to Headliners where I expected to purchase Vibe passes but of course this cruise did it from a desk at Guest Services. We were handed tickets numbered 23 and 24 as we stood in line . Yea!! Paid $318 for a 10 day pass! After that we purchased the 8 bottles of the cheapest wine and they gave us 8 slips of paper which we will use when we want our wine. So far: everything is clean and all personnel are helpful. Buffet was great for dinner with prime rib. Our room is tiny with a small amount of adequate storage. No noise from above (we are directly below the Garden Buffet). However I am able to hear voices and clothes on hangers being moved next door. No matter I used my earplugs. All public and private rooms are clean and we haven’t yet encountered any huge crowds other than right after the lifeboat drill. We are again going to the buffet for seafood night as Taste and Savor didn’t have anything we particularly wanted for dinner. Then going to try the Comedy show. If anyone has questions I will try answer.
  22. lovetotraveltx

    Forward Oceanview Breakaway

    The OA categories are only way forward on decks 9 and up. Was going for 10700 there are cabins above and below. Any pros and cons? A better deck? Thank you!
  23. I mentioned Hurtigruten to friends who are . 60 years old and live in Oslo. They told my I was crazy to travel with you and asked if I wanted to ride the "bus at sea" and eat re-heated box food. I'm guessing this is a perception from the history of your company and doesn't reflect the current business model? What are you doing to shed your old image and stereotypes? Mike
  24. Just wondering if there are any special events that happen on the Breakaway? We are cruising Sunday Nov. 11th thru Sunday Nov. 18th. Maybe an 80's night, or White Hot Party? If anyone knows of any of the special themed events, or nights going on, I would appreciate all the help I can get.
  25. govols1

    Breakaway secrets

    Going on my first NCL cruise from New Orleans November 25th. Can anyone share any secrets or favorite spots or must do activities? We have UBC and specialty dining packages and have upgrade requests for all 3 spa room categories. Thanks in advance.