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  1. cruisin56

    Norwegian Gem

    Why is the Roll Call for NCL Gem for Nov 26th. Only shows up to Nov 15th
  2. Snoozy15

    Norwegian gem

    we was on the May sailing from New York for the cruise, 26th may. Boat not as pretty as other ships we have been on , cost cutting ship, food was great in the speciality dining, but apart from that the buffets not that great, sad to see so much food being wasted, when people round the world starving, just take a little and go up,again if you want more , entertainment well seen better , the dancers were brilliant, bingo lady drove me up the wall,, why are they so obsessed with how long you have been married, Def not for me this cruise company, sitting on the balcony well we had to come in with the smell of people smoking wacky Baccy and listening to loud music , so ncl you are not for me,
  3. CalGal777sprotoge

    Norwegian Gem Thanksgiving 2018

    Has anyone sailed on the Gem during Thanksgiving? Wanting to know if we can expect a traditional holiday meal? Are the holiday nights generally more formal attire? Thank you in advance for your feedback...
  4. I was watching the Gem while she was in New York this past Saturday, and am watching her docked now in Nassau, between the RCI Enchantment and Mariner OTS, and it seems to my eye, that the Gem is producing far too much smoke....as if it had a bad fuel injector(s), or something. I haven't heard of her having any propulsion issue's at all, but it doesn't appear aesthetically well with all that pollution pumping into the air... Any thought's on this? https://www.portnassauwebcam.com/
  5. Denise012667

    Vegan on Norwegian Gem?

    Hi everyone. My husband and I are vegan and sailing on the Gem this weekend. Any other vegans on these boards who have sailed with them? Will it be difficult to get food? I contacted the access desk and their help and encouragement was minimal. They said they couldn't guarantee anything (whatever that means) and to talk with the restaurant manager and executive chef. I am planning to do that. I don't require anything super fancy but would like to eat more than a salad for every meal. Anyway, just wondering if anyone had experience with this ship and eating vegan. Thank you.
  6. I've been assigned cabin 8512 on the Norwegian Gem for an upcoming New England/Canada cruise. Has anyone sailed in this cabin before? How much up/down movement is there this far forward in the ship? Is there any noise from the stage which is below the cabin? Would really appreciate any input from anyone with experience in this location or nearby.
  7. Kathi Happy Cruiser

    Norwegian Gem

    Hi. I will be traveling on the Norwegian Gem on October 20 to New England and Canada. Can anyone that has been on a recent cruise, tell me who the entertainers were -- I'm not looking for the shows Like Blazing Boots, by the name of a comedian or magician... I know it is still two months off but trying to figure out who is on board. I saw Tim Kaminski last year in Alaska. He was outstanding.
  8. I didn't see a roll call for this sailing so I thought I would start one. I hope others join me.
  9. Question: I didn't book any cruises at port Canaveral. Is it worth getting off the ship to get there myself or spend time at Coco beach? I may just enjoy the pool, weather permitting if it's a nay. If it's worth it, I may research the port to look at my options. I heard there are plenty of taxis or Ubers. Believe it or not, I still didn't download the UBER app or know how to use it! Sorry if this has been already answered. TIA
  10. 2019 itinerary is out for cruises out of NYC. The Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Gem switches places. Gem goes to Boston and the Dawn goes to NYC. I have been on the Gem twice and going again in September. The Norwegian Dawn is older then the Gem. Anyone feel that is a downgrade of ships out of NYC compare to the Norwegian Escape that will also leaves out of NYC?
  11. JellyBean07

    NCL Gem

    Can anyone tell me about the current entertainment on the Gem? Who is planning and where? What is worth seeing?
  12. Does anyone know if there is outside access on Deck 8 of the Gem? Considering a 14-day and trying to go economically but need a large window in Oceanview with possible outside access close by.
  13. We are thinking about bidding on a Penthouse balcony on the GEM Feb, 2019. It looks like this category has both forward and aft penthouses available, and it doesn't appear that you can select a preference in the bidding process. We had an aft penthouse on the SUN a few years ago. We loved it, except....that 10 minutes out on the balcony someone from the Great Outdoors flicked their lit cigarette, and it landed in my husband's lap and burned his leg! I was just reviewing a spreadsheet that a cruise critic member posted today regarding smoking areas on each NCL ship. I just want to be sure that smoking in the Great Outdoors is no longer permitted before placing a bid!
  14. Havent seen many reviews on the Gem.. leaving in about 3 months. tried to make dining reservation for 3, they say the system doesn't take for 3. You can do for 1 , 2 4, 5, 6--does that make any sense???
  15. zuzka61

