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  1. we eat whole food plant based and while I can not control the way the food is cooked etc I at least need to eat Vegan. I don't want salads the whole time. is dining in dining room going to be an option?
  2. Hi all, We will be renting a car in Maui when we dock at Kahului. Does anyone know what time the POA docks and what time you can get off the ship? We need to book a car but I'm not sure what time to make the pickup time. Thanks in advance.
  3. I see there is no all inclusive drink package. Is there a specialty dining package available? On their website it seems to only let me book each restaurant individually. Thanks!
  4. so we have an inside cabin and they did us a "favor" and upgraded us to deck 11 with the pool but its in front of ship. not sure I want this level and do I want the front of ship? sailing in month thinking of asking to go lower?
  5. Hello, Next summer we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. We got married in Maui, and now we have 2 kids, (5 and 6 years old). We want to go back this time with the kids and perhaps renew our vows. We are experienced Hawaii travelers, 5 trips but never with kids. Right now I am thinking of staying 1 week in the circle hotel in Waikiki, a then a week of cruising. Thoughts on Waikiki with kids? Have not been in 3 years, and it was a bit seedy at times. I like that the hotel does not have a pool, and we have the protected "walls" beach across the street. Plus it's cheap! I have booked my recent cruises through cc.cruises.united.com and got huge mileage bonuses! Now Hawaiian Airlines fly's direct from Boston I was going to get their credit card, but their cruise site is only offering 3,000 mile bonus for a 7 day cruise. I could get 35,000 miles through united, but wanted to get rid of the card. Looking for booking advice? Every place has the same price, but many offer different Perks. Have always booked a balcony, but there are very few the can hold 4 people on POA, and spots are running out. I was going to book a direct flight on Hawaiian Boston to HNL. Then use my United miles to fly home red eye HNL to Newark, to Boston for "free". Thanks in advance for any advice! Aloha.
  6. Prior Hawaii cruisers: Since this is a US State, do I need to sign up for the ship's wi-fi or will I be able to get online using my own phone's hotspot throughout cruise when on ship but in port?
  7. I read on another website that the Pride of America is having to undergo maintenance in Kauai and as a result the ship must stay in port longer and for past 3 weeks did not sail by the NaPali coast. Can anyone tell me if this is true? I wrote NCL and was told that this was not correct; however, people who are on board are saying that they were given $100 per room on board credit. Was hoping to get more experiences from those who sailed.

