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  1. Cagney's or Moderno Churrascaria??? I can only do one, because I wanna do Teppanyaki, and im only allowed 2 for free under my package
  2. Hi, I have booked a cruise on Norwegian epic sailing from Barcelona on 21 Oct. This will be second cruise for me and my wife. I would need suggestions how do I go booking shore excursions in Naples, Rome, Florence, Cannes and Palma Majorca. Is it cost saving if booked separately or should I go the Norwegian. Also please suggest tour operators at above cities to book. Thanks. Arvind Sent from my Mi A1 using Forums mobile app
  3. My wife and myself are sailing on the Epic from Barcelona on 21 Oct. We were looking at a group of 5-6 people to join us for shore excursion in Livorno. We we're planning a trip to Pisa and Florence. A local tour operator Nicola Scovenna NCC has offered a total price of 550 euros for a group of 8 people. If anyone interested to join please message, we can get together to book the tour. Thanks Sent from my Mi A1 using Forums mobile app
  4. By some online agency websites Norwegian Epic's summer 2020 itineraries are revealed early. Transatlantic cruise from Miami on 18/04/20 to Barcelona on 03/05/20 featuring calls in Ponta Delgada Azores, Lisbon, Cadiz, Malaga, Cartagena and Palma de Mallorca. A 3-night cruise on 03/05/20 from Barcelona to Civitavecchia 06/05/2020 which includes a stop at Naples. After this cruise Epic starts the regular 7-night cruises departing either from Civitavecchia or Barcelona including calls in Naples, Livorno, Cannes and Palma De Mallorca with one day at sea. Epic will do these cruises from 06/05/20 until 08/11/20. To conclude, there is also a 4-night cruise departing from Civitavecchia on 04/11/2020 to Barcelona 08/11/20 with calls in Livorno, Cannes and Palma De Mallorca.
  5. tigers317

    Dining on the Epic

    We booked on the Epic for February with a group of 8 adults. We normally sail Royal Caribbean, but wanted to give Norwegian a try. How does the dining work on the Epic? I read they have free style dining on ncl, but do you still have a make reservations each night or do you just show up? Also we are thinking of doing the 3 night dining package. Is it worth it on the Epic or should we stick to the main dining? Sorry, I have a lot of questions, but looking forward giving ncl a try.
  6. Quick question, are there bars open in the morning for mimosas and bloody Mary's ? Looking at some of the frestyle dailies it seems like almost all the bars open late. I was hoping for some room service and a quick jaunt to get some pick me ups some mornings.
  7. cruiseman7299

    Norwegian Breakaway

    What is the sauna set up on the Breakaway? Free? Men/Women only? Co-Ed? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. 20165

    internet on epic

    Sorry, im sure this has been asked a lot, but i cannot figure out how to search just the NCL forum with this new CC interface... Can someone tell me or point me to the thread that describes how the internet works on Epic meaning can i purchase 1 unlimited package and use is across devices as long as i only have 1 device logged in at a time or is it device specific? The way it worked on RCL oasis was i could login, sync my email, and then let my wife do the same after i logged. I was wondering if i can do the same on epic in a couple weeks. thanks
  9. Snoozy15

    Norwegian gem

    we was on the May sailing from New York for the cruise, 26th may. Boat not as pretty as other ships we have been on , cost cutting ship, food was great in the speciality dining, but apart from that the buffets not that great, sad to see so much food being wasted, when people round the world starving, just take a little and go up,again if you want more , entertainment well seen better , the dancers were brilliant, bingo lady drove me up the wall,, why are they so obsessed with how long you have been married, Def not for me this cruise company, sitting on the balcony well we had to come in with the smell of people smoking wacky Baccy and listening to loud music , so ncl you are not for me,
  10. sevenfish

    Norwegian Fees?

    Hi. Does Norwegian charge additional fees, similar to a travel agent, if I call the Norwegian number and book with them? Thanks!
  11. dpepper64

    Starbucks on Norwegian

    Does anyone know if you can use Starbucks gift cards at the Starbucks on the Bliss??
  12. Hi all, I know it's a long shot - but just seeing if there are any other LGBT cruises on the Norwegian Epic out of Barcelona on 2nd Sept 2018? It's a great itinerary, and at a great price all inclusive - my partner and I couldn't say no! Tom (and Jimmy).
  13. kollegekreed

    Epic NCL App

    Hi - anyone recently on the Epic know if EITHER of the NCL apps works? Neither one of them (Cruise Norwegian or Iconcierge) have the Epic listed as a ship....
  14. kenmyfam