    Gem's Le Bistro

    I am sailing on a 14 day, March 29, 2019 departure out of Boston on the Gem. Le Bistro is presently only available to make a reservation for the first 3 nights of the trip. Does any one know why this is so?
  16. Question: I've been to the Bahamas before, a long time ago, but was wondering if there's still a free beach near Atlantis? Last time I was able to take a taxi to Atlantis and then to the free beach (my memory is going). When it was time to get back to the ship, a line of taxis would be there to take you back. I'm planning to do the same on Port Canaveral/Coco beach. Haven't priced the port Canaveral excursion yet. ALSO, i don't want to get stuck in any Hurricanes, bad weather (who does, LOL AND I KNOW YOU CANNOT PREDICT) BUT best guess scenarios to those in the know - according to the Weather Channel, no bad weather for the next 5 days and I read something that as we get closer to November the likelihood lessens. Is that TRUE? I'm also a little nervous as I'm a solo cruiser BUT i make friends easily - i was hoping that with a ROLL CALL I'd meet others from this group but with the state of this website not sure this will happen. I have a cabin on hold and need to let Norwegian know no later than today though I heard there are plenty of spots on this cruise... Thanks!
  17. PEB

    Ncl gem

    Yesterday we booked the Gem for a B2B Canada New England cruise for Oct 2019. I have cruised on many cruise lines but it has been about 16 years since I was a passenger on NCL. I did work on NCL Pride of Aloha and Pride of America over 10 years ago. Seeing we booked the Gem I went to Yourtube to check out some video's and for the most part was pleased with the exception of 1 video. This video was from a January 2018 cruise and showed water leaking in a hallway from the lights and water seeping into a room. It was in a storm at the time. I guess my question is what kind of shape do you consider the Gem to be in? Another question would be what may be your favorite place on the Gem? Thank you for any responses you may have.
  18. loubeee

    Arcade Prices on Gem

    Hi all! We are sailing on the Gem in less than a month!! Upon exploring myNCL, I noticed you can purchase arcade passes. We enjoy arcade games so we will make us of it, I am just not sure how much it costs to play per game and per person, therefore making the passes worthwhile or not. In order to play 2 man games (air hockey for example), would we both need to pay or just one of us? Thanks for your help!
  19. With the Gem replacing the Dawn in Boston for 2019, today is a unique opportunity to see them berthed next to each other. This is due to the Dawn's Florence revised itinerary. They're in St. John, NB until the Gem leaves first at 4pm.
  20. Jayneks

    Laundry on NCL Gem

    How exactly does laundry work on the Gem? Do they charge per piece or is it so much for a bag?
  21. Hi everyone, This is our first time sailing on Norwegian...heading to Bermuda in 2 days. With Disney Cruise, I was able to purchase internet for the entire cabin and we were all able to use it...does anyone know how it works with Norwegian? Do we all need to purchase a plan in order to be online? Also, I'm only planning to check email occasionally but I'd like to continue receiving text messages...how much date should I purchase? Does Breakaway show usage so I know how much I've used? I called Norwegian and she wasn't sure about any of this (go figure). My kids like watching youtube videos (although that may not be an option on this cruise!) but if I did purchase extra mb, would youtube work? Thanks so much in advance! Michele
  22. This is our first time sailing on NCL. We're going on the Gem departing on Feb 15, 2019. Our kids are 20 and 15. How do they meet other teens and young adults? What activities are fun for this age group? TIA!
  23. Just looked on the map on ptz and it looks like the gem is going stright to nassau wonder why?
  24. kinosh

    Texting on Gem

    Sailing on Nov 3. I chose the internet package perk and there's the Cruise Norwegian app. I'm trying to understand how the texting works. If you have the internet package, the texting would work, but you are limited to 250 minutes, so it is impractical to be connected to that wifi continuously. The app seems like the better option because you can be connected to the app wifi continuously, but it costs an additional $9.95/device to text through the app. Do I have that right? Does anyone have any feedback on how reliable the texting is onboard?
  25. cruiseman7299

    Norwegian Breakaway

    What is the sauna set up on the Breakaway? Free? Men/Women only? Co-Ed? Thanks in advance for your help.