    Dining on Pride of America

    Does POA offer scheduled dining or is it all "Freestyle" dining? Thanks!
  9. Is there alcohol in the mini bar fridge? If so, what and what is the cost? Can I get cocktails from room service; what is the cost? I like a Bloody Mary in the morning, but the bars don't open until 11:30, which is a bit late, especially if you are going on an excursion. Rick
  10. I have still got to finish my POA review, and will do so when I get chance, but before then I thought I would just post the reviews from our cruise last month (11th August). I hope these links work. Day 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0exu3s4ti6btlkx/POA%20Day%201.pdf?dl=0 Day 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hz21tf0kanh52f9/POA%20Day%202.pdf?dl=0 Day 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggb0ziyrdu3beks/POA%20Day%203.pdf?dl=0 Day 4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w9i338iheodixp8/POA%20Day%204.pdf?dl=0 Day 5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q97969si6xx0xcw/POA%20Day%205.pdf?dl=0 Day 6: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ad3qsonta1pvyhi/POA%20Day%206.pdf?dl=0 Day 7 (and disembarkation): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bmqvoezarn27o73/POA%20Day%207.pdf?dl=0
  11. does anyone have information on which excursions are worth taking from the Pride of America
  12. Hi All .... Going on our first family vacation on a cruise .... Pride of America in Hawaii this December. We are going to take advantage of some excursions at some ports but my kids would also love just a day to go to a resort and go swimming in a big pool. We have seen some nice resorts that have lazy rivers, waterslides and other. For whatever reason they are not really beach/ocean swimming kids. Are there ANY options at ANY ports to go swimming at any of the hotel pools? Either in Kona, Hilo, Kauai, or Maui? I understand we would need to get a car or take a taxi but wanted to see if anyone knew of any hotel we could go swimming in a pool at. Thanks!!
  13. Hello Fellow Cruisers, I just arrived home from Hawaii, did the 7 day cruise with NCL on Pride of America. I traveled solo, I'm 50 years old and love to travel. I've been on several cruises and I'm not loyal to one line just look for the best deals. I try not to be negative or overly critical but some things happened on this cruise that really got on my nerves. I flew into HNL three days early to sight see and and stayed two days after. I stayed at Aqua Palms the first three days pretty nice hotel, not in the heart of Waikiki closer to downtown. I wished I would have stayed further into to Waikiki but what can you do. The Waikiki shuttle has the "pink line" this is the shopping shuttle it's $2 each ride. The other lines/colors are more of a narrated tour and they charge $25 per day plus those lines don't come as often as the pink line. I used the pink line a couple of time, rented a car to head over to Pearl Harbor and the Bishop Museum. Paid for one night of parking at the hotel which was $25. Since the ramp to the USS Arizona was damaged while I was there I chose the Pacific Aviation Musuem instead got a guided tour off of Groupon. I got there at 9am and I was the only one on the tour. The tour guide let me sit in the cock pit of the C47, pretty cool. Picture of Waikiki from the condo I stayed at Atrium deck 5 Pride of America Pacific Aviation Museum
  14. Through my searches and many YouTube viewings, I have not been able to find if the Pride of America has a thermal suite much like the ones on other ships. Looking to do a last minute Hawaii cruise in October and while this would not sway us either way, my wife and I love the thermal suites aboard NCL ships. Could anybody confirm whether there is a thermal suite and what that cost may be? Thank you in advance!
  15. We are sailing on the Pride of America on November 3rd. We booked the pre-cruise hotel stay through NCL. A couple of weeks ago we received an email saying our hotel had been switched from the Marriott to the Hilton. Is this a change NCL is making for all future cruises or is it isolated to our sailing? Has anyone else's hotel been changed? We were also thinking of doing the Pearl Harbor excursion with hotel drop-off after the cruise. The details of the excursion still states that the only hotel it will drop at is the Marriott. Is that going to stay the same or is it going to switch to the Hilton as well?
  16. We are sailing on the Pride of America in the Deluxe Owners Suite at the end of February. We will be traveling with another couple who are in an Aft Balcony Cabin. For anyone who has ever sailed in a suite with another couple/family who wasn't in the suite would you know if: #1. You can have dinner served in the suite by the butler and include the other couple as guest #2. If we are taking an excursion with the other couple can they walk with us if the butler/concierge escorts us of or to the tender Any other thought or experiences in the DOS on Pride of American would be greatly appreciated
  17. Vacation98765

    Pride of America remodeled?

    Has this ship been remodeled? If so, does that include the cabins and the public areas?
  18. KeithJenner