    Epic Dailies

    Any one just off the Epic who can share the latest dailies...just looking for what kind of entertainment is playing in the Cavern Club now that Siglo is not onboard any longer...we are sailing on Sunday to the Med (our 6th time on Epic) and were just curious about the entertainment this year
  15. Hi everyone! I just booked a European cruise this summer on the Epic (to celebrate my son's graduation) and have a few questions. This is my 18th cruise, so I am a seasoned cruiser, but I typically sail Carnival and have never tried NCL. I know I will have lots of questions over the next few months, but for now, here we go..... 1. What is the muster drill like on the Epic leaving from Rome (midweek)? My DS has Autism and a sensory processing disorder, so he cannot easily tolerate a drill out on the open decks mashed up against others. If the drill is typically in an area where he can be with his own space, he will manage much better. With Carnival, I request an alternate drill for those that are still held on the decks, but he tolerates those in the dining rooms and theater just fine. Trying to figure out if I should request an alternate drill or not. 2. I got the ultimate beverage package as a "perk," and it looks like NCL charges everyone who brings wine onboard a corkage fee. Is that accurate? If so, I am assuming I shouldn't bother bringing wine? 3. Does the curtain near the shower area close off the whole area or just the shower? I know, crazy thing to worry about, but we are traveling with a 17 year old boy and an 12 year old girl who will want privacy (along with mom and dad). Is there enough room "closed off" to undress and get in the shower? 4. On that note, are there showers in the gym/spa that can be used by everyone? On Carnival, there are, and they are bigger than those in the cabin bathrooms anyway, so we have used them in the past to manage multiple showers at one time. 5. In the main dining rooms, can I order multiple appetizers without being frowned upon? Sometimes I order 2 apps to try different things (especially if I want a salad and a traditional app) or I order 3 and skip the main entree. 6. Are there cheese plates in the main dining rooms, and can they be taken to go? Can other desserts be taken to-go? One of my favorite things is to get a to-go cheese plate on CCL and have a late night snack with wine. 7. What are the can't miss shows/demos/fun things on NCL? 8. Are there poolside movies? 9. Can I access the menus ahead of time so I can decide what nights I should go to the specialty dinner places? 10. Is there a chef's table? 11. What are some tips/tricks you know about the Epic that I should know? :D:D Thanks in advance for whatever info you can offer! Not only is this my first NCL cruise, it is also my first European one, so I am excited and nervous all at the same time, trying to make sure it is all just perfect :)
  16. Kmcgillian

    Norwegian Escape

    Weird question : Will NCL Escape punch hole in cruise card ? Shopping for the right landyard.
  17. ChellaWill

    Walls on Norwegian Epic

    Hi there. I want to use strong magnets on the walls of my cabin to create grab 'n go area by the door (to hold lanyards, hats, jackets, etc. Are the walls magnetic, or are they made of something else causing the magnets not to stick?
  18. Can anyone who's been on the Epic recently tell me how long the production shows last? We have reservations for Burn The Floor and Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.
  19. WineAndSun

    Norwegian Sun Magnet

    My husband went on a cruise last month with his brother aboard the Sun and was disappointed that he was unable to find a magnet in the gift shop that matches all of the others he has collected from various NCL ships. They are oval and have the ship in the middle. Is anyone going on a Sun cruise soon and would be willing to look to see if the gift shop now has one? Of course I would pay for the magnet and shipping costs. I would love to surprise him with an addition to his collection. Thank you!!
  20. TheGinBoy

    Norwegian Epic Newbie

    Hey Guys! Tom here :) Myself and my partner, Jimmy, will be going on Norwegian Epic in September. We’re not new to cruising, this is my 12th cruise and we’ve done Norwegian Jade twice, but I know very little about the Epic - it is an odd one off ship after all. So I’ve got some questions if you guys don’t mind? 1. We’ve a week long, port intensive, itinerary. I’m guessing at £100 ($130) for a week’s access to the thermal spa isn’t bad? Worth the money for spa access and some peace and quiet? 2. What’s the best bar on the ship for a decent view? We’re used to the Viking Crown on Royal Caribbean’s ships, and Spinnaker Lounge on Jade. 3. Where would you recommend for a little quiet and sea noise on a sea day? I get there isn’t a “traditional promenade deck” (sad face) but there must be somewhere. 4. We’re looking forward to the ice bar, and know there’s a few, but do we need to book? Or just turn up and wait? Any other top tips gladly received! Thanks :)
  21. So I am torn as to which we should book for 2019. Was sold on Alaska until I started looking at airfare then read a recent fjord report and am now torn. I see celebrity has a few one week fjords cruises on silhouette and reflection - April, May, August and September. Any thoughts from cruisers who have done either or both? We live on the east coast so getting to London or Dublin works out to be around same cost as vancouver/anchorage. thanks!
  22. podgeandrodge

    Epic - sunbathing on the bow

    I see some sunbathers out on the bow of the Epic, staff privilege? Presumably only officers? No access for ordinary passengers? Just curious, as when in Garden Cafe a few of us were looking at them flaunting their good fortune :)
  23. snappy68

    Norwegian Breakaway

    I haven't cruised on Norwegian since 2005 and have taken several Royal Caribbean cruises, so we are definitely not new to cruising. We are thinking about booking the Breakaway for next October and looking at a balcony room on deck 8. Any thoughts or advice?
  24. Elrnewyork

    free dining epic

    Just booked my 1st NCL cruise on the epic (not until august 2020). We received the free dining plan for guests 1 and 2. How does this work? We get 3 specialty meals free? And can the kids order off a kids menu and not be charged extra or do they need to also have the dining plan? Thanks!!
  25. azparrothead

    Studio cabins on Epic

    Does anyone have information about the studio cabins on Epic??