    Pride of America review

    Hi. It’s Monday morning and we are in Maui on the POA. I’m not doing a live review as such this time, but I thought I would just make a few notes as we go. Firstly, I have to say that I really like this ship. The layout is a bit different from the other NCL ships and there are some quirks, such as not being able to access the deck 6 MDR from that deck (you have to use the aft stairs or walk out onto the promenade deck to get to it). As expected, the ship itself appears very quiet. The ship is in port a lot and the bars are very quiet as people are resting after busy days ashore. The fact that very few people have the UBP also means that people are spending less time there. We spent three nights in Honolulu pre cruise. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, which I believe NCL sometimes use for people who book accommodation through them. It was very nice. We used the bus to get to Pearl Harbour which was really easy. We caught it from just outside the hotel (number 42 bus) and it took about 45 minutes to get there. Coming back was about an hour as the traffic was busier. Based on our taxi from the airport as the same time the previous day, that was probably about 20-25 minutes longer than a taxi would take. The cost was $5.50 each return compared to about $100 return in a taxi. The Arizona memorial is still closed at the moment (with no sign that I could see that it will reopen soon ). It was still worth reserving a place though, as the boat takes you right out to it. Yesterday in Maui we hired a car from Dollar. The shuttle bus was prompt (and make a journey specifically for us on our return, which I though was excellent service as I was expecting a wait). We drove up to the top of Haleakalā Crater and then a little way along the Hana Highway after stopping in Pa’ia for some lunch. There were lots of places to eat there, and we also stopped at Twin Falls, about 10 miles along the highway. Well worth a stop but don’t risk the toilets. That section of the Hana Highway is very easy driving. I believe there are a lot of sharp bends etc as you go further along. Overall it was a great day. We are having a rest day today, although I am planning to go out for a walk later. Onboard, we have the dining package as well as our platinum meals, so have meals booked in speciality restaurants on 5 nights. We have done Moderno and Teppenyaki so far. We have been to both of these many times before, but I thought the food in Teppenyaki was the best we have ever had there. Moderno was also above average, and the location (at the back of the buffet overlooking the aft seating area was quite good for sail away as we could see Honolulu as we sailed away. I’ve read mixed comments about the staff, but we have found them to be very good so far. The bar service has been a little slow a couple of times (not a problem, but a bit slower than we are used to on NCL), although one of those times was because the bar was filling up for trivia. We particularly like the Gold Rush Saloon in the evening (although they were doing karaoke last night so we didn’t hang around). The Napa wine bar outside Cagneys is good for a pre meal drink and seems to always be very quiet. Anyway, that’s it for now. I don’t know how often I will report back in, but feel free to ask any questions and I will see what I can do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. The Fox

    Pride of america

    Hi We have just booked a cruise on Pride of America. We were wondering for those members that have done the cruise what are some good tours/things to do at the ports Thanks The fox
  20. cruzecentral

    Pride of America

    Does anyone know if Pride of America has a Sauna or a Steam Room? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. Harlan

    Pride of America

    Pride of America Hi, It is almost a year now that I have been trying to find a Pride of America(POA) Pin, is there anyone out there that can help me complete my pin collection. I just need the Pride of America(POA) pin. The POA Pin that I am looking for is the one with the art work on it. I do have some extra pins that I can trade with someone who is looking for: Gem, Star, Spirit, Sky, Sun, Jewel, Breakaway Or if they like I can pay them for the pin. Here is my email address to get in contact with me: msc732atoptonlinedotnet Thank You for your time in reading this post. Michele😄⚓️🛳🐾🐾
  22. Does anyone know the earliest you can drop your bags off at the Pride of America in the Port of Honolulu? I am attempting to see Pearl Harbor in the morning but you can't take bags to the Memorial and who would really want to lug them around. Just curious if we could "drop and run" without actually getting on board.
  23. I know that NCL does freestyle dining. We've sailed with them before but I also know that 1 or 2 of the restaurants (Jefferson??? Liberty???) on POA require that men wear a collared shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes. Which restaurants are they? Specialty and/or Main???? Any requirements for women? Trying to pack accordingly and efficiently. I have packed sundresses or dressy capri pant outfits for the girls and dress shorts with polos/Hawaiian shirts for the boys. Any other dress code rules that I am forgetting?
  24. I'm wondering what power adapter/plugs should I use in my cabin on NCL Pride of America for my Australian appliances? (2 Cameras, 2 iPhones, laptop, hairdryer). Can anyone recommend? Many thanks in advance ☺️
  25. I’m going on NCL Pride of America Hawaii islands cruise in November. What is transportation like if you plan on going out on your own? Taxis? Uber’s?? And what is the price as apposed to doing to ship excursions? Thanks!!